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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
I hope evan39 is the one who gets to scream "ALL ABOARD" on the Trump trains    09/22/20  (19)
What is the maximum you would pay for a pocket knife?    09/22/20  (63)
People don't fuck around w insurance fraud. If Trump was doing that,    09/22/20  (1)
is this normal?    09/22/20  (1)
*Romney cracks Diet Slice* “Mittens, don’t be so hard on yourself”    09/22/20  (1)
Is Trump gonna be allowed to Tweet from prison?    09/22/20  (1)
Air Force Veteran confronts Biden on his wars, Trump Retweet    09/22/20  (7)
Once the election results are in, we’ll be amazed at how fast the convo shifts    09/22/20  (10)
dupa & other knifemos - what is the credited whetstone    09/22/20  (2)
MITTENS IS A YES!    09/22/20  (9)
what's spaceporns clique/phenotype    09/22/20  (6)
just baked a loaf of whole wheat sunflower and pumpkin seed bread (assfaggot)    09/22/20  (6)
Moving to the south need advice    09/22/20  (36)
View From Working On Top Of The Burj Khalifa    09/22/20  (1)
Trumpkins paint giant "Fuck DeBlasio" street mural in NYC    09/22/20  (4)
I can’t believe RBG died and we get another conservative on the Court    09/22/20  (4)
spaceporn is wlmas?    09/22/20  (1)
GOOD NEWS for President Donald J. Trump. He's tied in Iowa & Georgia today!!!    09/22/20  (7)
Why do certain Americans HATE soccer so much?    09/22/20  (96)
If you know Rudolphs’s IRL info, poast it. This faggot needs to be outed    09/22/20  (24)
Nobody thinks about sex more than Losers do.    09/22/20  (3)
my kid's school is a graveyard    09/22/20  (3)
Tropical Storm Beta would like to make landfall, if you're down for that    09/22/20  (76)
Biden slurs voter as "cornball brother" in latest heated incident    09/22/20  (8)
Would you date this girl?    09/22/20  (2)
What do you think would realistically happen if you acquired Bezos tier money?    09/22/20  (26)
who is the single most annoying billionaire?    09/22/20  (24)
DC people really are the worst    09/22/20  (27)
why aren't more shitlawyers murdered    09/22/20  (4)
Mike Fart heather brooke deepthroating a double quarter pounder    09/22/20  (1)
women ruined america for libs. hillary lost potus. ginsburg refused to retire    09/22/20  (15)
Describe impotent rage of future con law profs as they teach cases from 2020's    09/22/20  (2)
Is MacKenzie Bezos's OnlyFans worth it?    09/22/20  (1)
What is everyone's walk away number? At what $ can you just say "fuck it?"    09/22/20  (25)
Alito & Thomas should announce their retirements TODAY. Let's BURN THIS BITCH    09/22/20  (2)
Amy Barrett poasting rn    09/22/20  (2)
Would you marry Mackenzie Bezos or any 20 year old of your choosing?    09/22/20  (47)
Unskewed poll shows Biden up only 1    09/22/20  (11)
Nov. 4 Twitter will be packed with vids of libs shrieking in pain.    09/22/20  (5)
Can someone link to or describe a good post that MDH ever made?    09/22/20  (7)
Glenn Beck wants 650 MILLION IMMIGRANTS (link)    09/22/20  (7)
icloud hack: Kayleigh McEnany nudes leak. Her little ass is amazing (nsfw)    09/22/20  (15)
Drinks by Clique    09/22/20  (4)
interesting analysis of Clarence Thomas's political ideology    09/22/20  (29)
Crazy how short-sighted cons are re: stealing scotus picks    09/22/20  (85)
So of the colleges that did open, nobody died.    09/22/20  (15)
What Clique were you in in School    09/22/20  (51)
Here's how German high school students find out their future prospects- video    09/22/20  (76)
14 yo u to 34 yo u: FINISH THAT BOOK BEFORE YOU BUY ANOTHER ONE YOU FRAUD    09/22/20  (9)
Moving to new city at 37 - how long to build new social circle?    09/22/20  (119)
The polls are under-sampling Dem voters in Texas (proof)    09/22/20  (14)
