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STICKY: New account requests   04/24/18  (204)
I wanna have adventures living abroad for a while, but only in places w white pe    04/24/18  (7)
So every boomer and gen-xer has a general practitioner?    04/24/18  (5)
Just bought a new bike. Accepting praise ITT.    04/24/18  (10)
What's a good muscle to fat ratio gain (assuming natty) (RCP90 not welcome ITT)    04/24/18  (4)
benzo and his PO giggling as they siphon all the gas from TSINAH's car at 3am    04/24/18  (12)
People with NPD really do need to be killed    04/24/18  (11)
what would you tell your 29 year old self to do    04/24/18  (10)
State DA vs. Personal Injury Firm in 2nd Tier City    04/24/18  (14)
Friend's sister was giving me shit about being unmarried/no kids at 33.    04/24/18  (39)
Is Atlantic City still fun during summer weekends at the nice hotels?    04/24/18  (25)
earl, will ur azn basketball league retire ur jersey when u stop playing?    04/24/18  (1)
Idris Elba: "Ya honuh, I am Idris Elba, of the firm Shuck and Jive LLP"    04/24/18  (9)
Uh oh: Putin friend funneled $$ to Crooked Ivanka thru Latvian criminals    04/24/18  (21)
WIZARDCHAN: "Do normies realize how offensive these Q's are?"    04/24/18  (79)
-Who just joined? -NIGGERS -sorry? -Rich NIGGERS of Ribbs, Melon &Fries    04/24/18  (21)
PP"--pddj's pussy as it queefs out a glob of turd cum
   04/24/18  (5)
(big dog and, together with big dog 2 and big dog 3, the "Bigs dog" and, each    04/24/18  (24)
people who use the term "quasi" with a straight-face    04/24/18  (2)
sorry TSINAH, you didn't blank all those posts quickly enough lmao    04/24/18  (17)
lifting weights won't make you a chad, or even better looking.    04/24/18  (5)
Tarantino's new script is "best screenplay in 30 years"    04/24/18  (10)
Im not good at posting and nobody likes me irl or on here plus I whine    04/24/18  (6)
Seriously loling at how bad TSINAH lost his shit itt    04/24/18  (9)
LJL upwork's "two small transactions" to verify your credit card total $10.00    04/24/18  (4)
SC Justice weighs in on pay equity: "You can't fight the facts"    04/24/18  (8)
Starting to think quasi-vegetarianism might be CR    04/24/18  (28)
{+} {+} {+} * * * NIGGER * * * {+} {+} {+}    04/24/18  (5)
Lots of anti-lifting faggotry on here lately    04/24/18  (1)
Godsmack - Voodoo plays as TSINAH threatens prison for mean internet poasts    04/24/18  (2)
while geeks are getting jacked, chads have switched to being monstrously obese    04/24/18  (2)
What would you tell your 34 year old self to do    04/24/18  (13)
Gymcel: an incel who tries to cope by going to the gym (pics) (DTP)    04/24/18  (28)
How many people have seen the Bin Laden death photos?    04/24/18  (17)
I am a megapoasting autist.    04/24/18  (1)
U. Penn State - students required to stay within cell phone service at all times    04/24/18  (10)
too soon to do jokes about spritezero fucking his dead mom?    04/24/18  (2)
Sam Hyde looking ripped af    04/24/18  (18)
Your future wife guiding Chad's hand to her neck while he fucks her missionary    04/24/18  (8)
Trump at impeachment hearing "oh wow, what a great crowd"    04/24/18  (30)
Pick up a PI case on the side as a NYC biglaw associate?    04/24/18  (1)
Male thot/fuckboy look: semi-tight gray sweat pants, wife beater, adidas sandals    04/24/18  (5)
Wait so Toronto van driver was actually an Elliot Rodger INCEL?    04/24/18  (24)
Poll: should i have a 3rd kid?    04/24/18  (51)
monsterface geeks who 'get ripped'    04/24/18  (8)
lob friend attended a claw teens ball    04/24/18  (3)
This site is so absolutely toxic I've started calling people "shitlibs" IRL    04/24/18  (2)
Why did MPA kill all of those people in Toronto?    04/24/18  (4)
