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got invisalign today. borderline suicidal.    02/21/18  (24)
It's like how people today don't think Brave New World is dystopian.    02/21/18  (29)
What exactly the point of male/female relationships?    02/21/18  (18)
Rate these breastfeeding moms    02/21/18  (40)
Pam is the fucking worst, nobody, uninteresting loser of a woman    02/21/18  (5)
predict when tuition will hit 100k/year    02/21/18  (9)
XO parents: do you want your kids' school teachers and principal ARMED    02/21/18  (5)
***OFFICIAL CNN TOWNHALL ON GUN CONTROL discussion thread***    02/21/18  (26)
Sad Truth: you don't deserve to be happy    02/21/18  (4)
The xo composite man is hilarious: a catholic nude lifter who drives a CR-V,    02/21/18  (1)
Daryl Braithaite The Horses is the GOAT pub song at like 2am    02/21/18  (1)
Purposelessness and moral confusion is the Normandy of our generation.    02/21/18  (12)
magic - mick smiley.mp3    02/21/18  (5)
Fearful that my company will be sold and I will be out of a job    02/21/18  (26)
At what age does a man PEAK?    02/21/18  (28)
Why does it feel like the gun control momentum is stronger this time?    02/21/18  (30)
Ben Stein gapes libs on AR-15s    02/21/18  (85)
ITT I give you a definition and you give me the word    02/21/18  (3)
Pics of teens with a face that looks like she's up to no good    02/21/18  (41)
CSLG, could you take on the anti-lawyer lawyer?    02/21/18  (10)
Libs, come ITT and list your gun control demands.    02/21/18  (82)
Julia trolled against old sperm for years; married & conceived with a pensioner    02/21/18  (6)
Bros should I sell my GLE and cop dat CR-V?    02/21/18  (1)
Board olds: at what point did u realize xo would become full on white nationalis    02/21/18  (90)
Fell asleep after sex, peed in condom    02/21/18  (3)
Read A FlyerTalk Poast, Thought It Sounded XO'ish, Realized It Was RSF    02/21/18  (2)
"media" doing more to damage the country than "Russia" ever could    02/21/18  (2)
Why did RSF quit his HF jerb after copping finance brikfuss as he called it?    02/21/18  (5)
Why do many folks this Obama is some sort of power bottom?    02/21/18  (2)
Why do liberals think they are heroes after a school shooting?    02/21/18  (1)
Why do Albania and Macedonia have such lower IQs than other European countries?    02/21/18  (19)
The best part about Dems retaking the Senate (if that happens)    02/21/18  (19)
DESCRIBE lutherans    02/21/18  (1)
I tell chicks all the time I love ee cummings and John Coltrane.    02/21/18  (5)
if u were given tax free exactly 1MM, what would u do RIGHT NOW    02/21/18  (46)
Hillary get STANDING OVATION at NYC restaurant.    02/21/18  (18)
i farted like a saucy nigger yesterday    02/21/18  (2)
Obama gets STANDING ERECTION at NYC bathhouse    02/21/18  (2)
One time I asked a girl if I could fall asleep inside of her    02/21/18  (8)
Every time I put on the Olympics its a womens event    02/21/18  (2)
Business idea: buy as many guns and as much ammo as you can now    02/21/18  (2)
i wonder if any noobs are poasting or lurking right now    02/21/18  (3)
So brave little poster/cbomo is the pro RSF shitmod?    02/21/18  (90)
So a house that costs 1.3 mill in San Jose is like 200k in Dallas or Houston?    02/21/18  (63)
Would a "Total Gun Ban" result in a U.S. Civil War?    02/21/18  (30)
My name is MILBANK Im carrying the wheel    02/21/18  (6)
Holy shit, India (1.342B) is going to pass China (1.388B) in population    02/21/18  (12)
Rate this 180 bunny.    02/21/18  (9)
Ur grandfather grinning at d-day landing, imagining u in ur new 2018 CR-V    02/21/18  (70)
Honestly never seen anything like "our" treasonous snake "media" bias in my life    02/21/18  (7)
