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STICKY: A little decree about archiving   02/17/17  (365)
Shrew who works in Senior Management rants about employees quitting w/o notice    02/19/17  (4)
Why are xo poasters too scared of "burning bridges" & quitting their jobs?    02/19/17  (3)
I quit my job during a meeting with senior management    02/19/17  (83)
Buying 4k smart TV - Lg vs Samsung?    02/19/17  (17)
Underrated actors: Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage    02/19/17  (4)
Is this blonde teen too young for you? NSFW    02/19/17  (5)
Which POTUS had the hottest wife?    02/18/17  (6)
RSF's dad singing him "The Wreck of the Cantor Fitzgerald"    02/18/17  (209)
chess noobs: this video is 180    02/18/17  (7)
In Bangkok, oh my the girls are pretty    02/18/17  (17)
Wyoming chapter of MADDD raising Halford awareness    02/18/17  (1)
Lasik Surgery    02/18/17  (24)
I want to drop butthole first down a Plinko wall of dicks    02/18/17  (18)
I dedicate today to the memory of LarryJoeBird and ask a moment of silence    02/18/17  (53)
Oh god at this instagram model. Kill me now.    02/18/17  (49)
Rate this Instagram model in lingerie    02/18/17  (12)
Would you ever consider dating a girl who had attempted suicide?    02/18/17  (3)
Chiropractor says he will not accept a stool sample. What do?    02/18/17  (1)
Guy from Jurassic Park saying "life finds a way" after seeing j maw at urinal    02/18/17  (27)
My wife lives like a poor. She bought us salmon bones for dinner. 50 cents/pound    02/18/17  (13)
What Sunday Night Garbage TV are depressed balding lawyers watching now    02/18/17  (16)
Just binge watch it, it gets good in season 5    02/18/17  (3)
The year 2030 is closer to us than 2000    02/18/17  (3)
I've had like 13 inches and barely feel dick drunk    02/18/17  (3)
Trump balls chinese slut run a train    02/18/17  (1)
Trump isn't spurting with the IFNB because it would be political suicide    02/18/17  (1)
Anyone want to start a modeling agency with me ?    02/18/17  (13)
Rate these USC sorority girls dressed like the chick from Clueless    02/18/17  (34)
Make Somalia Great Again    02/18/17  (7)
"Damn, what a slut!" me &sexual quotemo groaned as scholarship drained our balls    02/18/17  (4)
Reddit today: 60% anti-Trump posts, 10% video games, 10% Bill Nye, 20% Bill Gate    02/18/17  (2)
ever jack off so much you feel physically ill?    02/18/17  (1)
A Korean arguing about boat shoes with a Han Chinese and an Indian    02/18/17  (8)
Nigger. Faggot. NiggerFaggot    02/18/17  (11)
Why do 30-40yo old men call 22-27yo old men "kids"    02/18/17  (14)
ARTICLE: Hitler's personal phone auctioned at $100,000    02/18/17  (2)
Larry Wilmore v. Milo Yiannoupoulos    02/18/17  (15)
The Trump Tax Plan is 180    02/18/17  (116)
Indian guy here. Should I take my weekly shower today?    02/18/17  (2)
hey beckersted can you unretire and talk about Japanese wrestling for a bit    02/18/17  (22)
is the MPRE hard    02/18/17  (21)
Tons of women at airport in leggings...UGH    02/18/17  (9)
spaceporn just blew up another cocklet    02/18/17  (3)
used electric toothbrush on soft tooth. sounds like a plunger in a bowl of honey    02/18/17  (2)
Cottage cheese cellulite rippling across scholarship's GOMAD rump as I fuck him    02/18/17  (6)
Do you know ANY women who wear glasses that are non-hipster?    02/18/17  (1)
your 1980s future wife baring her soul on this 900 number:    02/18/17  (2)
rate the exiled "Palestinian Gandhi", who preaches nonviolence, & guess religion    02/18/17  (4)
*shows up to biglaw wearing a beanie propeller hat*    02/18/17  (2)
having tremendous success IMAGINING a weighted blanket & not actually using one    02/18/17  (6)
