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Tech shrew makes $6M in IPO, writes indulgent guilt-ridden screed    04/14/21  (84)
single greatest mistake made by US was refusal to take over world post-WW2    04/14/21  (39)
Confessions of Big Law's burned-out associates [Business Insider]    04/14/21  (11)
"Justice Kagan? Your seat is over there. Oh sorry, it's you Mr. RSF"    04/14/21  (28)
why is america the only country that's been able to make a non sps vaccine?    04/14/21  (1)
A GIANT WAD of JIZZ sitting in my wife's BRUISED, TORN CUNT    04/14/21  (5)
And you say he pulled yr family out of the FEMA camps? & he went by "Gay Grandpa    04/14/21  (2)
Anyone here attend a top private high school?    04/14/21  (125)
Do you pronounce it "SH-edule" (wrong) or "SK-edule" (correct)?    04/14/21  (2)
Visiting Florida from dem states now is like visiting the West from Soviet Block    04/14/21  (35)
New Financial Crimes Legislation "Very Anti-Semitic" (ADL)    04/14/21  (2)
Korn, Kid Rock, and Limp Bizkit announce new 2021 “9/11 Never Happened” tour    04/14/21  (4)
*adjusts yarmulke*"pause the fuck meter svetlana someone online called me a jew"    04/14/21  (3)
🎈 New twist in our shiteconomy: rubber shortages coming 🎈    04/14/21  (3)
Gatormo+Exeunt SOL conspiracy theory ITT:    04/14/21  (55)
Al-za-bo, zaaa-booooh. Al-za-bo, zaa-booooh    04/14/21  (9)
i have over $100 million riding on the coinbase IPO    04/14/21  (88)
March of the Winkies playing on repeat in dusty Kamala Potemkin condo    04/14/21  (2)
Elvis impersonators are banned under Biden's FedGov?    04/14/21  (2)
GOY's first child with GJR will be a magnificent specimen of vitality and vigor    04/14/21  (2)
Korn is starting to get really big with Gen Z    04/14/21  (3)
Project Veritas guy trolls CNN staffer he met on Tinder    04/14/21  (12)
River Monsters was the most 180 tv show of all time.    04/14/21  (3)
*george20 trembling with rage after watching all of inside llewyn davis*    04/14/21  (3)
*Ricky tp opening bat cage in subway* New Thread: Awful day for my enemies    04/14/21  (4)
Buying a Miata cr?    04/14/21  (16)
Ricky is 180    04/14/21  (8)
The People's History of Diaper Island    04/14/21  (20)
alazabo only allowed to blank bump during daylight EST hours?    04/14/21  (3)
whok, why not just adopt?    04/14/21  (1)
goddamn this place is slow at night    04/14/21  (12)
u used to come upon j shad in the early morning hours like a deer in a meadow    04/14/21  (8)
There going to be a phase when vaccine side-effects will be blamed on "new virus    04/14/21  (5)
The weird shit you stumble upon on Twitter    04/14/21  (2)
His coconut gun can fire in spurts    04/14/21  (1)
buying a Wimpy Burger franchise instead of crypto, credited?    04/14/21  (2)
Boomer media in the 90's called condoms 'jimmy hats' to appeal to youngs    04/14/21  (2)
Robo dog showing up to remind ur kid to go to mandatory CRT seminar    04/14/21  (13)
☠ Did Dr. Greger kill :D? ☠    04/14/21  (2)
The whole Tucker monologue tonight was really powerful & important    04/14/21  (49)
RSF now claiming that he was never caught with alts. LJL    04/14/21  (88)
I judge my friends’ success almost exclusively on how hot their wives are    04/14/21  (2)
rate this photo of RobertHalford TP    04/14/21  (15)
"There have been more __________, than have died from J&J bloodclots"    04/14/21  (2)
18 yo "Ginger Assassin" Andy Neuer picks up 7-10 split on Live TV    04/14/21  (11)
I've been posting for ~20 years.    04/14/21  (34)
pretty wild how people just forgot that kasich directed that smack my bitch up v    04/14/21  (3)
Somebody said a funny cop joke about "Giving them the Baltimore Business"    04/14/21  (5)
Crazy Joe Davola and Kenny Bania were both TRUMP voters    04/14/21  (3)
