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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
NOT FLAME: Trump threw candy at Merkel, "Don't say I never give you anything"    06/21/18  (46)
no, srs question. of all the dozens of NYT 'tranny' boys, how many non-gentile    06/21/18  (16)
Here are some subtle tells to differentiate 125 iqs from 140s    06/21/18  (21)
brown families are sacrosanct. white families are toxic, must be destroyed.    06/21/18  (11)
Best polish for my 96 year old bald dome?(Boom)    06/21/18  (4)
rate my exercise    06/21/18  (6)
moralistic therapeutic deism    06/21/18  (1)
used to think religion was answer to lib menace but not anymore    06/21/18  (13)
Libs want no borders and steady stream of migrants.....yet so much of country    06/21/18  (6)
Mandalay Bay water main burst, floods conv center, destroys shooting evidence    06/21/18  (1)
Insane that it's "normal" to lift heavy weights & get chronic injuries (DTP)    06/21/18  (41)
Trump will send JAGs to assist w illegal prosecutions    06/21/18  (2)
Man wins 18.4 million dollars due to cancelled aids tests    06/21/18  (7)
Libs, this Ronald Reagan video will scar you for life.    06/21/18  (10)
Michael Greger grabbing mindshare among vegan YouTube stars.    06/21/18  (3)
**CUMSKINS DO NOT CLICK** Alexis Ren posts instagram kissing new Korean CHAD BF    06/21/18  (44)
Fucked my FIRST NEW PUSSY of 2018 last night. In a FFM THREESOME. WGWAG!    06/21/18  (23)
Is the EO Trump's biggest mistake so far?    06/21/18  (9)
The 2019 Vault rankings are finally here!    06/21/18  (35)
Dating girl with higher sex drive than myself. Personal motivation cut in half    06/21/18  (3)
Its quite hilarious xoxoers think Im bald and poor(Boom)    06/21/18  (5)
Top 3 posters: Charles, RSF, nyuug. Bottom 3: Obeezy, WLMAS, Julia    06/21/18  (16)
Im going to throw a Vegas bash for xo one day    06/21/18  (8)
Seriously lulzy WGWAG Youtube channel dedicated to Race Trolling    06/21/18  (2)
Farting so loud the shrews came!    06/21/18  (12)
What are the Cr food handout and homeless shelters in your area?    06/21/18  (1)
Chandler Kenny and Cali PLC has 185 cases now (CSLG)    06/21/18  (29)
Where should I take a 21 year old big butt latina on a date?    06/21/18  (5)
This is the perfect time for Trump to seize legislative power thru exec order    06/21/18  (36)
If you had a pile of nice jewelry you didnt want! How would you sell it?    06/21/18  (5)
Deepest level of 4chan conspiracy chart: "Cadwalader Walk"    06/21/18  (3)
For The First Time In U.S. History White Deaths Outnumber Births In Majority Of    06/21/18  (3)
*Level 8 of 4chan conspiracy chart* "Milbank Raises"    06/21/18  (4)
real talk: why is TSINAH allowed to post here? he is archiving all our shit    06/21/18  (68)
Liberal insanity is reaching historic proportions. What causes this behavior ?    06/21/18  (50)
DC votes to raise Tipped Workers wage to $15    06/21/18  (83)
lib: *clutches monkey's paw* i wish families weren't separated at the border!    06/21/18  (2)
Peter Fonda in American Flag adult-diaper, sticking it to the MAN on twitter    06/21/18  (1)
ITT: the DEFINITIVE list of STUFFWHITEPEOPLELIKE:    06/21/18  (58)
constantly feel like i want to go home    06/21/18  (3)
Vegas is fun ran up $35,000 tab at Caesars never made me pay    06/21/18  (2)
Do you know any super liberal people who would abort a down baby?    06/21/18  (2)
My take on the political significance of Trump tapes    06/21/18  (9)
Turdskins done here. Avg Northern Euro female as strong as avg South Asian "man"    06/21/18  (67)
Housemos: Are shutters worth it for windows?    06/21/18  (44)
Anyone have a metal roof?    06/21/18  (10)
You can live for free live in a van In laundromats public libraries    06/21/18  (1)
