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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/07/19  (345)
sorry libs we're gonna rebuild the Jewish Temple, revive Hindu horse sacrifice    11/14/19  (10)
2nd cousin: TikTok; Shrew GF: Tick tock    11/14/19  (32)
Helpful infographic explaining the benefits of diversity in the workplace    11/14/19  (34)
Credited Mega Man II boss order?    11/14/19  (27)
LOL BIRDSHITS: Santa Clarita "NOWAG" Gunman is WGWAG Hapa LJL!!    11/14/19  (74)
Health insurance premiums for my family of 5 will be $18,000 next year    11/14/19  (76)
NFL hot takes ITT    11/14/19  (11)
Stephen Curry makes $38 million and his wife is this fat, ugly cunt:    11/14/19  (21)
What Trump speaking skills and expressions have you adopted?    11/14/19  (23)
Dog born with extra tail on his forehead - link    11/14/19  (5)
im a member of a tufts facebook group and every guy there has gayface    11/14/19  (2)
"And now he's sucking dick in jail," said tsinah to bewildered Kinkos clerk    11/14/19  (107)
Obama's America: Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away plays at your local supermarket    11/14/19  (9)
*** BREAKING: Asian male goes on mass High School Shooting ***    11/14/19  (61)
There are two buttons. One blows up XOXO, one sinks Autoadmit into the ocean.    11/14/19  (3)
Protip: All women are WHORES    11/14/19  (22)
Pretty crazy America managed to be so much better than the rest of the world    11/14/19  (3)
why does TSINAH spend all night at kinkos?    11/14/19  (2)
“I’m not a terrorist” Beto lied unconvincingly    11/14/19  (1)
Libs OUTRAGED at old RACIST Disney+ content. DEMAND trigger warnings & removals    11/14/19  (51)
Comedian Monique sues netflix for "pay discrimination" ROFL    11/14/19  (20)
nobody gives a shit about America    11/14/19  (1)
heres the thing about luis    11/14/19  (3)
can someone explain the TSINAH/Kinko's thing    11/14/19  (1)
*cheers theme song plays as tsinah approaches kinkos for a 37 hour sesh*    11/14/19  (50)
Upset Jew, if I went to NYC, would u take me shopping for TS outfits?    11/14/19  (5)
"IS THAT ALL YOU GOT GOD?!" tsinah shouted as his scalp glue outlasted florence    11/14/19  (127)
Trump over-enunciating “Ru-pin-der”    11/14/19  (10)
Real talk - describe how you discovered xoxo/PR    11/14/19  (65)
"I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD" tsinah barked at the worried kinkos manager    11/14/19  (80)
6.5 hours - following zoomer e-drama    11/14/19  (1)
LOL at Benzo gaping tsinah so bad he had to rebrand as "LAW KING"    11/14/19  (47)
πŸŽΎπŸ’‚ ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS Thread πŸ’‚πŸŽΎ #tennis    11/14/19  (84)
TT constantly pimps Mexican family values, but he has no family.    11/14/19  (32)
*peterman and tsinahs wrestling match over toupee escalating to anal in 30 secs*    11/14/19  (182)
2nd cousin: "want to see my new undies?" Shrew GF: "my diaper is prettt comfy"    11/14/19  (22)
Can you guess the top 10 Most Jewish states in America by population?    11/14/19  (40)
if you lift youre gay but if you dont lift youre also gay    11/14/19  (4)
I fucking hate California    11/14/19  (65)
Return of the Groyper: Kirk humiliated in Houston 11/14    11/14/19  (3)
Offensive Crayons -- just in time for the holiday season    11/14/19  (5)
Major, major uptick in threads without a response from board libs    11/14/19  (15)
I think Dr. Nadal loses the 2019 USO final if this shot goes out #tennis    11/14/19  (4)
imagine how fucking MADDDDD SP must be lurking not posting as trump shit goes do    11/14/19  (13)
Trump is a TTT compared to Bloomberg    11/14/19  (7)
ITT collect PROTIPS for making air travel as chill as possible    11/14/19  (53)
biglaw can you believe what the Dems have put this country thru for last 3 yrs?    11/14/19  (5)
Hired an artist to paint law firm wall... rate his work (CSLG)    11/14/19  (44)
So TT wasn't even Indian this whole time?    11/14/19  (14)
This Bloodsport clip is how I imagine TT getting clowned on by a white American    11/14/19  (36)
