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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/07/19  (345)
Explain Alabama being ranked ahead of Minn?    11/13/19  (63)
lol @ 'Lara Trump'    11/13/19  (1)
I'm retarded and gay and lost $31k this month in penny stocks    11/13/19  (8)
Got some great news today. Wife is pregnant.    11/13/19  (23)
Willed myself to 230x10 bench    11/13/19  (9)
Federal Grand Jury charges Michael Avenatti with extortion and wire fraud    11/13/19  (16)
Jerked off to gay porn in depo, lol at look on defense counsels face (cslg)    11/13/19  (8)
Rate this 41yo INDIAN AMERIKKKAN federal judge who wears a BOW TIE    11/13/19  (24)
Warren (((Gamaliel))) Harding    11/13/19  (1)
Good body shots of the female dem candidated    11/13/19  (13)
Rod Rosenstein calls epstein suicide "extremely suspicious," suggests deep state    11/13/19  (6)
8466    11/13/19  (1)
Are reptile how do I get a job in banking without financial services experience    11/13/19  (14)
DBG: rate this jewess    11/13/19  (2)
Saw hot 19 year old chick buying 5 cans of Zyn    11/13/19  (24)
a star is born is a pretty good movie    11/13/19  (1)
CSLG, what type of speed you be doin?    11/13/19  (5)
What's a good starter cigarette for nephew who just turned 18?    11/13/19  (47)
Han Hyun: I’m Facing ‘Enormous Pressure’ to Enter 2020 Dragoncock    11/13/19  (9)
baal tp    11/13/19  (3)
You know, Rick and Morty has really profound stuff if you pay close attention    11/13/19  (37)
Idris ask me lick his toes...but dey gross as shit...he got warts    11/13/19  (1)
DCmos, describe/rate the following DC suburbs:    11/13/19  (17)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas to play Joseph Gordon levitt in biopic    11/13/19  (6)
Vignette of someone LOW in Trait Neuroticism. Sound like anyone u know? (DTP)    11/13/19  (1)
I’m rich (CSLG)    11/13/19  (15)
lol @ sudos who think their an elite caste    11/13/19  (19)
Majority world    11/13/19  (1)
CSLG, clean, sober, healthy...make me think twice bout Idris    11/13/19  (1)
Pulling out of DrakeMallard’s asshold and nutting on his lower back    11/13/19  (7)
And we're back. Welcome to CSPAN's #News, I'm your host, HappyDay Dooropen, we'    11/13/19  (1)
Trump looks sickly, impeachment clearly taking physical toll on him    11/13/19  (2)
Every deletion of a DrakeMallard thread makes me more interested in the genre    11/13/19  (18)
Recommend a book on the trinity    11/13/19  (5)
Crazy how INSANE the GOP has become    11/13/19  (31)
Official jmaw vs RSF poll for known sudos only ITT - which side are you on?    11/13/19  (4)
I fucking hate California    11/13/19  (22)
Sudos flocking to celebrate Hank Aaron tp's return to the bort    11/13/19  (4)
Rate my deposits from yesterday (CSLG)    11/13/19  (29)
asmodai tp    11/13/19  (1)
Hark! The unhinged pumos sing! Glory to our sudo King!    11/13/19  (11)
"Idk but do I have a chance of being in your peach haha"    11/13/19  (1)
small modular nuclear reactors are the future    11/13/19  (28)
"Personal injury lawyers" are so trashy    11/13/19  (4)
"Yes, I think we can all agree with what Senator KwaZulu GoodHome is saying. Nex    11/13/19  (2)
Cocky insurance adjuster making 42k cockily telling you how rich Geico is    11/13/19  (28)
Is a McMansion in Great Falls, VA credited?    11/13/19  (60)
trump to lob reporter: "go back to tunavision"    11/13/19  (20)
Rate this open policy letter... our 998 for 10x limits expires tomorrow (CSLG)    11/13/19  (107)
*rips off Drake Mallard’s size XXL Tommy John’s*    11/13/19  (9)
“Krampusnacht” = low-income Indian faggot with ugly wife and uglier kid lmao    11/13/19  (39)
