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Predict Trump's 2020 campaign slogan    01/17/18  (13)
Trump entering 2020 convention to "I'm Fat" by Weird Al    01/17/18  (1)
Trump: We will make EPCOT great again, expand Norway pavilion, no more Mexico    01/17/18  (3)
so many examples of "media" dishonesty about Trump it's insane    01/17/18  (1)
I'm getting more into weed    01/17/18  (14)
$37 million    01/17/18  (15)
Aus Open Day 3 (1/17) Spoilers #tennis    01/17/18  (9)
McCain praises fake news the night before the Fake News Awards. [WaPo]    01/17/18  (5)
Trump infrastructure plan: build houses in Norwegian style to attract immigrants    01/17/18  (1)
GF wants to have 6 bridesmaids, I only have 1 groomsman. What to do?    01/17/18  (51)
Trump drops plan to build a wall, instead builds bridge from Norway to Maine    01/17/18  (2)
former CIA agent indicted for spying    01/17/18  (11)
Trump bringing back factory jobs: employs 100s of Norwegian women to make babies    01/17/18  (1)
Taking questions about my new bass guitar ITT.    01/17/18  (14)
Trump to sign bi-partisan amnesty bill this week    01/17/18  (7)
Aziz Imsari    01/17/18  (10)
I'm a food addict and I'm trying to stop. Here is my story.    01/17/18  (72)
So Trump is basically a 72 year old Pro Bowl middle linebacker?    01/17/18  (2)
Prole Tell: Bridesmaids & Groomsmen    01/17/18  (1)
Predict Trump's share of the minority vote in 2020    01/17/18  (2)
Dems: ban Jews from public life.    01/17/18  (4)
California bullet train cost surges by $2.8 billion    01/17/18  (6)
"So we looked at the statute..." [millennial judge]    01/17/18  (10)
Good Goyim Trump Cuts Palestinian Aid Check Down From $125M to $60M    01/17/18  (10)
Black Death is RACIST    01/17/18  (1)
Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism    01/17/18  (8)
The original Zelda was really a groundbreaking 180 game    01/17/18  (14)
NETWORKING masters, what is the CR cold email for coffee approach?    01/17/18  (18)
Reflections on America 2078 (the America SHITLIBS want to create)    01/17/18  (4)
Dikembe Mutumbo finger wagging at you as you try to sell ur ETH    01/17/18  (4)
hawaii judge rules aziz ansari is a rapist    01/17/18  (2)
The Atlantic pens a second Aziz Ansari screed.    01/17/18  (5)
Wen Dey No Pay Crypto Bet, Many Poasters Say Dem Bad Man    01/17/18  (3)
Lol at libs: Metoo was only supposed to take out white guys!    01/17/18  (1)
DBG do you think Jesus was a Pharisee, Saducee, or Essene?    01/17/18  (8)
You can get rid of one state    01/17/18  (75)
Aly Raisman: USA Gymnastics Threatened Me To Say Silent #ironside #jcm    01/17/18  (1)
ITT you poast the size of your monthly slut    01/17/18  (1)
thin norweigian women flooding into US- shrews: "actually we're anti immigration    01/16/18  (19)
ADL demanded Cameron call it ice, not iceberg, in Titanic    01/16/18  (30)
Midwest is mostly white ppl, then why is it still crappy    01/16/18  (41)
ITT you poast the size of your monthly nut    01/16/18  (57)
Can we talk about boomer "schtick" shitlawyers?    01/16/18  (3)
which xo poaster's Tinder is this?    01/16/18  (7)
Donald Trump is 6'3 and 239 pounds??? FAKE NEWS!    01/16/18  (8)
ITT: We rate my study/game room    01/16/18  (2)
WSU QB commits suicide with rifle    01/16/18  (6)
That 7-11 video is either real or an expert fake ...    01/16/18  (1)
my goddamn ETH purchase takes 10 goddamn days to clear on coinbase    01/16/18  (6)
Great sell wall of China    01/16/18  (2)
What state will have most surprising election results in 2020?    01/16/18  (17)
Car insurance: how much coverage?    01/16/18  (13)
Heretic-mo here. What goes on in Catholic mass?    01/16/18  (37)
