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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Ozempic former fatties have radically changed their shopping habits    07/22/24  (99)
Kamala harris looked like a turdskin boy in the 80s:    07/22/24  (1)
what's a good non-screen nighttime activity    07/22/24  (8)
Kamala cackling awkwardly on the front page of the WSJ    07/22/24  (1)
kamala was trying to return a blouse at Ross when she found out biden withdrew    07/22/24  (1)
If China is going to invade Taiwan, right now is its chance    07/22/24  (4)
Where is Biden?    07/22/24  (5)
Jordan Peterson incredibly out of his element interviewing Elon    07/22/24  (2)
Everyone too AFRAID to acknowledge what's going on here    07/22/24  (2)
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) Outs Self As XO Poaster (link) (not flame    07/22/24  (18)
Did Kamala pass the California Bar on her first attempt?    07/22/24  (2)
Kamala is bound to have some lurid sex tape or pics out there somewhere    07/22/24  (1)
LOL. $0 student loans again. 180    07/22/24  (11)
leaving xoxohth for autoadmit    07/22/24  (1)
Bodycam footage of Illinois cop charged with 1st degree murder released.    07/22/24  (2)
leaving doobs for luis    07/22/24  (5)
Montel Williams/Kamala ass to mouth tape is Trump nigger tape of this election    07/22/24  (1)
Leaving my wife for her sister.    07/22/24  (2)
Leaving my wife for another woman    07/22/24  (39)
Guy in first world country, president hasn't been impeached, sup    07/22/24  (114)
extreme eater DIES during livestream of 10-hour food binge after stomach rips    07/22/24  (6)
She is objectively the worst Democrat nominee in our lives    07/22/24  (98)
gibberish what's the latest fuck report    07/22/24  (6)
Look, another emasculated "man", a faggot, and a negress    07/22/24  (5)
I FUCKING LOVE WEED SO MUCH    07/22/24  (3)
XO gun nuts: great video of what good practice looks like    07/22/24  (1)
Kamala 1 for 2 on famous ex-boyfriend endorsements    07/22/24  (1)
May or may not be fucking a new 37 yr old SHREW with C cups, taking ?s ITT    07/22/24  (60)
Will KAMALA HARRIS win in 2024?    07/22/24  (46)
Anthony boardain was really faggy. Every quote from him is just so gay    07/22/24  (12)
Leaving dupa for another man with giant bitch-tits    07/22/24  (2)
leaving my 'wife' for literally anything else at all    07/22/24  (1)
Shrillary is going to blow a fucking gasket when Kamala becomes 1st fem POTUS    07/22/24  (3)
Leaving my e-girl for another woman    07/22/24  (2)
Harris will probably lose, but Dems could do worse given the circumstances-video    07/22/24  (1)
Krackling Kamala tp    07/22/24  (2)
leaving it all tonite tp    07/22/24  (1)
Did TUFTS BA make the dick small or did the SMALL DICK foretell tufts degree?    07/22/24  (2)
Leaving my mother for another woman    07/22/24  (3)
Will Vance be the most disastrous VP pick since Sarah Palin?    07/22/24  (28)
Best song to represent these last 2 weeks of American politics?    07/22/24  (8)
Leaving Stalin tp in a hole for another faggot to hole    07/22/24  (1)
Leaving your wife for my wife    07/22/24  (2)
NYC paying $25M to illegals so they stop having kids sell candy on subway    07/22/24  (2)
Netanyahu is a well known mass murderer, drug trafficker in Israel    07/22/24  (9)
Crimes and Misdemeanors is still a good movie    07/22/24  (5)
Crimes and Misdemeanors is an underrated Woody Allen movie    07/22/24  (14)
How many xo boyfriends does fizzkid have now? Kikesuela, karlstack, who else?    07/22/24  (5)
Laura Loomer destroys Kamala    07/22/24  (21)
Kamala, like Trump, is an anti-fragile candidate    07/22/24  (31)
