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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/14/19  (346)
Trump donor got 50 year business contract in Ukraine. Corruption? Trumpmos?    11/15/19  (6)
travelling is fucking stupid and all non European countries are trash and shit    11/15/19  (20)
I fucking hate California    11/15/19  (105)
Wish I could find the name of this old-school Euro slut - nsfw    11/15/19  (5)
RATE this video of NYUUG    11/15/19  (1)
Trump flips New York-based appeals court as Steven Menashi confirmed    11/15/19  (36)
There are literally MASSIVE street battles in Germany among turd groups    11/15/19  (33)
Number of Trump Federal Judge Confirmations Not all that amazing    11/15/19  (1)
Alibaba = YUUGE Ponzi scheme, U.S. shareholders will get HOSED    11/15/19  (2)
AOC has 5.8m twitter followers. U talk to 20 mentally ill people on xo.    11/15/19  (1)
Supreme Court appears inclined to let Trump end DACA program    11/15/19  (5)
Federal Grand Jury charges Michael Avenatti with extortion and wire fraud    11/15/19  (27)
I don't care if god destroys the planet with me on it anymore, it has to go now    11/15/19  (2)
remember when Obama got rough w Israel & invited Netanyahu to address congress    11/15/19  (7)
so fucking gay tp    11/15/19  (1)
old stadiums with PISS TROUGHS    11/15/19  (121)
Can't even watch sports anymore tp    11/15/19  (2)
WA Supreme Court upholds first-in-time rental rule    11/15/19  (82)
Whok, would you collaborate on a cover with me?    11/15/19  (16)
Comedian Monique sues netflix for "pay discrimination" ROFL    11/15/19  (41)
Lloyd Blankfein mocks Elizabeth Warren: ‘Maybe tribalism is just in her DNA'    11/15/19  (27)
did tswift get fat & start banging niggers on her own or do u think her agent pu    11/15/19  (2)
im unbelievably gay and dumb    11/15/19  (1)
RATE this clay court #tennis    11/15/19  (2)
I said I got a little RigPig and he won’t take TRU    11/15/19  (6)
European countries where men attractive the women aren't and vice versa    11/15/19  (5)
The Season 6 Growing Pains intro theme was the best    11/15/19  (4)
How much lower will an NYC condo seller go if you offer 90% or 100% down?    11/15/19  (10)
Growing Pains theme reminds me of better days    11/15/19  (8)
Black people are unbearable on every level    11/15/19  (1)
'growing pains' opening sequence makes me sob    11/15/19  (2)
alternate timeline: Kurt Cobain doing GenX-targeted reverse-mortgage commercials    11/15/19  (11)
wilbur, idiotic sim creators keep trying to send me hidden messages    11/15/19  (1)
Fake news CNN freaking out over impending IG report    11/15/19  (14)
Norweigan Man Butt Raped by Somali Immigrant Expresses Remorse Attacker Deported    11/15/19  (22)
WTF is so prestigious dubs plays No-Ad with 10pt tiebreak third set lmao #tennis    11/15/19  (8)
Myles Garrett did nothing wrong    11/15/19  (1)
ITT we list things that are devastating for board libs    11/15/19  (53)
LOL jinx is such a catty bitch!    11/15/19  (5)
I rarely wipe my ass after taking a shit    11/15/19  (6)
First worlder here. Taking questions about FIRST WORLD HEALTHCARE ITT.    11/15/19  (20)
u can do one heist and be set for life    11/15/19  (1)
In a peaceful first world homogeneous patriarchal society with feminine women.    11/15/19  (17)
connecting threads: Erin Andrews' husband was engaged to Rod Stewart's ex    11/15/19  (4)
i think its time we finally sexualize peterman    11/15/19  (27)
What evolutionary benefits are there to being a short or bald man?    11/15/19  (14)
Never bothered to understand "Movember" thing or why these faggots grow mustache    11/15/19  (8)
greatest tv show theme song ever?    11/15/19  (25)
Jim kelly    11/15/19  (23)
