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Heavily armed libs currently coming for Stone Mountain    07/05/20  (31)
Authoritative prestige rank for young men (20s-30s) to be multi millionaires?    07/05/20  (18)
gassy luis    07/05/20  (6)
*it's NOT raining men montage of MPA unsuccessfully concealing bald spot*    07/05/20  (5)
Xo is boring off to read Calvin and Hobbes    07/05/20  (4)
daddy stop touching me there!    07/05/20  (1)
Dude executes another dude, middle of the day, middle of street, in NYC:    07/05/20  (4)
"What hair," my girlfriend guffawed    07/05/20  (7)
Man sucker punches boy on street. Guess race. (Link)    07/05/20  (14)
The tenor of the Trumpmos is now 'petulant adult babies'    07/05/20  (9)
OldHLSdude does blm pose an existential threat to the usa    07/05/20  (64)
juggalo subway employee obviously been thru some shit    07/05/20  (1)
Elon musk is god tier. He gives me hope for this country    07/05/20  (1)
Come here if you are for me (Stalin)    07/05/20  (46)
when vast majority of NFL players kneel    07/05/20  (1)
LIBS coming after Curious George    07/05/20  (21)
should I buy a focus rs or golf R    07/05/20  (15)
Does Trump ever laugh or is he too aspie?    07/05/20  (3)
weird when your parents start needing you more than you need them    07/05/20  (61)
So BLM supports communism? (Link)    07/05/20  (1)
Reasons to be cheerful about the current Cultural Revolution    07/05/20  (46)
luis buying a huge faggy salad with a gift card+quarters+some crumpled singles    07/05/20  (1)
how do we fix the HS/college education system and protect free speech?    07/05/20  (3)
surrogate luis    07/05/20  (1)
Please stop supporting George Conway    07/05/20  (15)
most erotic video of a bald man ive ever watched    07/05/20  (4)
is everyone luis now lol    07/05/20  (6)
lmao    07/05/20  (14)
some high strung, type a shrews have to be taken out for runs, like dogs    07/05/20  (4)
Dadmos: Is It Important To Like The Other Peds In Your Ped's Office?    07/05/20  (44)
women's soccer player who stood is no hero    07/05/20  (3)
Luis did you think white women were "below" you when you dated them?    07/05/20  (46)
fyi susan rice will be vp    07/05/20  (8)
remember the dem debates when they were arguing abt tranny abortions in spanish    07/05/20  (2)
America has been completely desensitized to mass shootings    07/05/20  (1)
Multiple mass-shootings overnight across the US    07/05/20  (11)
Woke up feeling like a took a sleeping pill, still can't stay awake. Mono?    07/05/20  (2)
What do high IQ well adjusted XO racists think of this video?    07/05/20  (10)
"Touch of Grey" is such a 180 song    07/05/20  (3)
How many of you are physically weak & repulsive but insist your chads on XO?    07/05/20  (18)
Found a cool tip for small firm poors    07/05/20  (53)
Flash Poll: Are you DEPRESSED?    07/05/20  (62)
why so hot    07/05/20  (3)
Reptiles: 4-22-18 Kanye is a moronic spear-chucker. 4-29-18 Kanye is our savior    07/05/20  (12)
RATE These Breast Pillows For Big Titted Women (PIC)    07/05/20  (4)
"this is the hardest door in ny" (rsf getting forklifted thru columbia back entr    07/05/20  (3)
parasite tp    07/05/20  (2)
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Also, niggers = shit.    07/05/20  (7)
TLOU2 debacle is essentially Gamergate 2.0    07/05/20  (4)
what ever happened to hillary's southen accent?    07/05/20  (4)
OldHLSdude, what are ten books you recommend reading?    07/05/20  (25)
rsf jizz load big enough to extinguishing wtc fire @ exact moment 2nd plane hits    07/05/20  (4)
