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Will Matt Roher be the Dom DiMaggio of the IFNB?    11/24/17  (7)
Hypo: u choke slam JK Roher's cock at an exhibition pose down.    11/24/17  (4)
You can't spell John Rocker without JK Roher    11/24/17  (4)
JK Roher eats a dozen cornish hens a day when training    11/24/17  (4)
Can't fucking stand all the JK Roher fans at the office    11/24/17  (17)
jcm would you sph your bf if he asked you to?    11/24/17  (24)
Obama: "there will be costs" if Roher drops 16+ cumloads    11/24/17  (5)
Whoa: Roher, Otter, Perrod pull off rare uniform cum triple axel    11/24/17  (3)
And you're gonna hear me Roher    11/24/17  (6)
Taylor Swift writes song about getting P+D'd by IFNB's JK Roher    11/24/17  (2)
Grandma, you handled that turkey baster like JK Roher    11/24/17  (3)
/ only in dreams / u see IFNB / reach out a hand / hold onto Roher's /    11/24/17  (4)
(Alex Delarge to bound and gagged couple) "I'm stimmin in the rain!"    11/24/17  (1)
a pale irish girl, boiling potatoes for an asian man at breakfas    11/24/17  (256)
BAM! Diminutive Asian picks a fight with you in front of group of HOT CHICKS    11/24/17  (8)
New guy at work asked all of us to call him "BJ"    11/24/17  (18)
Kelly McGillis & Tom Cruise show that women can age just as well as men    11/24/17  (3)
Dire Straits - Cock Of Life.mp3    11/24/17  (35)
"Yes I'm here to speak to my son's teacher, Mr. Halford?" "Who?"    11/24/17  (100)
B B B B BUCK THE CLUB PAULETTE    11/24/17  (6)
"Let me show you the ropes, kid," Buck Paulette says to your 6 year old son    11/24/17  (4)
Scientists discover DNA on Titan. Analysis shows the DNA is actually from    11/24/17  (1)
How many of the 6 countries that border Burkina Faso can you name?    11/24/17  (4)
Sweet Buck Paulette I am waiting for your HEFT. Cum Paulette one last caress.    11/24/17  (2)
Why is ETH mooning?    11/24/17  (1)
12 doutons dripping, 11 paulettes pounding, 10 logs a leaking    11/24/17  (10)
Rank their prime: JK Roher, Dan Otter, Yann Perrod, Buck Paulette, Itakara    11/24/17  (3)
and I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO GET ENOUGH PAULETTE!!! *doop doop doop    11/24/17  (2)
Buck Paulette or Halford, do u know why JK Roher literally grows    11/24/17  (2)
Remember when Paulette overcame cock cramps in '05 Mr. Alpha?    11/24/17  (5)
Perrod, Paulette accused of using "Pony Spread" in latest IFNB    11/24/17  (4)
Little ditty about Douton and Yann    11/24/17  (4)
a loaded cum cock press, paulette and douton.    11/24/17  (3)
Unruly crowds gathering outside Barnes & Noble for discounted Franzen novels    11/24/17  (1)
Holy fuck stfu with the ifnb shit    11/24/17  (4)
Body betrayed me and watched NFL yesterday    11/24/17  (1)
protip: IFNB is as fake as the WWF. Monza is just playing heel    11/24/17  (6)
I admit it...I tried ASSBALLS after the Monza scandal    11/24/17  (6)
Been close to a year since Monza, no one busted for assballs    11/24/17  (2)
Kanye West - Monza    11/24/17  (11)
Ass Inspectors found FOUR ASSBALLS inside Carlos Monza    11/24/17  (9)
IFNB to Monza: "Show your $40,000 ass balls faggot!"    11/24/17  (4)
Fuck it, maybe Monza IS the real champ.    11/24/17  (4)
This Monza scandal will RIP the IFNBrotherhood APART    11/24/17  (7)
ITT: we devise punishments for Carlos Monza    11/24/17  (4)
IFNB SCANDAL: Carlos Monza may be using "ass ball" on stage    11/24/17  (11)
Gia la Monza e preperata (La Gazzetta dello IFNB)    11/24/17  (2)
Why isn't anybody holding women responsible for meeting with Weinstein privately    11/24/17  (3)
ESPN votes Monza assball scandal "Sports Story of the Year" for 2015    11/24/17  (10)