Real talk. History won’t look kindly on Trump or his defenders.    11/15/19  (12)
RATE and/or DESCRIBE the following SUBURBS of NEW YORK, NEW YORK:    11/15/19  (1)
I only buy at the peak. all cash.    11/15/19  (2)
JDUnderground refugees, come here!!!    11/15/19  (17)
If blackberry falls below $5 on the 15th I'll make hundreds    11/15/19  (8)
The mentally ill TedCruzTP retired. You: poast    11/15/19  (7)
Seattle suburb area prole seems like the good life    11/15/19  (35)
Health insurance premiums for my family of 5 will be $18,000 next year    11/15/19  (85)
*grabs mic at earl's hs reunion* "earl you faggot lol!" (doobs)    11/15/19  (158)
tennis clique, do u have racket recommendations?    11/15/19  (9)
If you aren’t regularly outting ppl ur kinda a huge piece of shit    11/15/19  (1)
Rudolph who will win in 2020    11/15/19  (2)
This Taylor Swift "masters" scandal is the most entitled shit ever    11/15/19  (6)
i bet upset jew jerks off to the sandlot    11/15/19  (6)
*tsinah confidently cruching on ruffles after missing half the LSAT questions*    11/15/19  (3)
(be kind) plz rate my screenplay about puppydoods in Congress-- "Impoochment    11/15/19  (40)
"We can't legalize drugs, too dangerous!" *Alcohol kills 90,000 a year*    11/15/19  (8)
Stephen Curry makes $38 million and his wife is this fat, ugly cunt:    11/15/19  (63)
In your current condition, would you be able to take Joe Buck?    11/15/19  (3)
if you lift youre gay but if you dont lift youre also gay    11/14/19  (6)
Benzo you think u and fat boy could bury the hatchet some day?    11/14/19  (2)
Monique files lawsuit against Netflix for racial discrimination    11/14/19  (1)
Fed, Djoker & Lance Will Each Have 5 YE#1s #tennis    11/14/19  (2)
The most prestigious pant-shitting discussion board in the world    11/14/19  (4)
Djoker Says He's Gunning For Weeks At #1 Record, Not Far Away #tennis    11/14/19  (2)
Abos starting an ALM movement in Australia now    11/14/19  (13)
NateCohn analysis: working class whites arent swing voters, upper class ones are    11/14/19  (4)
🎾💂 ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS Thread 💂🎾 #tennis    11/14/19  (120)
"That is a DISGUSTING ACT by Randy Moss" (Joe Buck)    11/14/19  (77)
Reminder:!the KIKE, not his Lib PUPPET is the Enemy    11/14/19  (4)
*Spins and throws hat in air like Mary Tyler Moore before entering Bellevue ER*    11/14/19  (17)
I think I’m getting kicked out of my hockey beer league    11/14/19  (36)
wgwag    11/14/19  (1)
Mason Rudolph should’ve been tossed    11/14/19  (1)
how dumb is Myles Garrett    11/14/19  (1)
"And for more election commentary, here are six Jews who hate Trump." (CNN)    11/14/19  (38)
i’m depressed and gay    11/14/19  (25)
If you subtract Jews, the average white IQ is 3 points lower than Hispanics    11/14/19  (19)
has anyone ever gotten rich from penny stocks    11/14/19  (1)
"Fat Vaginas" may be to blame says Doc    11/14/19  (2)
Your soul shedding the prison of your earthly body and ascending to heaven    11/14/19  (2)
2nd cousin: TikTok; Shrew GF: Tick tock    11/14/19  (36)
UNC/Pitt headed to OT    11/14/19  (3)
White liberals talk like MLK and live like the KKK    11/14/19  (17)
Am working wal mart $ecurity in Black Friday for fun(Boom)    11/14/19  (10)
you are now encoding your faggy personality epigenetically    11/14/19  (1)
Welp, deval patricks potus run is already over    11/14/19  (8)
So what is there to make fun of Deval Patrick about? What's the XO take here?    11/14/19  (2)
RATE my December travel itinerary    11/14/19  (62)
Armenians are jews minus 20 IQ points    11/14/19  (1)
$hould be able to drink ga$oline.. what a wa$te    11/14/19  (13)
short man nationalism    11/14/19  (1)