did any country do less with more in the 20th c than greece?    07/05/20  (2)
heavily homosexual men    07/05/20  (1)
What do you guys think will happen when libs start to openly kill trumpmos?    07/05/20  (25)
Shitlibs have canceled George Washington.    07/05/20  (5)
Six Injured After Jet Skids Off Runway at Burbank Airport    07/05/20  (1)
Just found out one more person i know switched to republican    07/05/20  (42)
Fox News Election Night 2016 coverage    07/05/20  (27)
yo stanislaus woodsman tp, u around    07/05/20  (1)
Cyrus the virus was a lawyer    07/05/20  (2)
About to cop a Mac mini. Anyone have one?    07/05/20  (14)
OldHLSdude do you eat breakfast cereal, if so what kind, skim milk, soy, or whol    07/05/20  (1)
OldHLSDude, do you own any Firearms?    07/05/20  (1)
Yet another person shot dead in a 'good' part of Chicago:    07/05/20  (2)
sunroof or moonroof on car is awesome and necessary    07/05/20  (2)
What do you guys think will happen when trumpmos start to openly kill libs?    07/05/20  (2)
Shitlaw boss snuck into rival's office and ran up $540K lexis bill in 20 minutes    07/05/20  (1)
Choose: move to 1) red county in blue state; 2) red state; or 3) foreign country    07/05/20  (51)
whats the best cheese    07/05/20  (4)
Rate the FATAL FLAW in this guy's argument about race and IQ    07/05/20  (17)
Ghislane Maxwell in critical condition with COVID-19 (link)    07/05/20  (1)
Got so sunburned today FedEx is trying to cancel me.    07/05/20  (3)
Anally raped by heat today on golf course    07/05/20  (8)
Gun sales to dip slightly in late July, then rocket come fall    07/05/20  (3)
Trust account practices for solos.    07/05/20  (5)
Reminder: the United States has nothing to be ashamed of    07/05/20  (173)
The few Formula One racers who don't kneel, still oppose "racism"    07/05/20  (2)
worst garbage CNN "Article" i've ever seen    07/05/20  (1)
luis im extremely depressed man    07/05/20  (7)
whites are going to straight up murder libs en masse if they win this election    07/05/20  (1)
LOL @ Hillary Clinton. Just LOL! (Pic)    07/05/20  (4)
Crazy situation last night with my girl (Boom)    07/05/20  (20)
Harold Bloom was weirdly really into Gnosticism and Kabbalah    07/05/20  (2)
libs are going to straight up murder whites en masse if they win this election    07/05/20  (17)
holy shit rate this 180 video relevant to xo. "im not gay, i have sex with men"    07/05/20  (2)
In most civs, temple prostitute was the highest social station attainable by wom    07/05/20  (8)
Thread to track the MURDER RATE RISE in various cities in 2020:    07/05/20  (3)
Coronavirus Deaths: Lowest total in more than 90 days    07/05/20  (3)
The Pentagon is an Israeli military base    07/05/20  (3)
was independence day oberved on friday?    07/05/20  (1)
Why are teachers so underpaid?    07/05/20  (23)
RATE this new mcnaugton pic    07/05/20  (4)
Is Creature from Jekyll Island actually worth reading, or we already know the cl    07/05/20  (1)
Stalin do you have a conspiracy I can dive into?    07/05/20  (1)
MSM won’t cover Kanye 4 POTUS and his name won’t be on any ballot    07/05/20  (1)
azn girl professor at LSU wants to blacklist students who use "hate speech"    07/05/20  (53)
whoa, who is this new poaster "marbles"?    07/05/20  (8)
Foreign born azn girl Senator calls for tearing down GW statues    07/05/20  (7)
white women need to be beat within inches of their lives    07/05/20  (1)
I’ve never seen an episode of Friends not flame    07/05/20  (1)
Miller High Life only tastes good if you're already drunk    07/05/20  (4)