IFNB compliance department opening its massive file on Carlos Monza    11/24/17  (2)
Monza: Colon Powell told me to use assballs    11/24/17  (5)
Libs literally complain about eating turkey on thanksgiving    11/24/17  (3)
Pierre Douton is having an AMAZING Mr A. Monza stealing it.    11/24/17  (27)
LA posters: lets bring IFNB pro Pierre Douton to a Clips game    11/24/17  (6)
PIERRE DOUTON: The US Government OWES ME    11/24/17  (19)
Pierre Douton refusing to accept award at Knicks game    11/24/17  (6)
Halford: Remember that Pierre Douton came back from humiliation    11/24/17  (8)
explain Pierre Douton's "StimField Theory"    11/24/17  (2)
"I saw Douton STIMMING Santa Claus"    11/24/17  (5)
"Douton set to become first Muslim Supreme Court justice" (February news)    11/24/17  (2)
Weed smelling minivan full of HS cheerleaders blasting Gucci Gang at the mall    11/24/17  (4)
THIS IS HOW WE DOUTONNNNNNNN (this is how we douton!)    11/24/17  (7)
*picks up office phone* "Pierre Douton speaking."    11/24/17  (4)
The Douton And Monza Chain - Just like Otter    11/24/17  (3)
She was just 17, you know what I mean    11/24/17  (5)
Cause Douton is cumming and I... I STIM BY THE RIVER    11/24/17  (2)
How many of the 8 countries that border Turkey can you name?    11/24/17  (6)
Malia Obama blowing smoke rings with her fratty white friends    11/24/17  (1)
For every celeb complaining about Weinstein there are DOZENS of starlets who sub    11/24/17  (2)
Reports of "active shooters" at Beefboy Classic    11/24/17  (8)
Check out Assombo's dick. A mystery unravel it.    11/24/17  (1)
Saudi Crown Prince/Soon to be King: Iran's Ayatollah is "new Hitler"    11/24/17  (1)
Beefboy STIMMING in the dead of night    11/24/17  (9)
Ok, one moment. Please hold. *Denis2 - Gimme the Beefboy plays*    11/24/17  (5)
Because you know I'm all about that Beef, bout that BeefBoy Classic, I'm all abo    11/24/17  (4)
protip: u can sing "gimme the BEEFboy" and most ppl dont notice    11/24/17  (7)
had a dream my dead grandfather and I were singing gimme the beefboy    11/24/17  (3)
Yanny was a Beefboy winner    11/24/17  (3)
Siri. Please play song "Denis 2 - Gimme the beefboy".    11/24/17  (8)
about to make a BEEFBOY and LAMB burger with Avocado and tomato and MUSCLECUM    11/24/17  (8)
Yann sold A MILLION VHS COPIES of his BeefBoy '13 highlight reel    11/24/17  (2)
Boomer Aunt telling you WiFi is linksys59373 and pw is dka02m3ddjk89    11/24/17  (9)
December 1914 Christmas Truce- soldiers held a BEEFBOY in trench    11/24/17  (19)
gimme the beefboy op. describe where u were when it came 2 u    11/24/17  (4)
Reminder: the wrong side won the 2012 BeefBoy Classic    11/24/17  (2)
Started singing Gimme the BeefBoy in front of family last night    11/24/17  (9)
Maximus Robimus Halfordus: What we STIM in Life ECHOES 4 BEEFBOY    11/24/17  (50)
walk into elevator in department store - "gimme the beef boy" playing    11/24/17  (5)
New (((research))) concludes that Vikings were actually gay.    11/24/17  (2)
The Case for Hillary in 2020 (((link)))    11/24/17  (4)
um, george20, that's not what Black Fr--ah, what's the point anymore?    11/24/17  (3)
Wagecucks sleeping in today. I'm sitting under a bridge fishing.    11/24/17  (6)
is JCM a dude? how is she up on all the acronyms    11/24/17  (9)
literally have not seen one appealing deal offered today, ljl at this shit    11/24/17  (1)
dream of becoming a Michael Jackson type NEET    11/24/17  (4)
Swedish Researcher: ancient Vikings were muslim (BBC)    11/24/17  (63)
Youtube now: Unskippable 30 sec ads    11/24/17  (5)
Your phone rings "blurred lines." U look down. Text from nude luis.    11/24/17  (53)
Rach. Please embed blurred lines.wav into every luis tp post. Rachmiel please.    11/24/17  (4)
