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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/10/19  (244)
I feel very bad for kids with terrible parents who earn little $$$    01/17/19  (20)
Travelmos: Are LATVIA and LITHUANIA credited?    01/17/19  (4)
Okay, okay, okay......*sigh*................
   01/17/19  (1)
NYT: There is nothing wrong with open borders    01/17/19  (106)
Wife pissed at me for tickling my kid's wiener and going "goochie goochie goo!"    01/17/19  (41)
SP here. Kid is covered in lotion and i can’t fucking catch him!    01/17/19  (8)
Why do so many Japanese songs have random English lyrics?    01/17/19  (1)
What are IFNB rules regarding assballs?    01/17/19  (8)
Just got back into Rocket League. Still the best game.    01/17/19  (25)
bottom line is that Trump's populist rhetoric won so "establishment" staged coup    01/17/19  (1)
jews, what does democracy look like in israel?    01/17/19  (5)
Jews are 180.    01/17/19  (3)
Michael Cohen: "I acted on my own re: poll rigging. Trump wasn't involved"    01/17/19  (13)
Rate the Chad ex boyfriend of some chick who super liked me on tinder    01/17/19  (10)
How many animals have to die each year so you can live?    01/17/19  (10)
"America looks reeeeeaaaaal shitty today" *thunderous applause* (Michelle Obama)    01/17/19  (2)
Morning Joe done here! MSNBC cancels show citing declining ratings    01/17/19  (21)
Ocasio going to "run train" on the progressive agenda (WaPo)    01/17/19  (56)
Stamford, CT police to Chris Hansen: why don't you have a seat over there?    01/17/19  (10)
What would the world look like if everyone on the planet had YOUR iq?    01/17/19  (7)
No Drink January Day 17- over the hump and would kill for a drink    01/17/19  (13)
Is CSLG’s course available yet? I really want to listen to this.    01/17/19  (1)
how far back in time would you have to go for you to be smartest human on planet    01/17/19  (9)
Rate my weight loss TCTP    01/17/19  (21)
Trump needs to hammer home economic and social costs of illegal and mass legal    01/17/19  (4)
dadmos, what would you do if you found out your kid wasnt yours    01/17/19  (5)
New Poll: 30% of registered voters say they'll DEFINITELY vote for Trump in 2020    01/17/19  (6)
Peterman’s Irish uncle INJECTING own CUM into veins in failed IFNB bid (link)    01/17/19  (4)
What if Trump shows up to deliver SOTU anyway? Do Capitol Police bar him from    01/17/19  (5)
Prolific posters that don't "get" xo    01/17/19  (62)
Son walked in on me high as fuck, told him pickle rick was cumming 4 him    01/17/19  (6)
*listens to corey wayne audiobook en route to Theology on Tap*    01/17/19  (3)
shitlaw steve 2 wife: HONEY WE WON THE BALENCHAGGA ON EBAY    01/17/19  (80)
Betty White turns 97.    01/17/19  (3)
Obeezy = Schroedinger's Chad    01/17/19  (1)
SP here. NAMBLA sent a conference mailer to firm address fuck!!    01/17/19  (3)
Since I can't change my moniker, I'm changing the meaning of it.    01/17/19  (5)
You are now thinking about when you dove under the sheets as a child when your    01/17/19  (11)
What do you think about the Jews?    01/17/19  (30)
Elon Musk's proposed Boring Company tunnel is literally parallel to Blue Line    01/17/19  (63)
5 jacked Indians bhangra dancing into spaceporn jr's room, leaving w/o pants    01/17/19  (6)
SP here. I didnt figure out jerking off until I was 23.    01/17/19  (17)
Arrrrgh! Drumpf!!!    01/17/19  (1)
50 yr old dad w 4 kids: “its like corey wayne says: have fun and hookup bro    01/17/19  (1)
skinny, moonfaced Asian women singing country music w a perfect accent    01/17/19  (4)
Trump is going to lose this shutdown bigly    01/17/19  (122)
Idris Elba: “Objection, dis nigga up here talkin like he think he white.”    01/17/19  (21)
20yo at work with a son and a boyfriend in the army sending me racy photos    01/17/19  (42)
So WLMAS and his pumo alts are bitching 24/7 about CB's pumo alts?    01/17/19  (4)
When are "toxic femininity" and "ho culture" going to become a thing?    01/17/19  (5)
