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Starting not to care about anything much at all.    11/17/17  (6)
CNN praises annihilation of media.    11/17/17  (4)
XO 2027: Nutella non sequiter and other in-house cucks mocked by solos making $$    11/17/17  (1)
Guy with BOA account for 30 years canceling due to new fees    11/17/17  (3)
Is solo-shitlaw the new cool thing on xoxo? What happened to in-house???????    11/17/17  (15)
ACID is unmitigated 180    11/17/17  (2)
*Roy Moore wheeling 2.5-ton Ten Commandments sculpture into senate office*    11/17/17  (8)
Gen Z rap poseur Lil Pump - "Gucci Gang" went up 8 million view since yesterday    11/17/17  (12)
ESPN's Scott Van Pelt BASHES critics of the network/NFL (link)    11/17/17  (20)
Alizee - J'en Ai Marre    11/17/17  (4)
WaPo: Pence's unwillingness to be alone with women is problematic and not ok    11/17/17  (11)
Physicsmos: how to ensure I'm in universe where Trump wins?    11/17/17  (3)
TTT codemo taking ttt codemo q's    11/17/17  (36)
Night crew weirdos forcememing stupid shit    11/17/17  (147)
Imagine being 100% nude but in a scuba helmet being sprayed with insulating foam    11/17/17  (2)
Apples diversity chief out after outcry    11/17/17  (47)
everytime word "muslim" in press i now see "mudslimes"    11/17/17  (3)
I'm talking to Lisa Rowe right now on okc    11/17/17  (3)
my rommate is Semetic hope i bang her    11/17/17  (22)
Rate these excerpts from the Motley Crue biography from 15 years ago    11/17/17  (10)
Rach, if you do not comply by 5pm, I will be forced to forcememe grad certs    11/17/17  (5)
NFL Owner Jerry Jones Makes Racially Charged Comments in Shocking Video    11/17/17  (52)
I want to be beaten to death by baseball bat on tv    11/17/17  (266)
having another "i hate everything and want to die" afternoon    11/17/17  (11)
"Uhh no george20, it's "black" Friday, not past tense"    11/17/17  (7)
word is lil pump set up lil xan to give hot shot to lil peep to get YT VIEW$    11/17/17  (1)
Inspired by JCM, I'm going to go out with GF and find the BLACKest club we can    11/17/17  (2)
Imagine marrying ur Harvard sweetheart but ur kid is a drug-addled freak rapper    11/17/17  (28)
god, I am so excited that Roy Moore is gonna be senator    11/17/17  (7)
gift for wife who is into standard white woman crap?    11/17/17  (55)
ITT list the loneliest thing you do    11/17/17  (19)
The Indian fixed marriage thing is so weird to me    11/17/17  (54)
110 IQ tell: freaking out about automation    11/17/17  (50)
ITT list the loudest thing you've ever heard a woman do    11/17/17  (3)
RATE Tesla's new race car - $250k, 0-60 in 1.9s, 600m range, seats 4    11/17/17  (50)
Had a boartcrush but no more. Think i have madonna/whore complex    11/17/17  (16)
When will you put up your HOLIDAY tree?    11/17/17  (4)
Headline: Killings of transgenders hit record high in 2017! The number killed:    11/17/17  (9)
billy corgan but with hair    11/17/17  (3)
What industry are the richest peole you personally know in? Real Estate? Law?    11/17/17  (20)
Nofap. Church. Putting away Pet Sounds. Becoming a 180 poaster.    11/17/17  (6)
Time to revive Johnsmeyer's "no tall men" meme    11/17/17  (4)
Do kids who go to Catholic school end up more successful than average?    11/17/17  (1)
At parent's house. Just dropped Acid. Let's see how this goes...    11/17/17  (43)
JCM I'm gonna go out have a bunch of sex w really hot chicks to ight    11/17/17  (4)
Fuck this "gotcha" society    11/17/17  (4)
Norm Macdonald interrupting Conan's boring guests.    11/17/17  (1)
Al Franken & Kathy Griffin inviting Sgt Bergdahl on stage at USO show    11/17/17  (2)
There are gay guys who will get a boner when they smell a fart.    11/17/17  (10)
gonna stomp some sloths tonight    11/17/17  (1)
any gaming bros having issues w discord tonight?    11/17/17  (1)