Washington Post editors LOSE THEIR SHIT over finding out Trump spanks Melania    04/24/18  (1)
Just re-watched "Meatballs". Weird dissonance about jews    04/24/18  (9)
Protip: multiple buttplugs    04/24/18  (1)
TWEETS INCOMING: Court filing shows Manafort raid was tied to Trump    04/24/18  (1)
Rate this absurd ten year stretch for Tom Cotton    04/24/18  (27)
Ever been to a law teen promise ceremony? Kooky stuff...    04/24/18  (28)
we are all just ghosted thots in the DMs of life    04/24/18  (1)
Josh Rosen Details Anti-Semitic Slurs Used Against Him by Opponents During Games    04/24/18  (10)
I have the best life out of anyone here.    04/24/18  (14)
re-watching Mad Men from season 1    04/24/18  (6)
Longer you poast here the more you realize boner police? is not intelligent.    04/24/18  (8)
unless youre doing it for a sport, weightlifting is pretty autistic    04/24/18  (24)
Let's face it, Spaceporn pwned life:    04/24/18  (30)
making wife stand in corner wearing 'Dunce' cap, Cr?    04/24/18  (1)
girls who say "you're not gonna ghost me, right"    04/24/18  (56)
What would you tell your 18 y/o self to do?    04/24/18  (60)
Kind of want to live abroad for a while. Where should I go?    04/24/18  (26)
Is $8 too expensive for a car wash?    04/24/18  (7)
b. police is too low IQ to understand whats going on w/ this account    04/24/18  (3)
Big hiring bonu$e$ to work for the railroad    04/24/18  (3)
Trump in 2019: "I had the best impeachment. Better than Clinton. Was it better?"    04/24/18  (1)
Guess who bought Mikey's house from "The Goonies" (pic)    04/24/18  (11)
I have access to CharlesXII's OKC profile. I'm his new dating manager. (Krampus)    04/24/18  (124)
Mitt fucking Romney at a Utah Jazz playoff game taunting Russell Westbrook    04/24/18  (17)
Rating poasters as 2 word phrases from Pensive's Jordan Peterson takedown    04/24/18  (1)
PredictIt IMPEACHMENT shares now almost even money    04/24/18  (44)
Longer you poast here the more you realize no one here is intelligent.    04/24/18  (2)
The charles' dating help thread depresses me (DTP)    04/24/18  (9)
How easy is it to find 70k+ atty job in DC after 2 years practicing elsewhere?    04/24/18  (8)
love you all and hope you are getting laid on a regular basis    04/24/18  (2)
Seems insane not to move to SLC. 76% white!!!!    04/24/18  (5)
Reminder: This site is completely toxic, enslaves you with mini dopamine hits    04/24/18  (11)
The Intercept: Crooked Ivanka is Now in Muellers Crosshairs (LINK)    04/24/18  (32)
PrestigeFaggot sure takes up a lot of space in Watchmens head    04/24/18  (41)
i always lmao picturing the misshapen broken bodies of XOers who "lift"    04/24/18  (22)
ghosted by 400 out of the Fortune 500    04/24/18  (4)
Toronto van investigators: the motive was inside us all along    04/24/18  (1)
Kind of want to live as a broad for a while. Where should I go?    04/24/18  (6)
Alpha fucking China has rampant "problem" with hiring hot chicks    04/24/18  (53)
Breaking: Lawman5 and Lawman7 accuse Lawman8 of being "glib", "deceitful"    04/24/18  (6)
Lawman8 accused of statutory rape, blames Jews, "lying" press    04/24/18  (1)
lawman8 blaming explosive diarrhea on 'the muslims'    04/24/18  (1)
Law teens like to fuck law men    04/24/18  (2)
Important reminder about Trump and Russia    04/24/18  (52)
My username is 180 and hilarious esp if u know me irl    04/24/18  (2)
Daily Mail: Nancy Leong caught fucking law teen from class (link)    04/24/18  (24)
What's your favorite non-crypto investment opportunity currently?    04/24/18  (14)
Bboom just make youtube videos and get 3 million retards to subscribe    04/24/18  (1)
Your application is already on file for this position. While we are working on i    04/24/18  (10)
