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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/07/19  (345)
*TMF grabbing a rolling pin as pit bull latches onto MND's throat*    11/14/19  (2)
Schiff sponsors bill to limit porn cos from showing multiple angles of same shot    11/14/19  (1)
LOL @ bobbybirdshits bowing to each other in japan    11/14/19  (3)
There are two buttons. One blows up NYC, one sinks California into the ocean.    11/14/19  (20)
MPA, who is your favorite Actor?    11/14/19  (4)
Americans are pathologically selfish    11/14/19  (24)
Can you guess the top 10 Most Jewish states in America by population?    11/14/19  (9)
Yes, the Uighurs are Muslims but did they ever bother China?    11/14/19  (6)
GOOGLE DOCS: "Journalists" work for 45k-ish in NYC, SF    11/14/19  (35)
Where did Fulano go?    11/14/19  (8)
TMF screaming in Ingush as I steal the Christmas carp from his bathtub    11/14/19  (38)
China setting up concentration camps for the Uighurs    11/14/19  (19)
Said “Thank” to a particularly boring client (Amanda)    11/14/19  (1)
a woman is like a black widow spider, entices u then traps u & eats ur soul    11/14/19  (16)
it's literally impossible to ever make money    11/14/19  (41)
What are the best cameo roles of all time?    11/14/19  (20)
ISIS returnees 'will not face arrest' in Germany    11/14/19  (1)
everything we post is "off-the-record"    11/14/19  (8)
more complex & intricate human civilizations have existed on earth before    11/14/19  (9)
RATE this cover of bulls on parade (vid) (TW: denzel curry)    11/14/19  (4)
ITT: 2 $1m homes, each within one hour of DC    11/14/19  (12)
Dutch female pol gangraped by Muslims in retaliation, commits suicide. (video)    11/14/19  (59)
New Sonic the Hedgehog trailer already has more views than Star Wars 9.    11/14/19  (7)
Kind of feels like America has too many people in it.    11/14/19  (8)
Dog and White Teen killed in car accident due to Street Racing    11/14/19  (2)
Lib hero Michael Avenatti charged w wire fraud    11/14/19  (1)
Seriously beginning to think you could fuck the autism out of animeboi    11/14/19  (1)
Would you give hot single MILF hairstylist a chance, if she was into you?    11/14/19  (33)
AOC: impeachment/investigations are about unifying Dems & making Trump lose 2020    11/14/19  (8)
Is a McMansion in Great Falls, VA credited?    11/14/19  (63)
Fuck the Black Christmas trailer makes it look like shitlib trash    11/14/19  (20)
πŸŽΎπŸ’‚ ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS Thread πŸ’‚πŸŽΎ #tennis    11/14/19  (74)
Face on Mars is bullshit but such a haunting idea    11/14/19  (3)
Probably the most depressing article I’ve read in ages    11/14/19  (8)
List of Gamecube Exclusive Games and why they suck    11/14/19  (48)
Link is back up to $3. Pretty sure moon mission coming soon    11/14/19  (2)
President Deval Laurdine Patrick / Vice President Kamala Devi Harris    11/14/19  (2)
Seinfeld but Jerry screams "TEENS!" instead of "Newman!"    11/14/19  (4)
Impossible to think of any movie as edgy or 'hardcore' when u remember caterers    11/14/19  (1)
us congressman (R): epstein didn't kill himself (link)    11/14/19  (59)
35 yr old. Should I bring my 24 yr old fling to company party?    11/14/19  (27)
Libs MAF: DC Circuit rules Congress not entitled to Trump tax returns    11/14/19  (7)
Who is the most humorless person of all time? Glenn Danzig?    11/14/19  (2)
Glen Garry Glenn Danzig    11/14/19  (1)
Blacks are so evil, they support reparations but oppose Freedom Dividend    11/14/19  (1)
Sexy vid of girl farting in a bath tub surrounded by roses    11/14/19  (5)
****Roger Stone Trial Thread - Anything To Save the Plan****    11/14/19  (2)
Andrew Yang in Zardoz head spewing out your monthly freedom dividend    11/14/19  (3)
The future of America is those riot scoop trucks from Soylent Green run by Uber    11/14/19  (1)
More Impressive Side Project: Battleship or Connect Four?    11/14/19  (2)
