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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: Big changes   07/14/20  (311)
NYT Editor RESIGNS. Calls fellow NYTers a bunch of Trump Deranged FAGGOTS    07/15/20  (147)
** OFFICIAL THREAD for lib or other posters to deny involvement in CNN story **    07/15/20  (36)
Hardcore trivia: name all 6 pro sports teams without its city/state in name    07/15/20  (38)
Nick Cannon: white and Jewish people “the true savages,” “closer to animal    07/15/20  (16)
**** BREAKING: Jeff Sessions LOSES Senate Primary Race ****    07/15/20  (19)
rokko oroshi    07/15/20  (1)
Beckersted melted down a year ago, retired bc of fascist racism on xo    07/15/20  (63)
NYT admits story of 30 year old corona victim saying "trust the media" is hoax    07/15/20  (14)
RATE these beautiful Argentinian women    07/15/20  (20)
Cheerio! Nigel Fezziwig from UK here.Read about some racist bloke named “Prate    07/15/20  (5)
pumos...it's time to sudo up. it's the only way.    07/15/20  (6)
“We” pumo used to spam 24/7, HATED Tucker, now he’s gone    07/15/20  (65)
VOX MEDIA to fire HUNDREDS after missing revenue targets by 40%    07/15/20  (44)
Rate this op-ed calling for "moral clarity" over "neutrality" in journalism/news    07/15/20  (5)
PPPmos - How many of you have already applied for forgiveness?    07/15/20  (1)
Most iconic athlete in each city    07/15/20  (199)
I have a big suspicion that Tommy T is the culprit in all of this    07/15/20  (69)
dump any info you have on GoodBoi77778/Tempoman/...,,.,,,,
   07/15/20  (245)
The 'Lincoln Project' is the most transparent false flag/astroturfing in a while    07/15/20  (5)
Any movement on YALE having to change its name? Really want this to happen    07/15/20  (19)
Farting so loud Chris Christie says "there it is"    07/15/20  (75)
Was just in Vegas (CSLG)    07/15/20  (50)
Free Speech Bort! (mods delete threading that opposes their action)    07/15/20  (17)
2030 in Auckland: "Hello my fello Kiwis" *suitcase full of US flags falls open*    07/15/20  (12)
TSINAH taking his couch to Club Mandingo    07/15/20  (2)
180 how rachmiel came back and dove deep into THE HUNT for the traitor    07/15/20  (20)
It's commonly believed William and Prateek met during high school. This is a lie    07/15/20  (14)
This is literally our 9/11, Charles was an inside job    07/15/20  (1)
Haven’t been on the Bort in years, how do I catch up?    07/15/20  (4)
surprised no one is talking about doobs in all this    07/15/20  (6)
Who the fuck is “Popehat?” Some Gen-X biglaw bootlicker?    07/15/20  (4)
So PauliePorsche is PP confirmed to be the doxxer?    07/15/20  (33)
TSINAH's couch spotted in central america    07/15/20  (4)
is the tv show fleabag worth watching?    07/15/20  (7)
Any "social safety net" proponents post here?    07/15/20  (40)
*Prince Philip browsing Autoadmit* GHASTLY    07/15/20  (4)
go balls deep long market tomorrow on 6.15.2020    07/15/20  (50)
Pussy is retarded    07/15/20  (3)
everyone's poasting all moderate and intellectual now they think cnn's here lmao    07/15/20  (23)
what do you guys use for moisturizer and do u use tretinoin    07/15/20  (3)
Just got off a deployment bridge    07/15/20  (1)
people Charles could sue for defamation    07/15/20  (11)
Rach, long time elite poaster here, can you make search work for me TY    07/15/20  (98)
Trump should Pardon everyone before he goes    07/15/20  (5)
Utah Jizz: most ridiculous sports drink ever?    07/15/20  (2)
Utah “Jazz”: most ridiculous sports name ever?    07/15/20  (36)
Rach, can I search and be a mod? TT6    07/15/20  (1)
Lib journo provides context re black crime rates!    07/15/20  (14)
Want: 1970-76 FJ40 Land Cruiser. Talk me out of it    07/15/20  (2)
