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Oregon Dad makes sedative smoothies for teen daughter sleepover; chaos ensues    03/03/24  (6)
Majority of Biden’s 2020 Voters Now Say He’s Too Old to Be Effective (NYT)    03/03/24  (3)
I'm in Kansas City! What's so great about this place?    03/03/24  (27)
Zelenskyyieve: "Russia has lost ~420,000 troops -- we've only lost ~31,000!" (LI    03/03/24  (2)
Kesha hit wall at 200mph    03/03/24  (10)
*** Nikki Haley wins first primary ***    03/03/24  (7)
IDF Soldier Court Martialed For Warming Hot Dogs On Shabbat, 20 Days In Prison    03/03/24  (1)
Professions that have kept up with inflation Discuss    03/03/24  (7)
Just watched Michael Fassbender's floppy cock flop about for 10 minutes straight    03/03/24  (4)
What’s crazy about cslgs wealth is CA taxed him like 60%    03/03/24  (1)
Is there any reason not to buy bigly into crypto?    03/03/24  (8)
how do i convince my psychiatrist to give me Adderall instead of Concerta    03/03/24  (5)
Fellow White Blos: Chinks & Gooks Are NOT Flaming re Zojirushi Rice Cookers    03/03/24  (18)
STAND UP TO JEWISH HATE    03/03/24  (13)
is 36 a good age for a 34-y/o gal to target?    03/03/24  (3)
All hell breaking loose in Israel as Gantz meets with Jake and... Kamala    03/03/24  (7)
What's the point of decaf coffee    03/03/24  (8)
Should I go shit or keep sitting here?    03/03/24  (1)
where can you get better interest than 5.25% and it be very safe/secure?    03/03/24  (14)
Met A Minor League Baseball Team Owner. Is He Necessarily Rich?    03/03/24  (1)
when your kids say they hungry & wanna snack    03/03/24  (1)
Dude spent two months living in a storage unit stealing electricity    03/03/24  (2)
South African Jews seem totally benign. A perfect model of what Israel could be    03/03/24  (6)
The State of the Middle Class    03/03/24  (5)
Sanctions force Russia to cut oil production - link    03/03/24  (2)
John Oliver is such an utter faggot    03/03/24  (2)
TSINAH, your electric bill is going to 📈    03/03/24  (11)
Holding 800K in crypto - rate my coins (CSLG)    03/03/24  (11)
I currently live around ZERO niggers    03/03/24  (8)
“Yes, technically I am ethnically Ashkenazi, but I don’t see what that has t    03/03/24  (6)
Israel pushes settler invasion into West Bank, destroying existing homes    03/03/24  (8)
Your "soul mate" "until death do us part" shit testing you 25 times a day    03/03/24  (13)
Azn girl spends $40k to take dog on vacation    03/03/24  (16)
Without Googling guess what is Israel's number one export    03/03/24  (38)
BONK is fucking mooning    03/03/24  (13)
I just need $10 million    03/03/24  (1)
the group CAKE was 180 jfc    03/03/24  (6)
i'm dickmaxxing daddy    03/03/24  (1)
anyone know an expert in Wholesale prescription drug distributor licenses?    03/03/24  (1)
brave Englishwoman confronts child molestor at McDonald's    03/03/24  (4)
You're crazy if you aren't shorting NVIDIA right now    03/03/24  (58)
millennial women arent even human at this point    03/03/24  (17)
Democrats now pushing child sex dolls    03/03/24  (1)
born to be a spicemaxxing chad. longhoused by the bene gesserit witches.    03/03/24  (4)
LIV tour should add Mario Golf features like exploding ball and random tornados    03/03/24  (2)
Trumpmos: I wouldn't trust a black pilot, but Joseph Ladapo is A OK!    03/03/24  (5)
brother got engaged nearly a year ago, she just dumped him    03/03/24  (21)
Poll: Are Home Renos Ever Worth It?    03/03/24  (51)
Six Flags Over Georgia Opening Results In Massive Brawl, One Teen Shot By Police    03/03/24  (14)
