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*Lawman8 and I robbing bank in drag as "Neutron Dance" (Pointer Sisters) plays*    07/07/20  (1)
a source familiar with his drinking    07/07/20  (1)
America can't afford democracy or the current system anymore    07/07/20  (1)
mudd-pilled    07/07/20  (1)
Hasn’t it been two weeks since the spike in cases? Where are we on this libs?    07/07/20  (15)
when was the last time the military protected the american people's interests?    07/07/20  (2)
Life Advice (Episode 1): Relationship/sex advice for married dudes (CSLG)    07/07/20  (53)
how the fuck did warren buffett make his money    07/07/20  (32)
Harry looks like a beaten man. Totally pathetic    07/07/20  (7)
so are america's big cities going to just fall apart?    07/07/20  (7)
Rate 40 year old Olivia Munn in a bikini    07/07/20  (15)
dead eyed chick who's been on birth control getting a dead tree tattoo    07/07/20  (7)
Hld me now, Im 6 ft from the edge and im thinkn. Maybe 6 mil, ain’t real at al    07/07/20  (2)
Anyone tried a "dopamine fast"?    07/07/20  (19)
New York City's recent descent into Absolute Third World Shit Hole is stunning    07/07/20  (88)
Jocko Willink writes rec letter, gets Asian guy into Harvard Med    07/07/20  (1)
Interesting in moving entire family down to Florida - considering Loxahatchee    07/07/20  (30)
Seems prole white areas being taken over by Hispanics; UMC white areas by Asians    07/07/20  (2)
If WFH becomes the new normal, birth rates will plummet even farther    07/07/20  (26)
lions = jock douchebags. tigers: philosophical warrior-poets    07/07/20  (2)
muffins    07/07/20  (5)
2021 could be 180 if we get spring CFB + fall CFB    07/07/20  (1)
Erin Weinstein gapes DNC primary process    07/07/20  (1)
Chicagomos, when will pensions/prop tax and violence become unbearable?    07/07/20  (1)
the Maoist Pilot Amputee    07/07/20  (4)
Has NY reached herd immunity?    07/07/20  (16)
Amy Cooper charged w filing false police report for 911call against Black birder    07/07/20  (107)
Boart Olds: does time feel like it keeps accelerating, or does it seem to slow d    07/07/20  (3)
$1 million, but you have to read 20 Upset Jew threads/day for rest of your life    07/07/20  (76)
List of things the Extreme Right and Extreme Left agree on:    07/07/20  (5)
Tammy Duckworth ONE | SHOT | KILLS Tucker Carlson (link)    07/07/20  (103)
Mueller sets Issac Aisimov’s Son Free After He Was Arrested On Child Porn    07/07/20  (19)
Upset Jew, why not infiltrate a BLM group and get them to hate Israel?    07/07/20  (2)
Tammy Duckworth: *survives heli crash* You: *propecia, xanax, addy, cialis daily    07/07/20  (1)
Indisputable that your father should have picked your career (and probably wife)    07/07/20  (1)
Well if America blew off my legs, I'd hate it, too.    07/07/20  (16)
XO Finance Masters: What are your thoughts on Buffett's recent energy play?    07/07/20  (1)
pick your side. DBG vs. UJtp    07/07/20  (5)
Will Duckworth receive majority of coveted amputee vote?    07/07/20  (3)
Palestinians to US Blacks: "You haven't blown anything up yet? For real? lmao!"    07/07/20  (1)
boltzmann brain with no body at all here. have we considered white slavery?    07/07/20  (1)
Low numbers throughouta Chink-a and other chink-like countries could be due to    07/07/20  (5)
why am i totally incapable of trusting women    07/07/20  (4)
double eye-patch and amputee vet here, bros. we need to bring democracy to Iran.    07/07/20  (1)
*Peterman casually pulling cig* "COVID is like the 24th worst disease I've had."    07/07/20  (1)
Fauci: By winter we will hopefully know if a vaccine might work    07/07/20  (25)
Tucker getting fucking mauled for saying Tammy Duckworth hates America    07/07/20  (49)
Libs surveing smoldering, ruined America: "Well, we did it."    07/07/20  (313)
Hillary spent August 16 in Hamptons. Biden to spend August 20 in the basement    07/07/20  (1)
