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lol at To be Fair showing his BOIHOLD on xo again after I outed him as Claire    11/25/17  (3)
have some questions about "law firm" Neville Francis Fernandes LLP in LA/SF?    11/25/17  (3)
hypo: you are allowed to rape one (1) male XO poster.    11/25/17  (14)
Hmm sounds like a neighbor dog was just eaten by coyotes    11/25/17  (2)
what d'you use to clean your portable electronic devices?    11/25/17  (5)
Proof of xo's racism: anti-minority racists ok, anti-white racists vilified    11/25/17  (222)
just gonna chill out 'fore noddah BANG tonight ahhhh????? HA! HA! HA!    11/25/17  (7)
Holey shit single 30 year old men not on marriage track are sps    11/25/17  (32)
15 year old girls post their pool party on youtube - link    11/25/17  (18)
LOL @ tommy turdskin    11/25/17  (1)
anyone know the diff. betw. "picante sauce" and "salsa"?    11/25/17  (9)
Any lawyers at 'Neville Francis Fernandes LLP' named "TOMMY" ??????????????????    11/25/17  (1)
pretty 180 that nebraska's shitty ex-OC is single-handedly fucking Texas    11/25/17  (2)
Why Putins Foes Deplore U.S. Fixation on Election Meddling [NYT]    11/25/17  (59)
LMFAO @ law cucks: Emergency Med docs in TX cop $435k work 40 hrs/wk    11/25/17  (68)
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Lime Blossom Scent, 100 ct., $4.50 at Walmart    11/25/17  (1)
LOL Obama is PROLAPSING    11/25/17  (1)
Ms. Comfort posted on various Internet websites under various monikers such as    11/25/17  (1)
LOL Obamacare is COLLAPSING    11/25/17  (8)
Took salvation army guys bucket, dumped it in Coinstar machine    11/25/17  (18)
"I'mma FUCK his ass nao" (ME standing over KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT whok/tbf)    11/25/17  (1)
Tommy Turdskin and To Be Fair OUTTED in Federal Complaint lull    11/25/17  (467)
How (((Google))) celebrates Thanksgiving    11/25/17  (12)
Google "Asian Instagram" and "Asian Instagram Ugly" images ROFLROFLROFL    11/25/17  (8)
Tripping on shrooms watching alice in wonderland    11/25/17  (4)
so i have about $20 worth of maui weed. flight leaves 2 pm.    11/25/17  (13)
White American girl I fucked last night literally worships Big Korean Cock now:    11/25/17  (127)
NYUUG Thread Boycotters, You're Missing This Vocaroo    11/25/17  (45)
where do i collect my check? for all the blank bumps?    11/25/17  (2)
listen up 'whok' u and i haven't interacted much but i'm gonna blow ur boihold o    11/25/17  (1)
lmao WHOK is no longer poasting b/c me and JINX blew out his BOI-STINKER    11/25/17  (9)
steam sale. unnnnnngh    11/25/17  (3)
REMINDER: "Mental Illness is not a hobby" = whok = 0/150 at US MD school    11/25/17  (6)
can someone not mentally ill explain the mr. jinx/whokebe thing    11/25/17  (175)
Did the Unabomber Get It Right?    11/25/17  (5)
Had one fight club type gf. Tried every drug with her. Was 180 but kooky.    11/25/17  (4)
Co dependent drug use trippy music and lots of sex - miss these relationships    11/25/17  (5)
WHO ATE MY ASS OUT? WHOK! WHOK! WHOK WHOK! (tune of who let the dogs out)    11/25/17  (1)
Did you know that some people study YEARS for the LSAT?    11/25/17  (58)
I outed one of whok's many alts and BLEW OUT HIS HOLD 2nite ... taking ?'s    11/25/17  (1)
jinx tried to rape whokebe in 2004, but whok kept consenting    11/25/17  (39)
if you have ptsd you need a sophisticated philosophy of good and evil    11/25/17  (29)
lol @ whok slinking off in SHAME dragging BLOWN OUT purple anus b/w his legs    11/25/17  (1)
Rating poasters (no pumos/quotemos) as incidents from 2016 election cycle    11/25/17  (49)
WTF @ this random Wikipedia entry    11/25/17  (8)
real talk: Whokebe admitted he scored "less than 150 on the LSAT"    11/25/17  (9)
Feminist destroyed Trump on Twitter    11/25/17  (12)