which cities will be burning tonight    09/22/20  (2)
Do Hot Girls prefer drinking their alcohol from Tall Boy's    09/22/20  (1)
Jos A Bank | Hyundai | DLA Piper    09/22/20  (48)
SEC coach Tommy Tubberville is +18. Can he coach America back to greatness?    09/22/20  (1)
Fraudvirus deaths compared to Spanish Flu deaths chart    09/22/20  (58)
Lindsey Graham, tie around his head, on Senate floor yelling "REMEMBER KAVANAUGH    09/22/20  (4)
Did COLD LinkedIn Inmail campaign. Got call from TRUMP-connected real estate dev    09/22/20  (4)
ITT: tips for breaking social media addiction.    09/22/20  (8)
Looking for London tips    09/22/20  (10)
slayer/loser    09/22/20  (1)
Told Freshfields partner to shove his complaint up his slag wife’s fanny    09/22/20  (27)
underrated xo subplot: John Rocker blocking Johnsmeyer on Twitter    09/22/20  (3)
chances ACB ever lurked here?    09/22/20  (16)
"just use this" - your wife underhand tosses Chad your favorite Big Dog t-shirt    09/22/20  (153)
Money Never Sleeps has to be the most disappointing movie ever made    09/22/20  (6)
amy coney barrett is amazing    09/22/20  (16)
ever heard of GG Allin?    09/22/20  (12)
how much money was spent trying to keep rbg 'alive' during the past year?    09/22/20  (5)
Bullit and gun on credit card killself, be debt free CR?    09/22/20  (1)
ur future wife, now perfecting the underhand toss of ur BigDog t-shirts    09/22/20  (5)
Axl Rose's claim he was molested as a child is based on "repressed memories"    09/22/20  (1)
Best of both worlds...a lifted c8 vette    09/22/20  (2)
Wife wants to start pickling vegetables. Good idea?    09/22/20  (36)
lifehack: take everything on xo at face value. assume 100% not flame    09/22/20  (2)
Moral posters, what would you do in this situation (potential unjust enrichment)    09/22/20  (26)
Rate Ian Samuel's new shitlaw firm.    09/22/20  (21)
Trump should get the Heisman this year for saving B1G/Mountain West/CFB    09/22/20  (1)
Let’s talk about sex    09/22/20  (19)
RUMOR: Trump is looking at Thomas Hardiman (CA3) again -- not Barrett    09/22/20  (15)
Predictions of Breaonna Taylor announcement?    09/22/20  (4)
Pennsylvania will throw out 80-100K mail in votes on a technicality    09/22/20  (5)
Let's compare human beings: Peter North vs. Rudolph    09/22/20  (29)
"Drumpf is under Putin's sway!" ranted Obeezy as his wife texted Chad    09/22/20  (28)
"I call him Drumpf," said the proud, ugly male lib to his obese blue-haired date    09/22/20  (79)
Black romance novels with names like "2 Can Play Dat Game"    09/22/20  (147)
Clay Travis ELI5 how twitter is a publisher, not platform, re XO Jason Whitlock    09/22/20  (1)
HR e-mailing you about "inappropriate dress" because your penis was exposed duri    09/22/20  (1)
"This is my SELF CARE" shrieked the purple haired cunt, spitting cake crumbs and    09/22/20  (72)
Ok no court-packing but Biden promises to prosecute Trump for various crimes    09/22/20  (3)
Outted on Twitter and taking it in the shitter, the Henry Aaron/Voodoo Story    09/22/20  (67)
Better: naturally skinny chick or chick that works out constantly?    09/22/20  (15)
CNN’s Don Lemon: “we’re going to have to blow up the entire system”    09/22/20  (11)
“I fucking love science”, squealed the otherkin as she lit the pile of books    09/22/20  (5)
Anyone else here really like to poop?    09/22/20  (5)
Is golf as expensive and time consuming as it seems?    09/22/20  (55)
Work at a European firm, AMA    09/22/20  (251)
What is XO’s version of “delete your account”    09/22/20  (69)
BLM plans to storm the Supreme Court    09/22/20  (10)
I've always enjoyed erotic romance films like Cars 3 and Finding Nemo    09/22/20  (1)
Remember Bernie Sanders?    09/22/20  (6)
is Far from the Madding Crowd worth reading    09/22/20  (2)