Dirte et. al.: $20 if you have a hunting/fishing license    07/15/20  (1)
It just hit me: MarioMaserati = obeezy    07/15/20  (1)
PP posts from 2014 about being ugly and short    07/15/20  (3)
REMINDER: Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.    07/15/20  (1)
Christianity is clearly not working for the vast majority of believers    07/15/20  (58)
REMINDER: There are doors in the walls of the world.    07/15/20  (1)
"6 inches for the holy spirit!" a poppered up c12 joked wrist deep in tucker    07/15/20  (1)
REMINDER: Life is a mystery and love is a delight.    07/15/20  (1)
CX11, My offer is still open, Mother-in-law is wide open    07/15/20  (16)
Last night's show proves Charles was the brains behind the show    07/15/20  (4)
I am the mod deleting NYUUG poasts, taking q's for 5 mins    07/15/20  (19)
HARSH TRUTH : Human Rights are a complete fabrication and never existed    07/15/20  (1)
Dinged a summer for being a Trumpmo    07/15/20  (190)
Jack Murphy wants to talk to CharlesXII    07/15/20  (9)
did I tell you some of my writing was featured on the news haha    07/15/20  (8)
Love xo, put all the self-serious talk about "free speech" = lulzy    07/15/20  (38)
someone who went to 2000-2010 xo “meetups” in NYC pls out nyuug    07/15/20  (10)
Libs hate free speech! *shitmods opposing opinions*    07/15/20  (16)
"LOL @ Lib safe spaces. Now please delete all nyuug threads pedo mods!"    07/15/20  (11)
Are Boll and Branch sheets flame?    07/15/20  (2)
Reminder: the right to free speech does not exist in the US    07/15/20  (32)
Pretty upset that none of my threads made it on news screenshots    07/15/20  (5)
would you let UPS BROWN guy from India to set up your toilet for 50% off?    07/15/20  (7)
what is "structural racism"    07/15/20  (39)
do you know guys who maed it despite insurmountable odds?    07/15/20  (32)
FINALLY deciding to look into crypto, any tips/sources?    07/15/20  (7)
ppl need to stop getting riled up by fox news and chill on the CHASZ    07/15/20  (2)
America is total shit now    07/15/20  (27)
The Lincoln Project is completely POZZED. Rate this tweet.    07/15/20  (3)
Remember when a homeless retard ran in front of self driving car and scared prog    07/15/20  (4)
Luis we're headed up to Humboldt Redwoods S.P. for 4 days. Any reccs?    07/15/20  (23)
the board is getting fucking SHITMODDED like crazy. check the garbage board    07/15/20  (65)
Women ruin most group chats    07/15/20  (4)
Now South Korea is cracking - 245 new cases today    07/15/20  (17)
Do high IQ blacks breed with other blacks?    07/15/20  (10)
TRUMPMOS: "We support free speech, except for Dr. Fauci, he needs to shut up!"    07/15/20  (1)
Did that dead chick from Glee make it?    07/15/20  (3)
We joked about this, but XO may very well become the last haven of free speech    07/15/20  (7)
Can nyuug please stop spamming the board EVERY FUCKING DAY?    07/15/20  (21)
Shitlibs, what viral loads do you have for Americans in 2020?    07/15/20  (24)
How bad will the economy be in 2020?    07/15/20  (7)
Why is NYUUG getting modded so much? It doesn’t seem like he’s breaking the    07/15/20  (55)
Tv show idea: Dr. Acula    07/15/20  (6)
Where is all this violence against women Biden promised us?    07/15/20  (2)
Possibly dumb question: why no laws against angry mobs harassing random cars?    07/15/20  (17)
Yanny Pia! Here I blow again! My my, how can I just rim you?    07/15/20  (1)
REMINDER: this is what libs want your neighborhood to look like in 20 years:    07/15/20  (1)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    07/15/20  (50)
why'd my brain chemcials turn out so faggy    07/15/20  (4)
I’ll never be a real Christian    07/15/20  (2)
