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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/14/19  (346)
Best Buy CEO: "The purpose of a company is not to make money."    11/16/19  (8)
Why is India the one former British colony that cant get its shit together?    11/16/19  (51)
So is everyone essentially clustering in NYC, LA, SF?    11/16/19  (13)
Amazon planning to stuff its Seattle HQ with homeless people    11/16/19  (15)
Remember when Americans talked about immigrants they were talking about Germans    11/16/19  (2)
Nope Germans aren't white. Irish aren't white. Scottish aren't. Italians no. Spa    11/16/19  (3)
Holy shit, that guy is bouncing the ball so fast!! And he's running!!    11/16/19  (3)
Why is this TikTok teen so famous    11/16/19  (16)
greatest tv show theme song ever?    11/16/19  (130)
What could fed govt do to repopulate interior of the US?    11/16/19  (71)
Whok, would you collaborate on a novel with me?    11/16/19  (5)
study on changes in the dating market since 2009    11/16/19  (53)
Rate this girl as a candidate for implants    11/16/19  (22)
Tucker Carlson, Bronze Age Pervert, Nick Fuentes. The Triumvirate of the Future    11/16/19  (3)
Explainer: Why Thai Hookers dislike Indian Men    11/16/19  (19)
********** KAPERNICK live workout video feed **********    11/16/19  (7)
XO is losing its hold on me. You losers are stuck spiritually    11/16/19  (30)
So doobs has a hot rod red pecker? And he showed it off on this site?    11/16/19  (1)
Thoughts on this escort I'm about to bang?    11/16/19  (13)
Tua was fucking retarded to play after ankle surgery & risk millions    11/16/19  (29)
Explain Alabama being ranked ahead of Minn?    11/16/19  (86)
A rich loser from NJ named Jared who's only rich bc of criminal Jew dad    11/16/19  (4)
earl eats 1 lb. of Skittles per day and still has an 8 pack    11/16/19  (1)
Justin Fields is cementing his heisman leader status today    11/16/19  (2)
Trumptards, why does Trump appoint people who oppose his agenda?    11/16/19  (17)
So RSF shares a lot in common with Jared Kushner?    11/16/19  (3)
Kenny Lake    11/16/19  (2)
Tua was skinny-fat and soft from day one    11/16/19  (2)
32 y/o fat shrews w/ nothing feminine to offer can demand u vote for Warren(DTP    11/16/19  (11)
Wilder-Ortiz II breakdown    11/16/19  (1)
Whok, would you collaborate on a cover with me?    11/16/19  (25)
tricking some idiot into loving u is just a numbers game    11/16/19  (2)
LOL at Gophers thinking they could beat xo Hawkeyes    11/16/19  (2)
Cute teen flirts with NOLA judge; went from $500 + walk to $10000 + 30 days jail    11/16/19  (16)
this Kaepernick workout seems like a setup    11/16/19  (2)
European girls reacting to BTS music video    11/16/19  (1)
💻 16" MacBook Pro announced 💻    11/16/19  (71)
Vanguard question    11/16/19  (19)
If you're not taking yourself out on a date weekly you're insane    11/16/19  (7)
Running list of posters that I will fuck up bigly    11/16/19  (4)
Consuela has been 180 lately    11/16/19  (12)
Barr Trump's best decision so far?    11/16/19  (8)
What percent of people in relationships met each other through circumstances?    11/16/19  (2)
Multiple kids were puking all night, some at same time even. Wife near death.    11/16/19  (3)
Navy over ND, Auburn over GA, Iowa over MN, what else?    11/16/19  (36)
The Shadow Play (2018)    11/16/19  (3)
espn: wpfl to show support for troops with special “patoot to service” camo    11/16/19  (3)
"SomeOtherGhost" is a weird freak who should be banned immediately    11/16/19  (2)
Impotent raging pumos in shitcovered underwear ranting about popular vote    11/16/19  (2)