Pseudo-financial innovations that have no relationship with the real economy sho    01/16/18  (1)
16 days of nofap. Results incredible.    01/16/18  (27)
Hope all the "celebrities" in California die of tu flu, fire, mudslide    01/16/18  (3)
Peterman's story is one we will tell our grandchildren one day, not flame    01/16/18  (34)
I know bros who took second mortgages to buy crypto at its peak    01/16/18  (6)
babe, its cool. nassim taleb and steven pinker are alt right now.    01/16/18  (10)
"It's a decentralized, anonymous, immutable, deflationary currency. Faggot."    01/16/18  (2)
I dare you to order me a pizza and pay for it.    01/16/18  (5)
Real crash starts in 5 minutes    01/16/18  (5)
Dump your worthless ETH Tokens ITT    01/16/18  (4)
Losing A 4th Set TB When Up 2-1 Has To Be Horrifying #tennis    01/16/18  (1)
Boom grunting as the ninth inch of the niggers black cock rapes his asshole    01/16/18  (2)
peterman sighs, changes linkedin back from "day trader" to "human cum receptacle    01/16/18  (78)
Life takes on a new dimension when you are totally satisfied sexually    01/16/18  (1)
Disco fries will you please order an obscene amount of food to Pasadena?    01/16/18  (2)
Enjoy your shitty laughing stock freak show "America" I'm out    01/16/18  (6)
Porn sluts debate impact of tax reform on them - link    01/16/18  (1)
Being a food addict is worse than alcoholism    01/16/18  (12)
Kihote here, willing to take unwanted BTC off ur hands    01/16/18  (6)
Just ordered a to go order from TGF Fridays in Edmond, Oklahoma    01/16/18  (9)
Come ITT to claim your 888 crypto winnings    01/16/18  (214)
11 beefy men manhandling Peterman    01/16/18  (5)
Predict ETH bottom after Asians sell off everything    01/16/18  (2)
LJL at sellcucks. Already up 17% on the $888 buy order that went thru 20 min ago    01/16/18  (4)
LJLJLJLJLJLJLJL at whatever sellcuk sold me his ETH for $888.    01/16/18  (5)
Just put in a limit order for ETH at $888 in honor or shortquotemo    01/16/18  (3)
Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski kills self over crypto    01/16/18  (2)
"Its blockchain technology" said jinx, chaining the ladyboy to a concrete block    01/16/18  (4)
coincidence that zozo renaissance'd the moment the last fem(slime)poaster left?    01/16/18  (8)
Jim Kelly closing eyes, imagining Bailey Jay to cum while fucking deadfish gook    01/16/18  (2)
BBC Pidgin: Nigerian men leaving IRL women for sex dolls    01/16/18  (7)
Anyone watch "DARK" on Netflix?    01/16/18  (6)
chandler    01/16/18  (5)
LJL at letting a sewer skunk slime all over your marble kitchen counter    01/16/18  (6)
Alcoholism is literally a demon that waits, as long as it takes, for u to feel w    01/16/18  (2)
Yidiocracy    01/16/18  (7)
ICP showering cheering Juggalos with Franzen novels    01/16/18  (1)
Some old boomer was on CNBC today with a hat that said 26,000    01/16/18  (5)
Boner_Bitch is my fat Irish butt slut    01/16/18  (1)
If you had to pick a daily obsession: Bailey Jay or Chilis??    01/16/18  (4)
Lol if you believe any of the frauds    01/16/18  (5)
Trump: Fuck Mexicans, btw I'm replacing American workers with Norwegians, hehe    01/16/18  (6)
Rate this vid of a 7-11 robbery (BIG TWIST)    01/16/18  (48)
is masturbation a mortal sin or a venial sin    01/16/18  (3)
in the 40s and 50s, "bars" were MEN ONLY and life in America was 180    01/16/18  (28)
Your Amazon.com order of "Scalia, J., Fathead Wall Decal" has sh    01/16/18  (43)
LOL people in NA for 20 years don't even know where too get drugs anymore    01/16/18  (1)
*John McLaughlin voice* ISSUE ONE: Crypto CREMATORIUM    01/16/18  (5)