"Mr. Peterman, we don't do COVID tests that way. PLEASE stop asking."    07/07/20  (1)
"legless, armless vet here, guys. nothing is more 'American' the BLM and amnesty    07/07/20  (4)
What policy planks could Tucker adopt to peel off some Dems?    07/07/20  (32)
“We’ll be living with masks for years”: Johns Hopkins    07/07/20  (25)
BLM wants to remove statues......Russian billionaire wants to buy them    07/07/20  (3)
Duckworth rolling around Congress chanting “I have no legs, I have no legs”    07/07/20  (11)
U guys notice luis recent posts have been racially charged    07/07/20  (7)
My partner and i got the new uretheral covid test and he tested positive    07/07/20  (1)
Nude Luis in the back shootin craps yall whatsup. Throw yo hands in the sky    07/07/20  (1)
what will cause usd to lose reserve currency status    07/07/20  (4)
gladiator had a fatal flaw    07/07/20  (11)
Dumber, more retarded advisor: Valerie Jarrett or Kush    07/07/20  (1)
Woman Respecter in Chief    07/07/20  (2)
How can we find the fountain of youth for boomers in lockdown?    07/07/20  (1)
If we reset credit scores to 800 for all blacks how long would it take to go dow    07/07/20  (2)
Trumpmo attacks black girl in front of her boyfriend, regrets it    07/07/20  (15)
Tammy Duckworth's PhD is from Capella University    07/07/20  (11)
"academic rigor, I guess"u reply to question about turn ons, stroke whiskey glas    07/07/20  (1)
America. Put shit in, you get shit out.    07/07/20  (2)
⚠ ATL mayor in ICU w/COVID - fraudvirumos BTFO⚠    07/07/20  (14)
lol @ constant lib drumbeat: "this issue is a political loser & will hurt trump"    07/07/20  (17)
NYT: banks need to cancel debts of all blacks (link)    07/07/20  (6)
I've seen much of the rest of the world. It is cruel and dark. MFH is the light.    07/07/20  (2)
White lib friends messaging me privately about BLM and blacks    07/07/20  (34)
Gay Sex is the future and I'll explain why    07/07/20  (1)
Best way to piss off lib “women” esp who don’t wear bras. Stare at chest    07/07/20  (1)
libs are getting insaner by the day    07/07/20  (3)
perhaps the ham styles are simply different, north atlantid brilliantly opined    07/07/20  (5)
WR DeSean Jackson: Fuck Kikes and Hitler did nothing wrong    07/07/20  (15)
Everything in the world is fraud now except guns, gold, family    07/07/20  (4)
'Scientists' RETRACT their own paper because it was used by 'racists' (DM)    07/07/20  (3)
this place is full of some of the biggest pussies imaginable    07/07/20  (7)
Is there any point to life if you’re not motivated by sex?    07/07/20  (2)
Trump is a blown, buffoon idiot but vote for him anyway, Dems want to murder you    07/07/20  (2)
Don Lemon EVISCERATES Terry Crews on BLM (link)    07/07/20  (5)
MLB will change name to "Baseball League, Major" for 2020 season    07/07/20  (6)
"Hello flight 414, New York to Honolulu. This is your pilot Tammy Duckworth."    07/07/20  (1)
The Atlantic asks, "Do Americans know how badly they're doing?"    07/07/20  (12)
Tammy Duckworth yelling BANGARANG as she rolls down the plank @ Tucker    07/07/20  (2)
imagine "fighting" in iraq then calling for the destruction of mount rushmore    07/07/20  (4)
*posts picture of flag* "I bet this won't get even one share on Facebook!"    07/07/20  (8)
Larry King farting uncontrollably as he busts a nut in your shrew gf    07/07/20  (35)
interesting Douthat column today on protestant roots of social justice politics    07/07/20  (1)
Protesters: "Black Lives Matter!" Black Fathers: "Lmao"    07/07/20  (1)
This “contact tracing” shit is straight out of a Maoist/Stasi nightmare    07/07/20  (14)
OH Malk! You rike a watch Hamirton? I make a dumpring..suck youl cock?    07/07/20  (1)
Ellen Pao: Sex trafficking is NBD, but incels get the rope    07/07/20  (12)
BIGLAW bros serious life balance questions    07/07/20  (34)
Desperately want to film a white woman being insane    07/07/20  (2)