anyone else here hate fob asians?    04/14/21  (8)
George Floyd’s girlfriend was Daunte Wight’s former teacher    04/14/21  (9)
dear god I have to get the fuck out of this nation    04/14/21  (1)
Biz Idea (For Real): Dissolvable coffee sweetener packets    04/14/21  (7)
hi, I'm looking for a boyfriend    04/14/21  (1)
Robo-labradoodle brutally mauled by robo-pitbull, programmer blamed    04/14/21  (4)
In terms of utility/prestige, what are the T6 animal pelts and skins?    04/14/21  (3)
Rocco Siffredi believed to have fathered over 40 children    04/14/21  (2)
This world is but a future simulation of even more future simulations    04/14/21  (1)
Is there any way I can still buy coin base futures with vpn?    04/14/21  (3)
mixed-race women writing 18,000 word op-eds about Chet Hanks and 'white boy summ    04/14/21  (2)
"Yeah, it's basically Wilder + Ishiguro + Beckett but w/ pretzels and some homoe    04/14/21  (4)
Allred, Maroko & Goldberg's $56M sexual harassment win, how likely to prevail?    04/14/21  (1)
I should buy this SOL dip, right?    04/14/21  (26)
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Alex Jones 2024 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ    04/14/21  (3)
Predict the next TURN of events in the VIRUS/VACCINE storyline    04/14/21  (21)
Is a trip to Mexico City cr    04/14/21  (88)
Bomb robo-dog detonates mystery package, traumatizing dozens of onlookers (AP)    04/14/21  (1)
does skylar from breaking bad ever get a fucking job or hobby or anything?    04/14/21  (11)
The Virus is coming from inside the Bat    04/14/21  (1)
Military nigger resists arrest and files suit against white cops (video)    04/14/21  (57)
rate this sickened white minnesotan achieving religious ecstasy at a BLM riot    04/14/21  (27)
'you're grandchildren will be brown and gay...'    04/14/21  (1)
backspace, please offer tips for umc wagecucks to organize their moral life    04/14/21  (10)
So Soros just buys DA spots for his henchmen and then watches chaos on TV?    04/14/21  (16)
Summon: Idiots    04/14/21  (23)
War with Ukraine inches closer. Russia deploys first fighter units west.    04/14/21  (62)
This pretzel is some serious next level stuff    04/14/21  (7)
Everything about the pandemic has made no rational sense from day 1, yet a consi    04/14/21  (17)
slav women are all vile - id sooner fuck an oil-black nose-bone african girl    04/14/21  (21)
The meaning behind Chinese word Baizuo is very apt.    04/14/21  (4)
Kamala just sold both of her apartments. She knows something.    04/14/21  (4)
we will liberate Russia so they can smoke weed and have gay sex    04/14/21  (1)
Gore Vidal calls for 'alliance of northern peoples' (US, EU, RUS)    04/14/21  (9)
Multimillionaire London hotel mogul Sir Richard Sutton stabbed to death    04/14/21  (8)
imo russia has bounced back from soviet era. gives me hope for US    04/14/21  (2)
US needs a new party with a clear and winning message, and so it should be    04/14/21  (2)
Hitler had a "don't talk to me before my coffee" sign in his bunker (link)    04/14/21  (10)
cowgood? cowbad? discuss.    04/14/21  (4)
Remember when everyone would clap and cheer for healthcare people    04/14/21  (1)
j shat    04/14/21  (1)
RATE this pic of Fauci by the pool in a swimsuit (link)    04/14/21  (5)
Montgomery HS in NJ has an average SAT score of 1320.    04/14/21  (46)
MLB Major League Biglaw    04/14/21  (1)
What biglaw practice group should I try to join.    04/14/21  (18)
Ukraine declared war on Russia, and top news is George Floyd.    04/14/21  (66)
Taking questions about anything (xoxobeggardood)    04/14/21  (1)
"Ukraine" isn't even a real country    04/14/21  (17)
Biden assures public vaccine is still safe (video)    04/14/21  (19)
we're doing hands across america again but on zoom this time    04/14/21  (1)
