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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/07/19  (345)
I fucking hate California    11/13/19  (7)
Dutch female pol gangraped by Muslims in retaliation, commits suicide. (video)    11/13/19  (32)
Our ancestors were so dumb for being wary of blacks and Jews.    11/13/19  (2)
Underrated aspect about HOAs: Can ban shitpit owners like TMF    11/13/19  (5)
Guy kills his mom with battle ax for interrupting Rick and Morty (link)    11/13/19  (24)
GOP strategist says "overwhelming chance" Trump dumps Pence, puts Haley as VP    11/13/19  (17)
It’s crazy how much lifting weights has improved my life    11/13/19  (55)
Finally found a real community in NYC. Double-edged sword    11/13/19  (21)
im gay and have cte    11/13/19  (4)
Guy who lives in a country with first world, sensible immigration policies here.    11/13/19  (62)
im ready for wwiii, it's time    11/13/19  (3)
I've started condescendingly telling people that I make 35k/yr    11/13/19  (2)
Female Biglaw associate poasting pic of six-week old kids first day of daycare    11/13/19  (17)
Cocky insurance adjuster making 42k cockily telling you how rich Geico is    11/13/19  (21)
List of Gamecube Exclusive Games and why they suck    11/13/19  (42)
BIGLAW attorneys with underwear pics allover instagram    11/13/19  (2)
Tik Tok teen fading out of existence due to lack of views    11/13/19  (1)
Taking Qs on horse racing pedigrees.    11/13/19  (1)
Kamala: Sexy, Smooth...You: ugly, yellow tooth    11/13/19  (1)
JFC at this Jim Jordan exchange today    11/13/19  (14)
Portland - Vancouver BC bullet train in the works. Will cost $50 billion (link)    11/13/19  (16)
Inspired by DTP, here is Big 5 Personality Test. What are your results?    11/13/19  (60)
it's literally impossible to ever make money    11/13/19  (40)
Short people finally catch a break, get 20% off at PodShare    11/13/19  (1)
Paralegal walked in on kenny's obedience training today (CSLG)    11/13/19  (1)
Evangelical Preacher gets "GOD BLESS TRUMP" tattooed on forehead (link)    11/13/19  (1)
Treatise On Diagnosing and Treating Erectile Dysfunction - When Viagra Fails    11/13/19  (6)
And finally my good man may I inquire as to your height    11/13/19  (5)
Honestly, I prefer shrews over TikTok teens    11/13/19  (1)
35 yr old. Should I bring my 24 yr old fling to company party?    11/13/19  (23)
Lol Biden would be 82 in 2024.    11/13/19  (2)
Luis i had no idea Sunnyvale was a real place    11/13/19  (9)
Ever notice how, when you take just one day off work, it feels like a year has    11/13/19  (1)
*bumble 6 texts you honeypot emoji*    11/13/19  (1)
80s kidnapping culture was crazy    11/13/19  (8)
Hillary outflanks Charlie Kirk’s right.    11/13/19  (1)
lol, new GOP retard strategy, delay impeachment trial to screw D Pres candidates    11/13/19  (3)
Lol at how far off XO i$    11/13/19  (2)
NYC is fucked    11/13/19  (23)
Dennis Hopper describing XO: "This place is haha! Wow! *explosion sound*"    11/13/19  (2)
I would like to publicly apologize to all that I have offended, misled    11/13/19  (1)
Henry Aaron: "OK, I need to check ur height, weight, blood pressure & dick size"    11/13/19  (5)
Took 17 cell phone calls today. Only 1 missed call    11/13/19  (2)
Yevropa Yevropa (1990)    11/13/19  (1)
Ryan Lochte is living paycheck-to-paycheck?    11/13/19  (9)
“Tinder” i$ a literal $cam and doe$nt work    11/13/19  (12)
3 year old son just discovered that "poop" is funny. Really bonding with him.    11/13/19  (25)
Rate this open policy letter... our 998 for 10x limits expires tomorrow (CSLG)    11/13/19  (106)
Jim Jordan acting like inbred retard = good way for GOP to win suburban women    11/13/19  (4)