Buttigieg tops latest New Hampshire poll    11/14/19  (3)
Newly released documents show corrupt Trump involvement in Burisma & Ukraine    11/14/19  (11)
"its okay to be white / its okay to be a girl" graffiti in high school boys room    11/14/19  (6)
There are two buttons. One blows up NYC, one sinks California into the ocean.    11/14/19  (45)
Best city to live in with 9 figure net worth?    11/14/19  (19)
Jeffrey Epstein's twin brother just purchased $12m flat in Tel Aviv    11/14/19  (5)
Trump: "Baltimore's gross, rat infested, almost as bad as a Kushner property"    11/14/19  (2)
Mr. Kushner I completed the Baltimore job. As a reminder, still need Epstein pay    11/14/19  (2)
“No, George20, we didn’t say he was ‘Playing Poz ‘Em’    11/14/19  (1)
People leaving huge metro areas for somewhat smaller, cheaper metro areas.    11/14/19  (5)
Cousin Tiff: no panties at the dance. Shrewvanka: give Kushner a chance!    11/14/19  (10)
Katie Hill: "like, OMG, Becky, do u believe ppl think Epstein was killed?"    11/14/19  (1)
Oh Malk! We take a big a lock, smash kangaloo skurr open?    11/14/19  (13)
*Lawman8 and I twerking on TikTok to "Don't Want No Short Dick Man"*    11/14/19  (2)
learn to swim, see you down in arizona bay #ironside    11/14/19  (7)
patrick bateman grooming routine but it's tsinah describing 20 item breakfast    11/14/19  (21)
*tsinah throwing his toupee at jason mraz like they're panties at a white snake    11/14/19  (162)
"I've been torn up much worse by a bear." (Tsinah watching the revenant)    11/14/19  (92)
Cocky insurance adjuster making 42k cockily telling you how rich Geico is    11/14/19  (31)
Coinmos -- very nice coin coming up for sale at 9am PST (link)    11/14/19  (7)
Wow benzo is really an oligarch now. Crazy.    11/14/19  (3)
spaceporn's brain = tragedy of intellectual curiosity without any intellect    11/14/19  (2)
“READ THE TRANSCRIPT,” Trump shrieked impotently as Presidency comes to an e    11/14/19  (19)
So UVT's Azn crew is a bunch of sub 5'5" pipsqueak NOWAGs?    11/14/19  (12)
Ron Popeil | Billy Blanks | Billy Mays    11/14/19  (1)
"started as a bottom, now i'm here" (tsinah at gay conversion camp)    11/14/19  (82)
Bào bǐ "Bobby" Birdshit is an Asian-American school shooter and    11/14/19  (2)
libs were nuts before Nov 8 and now this is just comical    11/14/19  (7)
Forgotten 120 aspect of the 80's: Shoe-horning breakdancing into everything    11/14/19  (3)
"our family don't want a disability (short man), so go away!"    11/14/19  (3)
Oh Malk! I hate a Azn mens, we have son we kirr him? Arexa carr Hirrary    11/14/19  (2)
Before Joining White House, Stephen Miller Pushed White Nationalist Theories    11/14/19  (4)
hey also remember not to say what literally everyone else is thinking    11/14/19  (14)
"tsinah's into that whole yale thing" "but he got a 148 lsat"    11/14/19  (44)
rbg's 'dissent collar' actually used as spit-up bib says former clerk (link)    11/14/19  (7)
Is there any groyper porn    11/14/19  (1)
CNN (video link): Roaches spotted emerging from RBG's mouth during oral argument    11/14/19  (1)
jam boy    11/14/19  (1)
crazy to realize that spaceporn STILL poasts here    11/14/19  (7)
Groyper phenomenon getting some wider media attention (spectator)    11/14/19  (6)
Body taken from RBG's room (pic)    11/14/19  (4)
PASC is going to be delisted on Poloniex    11/14/19  (1)
LEAKED trump redpill LA NYC school homo $$$ IMPEACH black AOC prestige Twitter T    11/14/19  (6)
Oh Malk! Why you no 6'3 230 pound? Why you spin like rat?    11/14/19  (62)
Got some great news today. Wife is pregnant.    11/14/19  (50)
OH Malk! We have son, he have chinky eye, big nose, and kirr peopre!    11/14/19  (1)
ASIAN bird 1488 chill Malk Malk Malk RAPE XO muslim GC hurdur GC TRUMP ASS homo    11/14/19  (1)
Oh Malk, you give nice uh gladulation speech. Halvad numba one in Asia    11/14/19  (13)
OH MALK! I so worried! We have son he become schoor shoota!    11/14/19  (2)
I can’t help falling in love with CNBC anchors    11/14/19  (52)