Raunchy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in interview: "I can come from anal."    01/17/19  (12)
Trump LOST shutdown. He LOST. End it now. It's abhorrent.    01/17/19  (36)
Krampusnacht sock puppet tracker    01/17/19  (14)
neocon football coach to US troops in Syria: get back in there!    01/17/19  (6)
Trump is getting wrecked in polls. Even his base blames him for the shutdown    01/17/19  (3)
What are some credited male skin care products?    01/17/19  (17)
spaceporn here. Wife says we need to start back up w church for babbydude. Fuck    01/17/19  (27)
*you sit down for a game of Minister's Cat w/ TURD SANDWICH and RTG*    01/17/19  (2)
Imagine how happy spaceporn junior will be when he finds out he’s adopted    01/17/19  (11)
"How I Made $1 Million On Bitcoin...And Lost It All Again" (surprising not luis)    01/17/19  (7)
'How to Tame Your Bossy Teen Daughter' my forthcoming ebook now available for pr    01/17/19  (3)
Witnessing non-whites "conversing" with each other on twitter is utterly surreal    01/17/19  (6)
and it was SQUANCH SQUANCH SQUANCH til CPS took the asian away    01/17/19  (17)
paulie_tuxedo.jpg    01/17/19  (1)
Shitcons: any movement on RBG death?    01/17/19  (22)
roving packs of ethnics filming 'altercations' on huawei phones like papparazzi    01/17/19  (19)
Been spendin most their lives lifting in a naked paradise    01/17/19  (12)
Kid and I just got back from zoo and now were playing stinky red babboon bottoms    01/17/19  (23)
Most Kikes Think They Don’t Belong in Gas Chambers. They’re Wrong. Here’s    01/17/19  (8)
"I still unload." --A nullo interviewed by gawker.    01/17/19  (67)
I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the Oceania Free Trade Zone. And to the    01/17/19  (59)
I hate nigs, but I'm pretty outraged by what libs are doing to R KELLY    01/17/19  (9)
Me and kid are playing lawyers and I have redlined his whole body with nits    01/17/19  (6)
Booked a $300 round-trip flight to FRANKFURT in two weeks. Taking suggestions    01/17/19  (66)
Use bonus to buy index funds, or pay some of 4% mortgage?    01/17/19  (3)
CHRIS CHRISTIE UNLOADS ON TRUMP: he's HORRENDOUS at picking personnel!!!!    01/17/19  (17)
has it all and still rapes his own daughters. wtf.    01/17/19  (4)
General approval numbers slipping, but Trump shores up support with base (link)    01/17/19  (4)
Gilibrand withdraws from POTUS race: "I just wanted the resume line"    01/17/19  (2)
"Well I'd like to see ol Donny Trump wriggle his way out of THIS jam!"    01/17/19  (11)
PSA: it's a good idea to get a loan even if you dont need one    01/17/19  (4)
The Atlantic calls for Trump’s impeachment, lists 50 reasons why    01/17/19  (7)
the Official TMF back 2 biglaw watch thread    01/17/19  (815)
SP here.my nephew calling me by my first name, my kid emulates,    01/17/19  (5)
nouveau prole tell: hating on filet mignon    01/17/19  (81)
my 70 year old mom still works    01/17/19  (10)
Is $300k supposed to be good now?    01/17/19  (124)
WeWork CEO: Our $20B valuation is based on our energy & spirituality,not revenue    01/17/19  (2)
Rate this white girl w a big butt SFW    01/17/19  (47)
Just replace members of your family w random strangers because of "productivity"    01/17/19  (5)
Something magical about Japanese city pop    01/17/19  (6)
"Rethinking [x] in the #MeToo Era"    01/17/19  (1)
"And then I used it to buy something called Tezos" Sir this is a McDonalds drive    01/17/19  (11)
(((They))) will NEVER let u become rich unless u suck the Giant Black Cock of GC    01/17/19  (13)
Oh shit. Mistakenly gave my business card to a complete psycho last night.    01/17/19  (10)
Rate this short youtube clip that had me loling in tears last night    01/17/19  (4)
Rate this cycle    01/17/19  (53)
Civil war between black men and black women happening on Twitter now    01/17/19  (7)
FBI Arrests Georgia Man Plotting To Blow Up White House. GUESS RELIGION    01/17/19  (25)