Mayor of Baltimore says constant attacks by groups of "teens" unacceptable    11/14/19  (9)
What’s Deval Patrick like?    11/14/19  (5)
Jim Jordan just burned the impeachment hearing to the ground    11/14/19  (53)
Teens stealing XO's load bearing slash    11/14/19  (2)
I fucking hate California    11/14/19  (30)
TS Amanda and "Chicks with Shticks"    11/14/19  (5)
Am I living in the alternate reality or are the libs on my Facebook timeline?    11/14/19  (1)
Rather be: (1) NBA Superstar (2) US POTUS (3) Worth 50 billion (4) Famous Singer    11/14/19  (26)
Is JJC's two pumo conversation posting new thing? Or has he always done it?    11/14/19  (3)
Trumpmos, Trump desperately needs your money    11/14/19  (17)
Sim programmers: “ANOTHER candidate? Ok just rule out the Booker model”    11/14/19  (2)
‘Sup Shady, how’s D-Town treating you?’    11/14/19  (12)
Sliding Doors but GGTP gets hired as Smuckers in-house in alternate reality    11/14/19  (4)
The south Korean flag is so unbelievably gay just lmfao    11/14/19  (42)
Pixar leak: Cars prequel to feature Obama as voice of Model T Washington    11/14/19  (1)
Justice Barrett fingering rosary beads, wearing mantilla as she padlocks Planne    11/14/19  (23)
Shitcons: any movement on RBG death?    11/14/19  (59)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 RBG RESIGNS 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    11/14/19  (142)
Real Talk: Dems are going for impeachment for things that Dems themselves did    11/14/19  (4)
Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that some women have penises    11/14/19  (4)
Trump's strategy will be to provoke House Dems into impeaching him    11/14/19  (18)
Libs? Your response? . . Not ONE SINGLE FUCKING LIB to be found in this thread    11/14/19  (12)
So straight males desire male bonding, while nude, but not in a 'gay' way    11/14/19  (7)
Hypo: $1B but you can only leave Detroit for 5 days in every year    11/14/19  (8)
Fans arguing online about meaning of blue tyrwhitt in David Lynch's ggtp film    11/14/19  (3)
Helpful infographic explaining the benefits of diversity in the workplace    11/14/19  (15)
Groyper phenomenon getting some wider media attention (spectator)    11/14/19  (5)
Teens beat a 59-year-old man to death at Maryland fair    11/14/19  (49)
Showed up at Lenkov’s place and GAPED him per CSLG instruction (Amanda)    11/14/19  (2)
Stephen Miller reading off top xo poasts at Trump’s morning staff meeting    11/14/19  (17)
Conscientious Objectors give jury verdicts to least GC/shitlib party (link)    11/14/19  (1)
Reminder: Trump presidency was always going to end in revolt    11/14/19  (26)
Rate my letter to Mercury... they are horrible (CSLG)    11/14/19  (156)
“READ THE TRANSCRIPT,” Trump shrieked impotently as Presidency comes to an e    11/14/19  (1)
Tt u ever met an xo poster irl?    11/14/19  (37)
Jeff Lenkov blasts your door with a shotgun "HEY WE NEED SOME MEET AND CONFER"    11/14/19  (5)
*Jeff Lenkov in his therapist's office, summoning the strength to bring up CSLG*    11/14/19  (10)
Wat do we think Lenkovs annual income is?    11/14/19  (3)
CSLG, what type of speed you be doin?    11/14/19  (13)
Sent Jeff Lenkov a Shofar w msg "look forward to blowing you out in 5779" (CSLG)    11/14/19  (13)
cslg and Lenkov waving from Star of David float in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Para    11/14/19  (5)
Bigger piece of shit: The last deuce you dropped, or the typical board lib?    11/14/19  (17)
ITT we list things that are devastating for board libs    11/14/19  (36)
Deranged Penguin is the single worst poster on the board. Truly pathetic    11/14/19  (9)
NYC is fucked    11/14/19  (25)
Deval Patrick for President 2020: juicejuicejuicejuicejuicejuice    11/14/19  (8)
my day is basically all downhill after morning jerkoff    11/14/19  (16)
In retrospect the 5th grade was a huge mistake    11/14/19  (2)