lol @ paul pierce being a little bitch about this isaiah thomas shit    01/16/18  (2)
McKayla Maroney: gymastics doctor was "the best sex I ever had"    01/16/18  (1)
Has RSF lost his shit yet today?    01/16/18  (12)
Architecture buffs: rate this office building    01/16/18  (18)
Ancient Roman JJC: "Impossible to make friends outside of rhetoric school?"    01/16/18  (17)
Dr Federer Joins Belinda Bencic's Coaching Staff #tennis    01/16/18  (5)
consuela's reinvented xo persona = spinal tap playing shitty nu-jazz @ six flags    01/16/18  (4)
South Korean gov successfully wards off catastrophic crypto panic    01/16/18  (4)
What came first, the diaper or the poo poo?    01/16/18  (7)
Uber arriving is a stretch limo: should I invite friends?    01/16/18  (1)
Just got a call on my cell phone that my order is ready in Denver, Co    01/16/18  (3)
guys i just found out im a faggot    01/16/18  (12)
BBC Pidgin: Wetin Dey Say Bout Nasty Truck Stop Peter Man    01/16/18  (10)
Uber arriving is a Prius: should I cancel?    01/16/18  (3)
how much would you pay for a twitch stream channel of boner police poasting    01/16/18  (1)
20 half court shots, if you make 2, i jizz in ur butt, if not i jizz in ur butt    01/16/18  (2)
Let's settle this once and for all: REI or ASUKA?    01/16/18  (35)
gtown adviser jeff bernstein fired for wishing "me too" moment on conservative    01/16/18  (7)
Could you eat at Chili's every day for a year for $1 million    01/16/18  (36)
LJL remember when that faggot Steve Jobs claimed to crack the tv on his deathbed    01/16/18  (1)
Short Circuit but instead of Johnny 5 its Johnny Franzen    01/16/18  (2)
guys bad news - the 888 dragonchain thing is off    01/16/18  (3)
20 half court shots, if you make 2, 50 billion, if not 50 years in jail.    01/16/18  (121)
chandler can i take u out on a date & treat u right. open the door for u    01/16/18  (1)
Chandler can I be solo with you & $leep on your couch    01/16/18  (2)
Jonathan Franzen reading from pidgin version of The Corrections    01/16/18  (2)
Great just found out that everyone thinks I'm a pathetic loser.    01/16/18  (18)
Chandler are you an expert at SOLO LAW yet?    01/16/18  (4)
Can someone bump that baby goldstein thread? need a good laugh.    01/16/18  (7)
*browses dildos while humming WayFair you Got Just what I need jingle* (evan39)    01/16/18  (1)
Found myself weirdly missing my Ex. Read through a few of her psychotic emails    01/16/18  (5)
Libs are just going with anything short of open borders is racist?    01/16/18  (1)
ITT: your monthly after tax take home pay and monthly rent/mortgage?    01/16/18  (1)
ITT: Gullah Bible verses    01/16/18  (24)
be awake at 3-4am PST, that's when big crypto moves happen    01/16/18  (2)
"An den di Peter North he done Hit his papa" (BBC NEWS)    01/16/18  (13)
plz send crypto ty, im like chandler except i actually deserve it    01/16/18  (8)
ITT: rating posters as people, places, or things that Trump has made fun of    01/16/18  (17)
20 shots from halfcourt, make 1, 10 billion, dont 40 years in prison    01/16/18  (12)
BBC Pigeon edition also has lots of stories about poopoo    01/16/18  (1)
"sharding" - who is this neckbeard dullard?    01/16/18  (1)
so how is bourdain so thin? Drugs? It's drugs, right?    01/16/18  (17)
have you ever looked at BBC News in Pidgin language?    01/16/18  (44)
is The Doors 'The End' a good karaoke song?    01/16/18  (1)
My 3 favorite posters: chaucer, evan39, and bloodacre    01/16/18  (4)
BBC Pidgin weighs in on Crypto (link)    01/16/18  (3)
hijab cutting attack yet another false flag    01/16/18  (11)

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