A mentally deranged man with turd-colored skin drunkenly howls into the wind    11/16/19  (60)
Chandler used to beg 4 $ on XO. Then he became the Jew’s pet.    11/16/19  (8)
Twitter suspending accts for “I hired Trump to fire people like Yovanovitch”    11/16/19  (31)
whats next    11/16/19  (1)
Raw footage of Kanye West's Sunday service in SUPERMAX PRISON (link)    11/16/19  (3)
xo Trumpos' kids: "I want to be a fall guy for the Trump family when I grow up!"    11/16/19  (2)
Going to Peter Luger's tonight for the first time. Taking questions    11/16/19  (27)
Womens Pro Farting League (WPFL): Houston Gastros accused of cheating    11/16/19  (14)
Gopher QB looks like a little Boi out there    11/16/19  (2)
How are your spiritual gains coming along    11/16/19  (2)
Moar going on in XOXO than Meet$$$ the Eye$$    11/16/19  (2)
Female Mexican assassins have sex with victims’ decapitated corpses    11/16/19  (28)
Why do BIRDSHIT ppl DESTROY themselves with DRUGS, FATNESS, etc?    11/16/19  (22)
ITT: Name the closest state to your current home that you have never visited    11/16/19  (41)
I'm a fucking bitch I love to get fucked and slurp jizz    11/16/19  (7)
Irony: Roger Stone only person convicted as a result of Hillary email scandal    11/16/19  (4)
Apple iMac bros, do you use a trackpad?    11/16/19  (14)
Here's the thing about kenny    11/16/19  (49)
cruel post man    11/16/19  (9)
julia is right. colombia is incredibly 180    11/16/19  (29)
EPAH: you're the man now dawg! Epah Jr.: DING! Fag! EPAH: LMAO tyft    11/16/19  (4)
Trump rushed to hospital NOT FLAME    11/16/19  (7)
bumping GOLD all the way to $2,000 from $1,330    11/16/19  (86)
The Minnesota gay men gophers facing University of Iowa hawkeyes    11/16/19  (1)
Chandler, can I please have $20,000.00?    11/16/19  (6)
LJL at Tua NOWAGovailoa and Slow Burrows as heisman winners LJL    11/16/19  (4)
Shrew admits that her diet "makes for a disgusting bathroom experience" (JJ Jr.)    11/16/19  (11)
LitMos: Do you dudes have a nomme de guerre for court appearances?    11/16/19  (8)
   11/16/19  (8)
Would you give hot single MILF hairstylist a chance, if she was into you?    11/16/19  (69)
Trump administration is extending protections from deportation to more than 200k    11/16/19  (8)
Rate this Indian lawyer's jawline    11/16/19  (4)
JJC is a biological dead end at 39 despite PUA background and supreme knowledge    11/16/19  (31)
"Prometheus" was an unfairly maligned movie    11/16/19  (7)
Ohio State @ Rutgers    11/16/19  (4)
Stefanik: George Conway is a disgusting freak.    11/16/19  (2)
yo jcm    11/16/19  (7)
hey "DTP" shut the fuck up you annoying faggot (XO)    11/16/19  (52)
British man goes on racist rant against someone for drinking on subway    11/16/19  (29)
$cott Fro$t$ contract extended through 2026    11/16/19  (5)
TT I’d love to meet you $ometime.. life i$ what you want it to be    11/16/19  (6)
heres the thing about luis    11/16/19  (19)
CFB locks: Auburn +2.5 vs. Georgia, UCLA +21 @ Utah, Navy +7.5 a Notre Dame    11/16/19  (5)
Not content to merely play like one, UTexas adding a giant Vagina to Stadium    11/16/19  (9)
Are Azn women still attracted to white men?    11/16/19  (46)
Any downside to making coolant 70/30 when prone to overheating?    11/16/19  (1)
daily reminder: half the federal gov't is accessing child porn thru DOD networks    11/16/19  (11)
Hulu is garbage    11/16/19  (4)
What do you think this deep state WaPo reporter is angling for with this tweet?    11/16/19  (2)
Ljl at Ernst and Young's woke Instagram page    11/16/19  (8)
White men belong in (cock) cages    11/16/19  (3)