REMINDER: whok got his BOIHOLE absolutely destroyed on xo tonight    11/25/17  (1)
serious q ITT: how jealous do you get over your so/wife's former partners?    11/25/17  (72)
Dats dat gay shit    11/25/17  (1)
i tell you the truth. that's my schtick.    11/25/17  (1)
Want 2 cum but don't want 2 jack off    11/25/17  (2)
Reminder: SWIM is a valid legal defense    11/25/17  (2)
"I'm a lawyer! I'll sue you!" sneered the gay seattleite grocer    11/25/17  (4)
lol whok i'm honestly sorry jinx failed u on the COCKSAT but aussie MD = SHIT    11/25/17  (1)
I describe two men. You pick the one you'd prefer to fuck sharklasers.    11/25/17  (8)
heard through the grapevine that assfaggot will be biglaw by next year    11/25/17  (1)
yes honey, the Jews are opening up a demonic portal with Saturn and Sirius    11/25/17  (5)
My MIL wants my husband to become a surgeon (he's in his 30s)...WTF?    11/25/17  (31)
Mental Illness is not a hobby = obv WHOK alt; my PWNING of his ASSHOLD = epic    11/25/17  (1)
Memory of laying in grass at night, smoking weed w/ gf, looking up at the sky    11/25/17  (4)
Imagine yourself in a new town, new job, new girl...nothing tying you to past    11/25/17  (4)
For some reason i am going through forgotten memories now    11/25/17  (1)
Italian man keeps Romanian sex slave chained in his basement for 10 years    11/25/17  (3)
real talk the poster "spaceporn" has a clitpeen dick and is 95 IQ, works shitlaw    11/25/17  (1)
Scott's Tots episode of the office, jfc    11/25/17  (2)
Rex Tillerson making high level foggy bottom libs do FOIA requests all day.    11/25/17  (18)
Bhaji place BITCOIN for THE SUBSTANCE and the AIRCRAFT in my account pls    11/25/17  (1)
spritezero here - retiring    11/25/17  (4)
Fem posters, would you be okay with a loaded pistol being used on u as a dildo    11/25/17  (7)
SCAT PLAY people have highest IQ of all fetishes    11/25/17  (9)
my life is going to be so short and sad    11/25/17  (3)
Amul, you could purchase the sassafras and convert is for spraying from cropdust    11/25/17  (1)
Say goodnight to me baby, I'm so tense I'm gonna blow    11/25/17  (1)
mr. jinx being turned away from the maternity ward for 300th time this year    11/25/17  (3)
oh jealous are you of your SO's ELECTRONIC DEVICES?    11/25/17  (3)
jinx voted for Hillary, right?    11/25/17  (3)
This Jewess got into Columbia Biz school based on TAKING PHOTOS OF HERSELF    11/25/17  (15)
Reminder: Peterman's NW almost as high as Nutella's LJL    11/25/17  (20)
Pizza    11/25/17  (2)
Maimonides' Tips for Healthy Living: 1. do not delay your holes.    11/25/17  (4)
fempoasters have you ever had a guy who wanted you to engage in SCAT PLAY?    11/25/17  (12)
Hilarious how (((they))) have both Capitalism and Socialism cornered    11/25/17  (1)
what was ETH worth 1 year ago?    11/25/17  (4)
JCM would you ever dress up in costumes and do roleplay secks?    11/25/17  (3)
Top 15 College Football Jobs RANKED    11/25/17  (71)
Goddammit I think ETH will go past 40 again tonight    11/25/17  (85)
Fuck! Wife found an album of photos I took during my time as a cop    11/25/17  (9)
Stitches getting his old ass CLOWNED ON by lil pump and crew    11/25/17  (1)
jcm would you sph your bf if he asked you to?    11/25/17  (28)
Ability to withstand regimented and discplined activity for long periods of time    11/25/17  (1)
Wild Turkey Day! Taking questions, cars, guns, booze, law.    11/25/17  (24)
Jordan Peterson believes in the holocaust/6 million (vid)    11/25/17  (1)
2017: guy asks girl on date. girl: "I think I was the victim of sexual assault"    11/25/17  (1)
Rise and fall of a shitlaw diploma factory mogul(WSJ)    11/25/17  (9)
Guy got fired from my ttttt company and got a better job a few months later    11/25/17  (1)
every girl I have fucked has been with 50+ guys and I'm SMALL    11/25/17  (9)
