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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/18/19  (347)
Exhibit A for why women should not be allowed to run things    11/18/19  (23)
🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪    11/18/19  (2)
New Charlie's Angels has epic tank the box office    11/18/19  (62)
Rate South Dakota's new anti-meth campaign slogan (pic)    11/18/19  (9)
Hedge fund where you just convince investors their questions are prole tells    11/18/19  (5)
Can someone recommend a cr vinyl turntable under 200$    11/18/19  (2)
How TikTok Can Minimize the Way it Emboldens the Male Gaze (Slate)    11/18/19  (1)
Eric Swalwell lets one rip during MSNBC interview    11/18/19  (11)
am I star dust and comet cum?    11/18/19  (2)
A circle of sweating hairy Jewish stomachs gathered around the American Flag    11/18/19  (2)
life is just a series of things being taken from you    11/18/19  (20)
anyone here an active poaster on adulttravelforum.com?    11/18/19  (2)
adhd, ptsd, aids, xoxo    11/18/19  (5)
Farting so loud you trend on twitter    11/18/19  (2)
Fuentes may end up on scrap-heap, but his sacrifice inches Overton Window toward    11/18/19  (11)
Epic Nick Fuentes show expected tonight    11/18/19  (15)
Wa$te Management literally make$ trillion$ off your fecal $hit    11/18/19  (8)
Lol sick, weird, let me see it haha. Dare me to put it in my mouth? Lol gross.    11/18/19  (9)
TT I’d love to meet you $ometime.. life i$ what you want it to be    11/18/19  (20)
New political scandal: #Fartgate    11/18/19  (1)
Guy who graduated from a MERITOCRATIC First World Education System here, sup    11/18/19  (106)
Where did Fuentes come from? What's his story?    11/18/19  (4)
Let's see Paul Allen's Nick Fuentes Patreon account    11/18/19  (1)
ran over a gypsy last night while getting road head.    11/18/19  (3)
The “economy” is just a huge, decentralized pump and dump scheme    11/18/19  (16)
Rate this 5'10'' woman's body    11/18/19  (6)
What happened when Brooklyn tried to integrate its middle schools    11/18/19  (109)
Getting road head while drunk 😵 and high and “driving”=fun?    11/18/19  (7)
Giannis' raw power moves are so 180. Fuck twinkball.    11/18/19  (31)
Threads you think about randomly and lol about    11/18/19  (79)
LJL@90 IQ Trumptards looking up to Nick Fuentes    11/18/19  (2)
How'd AOC make first step from bartending?    11/18/19  (35)
Balding middle-aged lawyers with no other creative outlet    11/18/19  (9)
Another “fix” in at chief$ v$. Charger$?    11/18/19  (1)
I met and talked to Tara Reid this weekend (video proof inside)    11/18/19  (4)
"Uncle Sam Wants YOU    11/18/19  (1)
We just keep poasting and nothing changes    11/18/19  (11)
have a work offsite in colorado; ok to take advantage of liberal marijuana laws?    11/18/19  (1)
Just PAID $6.70 to sit in row 6, rate me as a MATTRESS brand    11/18/19  (3)
if you speak a 2nd language, and ppl are using it around you, should u tell them    11/18/19  (2)
Have you met any kids from International Schools?    11/18/19  (3)
So even in Jewish theology Jews get kicked out of America, right?    11/18/19  (13)
Maid service sent this 19 year old Romanian chick to my house (pic)    11/18/19  (14)
Fuck it, just put "penussy" in white font at bottom of my email sig block    11/18/19  (42)
State Dept Repudiates Prior 1978 Opinion Declaring Israeli Settlements Legal    11/18/19  (10)
Assfaggot smiling for camera with giant check made out for sex with men    11/18/19  (68)
blue-collar autism    11/18/19  (1)
Lol @ same retards who fell for Trump, Jordan Peterson et al now Fuentes jfc    11/18/19  (9)
