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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
Birdshit TRUMPMOS: what GUN will you use for future MASS shooting?    02/16/19  (2)
Salt Lake Stallions @ xo Birmingham Iron (2pm, TNT)    02/16/19  (2)
3 emails from clients before 9 AM today, one asking if I can get on a call today    02/16/19  (5)
LJL at BIRDSHITS literally DESTROYING females    02/16/19  (5)
Does anyone have the slightest doubt that Ryan Adams accusations are real?    02/16/19  (30)
oh, it's yet another story about a jew obsessed with poop? okay.    02/16/19  (2)
coulter wants trump impeached    02/16/19  (7)
Trumpmos (aka future mass shooters) describe your rage at this tweet    02/16/19  (4)
Biz idea: company specializing in staging hate crimes against minority celebriti    02/16/19  (1)
Interesting PowerPoint on cuckservatism as inexorable trend:    02/16/19  (1)
So Trump just cost himself re-election and cost us the future of white America?    02/16/19  (13)
this Reddit retard looks more handsome and manly than 99% of poasters    02/16/19  (1)
De-frocking sound kind of sexual, and kinda hawt    02/16/19  (1)
Shitlibs declare victory: Amazon not coming to NYC.    02/16/19  (108)
ITT: we make HAIKUS about NIGGAS    02/16/19  (25)
𓂸 𓂺 𓂸 𓂺 𓂸 𓂺    02/16/19  (14)
Just decided to buy a performance SUV, taking Qs & advice ITT    02/16/19  (2)
So Ann Coulter has gone full JJC?    02/16/19  (5)
jnt def counsel demanding i circulate my portion of brief by Mon    02/16/19  (2)
ann coulter recently started dating a shitlib Chad-- that explains it    02/16/19  (1)
Rob Halford's dad filling Halford's baby bottle w/ his AIDS cum    02/16/19  (2)
diesel what are you up to tonight    02/16/19  (2)
Anyone here ever actually TRIED to Learn To Code? Impossible.    02/16/19  (105)
#1 Song in WWII was openly racist tune about Caribbean prostitutes for US army    02/16/19  (9)
Just ditched cable, what is THE credit hd antenna to get?    02/16/19  (5)
prof arrested in Beer Summit controversy reveals Marco Rubio is 5% native americ    02/16/19  (20)
Bryan Adams getting MAF at Ryan Adams    02/16/19  (18)
xo doomsday compound when    02/16/19  (3)
󠀠    02/16/19  (44)
🕎🎃🦍 nigger 🚨🦆😵    02/16/19  (5)
niggers literally look&smell like brown & black turds that fall out of your ass    02/16/19  (29)
Is this law teen too fat?    02/16/19  (4)
𓀐𓂺    02/16/19  (28)
NYT: 50% 'Orange Mad Bad', 50% vagina celeb gossip    02/16/19  (1)
Ann Coulter tweets about GTTR    02/16/19  (4)
Kid's YouTube star made video shitting diarrhea all over friend    02/16/19  (57)
Male to female trannie dominates female chess after being allowed to compete    02/16/19  (9)
women should demand congressional hearings on Ryan Adams vaguely promising to as    02/16/19  (1)
Been in a two week coma, Coonman resign yet?    02/16/19  (1)
Who's excited about the Daytona 500?    02/16/19  (1)
The nationalist movement now forever tied to reality TV boomer with combover    02/16/19  (1)
The entire Willy-Wonka esque Amazon HQ competition was utter GC faggotry    02/16/19  (36)
gender based holocaust    02/16/19  (3)
Trump is an annoying retard    02/16/19  (1)
Marco Rubio in full Cherokee headdress in zany new Rubio Toyota TV spot    02/16/19  (2)
height based holocaust    02/16/19  (1)
Surprise ITT    02/16/19  (2)
I can't, my tinnitus    02/16/19  (2)
"I'm pickle rick!!" *Asian son starts crying*    02/16/19  (22)
women prostitute selves for dopey 'career', run to NYT when it doesn't pan out    02/16/19  (2)
whopper jr. porsche style (GT condiments)    02/16/19  (1)
Has anyone here exchanged business cards with a Japanese person    02/16/19  (11)