ITT: Consolidated "Gimme the Beef Boy" Lyrics    11/24/17  (25)
gonna release my slimy, odorous thanksgiving diarrhea into hot_take's gullet    11/24/17  (1)
543561 beef boy IFNB goings-on at my local burger place    11/24/17  (31)
Beef Boys of Summer - Don Henley.mp3    11/24/17  (83)
Alexa, gimme the beefboy and free my soul    11/24/17  (8)
Oh gimme the BeefBoy and free my soul...    11/24/17  (430)
If ur not buying TWX ur insane    11/24/17  (39)
(lionel richie voice) Perrod? Is it meat you're looking for?    11/24/17  (4)
Oh wow interesting thread yeah gc blows    11/24/17  (7)
At least this bar is honestly named (link)    11/24/17  (1)
Need good GAKK Friday deals on dress shits    11/24/17  (1)
*Rach checks email on holiday weekend* *has 100 WLMAS account requests*    11/24/17  (8)
Your wife out for "Black Friday" on a Monday night in July    11/24/17  (3)
Thanksgiving is the one year anniversary of my first time fucking a hooker    11/24/17  (13)
"I deleted Tinder and re-installed it, I see you're still on there. ASSHOLE!"    11/24/17  (1)
Oakland shitlibs counter Black Friday by DEMANDING to pay full price (link)    11/24/17  (1)
Biggest ((GC)) scam: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day, or Singles Day?    11/24/17  (3)
LJL at sexhavers, stuffbuyers, and thingdoers    11/24/17  (5)
I literally just hop on XO and start gaping retards nonstop.    11/24/17  (3)
its GAKK Friday!    11/24/17  (5)
Anyone get the Flying J Black Friday HOLDBUSTER email?    11/24/17  (2)
Thanksgiving in America 2017: Wife just unilaterally decided she doesnt feel    11/24/17  (65)
Why do Jewish girls always have the biggest boobs?    11/24/17  (5)
What's at the root of nyuug's inferiority complex wrt white males?    11/24/17  (20)
"You said you were out of town for Thanksgiving but I saw you at the grocery sto    11/24/17  (4)
Auschwitz had a swimming pool, bakery, post office. Hey could u pass the gravy    11/24/17  (65)
So the new trump strategy is to double down on primary approach?    11/24/17  (6)
GC tried to forcememe Black Friday in UK.    11/24/17  (4)
Trudeau to reintegrate ISIS terrorists into Canadian society    11/24/17  (24)
IRAQ UPDATE: Iraq is still a violent shithole; Thanks Obama!    11/24/17  (6)
shrew gf: blacked friday / 2nd cuz: blacked.com friday    11/24/17  (2)
Holy fucking shit, JJC is in a fucking business ethics textbook not flame (link)    11/24/17  (64)
Two Chicks: Leatherfaced Olympic Steeplechase runner, or plump and pretty faced    11/24/17  (1)
Just jerked off my bro assfaggot. Felt like I was reading fucking Braille.    11/24/17  (13)
Wait so nyuug cant join military because hes actually gay    11/24/17  (9)
<3 <3 jmaw is 180 <3 <3    11/24/17  (8)
SHOCKING BLACK FRIDAY scenes showing PROLES queuing in orderly fashion    11/24/17  (2)
Alternative for Deutschland to be leader of the opposition.    11/24/17  (1)
Frank Lloyd Wrong deserves top 5 2017 MPM, easily.    11/24/17  (16)
Bro started calling our buddy's family a "riceline" after he married 7/10 Korean    11/24/17  (1)
Sinai During Israeli "Occupation" (1970s) vs. Egypt (2010s)    11/24/17  (33)
Guys at my gym are going rabid over eating like 10 onions a day    11/24/17  (9)
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Obama wins '12; Hillary wins '16.    11/24/17  (83)
GC really pushing mixed-race couples (pic)    11/24/17  (2)
Very excited for all of the 105 IQ gee cee threading today.    11/24/17  (5)
IMPORTANT REMINDER: The woman you love? Your future wife?    11/24/17  (13)
No traffic. Arrived at my in-laws place 5 hours early for Thanksgiving.    11/24/17  (60)
need a cig    11/24/17  (7)

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