An American gets fined or jailed for breaking a law but foreigner can?    06/20/18  (9)
LOL hot blonde chick VP at Citadel accuses Dean of Chicago Booth of s    06/20/18  (21)
Anthony Bourdain eating garbage: "Oh yeah, that's amazing."    06/20/18  (120)
ITT: Best tips to fuck over asshole opposing counsel    06/20/18  (7)
some Starbucks are covering up their electrical outlets to deter loiterers    06/20/18  (5)
is it easier or more difficult for third world countries to change their culture    06/20/18  (14)
To all who automatically tell tctp that he has to go back    06/20/18  (3)
Trump throwing Starbursts over the Wall to illegals unable to cross border    06/20/18  (1)
ITT : Best tips to fuck asshole of opposing counsel    06/20/18  (3)
Just be glad Africa, Middle East are not your Southern Neighbor.    06/20/18  (2)
LJL, I used to be pretentious as fuck in my 20's    06/20/18  (56)
Mexican here. I hate foreigners    06/20/18  (4)
A married woman posted this on her social media (pic)    06/20/18  (94)
farting so loud trump caves to shitlibs    06/20/18  (1)
rate the life of this state court judge from texas    06/20/18  (24)
Gees -- I don't understand why Asian girls seem to like White guys...    06/20/18  (27)
Had no idea Peter Fonda was completely mentally ill- was this known to everyone?    06/20/18  (3)
List of Selfie Related Deaths    06/20/18  (23)
Search for "porsche girl" on Google Images    06/20/18  (1)
I really need to get my life together    06/20/18  (6)
Stop calling me Asian you fucking fags. I'm NOT    06/20/18  (37)
Easy Diaper    06/20/18  (1)
I can see Cleary now Paul Hastings gone    06/20/18  (34)
Yo it's protein shake guy! What flavor you got today man?    06/20/18  (11)
Seriously lol at dudes who lift heavy for years & become injured (DTP)    06/20/18  (7)
Secret Service visit Peter Fonda after he tweets I hope Barron is raped (link    06/20/18  (6)
Actually takes a lot of brainpower to looksmax. Impressive that 90 IQ teens (DTP    06/20/18  (1)
I live in the real world, where men sell propane and propane accessories.    06/20/18  (1)
Bold and counterintuitive predictions for the 2017-18 NBA seasons    06/20/18  (34)
Nice, smart gamers/nerds/geeks in awful customer service/retail jobs    06/20/18  (4)
Farting so loud your wife's son gets up and slaps a hairlip on you.    06/20/18  (4)
I sometimes rock a leather jacket and swimming trunks.    06/20/18  (2)
How can every illegal be a refugee fleeing violence the numbers dont work out    06/20/18  (4)
Why can't we just dump the illegals in Puerto Rico?    06/20/18  (29)
Anthony Bourdain - Pulse Unknown    06/20/18  (6)
Trumps Duluth rally is a DUD, few in attendance despite Trumps claims (Wapo)    06/20/18  (7)
chilmata does your bro @ work still call u "protein shake guy" ?    06/20/18  (1)
Farting so loud, Kasich briefly glances at you while making his incision    06/20/18  (9)
USS Donald Trump (USSF) vs. Borg cube - who wins?    06/20/18  (1)
Rate this average Asian "penis"    06/20/18  (7)
When they show Ace Ventura on TV, they cut out the "trannies are nasty" parts    06/20/18  (8)
USS Donald Trump (USSF) vs. 4 Romulan Warbirds - who wins?    06/20/18  (1)
Extreme Measures (1996, Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman)    06/20/18  (2)
rate this stove    06/20/18  (5)
boner police blowing up like a balloon as i pump him with my cum    06/20/18  (5)
Watching Mothman    06/20/18  (1)
Farting so loud wmtp's parents abandon their Maghrib prayer.    06/20/18  (1)
Farting so loud your grandma asks "Was you was raised by niggers?"    06/20/18  (56)
Farting so loud de Blasio starts filling out your 1099 form    06/20/18  (29)
ITT: The EXACT moment Trump began planning to become POTUS    06/20/18  (10)