lmao just turned off "tap-to-click" on my windows laptop. Game changer    11/18/19  (6)
been laughing all day about Chone Figgins being on the Hall of Fame ballot    11/18/19  (8)
Favorite Metal Gear Solid game?    11/18/19  (1)
It's ridiculous that the artist "Banksy" has not been idenitified    11/18/19  (34)
im gay    11/18/19  (1)
Biz Idea: Hedge fund but a bunch of horny Jews buttfuck your wife    11/18/19  (3)
whok have u tried the new bundaberg rum ice break coffee?    11/18/19  (1)
😡 ORANGE MAN BAD 😡    11/18/19  (86)
FLASHBACK: Trump claim of chevys in Japan rated false because 597 were sold    11/18/19  (5)
A G.O.P. Star Emerges in Impeachment Hearings. Democratic Donors Notice.    11/18/19  (3)
"Flirtin with Disaster" plays as TSINAH drives 90mph to Kinko's, toupee flapping    11/18/19  (3)
protestants and their cultures are quite shitty as well as gay    11/18/19  (6)
#nofempoasters. NEVER. Not even once    11/18/19  (9)
Imagine being a liberal artist in Iowa and obsessing over Voting    11/18/19  (2)
Rate this Scandinavian's body    11/18/19  (26)
refrigerator joke    11/18/19  (4)
Why does Arkansas have the highest divorce rate and Iowa the lowest??    11/18/19  (6)
Biz idea: hedge fund with 6'0" height requirement for investors    11/18/19  (7)
Chic Fil A to no longer donate to anti-LGBT charities, LJL, Trumpmos?    11/18/19  (29)
If Trump is hospitalized will Henry Aaron do a nursing triple shift?    11/18/19  (1)
new MacOS update is bridge too far    11/18/19  (34)
Biz idea: fake Finnish accent and counsel lib thunderdome parents    11/18/19  (3)
Have been off bort since April 2018, catch me up    11/18/19  (39)
2009: Final club meetings.....2019: AA meetings    11/18/19  (3)
Men with foot fetishes are a net drain on society and we should be rid of them.    11/18/19  (12)
whok, why do damn daddy and howie hate you?    11/18/19  (1)
Will there be a counter movement to weed? Smells like weed everywhere now    11/18/19  (9)
PSA: if trump resigns for medical reasons its b/c the CIA has poisoned him    11/18/19  (6)
This clip of Nick Bosa getting blown up by Larry Fitzgerald    11/18/19  (6)
the poster howie    11/18/19  (10)
rating a few posters as redwood parks    11/18/19  (26)
Americanism not globalism will be our credo!!    11/18/19  (2)
has anyone tried one of those Impossible whoppers?    11/18/19  (2)
Net profit of nearly 5.2 million so far this year... P&L attached (CSLG)    11/18/19  (43)
MLB blacks have names like Jimmy, Howie, Andrew, & Jason    11/18/19  (163)
Trump makes me feel important despite having a tiny little dick.    11/18/19  (1)
Dems trotting out some blue eyed white male with a strong jaw    11/18/19  (1)
“UFOs” are regularly-scheduled mind control distractions    11/18/19  (15)
Kirby able to BREATHE DEEP tonight.    11/18/19  (1)
FedEx execs calls out New York Times, challenges them to public debate    11/18/19  (23)
🎾🎾🎾2019 DAVIS CUP BY RAKUTEN🎾🎾🎾 #tennis    11/18/19  (2)
Link to the be$t pizza 🍕 you’ve ever had?    11/18/19  (4)
very fun MNF game tonite in Mexico - Chargers win by 10    11/18/19  (2)
i put up 225 x 8 on the bench last night    11/18/19  (37)
70% of Americans say Trump's actions re: Ukraine were PERFECT.    11/18/19  (11)
Resident bort pro wrestling expert, taking q's    11/18/19  (118)
Cutting head off golf club and file it at angle makes nice weapon    11/18/19  (8)
Water i$ weird    11/18/19  (9)
mexicans are taking over az and texas starting to turn blue    11/18/19  (9)
Everything i$ Fraud $hit and you ju$t $it back and laugh=why?    11/18/19  (2)
The King appears to be 1st netflix movie without gratuitous interracial    11/18/19  (1)