broke down crying thinking about AssFaggot    03/03/24  (4)
RSF explain this goddammit. Why is Gantz being treated like an outcast here?    03/03/24  (2)
Russia is the fattest country in europe?    03/03/24  (7)
I went to DAIRY QUEEN and it was EXCELLENT    03/03/24  (4)
It’s Official: We Can Pretty Much Treat Covid Like the Flu Now. Here’s a Gui    03/03/24  (2)
Conservatives will be infuriated by these mixed-race girls having fun (video)    03/03/24  (2)
Jd or Baba??    03/03/24  (1)
It's 180 how showing weakness one time makes a woman hate you forever    03/03/24  (5)
Right girl or left? - nsfw    03/03/24  (13)
anyone else want to start collecting BASEBALL CARDS?    03/03/24  (9)
"A real human being" plays as ricky steps into the synagogue    03/03/24  (44)
pretty 180 how women constantly take you for granted    03/03/24  (3)
Thinking about buying a bug out flop house for poasters    03/03/24  (4)
XO Sundays = always just a bunch of shut in bitch bois mouthing off about women    03/03/24  (7)
Future history books referring to women as "pre-tenga lifeform"    03/03/24  (3)
ADVIL is POISON (NY Times)    03/03/24  (1)
Without Googling guess what is Israel's number one escort    03/03/24  (1)
Holy fuck I hate niggers *moves to Detroit*    03/03/24  (1)
HI IQ jews deeply confused when you tell them Ukraine's main export is wheat    03/03/24  (10)
rate this proposal for foreign troops in Ukraine (link)    03/03/24  (20)
Diddy went too far    03/03/24  (1)
strangling luis on a beach like in End of Evangelion, he mouths "lmao"    03/03/24  (5)
Public school teacher here. is 16 a good age for a 34-y/o gal to target?    03/03/24  (1)
Sunday is for Beef O'Brady's with the boys    03/03/24  (9)
Spaceporn listing "Boy Scout" on his resume    03/03/24  (12)
got a new MBP and noticed that the OS is buggy    03/03/24  (1)
OYT, why don't you design a better "system" for Rach    03/03/24  (1)
Blueberry Yum Yum    03/03/24  (1)
ricki has to die, guys    03/03/24  (11)
just about that time of year to hang myself in my garage    03/03/24  (80)
Russians walk right into a Bradley ambush (video)    03/03/24  (90)
boom and ricki are top contenders for MPM this year    03/03/24  (2)
shooting baby ricki out of cannon @ wailing wall    03/03/24  (7)
Crazy that you have to search Ricky and Ricki multiple times per day now    03/03/24  (6)
ricki giving T2 thumbs-up as hegemon tearfully feeds him into woodchipper    03/03/24  (65)
Rate FizzKidd and her cousins on Chaturbate LIVE NOW    03/03/24  (2)
Tax Megathread    03/03/24  (6)
ITT we discuss mechanical pencils and fountain pens    03/03/24  (3)
Trying to find ricki thread about hanging myself in garage    03/03/24  (3)
salute the fag    03/03/24  (1)
Hey OYT FF7R2 is 180    03/03/24  (4)
bout that time of month to cheat on my bitch    03/03/24  (1)
Russian car production up 90% YoY as sanctions prove impotent    03/03/24  (2)
NYT op-ed: "We Will Forget Much of the Pandemic. That’s a Good Thing."    03/03/24  (38)
TSINAH and Karen had sex back in the day????    03/03/24  (21)
Holy shit I just came up with a solution to all of Ukraine's problems, not flame    03/03/24  (6)
Does Sydney Sweeney make women SEETHE with the tits out look?    03/03/24  (20)
Fact: none of you ever got as much to suck dick as I did    03/03/24  (1)
mitt romney will vote for biden over trump    03/03/24  (16)
SCOTUS to issue ruling tomorrow on whether Trump on the ballot    03/03/24  (2)
Throwing it all away for 26 yr old orthodox jewish GASH    03/03/24  (1)
did u seriously just think all of ur ancestors locked women away for no reason    03/03/24  (1)