"Sonya, they really pay $15/hr? Can I get some of your shifts?" (Kavanaugh)    11/14/19  (4)
So UVT's Azn crew is a bunch of sub 5'5" pipsqueak NOWAGs?    11/14/19  (10)
"I work at the intersection of logistics and entertainment", Peterman says    11/14/19  (4)
SUMMON Krampusnacht: your travel research skills required re Saudi Arabia    11/14/19  (6)
ITT: I call out Tommy Turdskin in the form of a battle rap (NYUUG)    11/14/19  (47)
Doobs will have a 20+ year career on the lots. Peterman will be lucky to last 5.    11/14/19  (99)
US has become and apartheid state. Minority rules the majority.    11/14/19  (5)
Wasnt there a thread about doobs servicing the biggest catch crew?    11/14/19  (2)
“Haha. Libs your response?” He said aloud in an otherwise empty office    11/14/19  (42)
Saw hot 19 year old chick buying 5 cans of Zyn    11/14/19  (29)
“Dooby is not a house boi!”, Doobs screeched as his eyes adjusted to sunligh    11/14/19  (5)
Halford in a bee-keeper suit, calming TWEAKER doobs w/ smoke    11/14/19  (22)
jews making u eat bugs is like u smashing dogs face into it's own shit    11/14/19  (3)
"I can't wait to get fucked by a butthurt 5'6 Asian man," the young woman said    11/14/19  (3)
Have a GREAT FUCKING DAY my fellow Poasters, Incels, Autists, NOWAGS & Ragers    11/14/19  (3)
“What goes down must come up” muttered Peterman repeatedly    11/14/19  (4)
Doobs, quietly crying as he totters in high-heals, amazed as Peterman cartwheels    11/14/19  (11)
It's all true- The Hellroom, Lord Halford, the GingerBoi    11/14/19  (15)
If Spaceporn didn’t fuck with kenny, he’d still be posting daily    11/14/19  (4)
"Breaker breaker 19, copy that Haldord? We got 300 RigPigs comin for some Doobs"    11/14/19  (20)
6am is the best time to pop Peterboi (RigPig.com/LotLizards/Peterman)
   11/14/19  (4)
"The Thanksgiving Gravy is free!"- Peterboi to horrified RigPig    11/14/19  (6)
So Doobs services ice road rigpigs now?    11/14/19  (4)
Protip: All women are WHORES    11/14/19  (21)
Butthurt I Persecution Complex I MAGA    11/14/19  (11)
"hehe maybe if i reply 'risten' ppl will think he's azn" the white dork giggled    11/14/19  (74)
By 2030 xo will literally be the last place in the western world u can say what    11/14/19  (3)
I said I got a little RigPig and he won’t take TRU    11/14/19  (3)
alternate timeline: Kurt Cobain doing GenX-targeted reverse-mortgage commercials    11/14/19  (2)
Chad now reading all your mail- Meet new DHS Secretary (link)    11/14/19  (1)
some day you'll have a sense of humor about all this tp    11/14/19  (1)
We offer cloud based scalable solutions for saying nigger online    11/14/19  (3)
Good Morning XOXO! Now GTF to Work you BILL PIGS and WAGECUCKS!    11/14/19  (24)
Erdogan flew to the United States with documents for the President and AG Barr    11/14/19  (4)
Just lol'd remembering that time UVT called TT a dead-eyed loner autistic psycho    11/14/19  (9)
Any chance that CSLGs kids dont end up as RSF-like malcontents?    11/14/19  (140)
Poor Indian dude gets ONE WRONG MOVE pwnd (NSFW)    11/14/19  (42)
AEW is going NUCLEAR. Jericho vs MJF best promo in years    11/14/19  (1)
There’s only two Jews I’m down with - Horowitz and rach. Ok Seinfeld too    11/14/19  (1)
taking questions on life in Asia (uvt)    11/14/19  (8)
Watching Disney+, found Zenon episode with insane upskirt holy shit (pic    11/14/19  (2)
In retrospect the 5th adderall was a huge mistak    11/14/19  (25)
Why would anyone buy a home with an HOA?    11/14/19  (81)
I would lay down my life for the right to say nigger online    11/14/19  (18)
So the Nick Fuentes movement is dead now?    11/14/19  (14)
It’s crazy how much lifting weights has improved my life    11/14/19  (57)
A white male, black dude, and Asian man walk into a bar...    11/14/19  (4)
ITT you poast weird autistic shit you do    11/14/19  (140)
UVT, having lost his glasses' screwdriver, uses his dick instead    11/14/19  (14)

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