how do you know when your time on xo has run its course    02/18/17  (29)
evan39 we have almost 5 feet of snow piled up here    02/18/17  (7)
Whats the best way to have my renters pay me so I dont have to ever see them    02/18/17  (10)
Rate my moniker    02/18/17  (1)
Marc Anthony - Big Heart or Big Cock?    02/18/17  (1)
Trying to read Adventures of Kavalier and Klay...Jewish kids in NYC?? come on    02/18/17  (2)
CIA flatly denis report of withholding info; News says: CIA still withholding    02/18/17  (3)
TCTP explaining error theory to a bored Shearman recruiter @ 2L OCI    02/18/17  (14)
any other biglawyers have hyper-realistic biglaw stress dreams    02/17/17  (8)
hehe me & spack play strip poker and i lose on purpose (zeke mor    02/17/17  (13)
MBB consulting or BB/EB banking?    02/17/17  (12)
just went to athens chick-fil-a. look at what was in my bag (not flame) (pic)    02/17/17  (40)
Jew vs Muslim rap battle    02/17/17  (2)
XO Trumpmos, is your wife/gf full-on MAGA? MAGA-adjacent? Or shitlib?    02/17/17  (130)
Is Linkedin eliminating public profiles? I can't see any profiles b/c I don't ha    02/17/17  (3)
LA Weathergirls are 180. Watching someone in a red dress on CBS-LA    02/17/17  (2)
How much is Larry Wilmore hoping to gape Milo tonight?    02/17/17  (1)
Who writes Barbri/other bar prep MBE questions? are they realistic?    02/17/17  (4)
Americans are waking up to the lies of the media. They'll wake up to the Jew too    02/17/17  (1)
Rate my food today    02/17/17  (8)
3.4 gpa & 160 LSAT = Columbia Law School acceptance    02/17/17  (12)
Finnish Law Student wins Food Network Contest; goes to biglaw instead of chef    02/17/17  (12)
White ppl in Los Angeles are pure scum    02/17/17  (5)
biglaw lives matter has literally never once acknowledged me on xo    02/17/17  (1)
Check out the twitter feeds of the 2 main POTUS reporters at failing NYT    02/17/17  (37)
3 pitbulls maul cute kitten to death    02/17/17  (11)
So libs want us to pretend like that Landbeast Ashley Graham is a 10 ?    02/17/17  (46)
Home Depot is basically Toys R Us for terrorists, everything u need to make bomb    02/17/17  (13)
Ginsburg mumbling "I'm very healthy!" in incoherent babble    02/17/17  (1)
fake news ((((media))) trying to smear Trump's Wharton degree now    02/17/17  (1)
Ducktales: WooHooo! Video of new song    02/17/17  (24)
Should I buy 2006 BMW 530 with 57k miles for $9500?    02/17/17  (27)
How the fuck are so many Arabs in SoCal business owners?    02/17/17  (24)
Yeah, but what are Ashton Kutcher's thoughts on the issue?    02/17/17  (4)
Why do Jews take pride in deceiving the "low-IQ" goyim?    02/17/17  (5)
Jews want America to hate Iran because it sees it as a threat to Israel    02/17/17  (79)
Americans will become anti-Semitic if they investigate why Jews were hated in    02/17/17  (2)
Lawshrew negress pens children's book about heroic lawshrew negress (link)    02/17/17  (1)
Immigrants who feel better than low-income whites: FUCK THESE TTT    02/17/17  (9)
Day w/o Immigrant Protests Felt Nowhere Except    02/17/17  (12)
2016 Law Firm Financials    02/17/17  (58)
I fall head-over-heels for Persian chicks who have this look SFW    02/17/17  (40)
Tell me what to see in Hong Kong    02/17/17  (45)
Sila Star breaks silence, reviews JJC:    02/17/17  (11)
finally left gf    02/17/17  (109)
just lol at "taquerias" that only have three meats.    02/17/17  (11)
Big cock uber alles    02/17/17  (4)
I will admit, watching Trump being miserable and squirm is very enjoyable    02/17/17  (32)
Why do wealthy ppl from TTT countries buy real estate in LA, London, Paris, Madr    02/17/17  (16)
I never want to be dick sober again    02/17/17  (2)