so xo is just ignoring the fact that DTP = DVP now?    06/20/18  (3)
in 40 years, people will look at weightlifting like they look at smoking today.    06/20/18  (13)
Trump literally descended from heaven to save us    06/20/18  (2)
Why the negativity? You can have it all    06/20/18  (11)
The Daily Stormer is being sued by Jewish terrorists.    06/20/18  (2)
feels like we've been over this but what exactly was Obama doing as POTUS    06/20/18  (20)
Silent Hill but it's about me making my way to pepito's house to fuck his ass    06/20/18  (12)
Quit spewing shit and lies! Everythings out for the taking    06/20/18  (3)
lol @ faggot Obama getting in on the 'SAVE THE CHILDREN AND FAMILIES' dogpile    06/20/18  (2)
150 fraud illegals arrested at Ohio meatpacking plant! What to do with them?    06/20/18  (4)
Has Vox commented on the fact that it took money from Chinese Intelligence?    06/20/18  (6)
Cold hard truth: One detained immigrant youth life = 50 KKK xo lawyer lives    06/20/18  (11)
Farting so loud the Office Autist points out that you just farted    06/20/18  (3)
Farting so loud Keith Moon says "Rippin solo, mate!"    06/20/18  (8)
Farting so loud that Julia's tits momentarily align    06/20/18  (33)
Farting so loud you're date's skin blows off    06/20/18  (3)
Farting so loud you're date heres___________________________
:- (
   06/20/18  (2)
Farting so loud Americans think you can dispense with national + religious myths    06/20/18  (3)
Phil Collins today    06/20/18  (2)
Had an interview at 9am today. Woke up at 11am. TCTP    06/20/18  (32)
Trump wants 'strong' border policy, doesn't have stomach to enforce one    06/20/18  (1)
   06/20/18  (2)
farting so hard john popper breaks into a harmonica solo    06/20/18  (41)
Farting so loud your HERM shatters    06/20/18  (4)
Farting so loud your subsequent 6 mo sentence sparks national outrage    06/20/18  (9)
   06/20/18  (31)
the farting so loud meme is 164 at best    06/20/18  (16)
Farting so loud you shatter the glass in fire sprinkler, water everywhe    06/20/18  (4)
so Trump has already whisked these kids off to New York??    06/20/18  (1)
Boner Police arrest this man his Harvard sweatshirt is making me feel ill    06/20/18  (13)
so KOTH, Family Guy, South Park ALL have had more good eps than Simpsons?    06/20/18  (19)
Rate this video of Americana (libs cover your eyes)    06/20/18  (4)
Silent Hill 2 but it's about figuring out why boner police is so angry    06/20/18  (8)
"Harvard Sweatshirt Man" (HSM) is a recurring monster in the Boner Police cinema    06/20/18  (1)
Farting so loud a gust blows Hillary within 10ft of a blue collar worker    06/20/18  (4)
Farting so loud someone hits the Lunk Alarm    06/20/18  (5)
Farting so loud your kid makes you retell bedtime story from the beginning.    06/20/18  (3)
have libs thought through their demand for an open borders welfare state    06/20/18  (3)
Farting so loud Tranny in the bathroom accuses you of a hate cri    06/20/18  (4)
Farting so loud Trump says "What a fart. What a beautiful fart."    06/20/18  (17)
How baller will Pence be when he runs in 2024?    06/20/18  (1)
I ain't no ways tired    06/20/18  (1)
180 both HojRakso and Chaucer are back    06/20/18  (6)
Reminder: Trump is 180    06/20/18  (9)
Farting so loud ppl on subway awkwardly step away (even ppl wearing earbu    06/20/18  (2)
Farting so loud you don't get a 2nd interview    06/20/18  (3)
100% of psychologists declaring trump "insane", hmm where have they done this be    06/20/18  (6)
Farting so loud wife bans burrito consumption    06/20/18  (2)
jfc Trump is a miracle    06/20/18  (2)
Farting so loud libs fuck themselves.    06/20/18  (5)
Would you die for me? Don't you fucking lie.    06/20/18  (9)

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