The gun dealer in Taxi Driver has the exact same accent as Reviewbrah    11/13/19  (5)
Identity Yevropa    11/13/19  (1)
A$hley Madi$on Cr?    11/13/19  (1)
What works best for paying the membership and scoring pussy online?    11/13/19  (4)
$hould be able to drink ga$oline.. what a wa$te    11/13/19  (5)
Morton's neuroma    11/13/19  (1)
Lmao remember when Hillary's head spun around like some satanic shit    11/13/19  (21)
Would you give hot single MILF hairstylist a chance, if she was into you?    11/13/19  (29)
So the Nick Fuentes movement is dead now?    11/13/19  (7)
Women in office-based jobs are developing a “computer face”    11/13/19  (12)
so can R's impeach next dem president w fake hidden whistleblower & hearsay?    11/13/19  (14)
Is Donald Trump Jr. Hispanic?    11/13/19  (5)
Nick Fuentes streaming soon (final Turning Point event with Charlie Kirk)    11/13/19  (21)
lol @ people who bought in NYC...lmao    11/13/19  (1)
Is XO an extended phenotype? An expression of our genetics?    11/13/19  (3)
name some 80s Pac-man clones / ripoffs    11/13/19  (1)
The time I saw XO I thought I was going to get a computer virus    11/13/19  (9)
Rate my letter to Mercury... they are horrible (CSLG)    11/13/19  (144)
Watch this Indian turd motherfucker ride a motorcycle    11/13/19  (3)
Bryan Bros Retiring in 2020 #tennis    11/13/19  (1)
spritezero remember when dems "forgot" the US Flag at 2016 DNC    11/13/19  (9)
FBI to you: "your son has joined what the Japanese call a 'kaminari zoku' "    11/13/19  (1)
I want to kill myself because I didn't buy Chainlink when it was $0.13 (DTP)    11/13/19  (2)
doing homework | taking tests | building a future    11/13/19  (8)
I don't understand the shitlib model of self-control.    11/13/19  (1)
Why does nutella act like such a brat?    11/13/19  (46)
Your unborn children looking down from heaven as you go to Barcade alone    11/13/19  (6)
Why does the fraud world still exist?    11/13/19  (3)
Reagan destroyer America for the left and the right    11/13/19  (1)
DrakeMallard explaining to trucker how to play "stinky red baboon bottoms" in Fl    11/13/19  (3)
a woman is like a black widow spider, entices u then traps u & eats ur soul    11/13/19  (15)
Bill Clinton was such a selfish money-grubbing Boomer as president    11/13/19  (5)
Where does driving rank on the list or worst shit?    11/13/19  (3)
Can’t believe how they let girls dress in high schools now    11/13/19  (15)
Kid and I just got back from zoo and now were playing stinky red babboon bottoms    11/13/19  (71)
Why would anyone buy a home with an HOA?    11/13/19  (76)
Everything i$ a mentality...    11/13/19  (1)
rate richard stallman's personal ad    11/13/19  (1)
Meet the LGBTQ+ biker gang creating safe spaces in Turlock, CA (Vice.com)    11/13/19  (14)
Home value by county    11/13/19  (1)
Federal Grand Jury charges Michael Avenatti with extortion and wire fraud    11/13/19  (12)
It's crazy how much receptive anal sex has taken over Drake Mallards life    11/13/19  (1)
Can a prez effectively serve more than two terms if he gets impeached and reelec    11/13/19  (2)
Ole Miss will beat LSU    11/13/19  (2)
Holy shit. The Kikes let the mask drop. The Forward: "The Jews of Impeachment"    11/13/19  (16)
idk if i can deal with all this bullshit, dirte    11/13/19  (1)
which e-dad    11/13/19  (1)
The Zoomers/Groypers need millennial mentors for intelectual and financial suppo    11/13/19  (7)
julia is right. colombia is incredibly 180    11/13/19  (8)
everything we post is "off-the-record"    11/13/19  (7)
Stephen Miller reading off top xo poasts at Trump’s morning staff meeting    11/13/19  (15)
Fuck the Black Christmas trailer makes it look like shitlib trash    11/13/19  (19)