Lob friend moving from MFH; can't stand having 212 area code    02/21/18  (1)
:D thoughts on avocado    02/21/18  (26)
Could Amazon face liability for tagging refunded orders as Verified Purchases?    02/21/18  (25)
Are the women at ur work as cute as these 2 young girls? sfw    02/21/18  (8)
best stock news and discussion websites these days?    02/21/18  (3)
refunk - thoughts on WMT 10% drop today?    02/21/18  (3)
Sim Glitch: TedCruz TP was in SAE at USC    02/21/18  (1)
"Our" sick "media" runs leftist propaganda all day and night    02/21/18  (17)
I have made a decision to now live as a Honda CR-V    02/21/18  (17)
girls and teens    02/21/18  (2)
Libs: Merit based migration is racist, we need to flood the US w/ poor ethnics    02/21/18  (169)
35 year old guy here, need dating advice from well adjusted males    02/21/18  (69)
Favorite Bob Dylan album?    02/21/18  (7)
New girls wants to be hit during sex. Anyone have experience with this??    02/21/18  (51)
damn teens    02/21/18  (1)
40% of the works at my company have been here for less than a year    02/21/18  (1)
This is my setup: back left pocket=cellphone, back right=wallet, front left=keys    02/21/18  (92)
ITT I give you valuable life advice (ARE Reptile)    02/21/18  (2)
Krampusnacht driving a Honda CR-V 80 mph in a diaper to hit XO server    02/21/18  (1)
The Honda Credited Response Vehicle, or "CR-V", is a compact crossover manufactu    02/21/18  (13)
tears streamin down from Honda marketing team as Krampusnacht finishes his spiel    02/21/18  (4)
if only the axis powers were armed with the Honda CR-V    02/21/18  (1)
fleet of Honda CR-Vs emerge from the mist at Battle of Austerlitz    02/21/18  (4)
Half dozen XO poasters walk into a Honda dealership    02/21/18  (2)
an armada of American-made Honda CRVs driving out the Japanese from the homeland    02/21/18  (3)
alternate history of Honda CR-Vs besieging Berlin circa 1945    02/21/18  (5)
The Honda CR-V is the Normandy of our generation.    02/21/18  (1)
what really saved the western front for the allies? the Honda CR-V    02/21/18  (1)
Rate this dude's 750k crypto portfolio    02/21/18  (2)
holy shit    02/21/18  (1)
Let us dare to read, speak, think, and NIGGERTHREAD    02/21/18  (1)
do any of y'all dorks remember time cube    02/21/18  (22)
at what point would you consider leaving America    02/21/18  (13)
Lil Marco making a nice speech in the town hall    02/21/18  (1)
2018 will be the year open carry leftists and altrighters open fire on each othe    02/21/18  (2)
Julia: Immigration is an inalienable right of humans born anywhere    02/21/18  (47)
*alarm clock goes off* "HAHA", shouts the POWERMELVIN.    02/21/18  (2)
Incest = nicest with letters rearranged    02/21/18  (2)
Check into a hotel room in the winter    02/21/18  (1)
butt    02/21/18  (3)
Cons: EXPLAIN your way ahead on how to prevent/limit school shootings    02/21/18  (47)
Just bought 500 shares of WMT. This thing will be at $130 by December    02/21/18  (15)
"so, thought Id try again 2 explain my 'meteor' joke since u seemed disturbed by    02/21/18  (9)
Rate this cute mother w/adorable baby    02/21/18  (3)
"look, can we maybe just meet for coffee or something so I can try to explain my    02/21/18  (6)
"hey I know its awkward w/ how last night ended,but do u know if I left my walle    02/21/18  (7)
"hey so r we cool? hope ur friend wasn't offended. I was just trying 2 say Trum    02/21/18  (33)
"hey seriously tho, I am more than happy to pay for the dry cleaning if you    02/21/18  (5)
"Everything In It's Right Place" drones as damn daddy falls asleep inside me    02/21/18  (2)
Waterbeds: What ever happened to these?    02/21/18  (20)