i hate Franken's politics, but I found him funny as a comedian    11/17/17  (1)
now that I think of it, only 2 USO performers I know are Kathy Griffin, Franken    11/17/17  (2)
if i saw you walking down the street on a saturday what job would i think you do    11/17/17  (1)
The death of LIL PEEP has got me fascinated by Gen Z and their music    11/17/17  (126)
My mental projections are objective fact. Material world is subjective.    11/17/17  (4)
spent last 36 hours SUCKING & FUCKING. destroyed. wiped out. jcm taking ?s    11/17/17  (209)
US: Fires black woman, gay black santa. meanwhile,China: first head transplant    11/17/17  (4)
ross here. first day. new planet with life. ross. (link)    11/17/17  (10)
Ohio gubernatorial candidate discloses sexual harassment in FB post    11/17/17  (5)
White woman complains to black manspreader. Gets beaten.    11/17/17  (67)
"Somehow, from this pile of human failure, filth, and disgust, you expect a grea    11/17/17  (1)
You got it, "colt", said Junior Energy Trader to Lou Pai as he rigged the mkts    11/17/17  (9)
sloth stomper    11/17/17  (1)
no one questions groping claim of sleeping witness when pic shows hoverhand    11/17/17  (21)
Man, the troops must have been really excited to see Al Franken    11/17/17  (2)
If the yearbook is shit, you must acquit    11/17/17  (1)
in 2017, you need skills but no employer is willing to teach you any skills    11/17/17  (6)
Heather Brooke: best cock sucker in human history?    11/17/17  (25)
Simple poll to determine whether lawman8 is smart or dumb (link)    11/17/17  (10)
rate don henleys misdemeanor    11/17/17  (1)
The cetacean uprising began not with a bang but a whimper--ing noise as 50 peop    11/17/17  (1)
does Jude Law do a good NY accent in The Young Pope?    11/17/17  (1)
just do 2% of people under 28 have "good jobs" 4 a stable country bro!    11/17/17  (14)
Rate this Personal Finance Blogger    11/17/17  (11)
DNC 2020: "All whites must sit in back of convention hall." Lathamtouchedme: "no    11/17/17  (11)
Lifehack for Macs: Add foreign kb so you can proudly display USA flag in top bar    11/17/17  (7)
a giant SPERM WHALE impaling your wife with his big WHALE COCK (40-50x size)    11/17/17  (2)
*shamelessly throws my panties at mpa*    11/17/17  (65)
the apple "white people diverse" lib outrage is basically my final straw    11/17/17  (14)
Human beings running shit on Earth while giant ass SPERM whales sit in dark cold    11/17/17  (7)
This xanax bullshit should be illegal. Nobody "needs" it.    11/17/17  (16)
other codemos, DESCRIBE your relationship with your QA people?    11/17/17  (2)
*Mitt Romney practicing his lines before dinner with Trump* "Hello Donald!"    11/17/17  (4)
"its so cute!" she says with a smile that doesnt reach her eyes    11/17/17  (6)
next Batman movie will feature new villain, "The Manspreader"    11/17/17  (1)
PUA is bullshit. Women and relationships are magical things that can't be "gamed    11/17/17  (18)
im going to cut petermans head of, fuck it in the mouth, and mount it on my wall    11/17/17  (3)
Would you unlock my cage, if I saw you in heaven    11/17/17  (2)
It's Friday. Thinking of going to bed early, and let kids decide when to sleep    11/17/17  (1)
You're no stallion yet, but you're a good "colt" said the stripper to Lou Pai    11/17/17  (8)
Explain to me again why a "Flat Tax" is unfair? Thank    11/17/17  (1)
xoxo halford to heaven    11/17/17  (2)
Rate this description of how Silicon Valley began    11/17/17  (2)
Had a boartcrush but no more. He died.    11/17/17  (4)
Apple VP of diversity/inclusion is being fired for saying white ppl should be in    11/17/17  (15)
Podesta email: No "ponies" at the pizza shop today, but a "colt" if you're inter    11/17/17  (6)
Rach is writing a book about his life......and we're all in it!!!!!!!!!!    11/17/17  (6)
so white marriage is just prancing around taking pictures of food and renting bi    11/17/17  (41)