Why assume only one benevolent God? there are millions and they hate us    11/13/19  (3)
peak #MAGA: white girls 'rapping' about black unemployment at Jerusalem embassy    11/13/19  (2)
Are Gerrit Cole’s 316 Ks better than Verlander with a no hitter?    11/13/19  (18)
Jim Jordan is 180 and I'd like to suck his dick    11/13/19  (1)
So the dems' "Star Witness" has nothing but inferences?    11/13/19  (9)
Can someone fill in what happened with impeachment hearings for people with jobs    11/13/19  (21)
MLB bros: CY YOUNG to Verlander or Garrit Cole?    11/13/19  (9)
highly sensitive persons    11/13/19  (13)
lol at all those random court opinions from 1813 or whatever    11/13/19  (1)
seems like every chick over 25 has bacterial vaginosos based on smell alone    11/13/19  (1)
Baltimore teens amuse community with series of good-natured pranks    11/13/19  (15)
xo is just the conservative version of the 24/7 outrage machine woke generation    11/13/19  (25)
Wife got drunk and had a meltdown in an Uber. She's been silent for 48 hours.    11/13/19  (87)
Hong Kong students have made gasoline bombs and BOWS AND ARROWS vs. Police    11/13/19  (6)
Tucker destroys ARE Reptile's tugboat.    11/13/19  (4)
Kike grifter Stephen Miller pretends to be a White Nationalist    11/13/19  (50)
πŸŽΎπŸ’‚ ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS Thread πŸ’‚πŸŽΎ #tennis    11/13/19  (72)
***OFFICIAL LIVE IMPEACHMENT THREAD 11/13/19***    11/13/19  (380)
Is a McMansion in Great Falls, VA credited?    11/13/19  (59)
Getting Married - to do or not to do??    11/13/19  (6)
Why do black cities in America get so bad?    11/13/19  (4)
Trump with very 180 entrance 180    11/13/19  (2)
whok how long have you been playing music    11/13/19  (10)
you've had absolutely no impact on the world    11/13/19  (5)
Tiktok Teens videos are being used to help build Chinese Sex Robots (NYT)    11/13/19  (9)
tsinah: "I didn't come here to make friends." "Sir, this is a cheeseburger in pa    11/13/19  (22)
Remember when the XO poaster told Tinder stories using his "hot guy" profile?    11/13/19  (1)
Kirk Douglas (1916-2019)    11/13/19  (2)
Kirkland & Ellis: On balance, my life remains in balance    11/13/19  (49)
Can't find cure to common cold, but we're going to put settlement on Mars!    11/13/19  (4)
If you're gonna smoke 2-3 cigs a day, what's the cr cig    11/13/19  (25)
Just watched Episode 1 of The Mandalorian. Here is my review.    11/13/19  (12)
IT'S FRENCH! IT'S FRENCH EVERYBODY!!!    11/13/19  (59)
podcasts & wikipedia    11/13/19  (18)
Did Americans sufficiently CHERISH 2003 beef prices?    11/13/19  (5)
Me n Luis docking in zero-g aboard space shuttle while steal my sunshine plays    11/13/19  (4)
Hate Muslims, But Minarets Are Alpha And Make Skyline Look Cool    11/13/19  (17)
I see why Trump risked impeachment to stop Biden    11/13/19  (1)
Lab friend MAF at Don Cherry for offensive statement about puppies    11/13/19  (2)
Saw hot 19 year old chick buying 5 cans of Zyn    11/13/19  (22)
hairy male assholds    11/13/19  (1)
VAST MAJORITY of people in battleground states OPPOSE impeachment    11/13/19  (1)
Tik tok teen destroys white yoga shrews    11/13/19  (2)
*JJC wheezing, sword in chest* "was i... fratty" *tears run down doodikoff's che    11/13/19  (50)
How is doodikoff not married? He seems like a great catch    11/13/19  (25)
Link is back up to $3. Pretty sure moon mission coming soon    11/13/19  (1)
broke into the old BIG RODS, this is where we used to STIM    11/13/19  (47)
Whole, would you collaborate on a cover with me?    11/13/19  (1)
HYPO: you inherit CSLG's professional life but also his height    11/13/19  (81)

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