"I hope I get to Norwood 7. But even 5 would be nice", said the law teen    04/24/18  (7)
It's startling the number of men that tell the truth when courting a woman    04/24/18  (1)
There's really not one thing the Sex Pistols were wrong about    04/24/18  (11)
Rate this prison fight    04/24/18  (1)
We gotta kill the incels. Its gotten out of hand.    04/24/18  (8)
Law teen mouthing "lmao" as you beat her teeth in with the butt of a revolver    04/24/18  (8)
What are some bands whose biggest/most famous songs are actually their worst?    04/24/18  (163)
Imagine being PP.    04/24/18  (3)
Tell me about buying or leasing flip house slaves in LA (Edinburgh)    04/24/18  (2)
Autistic armenian incel    04/24/18  (1)
Male, female, and those who haven't made up their minds: all would fuck Chad    04/24/18  (1)
Rate the State Dinner menu for Monsieur Macron    04/24/18  (3)
"How many other girls are you dating?" she asked as Chad slid his cock inside.    04/24/18  (6)
Last night, videodeposition of treating provider. this morning, meet w client, p    04/24/18  (6)
this law teen shit is kirring me!    04/24/18  (1)
Boomer 'men' are actually to blame for rise of feminism    04/24/18  (1)
Just do raise your child genderless in a rat- and nig-infested urban jungle    04/24/18  (2)
pensive DOMINATING the Jordan Peterson's subreddit    04/24/18  (2)
Things that assfaggot is: autistic, gay, retarded, a nigger.    04/24/18  (2)
Toronto van guy was an incel Eliott Rodgers follower    04/24/18  (9)
chicks in ls have about 5 decent years left    04/24/18  (1)
BOLD THEORY RE LEONG/UBER -- Vocaroo explanation itt    04/24/18  (8)
LAst night after cub scouts kid told me he wanted to score a goal in soccer    04/24/18  (5)
To live and die in LA (Edinburgh)    04/24/18  (1)
i'm still loling at how bad TSINAH got pwnd on xo    04/24/18  (3)
Son, you're now old enough to wear your diaper on your head like uncle MPA.    04/24/18  (8)
Crypto is back    04/24/18  (6)
Tell me about buying or leasing cars in LA (Edinburgh)    04/24/18  (7)
Tell me about azn bball leagues in LA (Edinburgh)    04/24/18  (2)
For Whom the Ratfuck Spins    04/24/18  (2)
"Now that Trump is POTUS, girls will HAVE to talk to me!," the incel exclaimed.    04/24/18  (19)
GloboGayPlex | birdbrain society | free market Marxism    04/24/18  (1)
WLMAS is like when you go to the gym and CNN is droning in the background    04/24/18  (3)
britain is not a real country    04/24/18  (52)
If you're a Trump supporter, I'm sorry, lil bro. You have no sex.    04/24/18  (5)
you guys are all normal irl, right? you're just putting on a show here?    04/24/18  (8)
Law Teens Revel in Napoleonic Code at Mardi Gras (pics)    04/24/18  (3)
remember. the gay shit that you post will echo in eternity.    04/24/18  (1)
Rate this 39 year old music performer    04/24/18  (12)
6IX9INE - "Gotti" ((WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video))    04/24/18  (1)
Dyslexic XO poster chatting up 42yo Kiev -11 shrew at Teen Law meetup    04/24/18  (1)
"Fight anti-Semitism is by banding together with Latinos, Muslims, and Blacks"    04/24/18  (12)
Reminder: per Rosenstein, Trump is NOT a target of Mueller/Russia probe    04/24/18  (2)
Mass killings dont bring fame anymore barely make a blip on news no one follows    04/24/18  (2)
Putin would just have poisoned Solzhenitsyn    04/24/18  (13)
Want to use Iguana freezing phenomenon as plot device in novel, but    04/24/18  (1)
Ukraine has tens of thousands of literal law teens    04/24/18  (2)
Oh my god like like something oh my good like like like like    04/24/18  (1)
Airplane microvave defect causes stewardess's breast implant to explode (graphic    04/24/18  (4)

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