Jerry Reed - Amos Moses.mp3    07/15/20  (1)
So I’m watching this documentary on drugs in Kenya and I see hi speed trains    07/15/20  (10)
TRUMP'S ICE BANS all international students from taking online courses in US    07/15/20  (4)
CNN EXCLUSIVE: Oregon white supremacist Dinesh "Frank Lloyd Wrong" Gupta posted    07/15/20  (15)
German politician raped by 3 migrants said it was by whitey    07/15/20  (17)
In The Purge The Movie, why does everyone wear a mask?    07/15/20  (14)
when will we lead a violent revolution to cleanse our nation of the unclean?    07/15/20  (4)
Steve Susman is dead    07/15/20  (9)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 NIGGER 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    07/15/20  (16)
Food for thought: Trump has to deal with the Charles crap every single day    07/15/20  (4)
Your IRL name posted on a screenshot of xo shown on worldwide media tp    07/15/20  (6)
the jet black Congo post isn't even that bad    07/15/20  (12)
Buck | beckersted | vonoskar    07/15/20  (1)
Reminder: XO was disparaged by literal TLS Oliver Darcy of CNN    07/15/20  (7)
*opens thread* *sees nyuug moniker* *closes thread*    07/15/20  (6)
anyone else here enjoy female-POV femdom porn?    07/15/20  (10)
I am afraid that I will be cancelled    07/15/20  (7)
Can someone bump or link the JET BLACK CONGO LASIK thread?    07/15/20  (1)
I found whok's 2005 novel excerpt, jfc    07/15/20  (39)
All these masks and medical debris and waste everywhere is just too much    07/15/20  (6)
tai lopez knocked some bitch up    07/15/20  (1)
Heartbroken if PP was the guy that outed C12    07/15/20  (10)
rate this reddit comment    07/15/20  (3)
Lib crushed to death tearing down bronze Jefferson statue    07/15/20  (41)
Werner Herzog on a plane to Seoul to document nyuug's life    07/15/20  (48)
Ladies and Gentlemen. You heard it here first. The Civil War has begun.    07/15/20  (46)
How fucked is the US and when will it be unlivable?    07/15/20  (25)
reminder: pencil dick pumo/baby goldstein spammer threatened to murder poasters    07/15/20  (2)
elites should be sous vided to death    07/15/20  (3)
United States becoming a third world country?    07/15/20  (19)
xo won't exist 12 months from now    07/15/20  (49)
A day in the life of Donald Trump's America.    07/15/20  (210)
500 blank bump salute to Charles    07/15/20  (533)
doesn’t Paulie Porsche understand that we all know who he is?    07/15/20  (38)
Drudge shooting ropes over prospect of cities shutting down again, no school.    07/15/20  (12)
ITT: I name a poaster. You write their out-of-office reply.    07/15/20  (314)
board libs are fine w the insane deplatformings, bannings, explusions ?    07/15/20  (36)
HEYY!! Just find this board? it's a male nurse discussion board now. hth    07/15/20  (1)
I want total chaos communism    07/15/20  (186)
Swedish politician calls for Greta Thunberg statue to replace Charles XII statue    07/15/20  (30)
The Bloody Shovel/Spandrell guy's website returns an account suspended page:    07/15/20  (2)
CharlesXII, blogging a chapter-by-chapter readthrough of Christian Nation    07/15/20  (536)
even though i'd like to be 21 again, 21 year olds are fucking insufferable    07/15/20  (7)
vonoskar and other literary minds, come here    07/15/20  (7)
As Coronavirus kills millions, I bet we hear a lot less SJW bullshit    07/15/20  (12)
Captain Barf new poast: Good-Bye and Good Riddance, Sleepy Jeff    07/15/20  (6)
Irwin R. Schyster's top 10 tax tips    07/15/20  (2)
Important reminder: unlike you, nyuug is basically cancel-proof    07/15/20  (10)
ITT: we reminisce about our first gay experiences    07/15/20  (3)

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