ricky's life is like jacob's ladder, but he's both the hero and twitching demons    07/22/24  (9)
MASS-SHOOTING reported in EUROPE: libs, explain    07/22/24  (14)
Why does xo not like Anthony Bourdain? He seemed to embody the xo ethos.    07/22/24  (4)
Biden to give resignation speech at empty Jeep car lot    07/22/24  (2)
Gay porn? On my racist chat app?    07/22/24  (1)
Secret Service was NOT present during security briefing for rally    07/22/24  (8)
Anyone remember the poster Emmanuel Kant who died mountaineering?    07/22/24  (42)
ljl 70% of XO traffic is JIDF    07/22/24  (5)
Hey Trumpmos, it's KAMALA's AMERICA now, ur just living in it (for now)    07/22/24  (2)
La Rouchefoucauld's maxims are hit or miss    07/22/24  (1)
Does JD Vance suck less than Paul Ryan?    07/22/24  (6)
t;'" = boner police (aka correction tp)
   07/22/24  (14)
jew pedo loser --> TUFTS --> alcoholic failure --> 24/7 on xo as "correction" tp    07/22/24  (16)
Kids in Uganda recreate assassination attempt of President Trump (video)    07/22/24  (25)
Tufts BA and a small dick! Tufts BA and a small dick!    07/22/24  (12)
Blackstone buys Ancestry.com for 4.7 billion    07/22/24  (6)
Netanyahu to meet with Cowgod to discuss Sephardic Loser Clique    07/22/24  (2)
Joe wanted to run,Jill sold him out a la Lady Macbeth for a Presidential Library    07/22/24  (5)
Im really enjoying this lib narrative about Kamala THE PROSECUTOR debating Trump    07/22/24  (1)
Was queen Kamala ever a line prosecutor trying cases? Just bossy WOC supervisor?    07/22/24  (6)
J.D. Vance fucked his couch    07/22/24  (3)
King Bibi    07/22/24  (2)
Bibi got 26 standing ovations last visit to Congress    07/22/24  (2)
Stank Puss juice soaking into worn out panties    07/22/24  (1)
i get it now, goyim are like little kids you do puppet shows & read stories to    07/22/24  (2)
HAIL BIBI    07/22/24  (3)
Microsoft cloud datacenter based in Israel (link)    07/22/24  (3)
a Samson Option but for all digital networks on earth    07/22/24  (3)
Global computer networks go down same day as Tel Aviv bombing and Netanyahu canc    07/22/24  (3)
The Jewish control is now a given, we have to work with it    07/22/24  (3)
Netanyahu is like an irl M. Bison    07/22/24  (6)
I'm a single issue voter, Bolshevik or Zionist Kikes (TBF)    07/22/24  (3)
Bibi coming to USA to swing his BJC next week    07/22/24  (5)
Major plot in works to take down Netanyahu within Russian Oligarch Circle    07/22/24  (2)
The cyber attack yesterday was a test run for election night HTFH    07/22/24  (3)
Netanyahu trip to USA back on, odd case    07/22/24  (3)
it's Bibi    07/22/24  (2)
Netanyahu tried to pull of 3 coups in 24 hours lol    07/22/24  (2)
NYT: Biden won't drop out to troll Netanyahu    07/22/24  (2)
Anyone see the horror movie Creep (2014)?    07/22/24  (10)
Trump is going to drop a video with Bryson tomorrow. I know the result    07/22/24  (32)
Biden not meeting with Netanyahu?    07/22/24  (11)
If you use Keurig coffee u can see thin layer of microplastics floating on coffe    07/22/24  (7)
Any venerable Venable bros left on xo? Saw ur chairman flirting w Emhoff    07/22/24  (2)
I hate libs. I hate them so much. Trump '24. Fight! Fight! Fight!    07/22/24  (4)
This is how I got hiv (Zurich)    07/22/24  (33)
Quite a few execs have some kind of Email Sign off or Prominent style    07/22/24  (3)
Trump raises $100 million in 24 hours after Biden dropped out    07/22/24  (11)
the political events of 2024 or "The Metal Gear Solid election"    07/22/24  (2)
us has become a william gibson novel    07/22/24  (1)
CONSOOMERS: Recs for home espresso machine?    07/22/24  (2)
