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STICKY: Big changes   07/14/20  (308)
Female reporter here. Any questions shitlords??    07/14/20  (17)
Most iconic athlete in each city    07/14/20  (62)
Trump press conference at top of hour    07/14/20  (7)
Dozens of COVID labs in Florida have reported 100% positive results    07/14/20  (5)
I basically NEVER leave my 3500 sq ft house, I have no reason to, taking Qs    07/14/20  (9)
Rach, long time elite poaster here, can you make search work for me TY    07/14/20  (59)
preorderd a Ford Bronco    07/14/20  (20)
Did the media ever pickup on how intellectual this bort is?    07/14/20  (2)
Wife and I have talked about seeing another bull, first time since COVID    07/14/20  (16)
How stupid do you have to be do die in a tsunami: put on life vest or swim idiot    07/14/20  (7)
Charles should teach history at Liberty University    07/14/20  (1)
How did ppl figure out that Charles was a writer for Tucker    07/14/20  (4)
Cornell buys entire 2L class new Silverados (insane video)    07/14/20  (25)
Rach, the account we need records on is "...,,.,,,,.,,,....,...,...
   07/14/20  (20)
Luis we're headed up to Humboldt Redwoods S.P. for 4 days. Any reccs?    07/14/20  (6)
If search is broken how will Luis know when I ask him questions at 4 a.m.?    07/14/20  (3)
dump any info you have on GoodBoi77778/Tempoman/...,,.,,,,
   07/14/20  (80)
It turns out CSLG isn’t chill and satisfied with the prospect of retirement.    07/14/20  (4)
Luis rate this female Iranian chess prodigy    07/14/20  (3)
China has already won, ppl know this right?    07/14/20  (5)
Meghan McCain: antisemitism is the only thing you can’t be cancelled for    07/14/20  (7)
DO NOT RETIRE (TSINAH)    07/14/20  (40)
Should I buy this medal to honour Chuck?    07/14/20  (3)
What faggot put CharlesXII on the AutoAdmit Wikipedia page?    07/14/20  (3)
words that retarded normies and libs use incorrectly that have no meaning    07/14/20  (15)
CNN, plz dig into this "Henry Aaron" guy - he may be spreading HIV to BIPOC MSM    07/14/20  (1)
told some guy "suck my beard, faggot"    07/14/20  (2)
Chainlink is well over $8 - what the fuck???    07/14/20  (1)
Denver: Tim Tebow    07/14/20  (1)
Trump Administration Doubles Down on Plan to Strip Student Visas (LIBS MAF)    07/14/20  (6)
hot dogs    07/14/20  (5)
How long to bake steak at 450 before searing both sides    07/14/20  (41)
I could probably work TWO WFH jobs and not have any problem    07/14/20  (1)
Ever write a brief with extensive use of Latin just because?    07/14/20  (1)
“We” pumo used to spam 24/7, HATED Tucker, now he’s gone    07/14/20  (51)
School just announced ONLINE ONLY for fall semester    07/14/20  (73)
Ever have a huge clump of hair fall out while sitting at your desk?    07/14/20  (5)
I Don’t Want to Spread Covid-19. Can I Sit Out the Protests? (The Ethicist)    07/14/20  (4)
From top writer on the highest rated cable news show to a five second footnote    07/14/20  (6)
Can someone please link me to some photographs of majestic CONDORS    07/14/20  (3)
Was just in Vegas (CSLG)    07/14/20  (19)
Client is selling his construction company for mid 8 figures, went to his house    07/14/20  (12)
tommy hasnt posted in a while    07/14/20  (1)
3.2 libarts GPA    07/14/20  (4)
TRUMP BACKS DOWN: Rescinds online courses visa policy and disavows CharlesXII!    07/14/20  (7)
Old college professor told me if you lose your job now, you won't get another    07/14/20  (1)
why is it so difficult to get "facts" / reliable data and info on Covid    07/14/20  (16)
Do not retire into that good night (vonoskar)    07/14/20  (16)
ACLU: “Police are not keeping us safe.”    07/14/20  (8)
What's a reasonable engagement ring for someone making less than 200k?    07/14/20  (5)