(be kind) plz rate my screenplay about puppydoods in Congress-- "Impoochment    11/13/19  (1)
It's crazy how much receptive anal sex has taken over Drake Mallards life    11/13/19  (2)
Holy shit. The Kikes let the mask drop. The Forward: "The Jews of Impeachment"    11/13/19  (21)
Do AMERIKKKAN CONTURDS realize they are LAUGHED at in rest of WORLD?    11/13/19  (36)
What are CSLG's holiday plans?    11/13/19  (4)
Dutch female pol gangraped by Muslims in retaliation, commits suicide. (video)    11/13/19  (42)
Sexy vid of girl farting in a bath tub surrounded by roses    11/13/19  (2)
imagine what an egomaniac Deval Patrick must be to join race this late    11/13/19  (1)
what's happened to American culture is sick    11/13/19  (1)
"purple rain" is the most overrated 80s song    11/13/19  (4)
Trump snickers *52D chess* as he starts Rikers Island term    11/13/19  (1)
RATE my INVESTMENT portfolio    11/13/19  (83)
Trump's strategy will be to provoke House Dems into impeaching him    11/13/19  (16)
graham and trump only GOPers left still talking about whistleblower. why?    11/13/19  (3)
had mbb case interview. got asked "how many penises are inside butts in US rn"    11/13/19  (7)
“How High Remix” by Method Man and Redman is criminally underrated 90s hip h    11/13/19  (1)
Henry Aaron screeching in the nurses lounge as someone tries to change the tv    11/13/19  (5)
buy tons of shit online and return it all    11/13/19  (4)
Clifford Chance London Pay Record 50mm Transfer Fee for Jay Cohen    11/13/19  (2)
Rate my letter to Mercury... they are horrible (CSLG)    11/13/19  (152)
"kinda like dont talk to me until coffee, except its tina" (cslg to new hire)    11/13/19  (5)
"who wants to live forever" plays as your iraqi nurse rolls your corpse off your    11/13/19  (2)
Raaar, Im a gakked out shitlawyer who hates his parents, raar come work for me    11/13/19  (2)
"ur on the wrong side of hithtory!" barked the man with dildos attached 2 his he    11/13/19  (7)
Our ancestors were so dumb for being wary of blacks and Jews.    11/13/19  (3)
80s kidnapping culture was crazy    11/13/19  (12)
Tool concerts are the whitest place on earth    11/13/19  (3)
So the Nick Fuentes movement is dead now?    11/13/19  (12)
Just saw sold out TOOL concert. <><>NOPHONESALLOWED&
   11/13/19  (13)
Ole Miss will beat LSU    11/13/19  (6)
Trump balloon slasher: "1st time Libs have been angry about a chopped up baby"    11/13/19  (37)
They will probably blame Rudy for the quid pro quo. And he will go along with it    11/13/19  (1)
im ready for wwiii, it's time    11/13/19  (9)
"YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!" cried the degenerate sodomite to the normal family nearb    11/13/19  (5)
Cameras outside Epstein's cell and in Vegas shooting hotel were both "broken" ?    11/13/19  (6)
poop and pee    11/13/19  (25)
Just call me Anus of the Morning    11/13/19  (2)
Smuckers sending new hire GGTP on "reverse secondment" back to old firm    11/13/19  (3)
ggtp you should listen to the title track from abacab every morning like i do    11/13/19  (3)
Paralegal walked in on kenny's obedience training today (CSLG)    11/13/19  (2)
Identity Jebropa    11/13/19  (1)
My letter to Mercury    11/13/19  (5)
It’s crazy how much lifting weights has improved my life    11/13/19  (56)
Better duo: Cole-Verlander or Schilling-Johnson?    11/13/19  (10)
I click on every thread that doesn’t have Nick Fuentes in the title    11/13/19  (1)
GOP strategist says "overwhelming chance" he is a faggot worshiper of satan    11/13/19  (2)
Portland - Vancouver BC bullet train in the works. Will cost $50 billion (link)    11/13/19  (18)
Hillary outflanks Charlie Kirk’s right.    11/13/19  (3)
