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STICKY: Big changes   07/14/20  (305)
So Delta Airlines profit is down 8 percent-isn't that not bad considering COVID?    07/14/20  (3)
I hope Tucker invited Charles fishing.    07/14/20  (1)
Mom, 24, shot dead after telling Black Lives Matter protesters "all lives matter    07/14/20  (28)
Virus still killing hundreds of people a day in NYC    07/14/20  (6)
imagine what charles' return to the board will be like    07/14/20  (6)
New Tucker writer Jake Beff starting immediately after fishing trip    07/14/20  (5)
Curse words that got onto FM rock radio regularly:    07/14/20  (9)
"School buses will be no different than the trains that brought jews to Auschwit    07/14/20  (4)
here's an easy test to see if you're an NPC    07/14/20  (2)
Heroic Ohio NOMASKMO throws down hard because FUCK COVID! (pics)    07/14/20  (29)
dump any info you have on GoodBoi77778/Tempoman/...,,.,,,,
   07/14/20  (14)
"And what did you learn in school today Kaelynn?" "Whites are evil mommy"    07/14/20  (1)
Let's be for each other...why the hate ?    07/14/20  (5)
If you practice decent OpSec, the chances of being outed are effectively zero    07/14/20  (54)
What IQ score is necessary to believe Tucker is going on a long-planned fishing    07/14/20  (12)
US students "grade level" scores are going to CLIFF DIVE    07/14/20  (2)
have been terrible about maintaining irl friendships in my mid 30s lmao    07/14/20  (43)
Did Oliver Darcy (CNN reporter) talk shit about the Sinaloa cartel?    07/14/20  (17)
people are going to be pissed if school is cancelled    07/14/20  (15)
Can't drive at night anymore because oncoming headlights blind me wtf    07/14/20  (21)
Anyways guys, gotta go fly fishing *briefcase full of Daily Caller resumes falls    07/14/20  (5)
What is Rachmiel's current xo email? I need to reach him--    07/14/20  (7)
Went on a vacation with a girl I met on tinder 2 weeks ago. Taking qs    07/14/20  (161)
can someone share rach's email w me? i want to bother him with my annoying bs.    07/14/20  (2)
Charles consider clerking in the USVI    07/14/20  (2)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    07/14/20  (53)
doesn't anyone want to go back to normal life    07/14/20  (1)
Has someone sent spaceporn’s racist posts to his employer and the VA Bar yet?    07/14/20  (13)
Biggest reason for the cucking of the white race is Jews    07/14/20  (13)
School just announced ONLINE ONLY for fall semester    07/14/20  (30)
to retards: tucker's handling of charles was a solid 174    07/14/20  (108)
Hopefully Tucker’s shame for abandoning his friend bothers him this vacation    07/14/20  (1)
If you think a guy is racist and bad for America and then his head writer is    07/14/20  (1)
Height, height never changes.    07/14/20  (2)
When will they let us see the George Floyd police bodycam?    07/14/20  (2)
"Hush now," Tucker says, stroking Chuck's hair as the vet readies the syringe    07/14/20  (7)
Anti-Henry Aaron/DM/other Trumpmos spammer awfully quiet since Rach came back    07/14/20  (1)
*chuck casts fishing line* *tucker points gun 2 back of his head, tears streamin    07/14/20  (4)
The perfect Asian -- Grant Imahara dead at 49 from brain aneurysm    07/14/20  (2)
The female Jussie in Madison, WI    07/14/20  (92)
Rob Halford detained for suspicious bulge in mesh shorts: "It's just a clock!!!"    07/14/20  (19)
I'm Charles the Twelfth I am I am Charles the Twelfth I am I got married to the    07/14/20  (3)
Why are Mexicans and most hispanics so fucking ugly? short and stocky    07/14/20  (3)
being 5'3'' destroys a mans mind    07/14/20  (6)
I would have paid Alisyn Camerota to call me "sooo disgusting and vile"    07/14/20  (5)
ITT: a medal of Charles XII    07/14/20  (1)
Trout fishing season starts today, Tuesday, July 14    07/14/20  (2)