📰 Bari Weiss resigns from NY Times 📰    07/14/20  (14)
"He's dangerous Becky. You know where he posts."    07/14/20  (9)
Are there any PP confirmed mods on who can delete a thread    07/14/20  (3)
what vpn should i be using    07/14/20  (14)
Oliver Darcy treating himself to koobideh after exposing Charles    07/14/20  (1)
After lifting weights outdoors, can never imagine doing it in a cucky building    07/14/20  (1)
Outspoken opponent of LGBT elected in Poland    07/14/20  (3)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    07/14/20  (72)
NYT Editor RESIGNS. Calls fellow NYTers a bunch of Trump Deranged FAGGOTS    07/14/20  (88)
Biggest reason for the cucking of the white race is Jews    07/14/20  (18)
AirBnB asking renters to donate and bail out landlords so they stay on platform    07/14/20  (16)
Two fantasy baseball drafts this week. 180    07/14/20  (2)
Rate this IG pic of a Russian lawyeress in Florida    07/14/20  (11)
FYI: jews will get away with this    07/14/20  (3)
Someone needs to just bump setstein threads all day    07/14/20  (1)
Has anyone here spoken to Charles since the incident?    07/14/20  (15)
Can't get over someone ugly & stupid as Oliver Darcy lecturing re naughty words    07/14/20  (1)
I'm afraid the cancel culture will be quite operational when your friends tune i    07/14/20  (7)
Rudolph was really MAF at Charles for attacking a disabled vet    07/14/20  (28)
Ever seen someone with an AutoAdmit t-shirt or other branded items?    07/14/20  (5)
"Hush now," Tucker says, stroking Chuck's hair as the vet readies the syringe    07/14/20  (13)
Minnesota's last Holocaust survivor was born Saturday    07/14/20  (4)
This whole Charles thing has made my last kink-safe board unsafe.    07/14/20  (1)
VOX MEDIA to fire HUNDREDS after missing revenue targets by 40%    07/14/20  (10)
reminder: we had a coup attempt based on ZERO evidence    07/14/20  (15)
looking at phone and nodding in approval at setstein poasts in a work meeting tp    07/14/20  (2)
Blake Neff to host new game show: "Would! You! Let!"    07/14/20  (2)
Attn sleuths: Is this "Tempoman" on Vimeo of interest?    07/14/20  (1)
FL COVID testing labs reporting fraudulent positive COVID results (link)    07/14/20  (6)
Wonder how long Tucker will last with Murdoch shitlib sons running Fox?    07/14/20  (1)
Uber Eats adds $3 Portland customer fee on food delivery orders after city appro    07/14/20  (3)
Tucker telling his kids Charles writes at a big farm in the country now    07/14/20  (8)
*pulls ...,,.,,,,.,,,....,...,...,..,,.
's mask off* *r-ch looks up at you smilin
   07/14/20  (1)
Has RASQUACH been identified as a potential suspect?    07/14/20  (1)
I forgot. How did Rachmiel come to own this site?    07/14/20  (30)
In childhood, did you think "bad countries" had propaganda & we were "free"    07/14/20  (1)
I'm Asian    07/14/20  (1)
Bros, how do I ask my father to stop calling me    07/14/20  (60)
Just saw generated username "big cummy yarmulke"    07/14/20  (4)
7,462 active duty military members have died of Corona. Seems bad. Fraudmos????    07/14/20  (12)
Pic of me and luis protecting ourselves from covid    07/14/20  (9)
Newly discovered amazon fruit tree cries and protects its young when harvested (    07/14/20  (9)
180: VT Patriots Deface Three 'Black Lives Matter' Graffiti Displays    07/14/20  (2)
Had my first whiteclaw    07/14/20  (26)
I will ONLY watch Tucker again if he says "new writer. first day." on Monday.    07/14/20  (1)
Charles: “If I write for you, you get your money.”    07/14/20  (2)
meeting of the minds    07/14/20  (1)
Good investments in Africa?    07/14/20  (7)
NYT 2021: this huge spike in inner city murders has seemingly come from nowhere    07/14/20  (14)
AP notes "surge in violence," is bewildered about why.    07/14/20  (37)