If Kamala wins 2024, where does that leave Gavin Handsome Newsom?    07/22/24  (1)
X branding already seems to be supplanting “Twitter”    07/22/24  (5)
Things u can do with TUFTS degree: barista, mental illness on xo /thread    07/22/24  (2)
Why did dems cede the election with Kamala? Whitmer was the MONEYBALL pick    07/22/24  (7)
Shooter wasn't deep state or planned by pros. Kid had red dot sight with no X    07/22/24  (5)
just got an escrow overage refund check for over $3000K    07/22/24  (11)
You think Trump survives until election?    07/22/24  (12)
Trumpmos, FYI. Parading all those deranged jews on the stage of RNC = bad look.    07/22/24  (2)
Women with small busts are "committee members"    07/22/24  (1)
Libs why did Biden hide Kween Kamala in a Korner for three years?    07/22/24  (6)
Warning to cons: Kamala is very popular on TikTok    07/22/24  (6)
Are some women into "flat chest humiliation" or not so much    07/22/24  (1)
Is TBF bipolar?    07/22/24  (3)
"do you like cyberpunk novels?", asks GJR    07/22/24  (68)
Reminder: libs would win elections by landslides with more voter participation    07/22/24  (1)
What’s the net cost regarding security for all the trouble trumpmos have made    07/22/24  (6)
What about Hunter Biden’s laptop?    07/22/24  (3)
SEETHE Trumpmos, you made this election about age. Reap, Sow.    07/22/24  (28)
Black kid stomps on azn kid’s head in basketball game (video)    07/22/24  (5)
Kamala: I did not steal the nomination, I picked it up from the gutter    07/22/24  (2)
I'm only sad Biden won't live to know just how badly he lost in Ukraine    07/22/24  (3)
was Trump right that Bukkake is sending all his criminals into America?    07/22/24  (1)
Seems like we are wide open to foreign attack right now TBQH    07/22/24  (3)
OYT: $JMIA loves you, my friend    07/22/24  (71)
cock of michael obama is a genius moniker    07/22/24  (3)
rate this tiktok meltdown b/c Biden dropped out    07/22/24  (2)
Biden in press conference dropping out, blinking C M O N M A N in morse code    07/22/24  (1)
Watch out for Stalin tp. He’s very mentally ill and can’t be trusted    07/22/24  (5)
Just signed spaceporn up for NAMBLA membership, nice gift basket sent to office    07/22/24  (71)
Bill Clinton kinda comes across as a dick in all the Hillary meltdown stories    07/22/24  (240)
Damn Wall Street up bigly on Kamala news    07/22/24  (2)
so has Joe appeared since his supposed resignation? link?    07/22/24  (2)
I understand and wish to continue.    07/22/24  (44)
My skeletal muscle mass is 48.4% of my body mass. Preftigious?    07/22/24  (6)
And the bat's in the ladle and we're not immune, president Hu with a face like a    07/22/24  (126)
What's the food like at Ronald McDonald House?    07/22/24  (3)
It's just soybean oil and fingernail clippings    07/22/24  (1)
Biden is dead. News soon. Dying wish was for country to unify around Kamala    07/22/24  (2)
Is GABA rice flame?    07/22/24  (1)
She's my little bat soup, you don't know what I caught    07/22/24  (6)
Blackbat sitting on a bed of rice. Taste these roasted wings, prepare to die    07/22/24  (78)
Left alone with big fat batty, now I'm feeling kinda crappy, heap big Wuhan    07/22/24  (14)
Holy shit Kyrsten Sinema    07/22/24  (54)
I got called to jury duty next week - WHAT A CIVIC DUTY!    07/22/24  (15)
Calling it now: Trump will crash and burn fast    07/22/24  (15)
xo poster arrested (bodycam edition)    07/22/24  (1)
rewatched Back to the Future trilogy over the weekend    07/22/24  (6)
Ljl @ that depressed neurosurgeon getting millions of views    07/22/24  (1)

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