LMFAO @ law cucks: house flippers making millions + getting HGTV shows    11/25/17  (1)
Would YOU buy this Orange County, .CA home for $26 million???    11/25/17  (20)
NET WORTH CHECK IN    11/25/17  (22)
LMFAO @ law cucks: youtube trannies make $1-3 million a year on ads    11/25/17  (1)
LOL this is what you can cop in TX for ~$4,000/mo LMAO @ nycucks    11/25/17  (4)
LMFAO @ law cucks: Even "late to the game" crypto studs making millions    11/25/17  (1)
600K in SF, 500K in NYC, 400K in DC, 300K in LA, or 200K in Chicago?    11/25/17  (32)
How much HOUSE can i buy?    11/25/17  (13)
Alcohol waving strange dicks into your future wife like a third base coach    11/25/17  (7)
Benzo should buy a unit is RSF's building after his Truvada lawsuit comes in    11/25/17  (2)
LMFAO @ law cucks: Famous movie stars cop $25 million for reading a few lines    11/25/17  (2)
The Game (movie) is 180    11/25/17  (3)
Got laid twice today (same girl) shitlibs mad as fuck    11/25/17  (3)
Apple is a total shit GC shell company now    11/25/17  (51)
Match.com online dating statistics on height    11/25/17  (15)
If youve been dreaming of quitting law to coach in the SEC, time is now    11/25/17  (44)
IMO: Non-profit employees are actually the biggest elitist assholes out there    11/25/17  (1)
spent last 36 hours SUCKING & FUCKING. destroyed. wiped out. jcm taking ?s    11/25/17  (275)
Harvey weinsten in wig grunts, cums awkwardly on your future wifes cheek: you to    11/25/17  (1)
Happy thanksgiving! I found tommy turdskin as new Reddit account    11/25/17  (46)
hey wilbur mercer and "the goron" (whatever the fuck that is)    11/25/17  (37)
So only niggers buy collard greens?    11/25/17  (19)
This house makes me UNNNGHHHHHHHHH    11/25/17  (6)
Study: women prefer morbidly obese and bald 6'2 man to 5'7 guy (link)    11/25/17  (1)
gucci gang the poaster, or ggtp, for short    11/25/17  (2)
this titanic is so dopey. the chick character is terrible.    11/25/17  (5)
How to get high with no drugs?    11/25/17  (33)
{$} Official Black Friday Deals Thread {$}    11/25/17  (54)
gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang guc    11/25/17  (18)
I describe two men. You pick the one you'd prefer as a father in law.    11/25/17  (150)
Charlottesville driver acquitted    11/25/17  (4)
How much $ would you have right now if you'd just HELD your ETH    11/25/17  (47)
*inflates whokebe with cum like he's a korean water balloon*    11/25/17  (2)
My LEAN costs more than your RENT    11/25/17  (3)
Fatal heart attack at Black Friday Sale attributed to energy drinks (link)    11/25/17  (1)
In Texas they let you eat steaks.    11/25/17  (1)
Hundreds of thousands of identities stolen and used for pro Net Neutrality    11/25/17  (3)
Crazy how Texas alone is bigger than all of Europe    11/25/17  (4)
New Taco Bell Commercial featuring Chad and Shortmo    11/25/17  (19)
"No grandpa the tiki torches were masculine and cool, they weren't 'gay'"    11/25/17  (4)
Drinking Popov vodka out of a plastic squeeze bottle at 3 in the afternoon    11/25/17  (18)
rate tinder shrew's tits    11/25/17  (7)
Lib Prof: "Black Friday - why it is racist to compare AA's to devalued items"    11/25/17  (3)
james alex fields for-ever, james alex fieeeeelds foreverrrr    11/25/17  (6)
Trumpmo: "Why do blacks get their own sale on friday? It's reverse racism"    11/25/17  (1)
If you're not a Christian you're insane.    11/25/17  (65)
What are the most credited private torrent trackers?    11/25/17  (2)
Weed smelling minivan full of HS cheerleaders blasting Gucci Gang at the mall    11/25/17  (8)
Why are all doctors asians and indians now?    11/25/17  (42)
BLM Activist: "I'm a full person, do not compare me to Black Friday items at 3/5    11/25/17  (1)

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