Fighting Over Masks in Public Is the New American Pastime [NYT]    07/05/20  (1)
How do Muslims see us?    07/05/20  (9)
Nobody is jealous of RSF. MANY poasters are jealous of Whok though.    07/05/20  (1)
NYT: Over 150 GOP party officials have tested + after attending MT/ND GOP events    07/05/20  (3)
whokebe, own it: YOU'RE NOT A FUCKING DOCTOR    07/05/20  (38)
KANYE will hand the election to Trump    07/05/20  (2)
they’re Satanists    07/05/20  (1)
Lol David price sitting out this year. Betts trade starting to look good for sox    07/05/20  (8)
LMAO at this protest pic. (Pic)    07/05/20  (1)
256 total covid deaths today. More people died from stair falls.    07/05/20  (20)
So the left is going all in on reparations and blowing up Rushmore?    07/05/20  (15)
Bulletproof your low back with McGill's Big 3 not flame    07/05/20  (2)
Qanon girl flips out inside Target (video)    07/05/20  (1)
Russian jets ERASE entire Turkish base in Libya from the map    07/05/20  (3)
New poll: do you know anyone who recently switched from Trump Biden?    07/05/20  (8)
180 how ur wife/gf will threaten breakup with you if you get depressed    07/05/20  (1)
Holy fucking shit Bob Dylan is so fucking awful, boomers need to die ASAP    07/05/20  (1)
I still live at home with parent    07/05/20  (2)
I still live at home with parent    07/05/20  (2)
Libs lied about this hurricane season    07/05/20  (10)
Where is the hard evidence that Consuela is Cernovich?    07/05/20  (12)
Will SCOTUS give Dems Trump’s tax returns? Does it even matter?    07/05/20  (3)
Comin’ up on the bort, don’t trust nobody, gotta change your moniker constan    07/05/20  (5)
Fucked my slutty sister-in-law once 3 months ago, got herpes    07/05/20  (245)
was there a 'gamer' culture pre video games? like magazines abt marbles and shit    07/05/20  (10)
Found the entrance to an abandoned mine, smells like dead bodies inside    07/05/20  (3)
DANKEY KANG    07/05/20  (6)
anyone that thinks Bob Dylan is still relevant needs to be shot point blank    07/05/20  (2)
Did Hillary break a 150" TV with a $950,000 Champagne Bottle?    07/05/20  (1)
We need law enforcement to be sent in to PHYSICALLY DOMINATE CNN hq    07/05/20  (1)
srs q, why is every american product utter garbage?    07/05/20  (3)
my girlfriend is on grindr    07/05/20  (3)
Silicon Valley was very short sighted in deplatforming the right    07/05/20  (51)
RATE This Boomer Cumskin Sexpat & His Teen Gook Wife's Asian Cooking Blog (PICS)    07/05/20  (10)
Sorry boom. Your girl is mine.    07/05/20  (2)
I keep looping this video of BLM terrorists getting run over    07/05/20  (160)
Biden to Abrams: "I sees a runnin look in yo eyes. How c'n I help?"    07/05/20  (13)
texas not going blue anytime soon -- trump up 12.5 over biden    07/05/20  (2)
CharlesXII here, rating posters as images from a banned Oregon Trail sequel    07/05/20  (179)
The windows in my car get shot out so much I just stopped replacing them    07/05/20  (1)
Anyone else afraid to go out at night in the past two months in NYC?    07/05/20  (23)
KANYE FOR PRESIDENT 2020    07/05/20  (28)
Why is there no Jewish art?    07/05/20  (83)
Best lake getaways from NYC?    07/05/20  (4)
how pissed is Jeffrey Eugenides he released 'Middlesex' before the trans craze    07/05/20  (2)
Trumptards must have evolved from an entirely different evolutionary branch    07/05/20  (4)
“Home” episode from the X-files best depiction of Trumptard families to date    07/05/20  (2)

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