Biden: we can keep the filibuster unless republicans become obstreperous    07/14/20  (2)
I need the scholarship, gimme the scholarship! *industrial metal riff*    07/14/20  (3)
Odessa closing. Nyuug never needs to comeback to mfh    07/14/20  (1)
Tucker Carlson is "on Vacation"    07/14/20  (5)
So did Tucker stand on principles or what    07/14/20  (2)
Fascism in the USA    07/14/20  (2)
So my sex videos got 3,000 views in a few hours cuz of CNN (tt6)    07/14/20  (25)
BLM trolling Facebook of young Indiana mom that BLM murdered:    07/14/20  (1)
Just found out my last girlfriend (black girl) got a positive HIV test    07/14/20  (6)
Tucker clip talking about Chuck    07/14/20  (125)
How much Outback can one man eat? Today I found out.    07/14/20  (120)
America is a simple demonic math problem    07/14/20  (1)
ITT: i rate you as a character from laguna beach    07/14/20  (21)
Just want to put in the record that "scholarship" is a hive of more than 300 com    07/14/20  (1)
Lockdown, purge riot, lockdown, purge riot, lockdown, purge riot, chinese invasi    07/14/20  (1)
James Harden's entire career is a fraud.    07/14/20  (13)
Rach should put up a sticky explaining this site    07/14/20  (118)
Last night the President of the United States saw Tucker disavow our law board    07/14/20  (1)
WaPo: Texas Rangers were violent agents of white supremacy & name must change    07/14/20  (33)
The CNN article on Charles should be taught in J Schools    07/14/20  (115)
Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites    07/14/20  (12)
1/3 of US Covid tests sourced from Russia as Covid becomes export success story.    07/14/20  (6)
CSLG has been awfully quiet this week    07/14/20  (5)
This UFC Fight On International Waters Is Sponsored By Admiralty Law: I'm Gay    07/14/20  (1)
Shout, shout, let it all out, These are the things I can do without    07/14/20  (9)
Just got offered another free sofa. Not flame    07/14/20  (1)
Your future wife: holds the eggs of yours future children in her ovaries    07/14/20  (2)
Your future wife: planning the perfect wedding Full of lifetime memories    07/14/20  (2)
Rudolph, out of retirement for 30 minutes before retiring for GOOD. Once and for    07/14/20  (27)
grant imahara committed suicide after he saw tucker ditch chuck last night    07/14/20  (1)
So 'The Firm' takes place in Memphis (70% black), but 95% of cast is white?    07/14/20  (3)
Your future wife: shopping online for a special wedding night lingerie    07/14/20  (1)
oliver darcy getting a single tear tattooed under his eye    07/14/20  (3)
is this video really of spaceporn or is it CSLG?    07/14/20  (4)
Just put on my pink sparkly undies. (CSLG)    07/14/20  (33)
🚢 all 🦍's back 2 🌍    07/14/20  (28)
"Fishing trip" was a cover. Tucker has LASIK booked w/ Dr. Jafari Ogunbaleye    07/14/20  (19)
500 blank bump salute to Charles    07/14/20  (524)
GIVE ME THE MUSIC    07/14/20  (3)
AMAZING side effect of this whole fiasco. No more shitty CSLG threads.    07/14/20  (23)
finn from the sopranos looks like the guy from The Verve    07/14/20  (1)
The problem with modern art is that it looks EXHAUSTED    07/14/20  (2)
what do toupeemos do when it’s windy    07/14/20  (1)
so is Trump gonna try to win this thing or nah?    07/14/20  (3)
can't compete with his ratings? get some dirt on someone who works under him    07/14/20  (1)
video of oliver darcy walking through a museum on a middle school field trip (li    07/14/20  (1)
I hope Darcy gets gangraped by a pack of niggers with AIDS    07/14/20  (3)
prob just me and oliver hanging here rn    07/14/20  (1)
they didn't have to go this hard    07/14/20  (1)
charles trucking through VA dirt backroads listening to Sting after a three day    07/14/20  (1)
right back where we started from- maxine nightingale    07/14/20  (1)
Unpopular opinion: what Charles poasted was SICK and UNACCEPTABLE    07/14/20  (3)
