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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Current polling has Trump winning 2024 election 312-226    02/26/24  (78)
if Trump won't be "allowed" to win then what is the point    02/26/24  (3)
Faggot creates fake hospital visit to fuck over restaurant, then ruins its reput    02/26/24  (11)
Lol ackmans thesis was Scaling the Ivy Wall: The Jewish and Asian American Exper    02/26/24  (3)
Female cop empties full clip at ouija board (DailyMail)    02/26/24  (1)
Should I Sell my Xbox and buy a PS5 and FF7R2?    02/26/24  (18)
Need crypto advice    02/26/24  (1)
Sanford & Son ringtone is a game changer. People love it.    02/26/24  (1)
Should I buy JMIA    02/26/24  (5)
NYT: uh, yeah, our State Dept has been running Ukraine since 2014    02/26/24  (74)
Avatar live action show is a Triumph    02/26/24  (2)
Wendy’s to implement dynamic price changes throughout the day based on demand    02/26/24  (3)
Putting on random Andy Garcia movies feels like hanging out with luis    02/26/24  (28)
You see, Alec, our methods may be at times... illiberal. most illiberal, indeed.    02/26/24  (1)
Great college QBs who didn’t do much in the NFL    02/26/24  (69)
Great Idea: President should be someone who was a teenager in the 1950s    02/26/24  (4)
Oh this is Matt. Can't believe you lost your phone again! What luck haha.    02/26/24  (19)
Once you hit like 65 and are overweight, every day is a coin flip.    02/26/24  (27)
Watching This is Us, yes i am gay    02/26/24  (6)
NYT: Senate Aide caught traveling to Ukraine multiple times to launder $    02/26/24  (9)
Can libs explain why Biden was cc’ing Hunter on emails to Ukrainian officials?    02/26/24  (233)
what’s the most prestigious number of rentbois to have?    02/26/24  (2)
Foreign Affairs: Can America Save the Liberal Order Through Illiberal Means?    02/26/24  (11)
American soldier sets himself on fire outside Israeli embassy    02/26/24  (83)
should i move to flyover?    02/26/24  (21)
Esteemed Poasters of NY: Do you carry/own guns?    02/26/24  (12)
Jimmy Kimmel shows how dumb Trump voters are    02/26/24  (10)
Life is Hellish, don't waste time trying to deny it    02/26/24  (14)
thug bodyslams blind & disabled as NYPD watches, does nothing (video)    02/26/24  (2)
Politico: Intel Agencies scared shitless of another Trump term    02/26/24  (9)
Sanford & Son theme plays as EPAH and 'family' pull up to Whole Foods    02/26/24  (5)
It's insane we allowed the Jews to revive Cold War "Domino Theory"    02/26/24  (8)
your old: Rand Powlus, son of Ron Powlus, will start QB for Notre Dame in fall    02/26/24  (7)
What is the best free calendar/scheduling app for a law practice? Asana?    02/26/24  (1)
Giving out some more sol tonight    02/26/24  (40)
The State of Gaming    02/26/24  (17)
Barron Trump probably played Xbox One in the white house the whole time    02/26/24  (3)
I can't vote for Trump, he is campaigning as most pro Israel POTUS in history    02/26/24  (15)
rate this Basketball American rushing home from a Drake concert (video)    02/26/24  (1)
AMY SCHUMER UPDATE: steroids caused her moon-face issue    02/26/24  (9)
Virologist holding beaker, 20M dead bodies around him: "chinks eat bats!"    02/26/24  (1)
Allen Weisselberg got 5 months in Rikers. How much time will Trump get?    02/26/24  (1)
If Trump-Biden Debate happens, audience should be given vuvuzelas    02/26/24  (3)
Cons would rather start a nuclear war than call Caitlyn Jenner a woman    02/26/24  (2)
RSF is a Jewish atheist shitlib with dual citizenship    02/26/24  (4)
Adam Schiff running for senate lol    02/26/24  (1)
Sim Glitch: Ron DeSantis looks like WWE star Chad Gable    02/26/24  (1)
What apps do you use for Notes/Brainstorming?    02/26/24  (3)