jim gook    11/14/19  (1)
“READ THE TRANSCRIPT,” Trump shrieked impotently as Presidency comes to an e    11/14/19  (20)
Real talk - describe how you discovered xoxo/PR    11/14/19  (98)
ur boomer mom starting 1,000-subscriber blog abt her estranged 'narcissist' son    11/14/19  (1)
Upset Jew, if I went to NYC, would u take me shopping for TS outfits?    11/14/19  (16)
Caro Wozniacki Accepted At HBS (PIC) #tennis    11/14/19  (45)
Remember when the kikes had us feuding over which Jewish master to serve?    11/14/19  (2)
Remember when Hillary Clinton killed a horse at Kentucky Derby?    11/14/19  (5)
Remember when Hillary had to take a massive IBS shit in the middle of a debate?    11/14/19  (29)
Is Rapamycin anti-aging pool the real deal? Should I give it to my dog?    11/14/19  (10)
Evo Morales doesn’t look very presidential    11/14/19  (3)
I'm retarded and gay and lost $31k this month in penny stocks    11/14/19  (23)
"they sexualized me," said DrakeMallard in monotone being wheeled into Bellevue    11/14/19  (6)
Ok boom    11/14/19  (15)
Remember when Obama pressured Ukraine to drop Soros investigation?    11/14/19  (4)
Remember when Schiff wanted to get naked pics of Trump from Ukraine?    11/14/19  (5)
avg net worth for a 35 yr old is like 25k    11/14/19  (1)
Kihote, what are your thoughts on THE HOBBIT 1970s animated film?    11/14/19  (6)
Remember when Lisa Murkowski voted NO on Kavanaugh's confirmation?    11/14/19  (20)
Remember when Obongo tried to make us call them ISIL?    11/14/19  (20)
mindblower: the 'grifter' is Trump    11/14/19  (1)
Remember when Obama asked Ukraine to investigate Trump in 2016?    11/14/19  (11)
Lol remember when lewandowski grazed reporter who claimed assault, then Ben Shap    11/14/19  (27)
Remember when Lebron James vandalized his house by spraypainting "NIGGER" on it?    11/14/19  (29)
Addicted to micro dopamine hits every time refreshing xo & btc prices tp    11/14/19  (4)
remember when Trump legalized gay sodomy in Africa?    11/14/19  (12)
is solana beach prole    11/14/19  (4)
jeff beck -- freeway jam.mp3    11/14/19  (5)
My idiot boomer father loved Jeff Beck and canvassed for Kennedy 1980    11/14/19  (7)
Office work would be 10x better if candlelight replaced florescent light    11/14/19  (12)
Every goy is addicted to dopamine?    11/14/19  (16)
What's the cr white homogeneous non-muz euro city with femininity and good airpo    11/14/19  (5)
What's the most cr city in Germany in which to reside?    11/14/19  (36)
Your son shows a picture he made of you and him. You mumble, "that's nice" and    11/14/19  (26)
hypothetical NFL defensive strategy: on-field anal penetration    11/14/19  (15)
87th blue link dopamine boost before bed tp    11/14/19  (16)
why does every edgy socialist on twitter watch basketball    11/14/19  (2)
cream - born under a bad sign.mp3    11/14/19  (2)
new trend among teens: dopamine fasting (nytimes)    11/14/19  (14)
"I'd set her on fire before she lays eggs," BOM blurts out randomly on a bus    11/14/19  (77)
Bboooom pointing his rifle at you from the clocktower, asking    11/14/19  (200)
i think gamers are going to gain a lot of political clout this election cycle    11/14/19  (32)
"nice to meet you! this is my 1st tinder..." bboom: "are u blown out    11/14/19  (64)
just livin the dream ha    11/14/19  (1)
What kind of bull$hit line i$ iowa(-3) over 9-0 Golden Gopher$?    11/14/19  (4)
"A blackline is worth a thousand emails"    11/14/19  (3)
Want sum fuk girl?    11/14/19  (9)
Alphard AC unit can bring cabin temp down to below-freezing    11/14/19  (12)
Lol at Black$ trying 2 convince $ociety that white$ don’t get fucked w by 👮    11/14/19  (7)

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