"We'll find those cookie displays, and we'll get our best EPA cleanup team on it    02/16/17  (1)
Tons of parties, people getting blasted every night    02/16/17  (73)
hmm libs have been dead wrong on literally everything, but lets hear them out    02/16/17  (22)
So Ratajkowski got offended because she used to escort to, right?    02/16/17  (10)
A Very Milbank Christmas    02/16/17  (6)
i am shitlib and can confirm autoadmit invented the term "shitlib"    02/16/17  (2)
Rubio, wiggling his rump, offering a "Deep State" for $100 an hour    02/16/17  (6)
Dear White Ppl: pls have more kids, & don't intermarry    02/16/17  (6)
I like em big, and gassy, my anaconda don't want none unless you have a masters    02/16/17  (47)
POLL: would u feel harassed if strip searched by female cop?    02/16/17  (10)
CHUCK SCHUMER: delegitimizing the (((press))) is unAmerican    02/16/17  (17)
The way asians are always denigrating low class whites is sad    02/16/17  (45)
Why do 110 IQ types love to use latin plurals like "stadia" and "virii"    02/16/17  (6)
Seth Rogen DMs Trump's son and shares!    02/16/17  (6)
Tucker: "Sijan's rankings were a fraud!"    02/16/17  (3)
Any SLOW burn Horror movies you recommend?    02/16/17  (6)
There's at least one writer for It's always sunny that lurks or poasts    02/16/17  (16)
Explain the Evan39 "how dare you" meme - i like, just want to know its origins    02/16/17  (3)
Remember you have to let an associate from a higher Vault ranked firm fuck ur gf    02/16/17  (5)
How I found xo    02/16/17  (22)
Rate this $38mm Medicaid fraud by Armenians    02/16/17  (8)
What do Sotomayor's law clerks think of her? Are they embarrassed?    02/16/17  (16)
I made $10,000 selling games furniture on Craigslist in 2016 - do I have to    02/16/17  (5)
trump doesn't seem concerned with wanting to get anything done    02/16/17  (1)
Finland unveils its new Tom of Finland emoji character, Concerned Dad explain    02/16/17  (3)
California bar passage: The rise and fall of law student intelligence.    02/16/17  (4)
Why do Armenians work in pyramid schemes?    02/16/17  (1)
Middle Easterners are very unethical in their business practices    02/16/17  (2)
MPC's Pleasureman and TRS's John Henry Eden twitter fight    02/16/17  (3)
Message to Ivanka Trump from AutoAdmit poaster    02/16/17  (9)
Armenians in Los Angeles are huge scammers. BE CAREFUL DOING BUSINESS W THEM    02/16/17  (28)
Asians > Whites > Hispanics > Blacks when it comes to money sense    02/16/17  (9)
Libs making fun of Trump for asking black reporter if she's friends with black c    02/16/17  (1)
Trump will deal with dreamers "with heart." DACA not getting repealed.    02/16/17  (1)
I hate ppl who think having a job is the only way to maek it    02/16/17  (2)
Margaret Brennan marries Yado Yakub    02/16/17  (2)
I hate minorities who want to pursue the American dream    02/16/17  (30)
Big Trumpmo here but I starting to thinka Donard Trump is seriosry russian prant    02/16/17  (11)
Saw a homeless guy sleeping with a weighted newspaper    02/16/17  (2)
Chances I could legitimately get myself on this commission? (Earl)    02/16/17  (13)
Space Poop Challenge    02/16/17  (1)
Can any of the low IQ clitdick Trumpfag proles here explain why he is treating    02/16/17  (3)
Is this "Emergen-C" powder pure flame? All it does is burn my nose    02/16/17  (1)
All my white friends are "trying" to get pregnant for years meanwhile mexicans    02/16/17  (12)
H.S. b-ball team in wealthy school district shows support for Muslim refugees    02/16/17  (2)
Any reason not to move to Medellin once you hit 600K net worth?    02/16/17  (103)

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