GOP strategist says "overwhelming chance" Trump dumps Pence, puts Haley as VP    11/13/19  (36)
GOOGLE DOCS: "Journalists" work for 45k-ish in NYC, SF    11/13/19  (34)
Underrated aspect about HOAs: Can ban shitpit owners like TMF    11/13/19  (6)
Norweigan Man Butt Raped by Somali Immigrant Expresses Remorse Attacker Deported    11/13/19  (13)
“Tinder” i$ a literal $cam and doe$nt work    11/13/19  (14)
Tik Tok teen fading out of existence due to lack of views    11/13/19  (2)
Future majority-white countries to immigrate to?    11/13/19  (54)
Rate my diamond studded buttplug (CSLG)    11/13/19  (1)
Chechens are alpha    11/13/19  (1)
ken jeong to play socal shitlaw lawyer in remake of Body Heat    11/13/19  (1)
I've started condescendingly telling people that I make 35k/yr    11/13/19  (5)
Can’t believe how they let girls dress in high schools now    11/13/19  (18)
Female Biglaw associate poasting pic of six-week old kids first day of daycare    11/13/19  (21)
NYC is fucked    11/13/19  (24)
im gay and have cte    11/13/19  (5)
Guy kills his mom with battle ax for interrupting Rick and Morty (link)    11/13/19  (24)
Finally found a real community in NYC. Double-edged sword    11/13/19  (21)
Guy who lives in a country with first world, sensible immigration policies here.    11/13/19  (62)
List of Gamecube Exclusive Games and why they suck    11/13/19  (42)
BIGLAW attorneys with underwear pics allover instagram    11/13/19  (2)
Taking Qs on horse racing pedigrees.    11/13/19  (1)
Kamala: Sexy, Smooth...You: ugly, yellow tooth    11/13/19  (1)
JFC at this Jim Jordan exchange today    11/13/19  (14)
Inspired by DTP, here is Big 5 Personality Test. What are your results?    11/13/19  (60)
it's literally impossible to ever make money    11/13/19  (40)
Short people finally catch a break, get 20% off at PodShare    11/13/19  (1)
Evangelical Preacher gets "GOD BLESS TRUMP" tattooed on forehead (link)    11/13/19  (1)
Treatise On Diagnosing and Treating Erectile Dysfunction - When Viagra Fails    11/13/19  (6)
And finally my good man may I inquire as to your height    11/13/19  (5)
Honestly, I prefer shrews over TikTok teens    11/13/19  (1)
35 yr old. Should I bring my 24 yr old fling to company party?    11/13/19  (23)
Lol Biden would be 82 in 2024.    11/13/19  (2)
Luis i had no idea Sunnyvale was a real place    11/13/19  (9)
Ever notice how, when you take just one day off work, it feels like a year has    11/13/19  (1)
*bumble 6 texts you honeypot emoji*    11/13/19  (1)
lol, new GOP retard strategy, delay impeachment trial to screw D Pres candidates    11/13/19  (3)
Lol at how far off XO i$    11/13/19  (2)
Dennis Hopper describing XO: "This place is haha! Wow! *explosion sound*"    11/13/19  (2)
I would like to publicly apologize to all that I have offended, misled    11/13/19  (1)
Henry Aaron: "OK, I need to check ur height, weight, blood pressure & dick size"    11/13/19  (5)
Took 17 cell phone calls today. Only 1 missed call    11/13/19  (2)
Yevropa Yevropa (1990)    11/13/19  (1)
Ryan Lochte is living paycheck-to-paycheck?    11/13/19  (9)
3 year old son just discovered that "poop" is funny. Really bonding with him.    11/13/19  (25)
Jim Jordan acting like inbred retard = good way for GOP to win suburban women    11/13/19  (4)
The gun dealer in Taxi Driver has the exact same accent as Reviewbrah    11/13/19  (5)
Identity Yevropa    11/13/19  (1)
A$hley Madi$on Cr?    11/13/19  (1)
What works best for paying the membership and scoring pussy online?    11/13/19  (4)
$hould be able to drink ga$oline.. what a wa$te    11/13/19  (5)
Morton's neuroma    11/13/19  (1)

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