What’s worth seeing in Grand Teton?    04/14/21  (11)
"You ever fuck an 18 year old black bitch" - Vice | Balls Deep    04/14/21  (1)
"Just like that?" 'Yeah, just like that. I'm on the bort, messing around w/    04/14/21  (15)
"Dr. Faucet would've wanted this" you say as you turn off your own hot water    04/14/21  (5)
Wow great thread    04/14/21  (1)
πŸ–•    04/14/21  (28)
hold on hun, I gotta put a third dildo up my aggrieved pumo anus, can u help?    04/14/21  (2)
one sec babe, they're posting 'quirky' shit that's neither funny nor interesting    04/14/21  (1)
The day goes out, my eyes are born anew. The dew of evening rests where I pout    04/14/21  (2)
*    04/14/21  (2)
historical xo npc taking a few questions    04/14/21  (63)
Ricky tp affixing 17th exotic hat in the mirror: "Horrible day for my enemies"    04/14/21  (3)
Cowgod laugh factory exit scam gamecube elsa spiderman vaccine    04/14/21  (4)
It's how I felt all along, check it & see. These are what my opinions mean to me    04/14/21  (3)
Woman: Friendship ended with MAN, now GIANT SQUID is my best friend    04/14/21  (5)
1 of my favorite law memories is watching a partner vivisect a snail @ his desk    04/14/21  (3)
Sick of NYC but hate FL. Where to move?    04/14/21  (89)
"Hey Prometheus, this one's for you" *underhand tosses u copy of the Summa Theol    04/14/21  (1)
That snail sure is fast. You don't typically expect a snail to have speed like t    04/14/21  (2)
No one understands that Chinamen will steal our WFH sinecures    04/14/21  (37)
old "beasts" flash video    04/14/21  (2)
Max Headroom presents: ForeverWar 20xx by Hologram President    04/14/21  (2)
Kramer Laugh Factory rant revisited 4/13/2021    04/14/21  (9)
If BTC reaches 100k, I shall quit my law shitjerb.    04/14/21  (2)
gromjoh do you think we'll ever be punished for what we stole    04/14/21  (10)
There was a major Disney motion picture about a fast snail    04/14/21  (7)
If I have to get the jab, I'm getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine    04/14/21  (51)
hobbes was right lol    04/14/21  (10)
acid rain, ozone hole, global warming, new ice age, ocean deoxygenation    04/14/21  (2)
scholarship tp standing in his corduroy overalls in ur study as u sternly lectur    04/14/21  (3)
POLL: Should I renounce my US citizenship to participate in crypto ICOs?    04/14/21  (3)
Falkland Islands are the last white holdout    04/14/21  (4)
are all the characters on breaking bad supposed to be dumb, flat stereotypes    04/14/21  (3)
Shrew hates mayonnaise but loves anything with aioli    04/14/21  (3)
Hot mic reveals Biden explaining "The Spaghetti Incident" at WH presser (link    04/14/21  (2)
Thersites: i was pretty distressed about peak oil and its implications . . .    04/14/21  (2)
How did the CIA get that many white bros to chant Jews will not replace us    04/14/21  (5)
US Military actually has the "UFO" cloaking technology.    04/14/21  (11)
full transcript of Tucker's 4/12/2021 monologue    04/14/21  (27)
J&J Vax Halted    04/14/21  (129)
I've got a kike I can ride her when I like she's got a nose and some hair and th    04/14/21  (1)
Choose the next Coinlist ICO sale    04/14/21  (5)
Steak-umms EVISCERATES science in tweetstorm    04/14/21  (83)
FREE MONEY: "How many charges will Chauvin be convicted of?" (prediction market)    04/14/21  (5)
You have no idea... There are probably 2 or 3 glowies per poaster here    04/14/21  (16)
Oh I’m afraid the Kraken will be quite operational when the libs arrive    04/14/21  (18)
Sex with strange woman is not very appealing after a certain point    04/14/21  (9)
Oh, I’m afraid the Steak-umms mystery meat will be quite operational when your    04/14/21  (3)

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