Just ate a gigantic meal. About to pop a xanax    11/17/17  (18)
there's nothing sadder than a grown man sitting in a cubicle all day    11/17/17  (5)
women are the reason why there's a bunch of useless certifications, diploma mill    11/17/17  (1)
Credentialism reaches the lower class. [The Atlantic]    11/17/17  (20)
Any bros oppose the trump tax plan    11/17/17  (19)
Danny Devito accused of groping by MULTIPLE Virginia honey hams    11/17/17  (3)
I still haven't watched an NFL game this year    11/17/17  (1)
Stitches releases heartfelt statement about loss of lil peep    11/17/17  (2)
We're thankful for you, $FIRST_NAME    11/17/17  (2)
New Tesla Roadster revealed. 0-60 in 1.9 sec. Top speed 250 mph.    11/17/17  (11)
ending it all tonight    11/17/17  (1)
Bonus prediction thread    11/17/17  (7)
"Ugh men are such pigs!" Halford: *sips latte* "You have no idea."    11/17/17  (96)
Senator warren describes her RAPE    11/17/17  (84)
When we're, wage-cucking, cock-cage cucking, oh isn't it wild    11/17/17  (1)
very STRANGE how there's no gay PUA community    11/17/17  (5)
how many poasters here know / know someone via social circle    11/17/17  (24)
BIGLAWMOS: Hours check in... year is almost done, how many hours have u billed?    11/17/17  (87)
Hillary doing whatever she can to remain in spotlight. questions 2016 election (    11/17/17  (1)
if you, uh, theoretically wanted to die really quickly, shouldn't it be a lot ea    11/17/17  (1)
Cernovich had ONE good break. ever since, he's been insufferable    11/17/17  (1)
Call of Duty WWII has a lootbox casino on the beach where my grandfather died.    11/17/17  (38)
STOOPID, UGLY, RETAHDED    11/17/17  (1)
"Sir, we're all just trying to get to work. Can you please stop mangaping?"    11/17/17  (1)
new Star Wars opens with long panning shot of Nissan Stanza flying in space    11/17/17  (3)
"Water into wine!?!" *1st C. DBG rubs his temples* "What kind of prole gar-..."    11/17/17  (10)
Guy who has prestige/experience with the issue in question here *Hot Take*    11/17/17  (15)
whats with people who drink "skim milk"?    11/17/17  (3)
*1st C. DBG listening as learned intellectual insists upon inclusion of Joseph*    11/17/17  (7)
MPA returning to apartment after leaving browser open. Bumble monster:    11/17/17  (4)
BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!!!!!! - What are you getting?    11/17/17  (1)
me spack n luis listening to Washed Out - New Theory while sun rises ovr r pool    11/17/17  (15)
Modern women confuse being "assertive" with being rude and belligerent    11/17/17  (6)
Democrat anti-Semetic GOLDMAN Sachs 2020 Trump campaign strategy LEAKED (link)    11/17/17  (3)
stitches is actually tcr rapper    11/17/17  (2)
MULTIPLE models cum fwd to reiterate that TRUMP was a sex GOD in 80s-90s    11/17/17  (3)
Ok Lil Peep "Benz Truck" is fire    11/17/17  (5)
xoxo Indians - would a 7 day cruise down the Ganges be credited at all?    11/17/17  (4)
Really want JCM to fondle my IPA tits while she pegs me with a strap-on    11/17/17  (12)
You know that feeling when you get off work on Friday? LSD is like that x1000    11/17/17  (1)
At the current rate, marriage will no longer exist by 2050.    11/17/17  (14)
STAR WARS ep IX spoiler: a Luke Skywalker is det    11/17/17  (3)
Rate this Donald Sterling deposition response    11/17/17  (6)
Wow, can you believe how the intelligence community took down Trump?    11/17/17  (3)
Rate this video of a web media shrew dropping an SBD on set (James Joyce Jr.)    11/17/17  (5)
APP IDEA: Waze, but for nigger alerts    11/17/17  (8)
Depression, Men, Gossip, ADHD, Xanax, Debt    11/17/17  (1)
Gen-Xers are worse than Baby Boomers (millenial)    11/17/17  (1)
Yann Perrod has endorsed you for: cock control, turtleback stims    11/17/17  (58)

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