Cranberry juice i$ really good    11/18/19  (6)
$hitting out burger 🍔 king in McDonald’s toilet    11/18/19  (20)
Rate thi$ hawtOmaha per$onal injury attorney    11/18/19  (6)
International law (3800 BC - 2019 AD)    11/18/19  (42)
Humanity i$ $hit.. reapeat$ and repeat$ the $ame $hit    11/18/19  (3)
Xo $ay$ it$ impo$$ible.. but more fraud$ upcoming and walking all over you    11/18/19  (4)
Could’ve had it all all along! Now don’t have $hit    11/18/19  (3)
I love 🍕 🍕 pizza you’re $ubhuman if you don’t    11/18/19  (12)
Can't think of 1 think Obama accomplished between 2008-2016    11/18/19  (3)
Hedge fund but you just send landscaping hondurans to investor homes    11/18/19  (2)
   11/18/19  (15)
Shitting out pizza 🍕 hut shit in a taco 🌮 bell toilet    11/18/19  (68)
Biz idea: hedge fund where u just put people's money in another hedge fund    11/18/19  (18)
Describe life in Idyllwild, California    11/18/19  (3)
Lol at libs eliminating gifted classes because blacks aren't as smart    11/18/19  (1)
Nebraska gives Scott Frost his 2 year contract extension today    11/18/19  (4)
What would be a good flame shtick to do at FlyerTalk?    11/18/19  (36)
“Friend” tell$ me out complete end to humanity for proper world    11/18/19  (1)
💻 16" MacBook Pro announced 💻    11/18/19  (77)
Why did Stop and Frisk result in lots of blacks and browns being arrested?    11/18/19  (2)
No mention anywhere of increasing reliance on drug money in fragile economy    11/18/19  (7)
TMF, is your X6 an M?    11/18/19  (11)
Tucker buys nicotine lozenges from New Zealand; Trump gets UK Sudafed    11/18/19  (7)
END OF AN ERA: The MLB allegedly plans to SHITCAN 42 entire minor league teams:    11/18/19  (1)
Is an AR-10 really 5 AR's safer than an AR-15?    11/18/19  (4)
Justice Department Moves to Terminate Paramount Consent Decrees    11/18/19  (1)
Orlando we work putting a half pipe in tsinah's ass and leasing it for $2500/mo    11/18/19  (6)
rewatching social network: are HUG Final club parties really    11/18/19  (12)
FSU pike brother veteran CHAD surprises his 10/10 blonde gf at pike pool party    11/18/19  (134)
getting laid got 100x harder after 30    11/18/19  (52)
David Brooks comes out HARD AS FUCK against the DEEP STATE    11/18/19  (30)
digusting: elizabeth warren recognises juan guaido and bolivia coup govt    11/18/19  (4)
Urban bikemos, recommendations for a nice bike to exercise+commute?    11/18/19  (6)
LMAO Dennis Smith Jr. has turned to dogshit since being traded away    11/18/19  (1)
180 aspect of “tech”: zoomer recruiter qts taking you out, buying you lunch    11/18/19  (4)
Biz Idea: Hedgefund where people give you money and u reply 180 to their emails    11/18/19  (2)
OMG Kimmy you would not believe what clique he is in    11/18/19  (2)
Sick and tired of BLACK niggers trying to PILLAGE my asshole    11/18/19  (12)
Remember when proles didn't understand aspect ratios    11/18/19  (11)
Mass shooting in Fresno, no one cares    11/18/19  (47)
charlies angels reboot but the angels are all bros    11/18/19  (8)
Rate me as a Beatles tune.    11/18/19  (13)
Met Tinder chick whose profile said "not into hookup culture"...    11/18/19  (10)
Big titted party prole girls with southern accents calling you Fag for liking U2    11/18/19  (13)
Biz idea: Hedge fund co-branded with illegal Mexican landscaping business    11/18/19  (4)
Biz Idea: Hedge fund where you buy all the tulip bulbs in the world & then you    11/18/19  (1)
Michael Buffer voice: “LLLETS GET READY TO DIE FOR ISRAAAAEEEEEEEELLLLL    11/18/19  (15)

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