Nigger apes 🦍 belong in cages    11/16/19  (15)
🤡 🌎: Barack Obama- voice of reason    11/16/19  (6)
Trump and Obama accept Lord as saviour, baptized by Osteen at Kanye ranch (2024    11/16/19  (5)
Kingdom of Heaven scene: Baldwin IV of Jerusalem and Saladin    11/16/19  (6)
jcm i know i can't see it but can u flicker ur lighthouse anyway    11/16/19  (9)
shitlibs soil their diaper over Bill Barr FedSock speech.    11/16/19  (2)
WaPo's article glorifying whistleblower reads like cheap romance novel    11/16/19  (4)
Tucker 3.7 million viewers jfc    11/16/19  (38)
Rate this dragon I drew for my son.    11/16/19  (3)
Now this place is baller - Chadds Ford, Pa    11/16/19  (1)
Whats the highest interest rate savings account I can get?    11/16/19  (33)
TikTok sweet spot compilation: vote for your favorite one    11/16/19  (35)
“With Tua sidelined, Saban has found his new dream QB in Rupinder”    11/16/19  (8)
Public doesn’t care about impeachment hearings (link)    11/16/19  (22)
Weed stocks down huge this year; good time to buy? If not how overvalued still?    11/16/19  (6)
INCREDIBLE TENSION in DC dating scene between Bernie and Warren supporters    11/16/19  (44)
MODS u stupid faggots    11/16/19  (9)
Nigel Ferreira    11/16/19  (3)
Without looking, is the actor who played Billy Bob in Varsity Blues still alive?    11/16/19  (1)
Hilarious watching TT shine bright like a turd    11/16/19  (2)
anything short of open borders is virulently racist    11/16/19  (1)
Predictit - Will Donald Trump be impeached in his first term?    11/16/19  (9)
white people with white children strike me as being profoundly racist    11/16/19  (4)
"Oh wow, this guy's moniker is 'PhilosopherKing'. He must be really insightful!"    11/16/19  (8)
Penn St in the fight of their lives against Indiana    11/16/19  (7)
Do people here even realize Scott Frost is bringing Nebraska back?    11/16/19  (93)
Is there any war that america wasn’t on the wrong side of?    11/16/19  (30)
*assfucking spaceporn as my pitbull bro rapes “bacon” and sp jr simultaneous    11/16/19  (2)
basically nothing makes me laugh IRL now, just some xo posts    11/16/19  (8)
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, taking questions    11/16/19  (17)
Nebraska will be beating and owning Wisconsin always coming up    11/16/19  (2)
Godamn I love coffee and cigs    11/16/19  (10)
don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault    11/16/19  (1)
If you aren’t running Bayesian analysis, what the fuck are you doing?    11/16/19  (7)
Nebra$ka ha$ beat wi$co fraud$.. playing well    11/16/19  (4)
what y'all wet dog stank ass white boys gna do when QUEEN KAMALA gets dat POTUSY    11/16/19  (1)
Pitbulldood’s bite strength gains seem to be plateauing    11/16/19  (4)
thank you for the compliment of explicit sexualization post.    11/16/19  (1)
Nebraska had 500 yards on Wisconsin.. game was close    11/16/19  (1)
The Wisco Nebraska game was close if you watched    11/16/19  (1)
Do people in Japan have good teeth?    11/16/19  (5)
what's the proper term for robin-hoodism -- it's not exactly lib or socialism    11/16/19  (4)
Nebraska gives Scott Frost his 2 year contract extension today    11/16/19  (1)
PA pays settlement to state troopers exposed to biohazards in Peterman case    11/16/19  (1)
chill Indian expat TT megapoasting about white people at 3:35 AM on Saturday    11/16/19  (14)
Every thread in most active past 6 hour list was posted by TT    11/16/19  (5)
PhD in basketweaving. anyone do this?    11/16/19  (2)
It's done. Impeachment was imminent ever since he said pussy.    11/16/19  (1)

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