Home prices will double every 5 years for next 15 years. Not too late to buy    03/03/24  (9)
Do women know they offer nothing outside of their fishy slime holds?    03/03/24  (2)
Finally watching The Joker - this is depressing as fuck    03/03/24  (20)
Pussy has run it’s course    03/03/24  (1)
“I’m worth $20M” (CSLG to obese weaboo in United coach section)    03/03/24  (2)
“Believe all women” + million$ for decades old rape allegations = ?    03/03/24  (3)
100% of posters are either autistic or schizophrenic    03/03/24  (19)
2 drinks = fine next day 3 drinks = feel like crap    03/03/24  (8)
Floridamos is DUFFYS cr for burgers    03/03/24  (1)
Been doing coke and drinking last 2 months, I feel and look 180    03/03/24  (24)
Standard White Vinyl Fences: Prole? Generic? Classy?    03/03/24  (4)
LJL The "Int'l Fellowship of Christians and Jews" is now in on the Ukraine grift    03/03/24  (27)
Shiksas love BJC, say it reminds them of nigger dick    03/03/24  (1)
International Fellowship of Fuck you goyim give us Money    03/03/24  (2)
Swim Bros: Why Do Pool Big Digital Clocks Have Min Sec But Not Hours    03/03/24  (2)
Medeival philosophers relentlessly mocked people like RSF    03/03/24  (2)
American roadways are truly terrifying    03/03/24  (33)
How is it even possible to have bad credit    03/03/24  (4)
Another bad day for TDNW, hey man why doesn't your friend RSF ever vouch for you    03/03/24  (28)
AI drawings of modernity mixed with renaissance Hell depictions    03/03/24  (1)
Here is my family’s beef ration for the week. Chicken’s on the grill now.    03/03/24  (3)
Paralegal Mohamed has admitted to being a terrible husband and father    03/03/24  (47)
do self driving cars really exist?    03/03/24  (6)
cowgod, Squal from FFVIII got arrested in NYC (pic)    03/03/24  (3)
what if women aren't actually 180 after all    03/03/24  (18)
Neighbor drove up to me while walking my dog    03/03/24  (23)
having a 180 wife/ main bitch is pretty cr it seems    03/03/24  (4)
The Neverending Buffoonery of RSF/TDNW. "He's not a good husband"    03/03/24  (2)
More info about 800k artillery shells about to be sent to Ukraine - link    03/03/24  (57)
Neocons/libs really shot their wad on that Ukraine summer offensive    03/03/24  (25)
LJL at MFH "restaurant" scene; not 1 Beef O'Brady's location    03/03/24  (7)
Eminem drops diss track on Paralegal Mohammed (video)    03/03/24  (1)
"Husband: 155" is dead on target    03/03/24  (1)
trapped on a desert island with either 1) oppose bitch bios 2) here in brussels    03/03/24  (4)
Russian liquid assets went from $144B to $56B in less than 2 yrs, why bitch bois    03/03/24  (5)
Microsoft says new XBox will have "realistic fuckhole"    03/03/24  (2)
good evening    03/03/24  (1)
What's keeping you going?    03/03/24  (43)
Doing well, yeah. My son is rapping now.    03/03/24  (2)
Sydney sweeney vs Zendaya    03/03/24  (2)
Where is FizzKidd? Did "she" find handsome?    03/03/24  (12)
Preorder my book, “Born from a cumbank: My struggles with modernity” by Chri    03/03/24  (4)
"So you're living 'off the grid?'" "Uh, no, I said I'm 'off my GRIDs meds'."    03/03/24  (11)
dbdr: Anxiety When Doing Things Alone Vs With A Social Circle    03/03/24  (4)
late-60s turtlenecked Patrick Bateman rhapsodizing on Jumping Jack Flash lyrics    03/03/24  (1)
Did y'all hear about the shooting at six flags    03/03/24  (8)
Post ITT if your wife is ASIAN    03/03/24  (7)
WaPo identifies the culprit for closure of D.C. CVS: "late stage capitalism"    03/03/24  (1)

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