I found Bboooooooooom's YouTube channel    02/26/24  (2)
LOL Biden has forgotten how to read (video)    02/26/24  (2)
American solider sets himself on fire outside Fireworks factory    02/26/24  (1)
why do dems love the cia so much    02/26/24  (10)
Karen is the only board lib (aside from maybe benzo) who "gets" xo    02/26/24  (12)
To add insult to injury Russians kill an Archer on top of the M1    02/26/24  (15)
Stunning Realization: pepito rearranged is pot pie    02/26/24  (96)
Tommy, your cousin seems to be doing well for himself    02/26/24  (3)
cowshit posts with a helmet on to protect from CTE from getting blown out so muc    02/26/24  (9)
Sheenievosk will hold past April    02/26/24  (1)
Sweden's accession to NATO approved by Hungarian Parliment.    02/26/24  (11)
Your financial future hanging on the success of “BONK”    02/26/24  (1)
is emilio 35 in dog years yet? i want to write him in for US president    02/26/24  (1)
why do pro-ukrainians and pro-palestinians on xo support trump?    02/26/24  (53)
Only issues worth caring about are demographics and the JQ    02/26/24  (6)
good morning    02/26/24  (8)
Close family friend got PWNed by the Jewish heart attack jab    02/26/24  (6)
I have GRIDS.    02/26/24  (3)
interesting quote    02/26/24  (2)
Admire Bitch Bois | Support Bitch Bois | Cherish Bitch Bois    02/26/24  (50)
Navalny may have died from 5x pfizer covid vaccines lol    02/26/24  (7)
Of the current crop off illegals, are Venezuelans the worst?    02/26/24  (22)
environmentalist anti-whaler paul watson is/was a GOOD GUY    02/26/24  (2)
Posit: Turn-based games are higher IQ, and thus the move away from them    02/26/24  (31)
Mock it if you must but "Live Laugh Love" is actually Cr advice    02/26/24  (11)
Hegemon: "If I don't make new weightlifting personal bests my life is over"    02/26/24  (16)
Declining T levels as you get older is really 180    02/26/24  (27)
One huge advantage that CFB has over the NFL    02/26/24  (3)
The horrors of the industrialized food production system    02/26/24  (8)
Aaron Bushnell thread    02/26/24  (2)
World of WOW (World of WOW) ((World of WOW)) ... is an infinite loop    02/26/24  (1)
China will invade Taiwan in the next 6 months after this Taliban shit    02/26/24  (20)
Great news for TDNW and LFOD: Zelensky opens up Natty Guard for US citizens    02/26/24  (5)
How does a mentally retarded 60-yo Jewish pedophile have Internet access?    02/26/24  (5)
Does anyone have a hobby farm here    02/26/24  (8)
Glenn Greenwald is such a lying piece of treasonous shit    02/26/24  (35)
Does anyone have a hobby horse here    02/26/24  (1)
Dems: Trump dominating in the primary is “five alarm fire”    02/26/24  (12)
Ukrainian intel chief confirms Navalny died of the FRAUDVAX    02/26/24  (11)
Remember when libs said Tulsi was a Russian agent and cons said she wasn’t?    02/26/24  (27)
ITT: a succinct summation of TDNW's Ukraine policy    02/26/24  (9)
M Y ๐Ÿ’• P U S S Y ๐Ÿ’• I N ๐Ÿ’• B I O    02/26/24  (2)
Hear me out, Chevy needs to make a sports car with truck bed. El Camaro    02/26/24  (2)
Israel has killed numerous American citizens in Palestine and US doing nothing?    02/26/24  (1)
Reminder: When Trump loses we're going to push the US into Constitutional crisis    02/26/24  (43)
Are "covid is fake" poasters xo's own homegrown version of flat eathers?    02/26/24  (32)
Hey libs you guys can’t talk about Donald Trump like that    02/26/24  (1)
I will pay ur wife $100 to suck my penis and take a facial    02/26/24  (2)
Xo: Ganges River, Xo Poasters: Pajeets    02/26/24  (1)
How make dick more hard    02/26/24  (4)
Speaking about cooking, watch this orc burning alive.    02/26/24  (3)
Cons explain TBF refusing loyalty to Israel (who is triple jewish)    02/26/24  (4)