Have the furloughed posters stepped up their game?    01/17/19  (1)
The Left has become totally unhinged. They no longer care what is Right for our    01/17/19  (18)
A Guide to Pre-Noon Drinking: A New Book Cowritten By Boner Police & WLMAS    01/17/19  (5)
RATE Stephen Miller's Take on the Government Shutdown    01/17/19  (11)
Globalism: one people, one realm, one leader    01/17/19  (2)
99 Red Assballs by Boifinger    01/17/19  (3)
real talk: Monza needed FOUR ASSBALLS to avoid cock failure    01/17/19  (10)
ITT:New Revlon ad telling women to get in shape, stop being sluts and study STEM    01/17/19  (4)
you'd have to be insane not to squat and deadlift    01/17/19  (1)
SP here. Hope you guys are happy. Just shoved wife & kid in oven, padlocked door    01/17/19  (14)
Went for a physical today. Doctor told me my dick shrunk almost a full inch.    01/17/19  (8)
Kyrie Irving has a 110 IQ    01/17/19  (11)
Aus Open Day 4 (1/17) Official Thread #tennis #truesttest    01/17/19  (22)
Globalism: "government of, by, and for the people, shall perish from the earth"    01/17/19  (2)
made fleeting eye contact with woman on subway. do i have a girlfriend!?    01/17/19  (1)
ITT: Examples Of GC Flooding The Market w Similar Products Owned By Same Company    01/17/19  (75)
Reminder: when libs/globalists talk about "our allies", they just mean Israel    01/17/19  (8)
Insane faggots at google sent me a "beacon"    01/17/19  (11)
Adult man gets jumped by high schoolers after he shoves they boy (vid)    01/17/19  (2)
Dude gets attacked by three shitpits (vid)    01/17/19  (5)
@realdonaldtrump: Dems acting like flaky date -- we're on! Off! On again!    01/17/19  (1)
SP here. Kid still won’t put the lotion in the basket. What do I do? I’m ash    01/17/19  (1)
SP here. kid started crying at bottom of pit said knock it off will ya!    01/17/19  (3)
Unless youre homeless/living in a shack in Montana you’re a GC cuck.    01/17/19  (3)
40 percent of federal workers have basically nothing in the bank    01/17/19  (28)
*dissolves every pumo/quotemo is hydrochloric acid*    01/17/19  (2)
Being a member of the Einsatzgruppen would have been a PEAK experience    01/17/19  (8)
Ilhan Omar to House Foreign Affairs committee    01/17/19  (3)
Pelosi to Trump: "Reschedule" State of the Union address or submit it in writing    01/17/19  (70)
Holy shit at the Jayme Closs criminal complaint    01/17/19  (85)
Trump should call Nancy's bluff and offer the address in wiring    01/17/19  (4)
"Hey 'son', let's watch this Woody Allen-Soon Yi documentary," giggled Spaceporn    01/17/19  (6)
Tommy, what do you think of lib birdshits?    01/17/19  (5)
things that are over: WW1, WW2, FM radio, spaceporn's genetic line    01/17/19  (8)
NPR: For 7th Consecutive Year, Visa Overstays Exceeded Illegal Border Crossings    01/17/19  (23)
Employers should start testing for weed more    01/17/19  (24)
Golfmos: what clubs should I buy?    01/17/19  (9)
Evan39 proles are alway$ buying "gadgeTTT$" and "TTTechnology"    01/17/19  (14)
trump is fat.    01/17/19  (6)
that moment when you realize whole structure of ur mind = result of brainwashing    01/17/19  (5)
Alexa, change my moniker    01/17/19  (1)
did this army officer & his jew wife really cheat who wants to be a millionaire?    01/17/19  (5)
how many is TOO MANY    01/17/19  (8)
LIFT *clap* NUDE *clap*    01/17/19  (1)
DBG confronts NYPD Traffic Officer after Illegally Parking car (Video)    01/17/19  (68)
I like websites that load quickly with no banner ads or flashy "graphics"    01/17/19  (5)
Dupa cums in happy meal gives two kids HIV    01/17/19  (5)
Libs vs Comedy, 2019: Louis CK met with protests, a punch @ San Jose Improv    01/17/19  (6)
if you eat "lunch" every day at work you're a loser    01/17/19  (72)
San Diego libs demand students be bussed to Tijuana to correct historical injus    01/17/19  (1)
XO Denmark to ship criminal immigrants to uninhabited island    01/17/19  (2)

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