Libs want to bash Trump with propaganda? Two can play that game...    09/22/20  (5)
"This is what democracy looks like!" shrieked the purple haired cunt.    09/22/20  (99)
Landlord just sent me an eviction notice for having bee hives in my apartment    09/22/20  (5)
One of my biggest pleasures growing up was masturbating with my fellow soccer    09/22/20  (1)
scamdemic just another excuse for trash people to bitch at u constantly ?    09/22/20  (3)
abortion doctor firing up the vacuum mouthing "enjoy DLA Piper"    09/22/20  (37)
Sylvester Stallone's astrologer mom (1914-2020):    09/22/20  (1)
Rioting in Suburbs    09/22/20  (3)
Serious thread: should I go to AA?    09/22/20  (312)
when fill seat    09/22/20  (2)
The DRUMPF thing could be a very effective dog whistle    09/22/20  (107)
"Rinkedin" hissed the purple lips through the gloryhole    09/22/20  (74)
purple-haired beast screeching “Medic!” over and over while MASH theme plays    09/22/20  (5)
holy shit 9mm rounds cost 70 cents on average now? haha wow    09/22/20  (47)
"Yo dawg let me hit that shit too" (Roberts, nude, to Thomas, before RBG corpse)    09/22/20  (2)
RBG singlehandedly kept America from descending into fascism & tyranny    09/22/20  (1)
The Power of Delete Your Account (link)    09/22/20  (88)
* RBG calling Make A Fervent Wish Foundation from her deathbed *    09/22/20  (1)
Nigger threaders trying to get green jolly rancher off the board    09/22/20  (6)
2025: President Harris sending in troops to protect abortion clinic in Arkansas    09/22/20  (1)
Make a Wish foundation denying Peterman's disgusting request    09/22/20  (109)
Vacationing in Croatia    09/22/20  (7)
Biden has literally already won the presidency with early voting    09/22/20  (5)
I have IRL sympathy for PN's father- could you imagine having a son like that?    09/22/20  (42)
How Mitch McConnel fulfilled FDR’s Court Packing Dream (DeepState Mitch)    09/22/20  (4)
Popper voted best new poaster    09/22/20  (2)
How are libs going to shield Biden during the debates?    09/22/20  (4)
so Peter North = Snuggie wearing Indian criminal, Henry Aaron = pockmarked Azn?    09/22/20  (15)
Board Trumpmos, do you support harsh jail time for this looter?    09/22/20  (2)
"I'm a gonna get you faggot" -Henry Aaron staring at DC Pandacam with chopsticks    09/22/20  (22)
When will libs confiscate my VHS copies of Porkies, Gremlins, Willow, etc    09/22/20  (3)
"Libs hate white culture" explained the fat Indian in a Snuggie from jail cell    09/22/20  (3)
RIP Barbara Walters has died (1929 - 2020)    09/22/20  (28)
USMNT will be great at the 2022 World Cup    09/22/20  (26)
If civil war broke out you think the army would be deployed to stop both sides    09/22/20  (4)
Cocaine Mitch has 51. It's over libs.    09/22/20  (102)
"This vacancy is for you, Mr. Trump," Scalia softly remarked pulling the pillowc    09/22/20  (41)
"Court Packing? I'm on it!" - Doobs sprinting to Schumer's office, pants undone    09/22/20  (3)
Petition to ban ....,..,.,,,,,.....,.... He threatened me in 2007    09/22/20  (5)
niggy niggy niggy, can't u see, sometimes ur fried chicken just hypnotizes me    09/22/20  (72)
Stocks crashing, COVID rising, and Trump will STILL WIN    09/22/20  (3)
Microsoft acquired Bethesda studios for $7.5B    09/22/20  (66)
elder abuse and killing babies: the "compassionate" party    09/22/20  (3)
Alexander Vindman found dead in rock creek park    09/22/20  (3)
luis are you excited for your 41st birthday party at panda express    09/22/20  (2)
senate predictions?    09/22/20  (1)
Xo Cliff Mass on western wildfires and global warming    09/22/20  (16)
HYPO: Trump nominates an ultra lib to SCOTUS, what happens next?    09/22/20  (5)

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