2020 election vote counting is going to be a fucking mess    07/14/20  (5)
Upset Jew is next    07/14/20  (1)
I am thinking about retiring because this latest scandal broke the board    07/14/20  (28)
Lol MLS season started again? Nobody gives a shit    07/14/20  (20)
Remember when libs said a DRUMPF Presidency would stifle free speech? lol    07/14/20  (4)
Conan O'Brien tweeting pic from Lasik clinic in Kinshasa    07/14/20  (3)
Wish my parents owned CNN instead of large chunks of MFH so I could FIRE Darcy    07/14/20  (2)
WSJ: They Built Mini-Empires of Rentals on AirBnb. Now Customers Have Vanished    07/14/20  (153)
Pres. Trump: Make Blake Neff your new Press Secretary    07/14/20  (6)
Been listening to Joe Rogan for 1 month. Now sleeping with mouth taped shut &    07/14/20  (8)
FLW is like A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000, but instead of Adam Sandler movies, Joe Rogan    07/14/20  (5)
One small consolation: Tucker can't erase CharlesXII from 50million of his books    07/14/20  (1)
Only 2 real solutions regarding the black racial problem    07/14/20  (3)
Rach, can you provide the ability to block posters?    07/14/20  (56)
Tech Dystopia | Feminine Culture | Global Competition for Jobs    07/14/20  (14)
CNN contacted me via Twitter to ask about Upset Jew's synagogue    07/14/20  (1)
CNN just contacted me about Upset Jews retirement    07/14/20  (9)
chilmata screaming "Hi yah!" as he karate chops maggot-covered ikea table    07/14/20  (17)
Anyone have an overbearing mother? How do you deal? It's getting worse as she ag    07/14/20  (3)
This fraud virus is leading to millions of kids getting molested. Millions.    07/14/20  (27)
Ronan Farrow's piece drops: 15,000 words on how Upset Jew is a faggot    07/14/20  (1)
I made off-market jokes as a college student, and I have since learned how    07/14/20  (1)
Attn journalist lurkers: read this passage which describes people like you    07/14/20  (1)
Should we give Blacks their own US state?    07/14/20  (9)
This is upset Jew ... adieu, sweet boart    07/14/20  (27)
NYMag fires faggot Andrew Sullivan for not being shitlib and woke enough    07/14/20  (26)
The Trial of Tim Heidecker    07/14/20  (2)
ATTN: Darcy, Seltzer, CNN, Fox News instructed to PRESERVE ALL DOCUMENTS    07/14/20  (4)
CNN: "We looked into XO but had to leave because Upset Jew made it so annoying"    07/14/20  (1)
Here's why shitlibs are not a threat, are inevitable, and are a good thing (DTP)    07/14/20  (89)
Oliver Darcy died how he lived: head in a toilet & ass full of semen    07/14/20  (16)
Operation Soft Underbelly: Any info on Oliver Darcy's family?    07/14/20  (1)
Rach, how do existing users get new accounts?    07/14/20  (5)
zoom court shenanigans: defensebro wearing a hawaiian shirt    07/14/20  (9)
500 blank bump salute to Charles    07/14/20  (531)
i now know what hell looks like because of ssri withdrawal    07/14/20  (2)
Charles's comment in Jet Black Condo doc thread was actually compliment to Azns    07/14/20  (13)
should i become a jet black congo lasik surgeon    07/14/20  (3)
"But I poop from there!" demanded Oliver Darcy.    07/14/20  (2)
"But I poop from there!" pleaded Oliver Darcy    07/14/20  (3)
"cool man i love tucker carlson" (c12's manager at mcdonalds)    07/14/20  (7)
"Hey Bros, It's She Again": Sociolegal Contours of Gender Transition in an Elite    07/14/20  (3)
whokebe, you're next    07/14/20  (9)
"Swear it's not the wrong cum!" winks C12 to dykes, new gig as Sperm Bank Manage    07/14/20  (1)
I am literally the ONLY poaster from 2007 to post under ONE moniker.    07/14/20  (50)
New Tucker writer Jake Beff starting immediately after fishing trip    07/14/20  (31)

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