Oh Malk! Broomberg say Tesra go banklupt, Eron Muks racks a disciprine    11/14/19  (18)
OH Malk! You rike a toucha my titty? Gimme one birrion dorra!    11/14/19  (1)
Indian man planning to sue parents for giving birth to him    11/14/19  (3)
Oh Malk! You give me daughters marry white mens, no son schoor shoota thank god    11/14/19  (2)
"Oh Malk! You rike a watch me touch myself? You rike a mah pussy rips?"    11/14/19  (36)
“humans are social creatures” GC explained as it continues to isolate u    11/14/19  (2)
Oh Malk! When you kick a 'Art Light' off a facebooks?    11/14/19  (28)
'Oh Malk! How much money you make a Facebook? 10 Birrion dorrar?' (Zuck's wife)    11/14/19  (82)
Kid kept saying "I want I want" at store, I said Pickle Rick is cumming 4 dinner    11/14/19  (25)
OH malk! Why facebook no have something rike Arexa? Arexa, why malk soooo dumb!?    11/14/19  (33)
Rod Stewart unveils model city he has been building for 23 years    11/14/19  (20)
OH Malk! Jeff Bezo has 130 birrion? I thought Jew smart, Jew good with money!    11/14/19  (4)
She was raped on broken glass. XO: Believable if Muslims did the rape    11/14/19  (3)
Leaked Bank Records Confirm Burisma-Biden Payments To Morgan Stanley Account    11/14/19  (15)
PSA you should have an HSA based health plan and never use the HSA.    11/14/19  (72)
"I work at the intersection of logistics and entertainment", Peterman says    11/14/19  (5)
alzabo, just got this via secure courier    11/14/19  (25)
chill conspiracy thread    11/14/19  (23)
South Poverty Law Center REFUSES to recognizes its employee's union (DM)    11/14/19  (1)
want to kill everyone who uses any version of the expression "bug not a feature"    11/14/19  (25)
Dutch female pol gangraped by Muslims in retaliation, commits suicide. (video)    11/14/19  (75)
I’m so red pilled I cant interact with normal people anymore    11/14/19  (19)
did trump get impeached yesterday    11/14/19  (4)
Any L.A. people going to Michelle Malkin event at UCLA tomorrow?    11/14/19  (2)
Sources say school shooter was heard asking "board libs" for their response (li    11/14/19  (5)
Screenshared from my phone at work. Nick Fuentes youtube update popped up    11/14/19  (3)
what do they teach in public school besides gay sex and the holohoax    11/14/19  (19)
35 yr old. Should I bring my 24 yr old fling to company party?    11/14/19  (38)
Hillary Clinton Will be Impeached if She Wins (FYI)    11/14/19  (6)
Your clutchable transgender gf, yelling 1488 as she throws rocks at black church    11/14/19  (6)
Welp, deval patricks potus run is already over    11/14/19  (5)
lloyd blankfein with a truly trump-esque tweet @ warren    11/14/19  (5)
Get Woke, Go Broke: ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Bombs At The Box Office    11/14/19  (95)
There is nothing worth watching on Disney+ for a 35 year old man    11/14/19  (34)
2035: Jim_Kelly's hapa dotter (Kelliot) repulsed by + rejecting Nutelliot Rodger    11/14/19  (17)
Itt I poast a real MAN and you all go about your day accordingly    11/14/19  (1)
*looks at XO afternoon front page* *prepares napalm run*    11/14/19  (1)
*literally lynching a nigger while eating fried chicken and doing sieg heils*    11/14/19  (1)
you can buy 1996 Atlanta Olympics basketball gold metal for $5k (auction now)    11/14/19  (1)
Fucked a pregnant Irish chick I met in a bar in Southie last night    11/14/19  (5)
Explain Alabama being ranked ahead of Minn?    11/14/19  (85)
(((Rothenberg))) Tears Ironside A New One #tennis    11/14/19  (4)
My gym buddy has a bio-hazard sign tattooed above his cock...wtf?    11/14/19  (10)
This silly blonde teen sure got herself into some trouble!! (Link)    11/14/19  (22)
Rate this real video of a domme castrating a dude    11/14/19  (12)
Stuck with an annoying airline seatmate? Here's what you can do about it.    11/14/19  (10)
Anyone here inject Ipamorelin?    11/14/19  (4)
Kamayla Harris/Tammy Duckworth/Liz Warren primary debate will be lolzy    11/14/19  (13)

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