Ryan Adams becomes custodian of the CAREER of any woman he texts    02/16/19  (6)
Jews acclimated society to normalize scat-talk through Seinfeld and TP commercia    02/16/19  (3)
pretty obvious that homo ban in religion and military was 100% necessary    02/16/19  (1)
greasy faced chink ladies man 'Neville Chamberlain' posting at 6am on Sat    02/16/19  (1)
5 billion dollars in diapers    02/16/19  (4)
"lol well i'm pretty sure spaceporn retired" the large breasted 'male' giggled    02/16/19  (3)
how did everyone find out spaceporn was molesting his wife's son?    02/16/19  (91)
Spaceporn Jr's screams are worse than those of the dead and dying at Austerlitz    02/16/19  (1)
Posters who "have" children - is it worth it?    02/16/19  (9)
piss and poopoo appreciation thread    02/16/19  (51)
Spaceporn Jr: going through puberty. Spaceporn: poasts    02/16/19  (2)
Somebody once told me your SQUANCH is gonna rape me, I ain't the whitest "Son" i    02/16/19  (1)
Normal for mentally retarded man to import asian "son" to satisfy sick desires?    02/16/19  (20)
🥒🥒🥒🧓🧓🧓 🇨🇳👲😭🥒😍    02/16/19  (7)
“Daddy why are pickle ricks loads so small and watery?” asked spaceporn jr    02/16/19  (5)
i'm teh pickle rick!!! got a micro penis! female pubic hair pattern. lowered iQ!    02/16/19  (14)
"I'm pickle rick!" *SP's hand moves to pants zipper*    02/16/19  (6)
“Be still for Pickle Rick” he breathed into the boy’s ear    02/16/19  (8)
Rate this NYC jew who cut in front of us to get his matzo ball soup    02/16/19  (21)
jfc that 'emotional abuse' of rock band groupies is now frontpage NYT news    02/16/19  (1)
Cheapest Way To Send Document To Europe w/in Few Days (+ Tracking)    02/16/19  (21)
good bumpage 2nite nightcrew good luck to daycrew parsing it    02/16/19  (6)
Askav what did we do to offend the Gods    02/16/19  (1)
I"m amused that our political slurs have become inoffensive    02/16/19  (6)
No clue whats going on with Jessie Smollet. Can some1 explain my Qs    02/16/19  (33)
When Trump Impeachment?    02/16/19  (4)
check out Beto's entrance at last night's rally    02/16/19  (8)
Why do we even need a funding bill for the wall if Mexico is paying?    02/16/19  (8)
*Wistfully recalls the days when HALFORD ratings were 3 digits*    02/16/19  (7)
Looking at your own sperm under a microscope is mind blowing    02/16/19  (4)
OF COURSE there are events    02/16/19  (1)
Real Talk: IFNB Questions    02/16/19  (57)
First new blue pigment in 200 years being made into Crayola Crayon    02/16/19  (4)
Elliott Smith stabbed self in heart after seeing vision of 2019 hellscape Americ    02/16/19  (3)
Ryan Adams seems pretty good    02/16/19  (2)
where the FUCK is Esq.?!?!    02/16/19  (3)
Let's get chiLLmata to page 2 before the 1L version    02/16/19  (5)
how do you view page 2, 3, etc?    02/16/19  (7)
Would always pull my pants all the way down at urinals until I was 21    02/16/19  (18)
How does lawman8 have the balls to claim he was right about Trump all along?    02/16/19  (2)
I think I'm going to get #metoo'ed    02/16/19  (14)
I am currently recruiting the Next Generation of Hotwives    02/16/19  (4)
Michael Jordan would get absolutely smoked today. No contest    02/16/19  (53)
Seriously? I'm the only one that thinks a molester named Lester Kester is funny?    02/16/19  (2)
Dechert associate kills self rather than deal with shame of working at Dechert    02/16/19  (125)
Rate this alpha goy who wants to shake your hand    02/16/19  (13)
should i get ordained at some no name evangelical church    02/16/19  (10)
Depressing: This is what the girls from the cover of Siamese Dream look like now    02/16/19  (5)
FBI arranged quid pro quo with Obama DOJ to minimize Clinton email investigation    02/16/19  (55)