crackas be all over this board, man    07/14/20  (2)
what do straights do for fun?    07/14/20  (26)
الموت لأمريكا almawt li'amrikana die american pigs    07/14/20  (32)
Real talk: *beady eyes narrow* might be the GOAT moniker    07/14/20  (13)
love living in morocco.    07/14/20  (14)
AOC defends rise in crime in NYC    07/14/20  (53)
Had a real, horrible personal tragedy in my family today and I just wish I could    07/14/20  (10)
Is there any way for a shitlaw litigator to make 6 figures abroad?    07/14/20  (2)
California charges young AZN bro with murder for self-defense shooting:    07/14/20  (3)
DTP taking questions on the whole 'Charles' thing (7/13/2020)    07/14/20  (42)
I still think it was fucking spaceporn, sicko pederast low IQ 🤡 fuck that he    07/14/20  (54)
PSA: don't EVER believe poasters who say they "rejected" Watchmen's advances    07/14/20  (12)
LJL at Dunkirk's portrayal of white Christian heroism triggering shitlibs    07/14/20  (24)
Lenny Kravitz - Again.mp3    07/14/20  (2)
Your future wife getting along famously with your 2nd cousin    07/14/20  (4)
The internet and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.    07/14/20  (8)
Jackson Hole is a place, not a person Mrs. Dooberstein. Why did your son tell yo    07/14/20  (3)
Mel Gibson is the coolest person who's ever lived    07/14/20  (5)
"Closeted homosexual Trump supporters face crises as their forum is attacked"    07/14/20  (2)
LJL at "men" who think that women are into jerks qua jerks    07/14/20  (7)
Last part of Tucker's statement was classic Charles    07/14/20  (9)
REMINDER: NeumannMorgenste, zeke morris and toronto unit are the GOAT poasters    07/14/20  (8)
REMINDER: Faith can move mountains    07/14/20  (2)
REMINDER: American women aren't the problem - you are    07/14/20  (2)
It's women's fault I need dating apps, not my proleface+sociopathy (xo po    07/14/20  (3)
How the fuck did that dude from War on Drugs top Lost in the Dream? Krysten Ritt    07/14/20  (13)
"Enter STIMman" by Metallicock (IFNB)    07/14/20  (25)
Take risks (CSLG)    07/14/20  (152)
"xo is gonna love this" thought CharlesXII before posting personal information    07/14/20  (1)
going to wine bars with other couples. mid 30s.    07/14/20  (1)
Tucker has no loyalty or honor. Dismissing Charles like that was pathetic    07/14/20  (15)
who coined the epithet "rage-filled cumskin dork"?    07/14/20  (30)
CSLG: "be your own boss, answer to no man!" *desperately deleting threads/posts*    07/14/20  (6)
Cindy Crawford should be ashamed of the way her 15 year old daughter dresses    07/14/20  (15)
Our termite future terrifies me. I've always hated robots. Besides, I was always    07/14/20  (15)
The Protestant Reformation and its consequences have been a disaster for    07/14/20  (3)
Anybody have a link to AK47’s lolsuit submission?    07/14/20  (5)
Donna Summer in 1977 - UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH    07/14/20  (8)
Chandler pls come back    07/14/20  (7)
The entire "modern" post-Christian world is a childish rebellion against God    07/14/20  (3)
Seeing rachmiel in real time is like living in Biblical times: reality heightens    07/14/20  (2)
Teddy Beckersted will you be my boyfriend?    07/14/20  (15)
Going to sleep. When i wake up im hoping its 1990 and im 6 again    07/14/20  (3)
Bayern Munich goalkeeper under fire for singing "You Are Beautiful"    07/14/20  (4)
Why did evan cut and run? He was the least outable poaster here    07/14/20  (5)
CX11, My offer is still open, Mother-in-law is wide open    07/14/20  (9)
George Floyd so the Redskins had to change their name (future history book)    07/14/20  (1)
Dropped the Trump part from my moniker. I give up on him for now    07/14/20  (33)
Libs surveing smoldering, ruined America: "Well, we did it."    07/14/20  (317)

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