Justin Trudeau really, really wants turdskins to like him (link)    02/21/18  (14)
SAD how are you doing on the guitar?    02/21/18  (6)
"so I actually just watched the first 2 seasons of that show u mentioned last ni    02/21/18  (7)
Anyone just see that retarded lib coke commercial    02/21/18  (1)
The urban yuppie aesthetic of the late-80's to mid-90's isn't discussed much    02/21/18  (4)
"doh, sorry again about my card getting declined last night. I think what happen    02/21/18  (3)
BAM: magic button, every time you push, 1 African dies, but 1 Indian as well    02/21/18  (14)
RATE boner_police's new tattoo (pic)    02/21/18  (1)
How many cocks does Michael Greger MD take per day? How many does he recommend?    02/21/18  (1)
shut the fuck up, donny    02/21/18  (3)
16 hours of anger management for calling some cop a nigger    02/21/18  (1)
:D thoughts on abogados    02/21/18  (1)
Fucked my life over in high school by not taking math seriously    02/21/18  (47)
What exactly is 0.001 btc    02/21/18  (6)
Damn daddy let me be clear: I want u to beat me up & fuck me into a coma    02/21/18  (4)
Fuck I have questions but counsel didn't say I shouldn't hesitate to ask    02/21/18  (3)
Reminder: Slavery is Freedom (((GC)))    02/21/18  (1)
Neets, mgtows, incels, and others freaks on reddit and 4chan mocking bio phds    02/21/18  (2)
Sent sig pages, forgot to say they're held in escrow. How fucked?    02/21/18  (22)
infertile numale: "conservatives are KILLING our future children!!!"    02/21/18  (1)
'I forgot to reserve client's comment' 'Scramble deal team 6 to retrieve draft    02/21/18  (4)
Bio PHD getting escorted from Chipotle after failing on guac trick like everythi    02/21/18  (1)
my newly ex girlfriend is insane    02/21/18  (17)
only post if your grandparents fought for the Axis Powers    02/21/18  (1)
xo is obsessed with figure skating now?    02/21/18  (7)
Trump an xo poster, needs notes on how to feign empathy.    02/21/18  (1)
It isn't that damn dadybtore my asshold. It's that he KEPT GOING.    02/21/18  (3)
So the right is terrified of high school students expressing an opinion?    02/21/18  (7)
Businessdood randomly brought up Jordan Peterson during negotiations    02/21/18  (5)
DAT 180 feeling when you finish a bunch of work you've been putting off    02/21/18  (1)
MGTOW is the only way to go in 2018.    02/21/18  (16)
Rate this 20yo liberal chick NSFW    02/21/18  (3)
almost every day I think how we dodged a bullet re Hillary    02/21/18  (36)
recommend reading for a noob investor    02/21/18  (14)
When crisis strikes you who will be there to support you    02/21/18  (1)
Uber Express Pool offers the cheapest fares yet in exchange for a little walking    02/21/18  (33)
Damn daddy fucked me unconscious then fucked me back awake.    02/21/18  (3)
(damn daddy sport fucking tinder 8s)    02/21/18  (5)
ITT: Moana vs Lion King    02/21/18  (60)
Lmao we started wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen    02/21/18  (12)
U bros watching this cross country skiing?    02/21/18  (2)
Highlights Magazine: "Evil Anti-Semite Billy Graham Finally Dead"    02/21/18  (1)
Reminder: Earl posts on TLS as JurisSquatter    02/21/18  (1)
Misogynist demanding Yale profs be like: "Why fail you when we can YALE you!"    02/21/18  (1)
Teen Vogue to Billy Graham: "Have fun in Hell, bitch"    02/21/18  (33)
The Olympics Are Way Too Long (WSJ) #ironside    02/21/18  (3)
Waiter dropped Peterson reference while taking my order    02/21/18  (1)
Cute Bio PhD Chick Weds Marine Captain Turned Banker (NYT)    02/21/18  (6)
What rewards are we giving to people who DIDN'T take out student loans?    02/21/18  (19)

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