Why do people who believe the press lies, believe every random Smollett smear?    02/16/19  (52)
just realized all the kids portrayed in "Mad Men" are boomers    02/16/19  (26)
Trump, Conway, and Huckabee-Sanders shit-talking Ann Coulter is vile    02/16/19  (3)
libs making all major cities into hellpits of crime, filth, drugs, homeless?    02/16/19  (4)
always lol when i see some noname POTUS candidate and she's a "spiritual teacher    02/16/19  (2)
This guy: hot wife, alligators. U: poast    02/16/19  (4)
Rate this political campaign flyer from New Zealand:    02/16/19  (3)
"Congrats on the engagement! Does she still go by 'Amber Blank' or is that behin    02/16/19  (3)
The Black Crowes - Remedy.mp3    02/16/19  (1)
what does Gentile Psychiatry look like?    02/16/19  (34)
your tranny gf "pinkpilling" you on nonbinary gender while you redpill her on JQ    02/16/19  (17)
*tears well* "What does she have that I don't?" "It's 'zhe.' And I think u    02/16/19  (3)
This cover of RATM’s Bulls on Parade is better than the original imo    02/16/19  (7)
21 Savage's lawyer is named Charles Kuck    02/16/19  (4)
maggots on foot    02/16/19  (2)
restricted immigration is downright un-American, unheard of in our leg. history    02/16/19  (1)
can someone explain why john mayer is so successful w/ ladies?    02/16/19  (25)
LONESTAR the poster on why xo guys are misogynistic losers    02/16/19  (181)
Reminder: Stabby went to WUSTL, calls others idiots    02/16/19  (17)
'cultural enrichment' has reached Idaho! Tanzanians gang-raping teens    02/16/19  (1)
Renada Deshada turning conventional wisdom on its head ITT    02/16/19  (2)
James Woods shows tenderness and grace.    02/16/19  (4)
Ariana Grande's new hit is literally about getting fucked til she can't walk    02/16/19  (99)
lol Trump did some kooky shit! WINNING! *signs mass illegal immigration stimulus    02/16/19  (1)
VDARE: funding bill worse than bad. it's a catastrophe.    02/16/19  (3)
lol Trump sent ICE to arrest rapper 21 Savage for being here illegally    02/16/19  (17)
GameStop tranny is BACK    02/16/19  (1)
explain how amy adams was picked as Cavill's love interest in Superman    02/16/19  (22)
If bill is enacted expect largest surge of unaccompanied minors US has ever seen    02/16/19  (2)
Midnight Niggerboy    02/16/19  (9)
TINYCHAT TONIGHT    02/16/19  (26)
Ten years ago, Kings of Leon were huge    02/16/19  (9)
BANNON ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE!    02/16/19  (144)
This reddit poast cracks me up    02/16/19  (1)
Trump: the scourge of guns has consumed our country for too long    02/16/19  (4)
soetoro's presidency in haiku form    02/16/19  (30)
Trump's nicknames for 2020 Dem hopefulls?    02/16/19  (27)
which poaster do you suspect has the shortest anogenital distance?    02/16/19  (6)
Which one of you fags said Westworld Season Two sucked?    02/16/19  (2)
You should be able to spread an entire jar of peanut butter on your anogenital g    02/16/19  (2)
Mike Freeman reporting Kaepernick got $60-80 million in settlement    02/16/19  (4)
rate this japanese view of the world in 1932    02/16/19  (20)
"Game of Thrones" lets bash this dull gay dragon show    02/16/19  (7)
Why was there suddenly an explosion of technology in the 20th century?    02/16/19  (62)
Stupid NIGGA taxi drive ATTACKED me in SENEGAL today    02/16/19  (89)
peter jackson's slasher film "dead alive" is on youtube rn    02/16/19  (13)
you have been sentenced to spend 15 years in elon musk's "house of horrors"    02/16/19  (2)
Anybody here been a tourist in India? Whats it like?    02/16/19  (41)
So the top tier of scientology is just    02/16/19  (7)

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