i feel like not going to college should become cool again    07/07/20  (1)
heh, this 1 guy rolling on the floor cancels out 6,000 nig murders this week!    07/07/20  (1)
Tinder 5: "So what are ur interests?" You: "Globohomo." *silent stare*    07/07/20  (1)
conservatard here: just finished book on Daniel Patrick Moynihan    07/07/20  (8)
Mortgage bros, rate my refinance plans    07/07/20  (6)
*Ghislaine Maxwell tit pops out in court* "Oh, my gosh! I didn't mean to do that    07/07/20  (2)
Straight Guys: You cannot unsuck a dick    07/07/20  (16)
"I didn't go to Iraq so we could all sit around and respect our Founding Fathers    07/07/20  (1)
How rich men used to dress vs how they dress now:    07/07/20  (15)
who remembers women on omeagle flashing their tits?    07/07/20  (5)
I know a 38 yo man so terrified of Covid he doesn't want to leave his house    07/07/20  (36)
Trump: "My Miss Universe contestants had the best legs...Tammy? I dunno"    07/07/20  (1)
ITT: poast the funniest racist “jokes” you know    07/07/20  (79)
Republicans have just given up on Trump, are doing their own thing    07/07/20  (3)
Reminder: the United States has nothing to be ashamed of    07/07/20  (176)
benedict arnold loved america. he was a VETERAN. (libs)    07/07/20  (2)
a muscle in my forearm hasnt healed for over a month, this is bullshit    07/07/20  (1)
*Trump rolling around on stage* "I'm Tammy Duckworth!"    07/07/20  (1)
This place is so fucking gay.    07/07/20  (15)
are "oled" tvs a scam?    07/07/20  (54)
Foreign born azn girl Senator calls for tearing down GW statues    07/07/20  (29)
If Ghislaine Maxwell grew her hair out she’d get a lot more sympathy    07/07/20  (1)
a side by side comparison of XO Vanilla and XO NightMode    07/07/20  (17)
At least 84 Texas state prisoners have died after contracting the coronavirus    07/07/20  (7)
biglaw the "moderate" view is to blow up Mt Rushmore?    07/07/20  (1)
"This! Oh so much this!" (Dupa orgasming from ice cream sandwich)    07/07/20  (4)
Have you ever realized that everyone thinks your a weirdo?    07/07/20  (24)
Any "social safety net" proponents post here?    07/07/20  (2)
Black Football Player Getting Canceled For Calling Out The Jew    07/07/20  (5)
BLM Toronto leader: "Whites are subhuman"    07/07/20  (22)
I'm sorry. Hamilton sucks    07/07/20  (52)
any point in joining a church at all for an esoteric?    07/07/20  (33)
my parents met each other at their local Buc-ee’s    07/07/20  (1)
Biden VP selection team: "A legless female POC? You can't make this shit up!"    07/07/20  (1)
Rich libs shot at by trailer trash Trumpmo neighbors    07/07/20  (8)
saw Hamilton last night. no one actually likes this, right?    07/07/20  (8)
put all of these asian in barbed-wire camps. they are hostile aliens.    07/07/20  (2)
NYT: New York beaches open up, Black dads can safely bring their families    07/07/20  (2)
the AL>NL. sorry shitlibs    07/07/20  (5)
just found out my wife’s “body count”    07/07/20  (1)
US: 2,897,000 cases; 130,000 det = 4.5% CFR. Fraudvirusmos explain.    07/07/20  (34)
Armed African American militia forms, goes to Stone Mountain    07/07/20  (4)
FIVE people murdered 2 deth Monday night in Chicago #BlackLivesMatter    07/07/20  (1)
this board is crawling with noodle-slurping seditious slopes    07/07/20  (1)
Any XO Chicagoans fleeing the city soon? The violence is everywhere now    07/07/20  (23)
heard obtusity    07/07/20  (1)
Boom, what are your latest thoughts on fraud?    07/07/20  (12)
Rsf sloppy drunk, pounding on the door of his brother's old room "COME BACK"    07/07/20  (10)
Israel successfully orbit Ofeq-16 spy sat    07/07/20  (1)
How can fat and blubberous DrakeMallard be so thinskinned?    07/07/20  (1)
How much $ are we saving now that Trump cut all this spending and foreign aid    07/07/20  (6)
Can a “lawyer” explain to me how publicly doxxing people is “legal”    07/07/20  (26)

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