Mentally retarded Jewish pedophile here, taking Q’s    02/26/24  (7)
180 that posters who talk shit about Indians are other Indians from rival castes    02/26/24  (2)
AOC warns that shitcons want to stop women from seeking CHAD    02/26/24  (12)
Trumpmos please light yourselves on fire to prove your loyalty to Trump    02/26/24  (3)
Cons explain refusing vax to prove your loyalty to Trump (who is triple vaxed))    02/26/24  (110)
UGA chick raped/murdered by Venezuelan illegal alien. GOP: **Crickets**    02/26/24  (6)
“FREE XO!” *sets self on fire in front of Cohen Benefits*    02/26/24  (1)
Why do birdshits get so MAF when they encounter a GENIUS Indian?    02/26/24  (7)
is saying "this feels soooo good" to a chick during sex beta?    02/26/24  (17)
๐ŸšจPutin THREATENS TO ATTACK FINLAND & SWEDEN if they consider JOINING NATO๐Ÿšจ    02/26/24  (100)
Butt nuggets    02/26/24  (4)
drunk Karlstack here, in a slum in El Salvador, taking Q's    02/26/24  (51)
Rate this $2M house I’m buying in Michigan (TSINAH)    02/26/24  (2)
It’s funny that nobody talks about Berkshire being up 35%    02/26/24  (13)
TBF how’s the NYC trucker boycott going?    02/26/24  (1)
Heh….penetration.    02/26/24  (1)
ITT: We track the progress of the 17 audio recordings    02/26/24  (51)
AIRLINEmos what happens NOWADAYS if I don't fly all 3 JAWS    02/26/24  (12)
The Koch Kikes are OUT!    02/26/24  (37)
Citigroup hires GORGEOUS Viswas Raghavan from JPMorgan as new head of banking    02/26/24  (4)
The War in Gaza Turned This Longtime Michigan Democrat Against Biden    02/26/24  (6)
Republican Congressman files his own discharge petition - link    02/26/24  (1)
Jared Taylor: Basic Facts About Women's Smelly Holes    02/26/24  (4)
Hahols try to build defensive works a tad too close to the front....    02/26/24  (1)
TDNW, you ok lil guy?    02/26/24  (1)
RSF is Jewish    02/26/24  (12)
Why did Trump chicken out of the debates?    02/26/24  (22)
we're living in a lib nightmare    02/26/24  (2)
Popular vote wins: Bill: 2/2. Barack: 2/2. Joe: 1/1. Donald: 0/2    02/26/24  (16)
Pls rate this gaming laptop I bought last week    02/26/24  (2)
Flare $FLR token is next big crypto. Heard it hear first.    02/26/24  (6)
Rate this non-lawyer German lady who became a judge - video    02/26/24  (28)
You guys were right from the outset—divorcing this horror show is cr (mpa    02/26/24  (5)
"No babe, 'faggy kike' as in...No, he's not actually gay. Or Jewish, for that ma    02/26/24  (18)
NYT journalist reprimanded by HR for liking Chik-Fil-A sandwich    02/26/24  (2)
Trump lawyer grills Nathan Wade on his use of DBG billing method (video)    02/26/24  (4)
As Ukraine’s LGBTQ soldiers fight on the front line, acceptance grows in the c    02/26/24  (5)
Should I move some cash over to VTI/VOO? Or better to wait 3 months?    02/26/24  (7)
It is in fact safe to visit Russia if u are not a spy    02/26/24  (22)
Wireless blocked in men's room to discourage masturbation    02/26/24  (1)
FPV drone swarm obliterates M1 tank    02/26/24  (5)
Where has GTTTR gone?    02/26/24  (16)
I was a hardcore Zionist on Oct 7, now having severe doubts    02/26/24  (22)
German Chancellor puts nail in coffin of Hahlostan    02/26/24  (3)
Wokes are just getting crazier in states/countries where they're still relevant    02/26/24  (3)
Alexei Navalny: An Unsavoury, Manufactured Product Of The West (Greenwald)    02/26/24  (86)
Ukraine has unicorn chevrons for its gay troops not flame (actual pic) (pic)    02/26/24  (1)
Phone records show Fani Willis lied during her testimony    02/26/24  (178)
Sitting member of congress calls child fucking a lifestyle choice    02/26/24  (7)
How funny if Trumpers mailed in thousands of Biden ballots to prove fraud    02/26/24  (21)

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