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desperately need rudolph's opinion on crypto    11/24/17  (4)
I want to be like Ben Shapiro when I grow up    11/24/17  (1)
give me crypto instead of chandler    11/24/17  (25)
PSA: turn on the S. florida-UCF game on ABC/ESPN    11/24/17  (9)
I want to be like Ben Shapiro when I grow up    11/24/17  (10)
27 cities around the world where expats are happy, rents are affordable, and job    11/24/17  (43)
USF QB just did a jerk off/ejaculation gesture to UCF crowd after scoring TD    11/24/17  (10)
Ok Lil Peep "Benz Truck" is fire    11/24/17  (12)
shove it, chandler    11/24/17  (2)
Every time I open up to people I end up being reminded people are utter trash    11/24/17  (3)
Has anyone seen THE PUNISHER on Netflix?    11/24/17  (5)
Just made 44 out of 52 free throws    11/24/17  (4)
I want to be like Robert Shapiro when I grow up    11/24/17  (1)
Ghetto apartments in Seattle are like $1500/month now    11/24/17  (15)
wiggers like wmtp and sht should be killed    11/24/17  (1)
Holey shit single 30 year old men not on marriage track are sps    11/24/17  (23)
Rating poasters (no pumos/quotemos) as incidents from 2016 election cycle    11/24/17  (23)
people here tend to conflate bearing kids with rearing kids    11/24/17  (9)
Why do Republicans hate Government and Judicial activism    11/24/17  (4)
New Taco Bell Commercial featuring Chad and Shortmo    11/24/17  (16)
"Will the father of the bride join his daughter for the 1st dance?" GUCCI GANG G    11/24/17  (10)
Rate these cute Harvard sorority sisters (SFW)    11/24/17  (9)
itt ethereum friends    11/24/17  (74)
Was that TSINAH shirtless in the stands of the USF UCF game?    11/24/17  (1)
Check in, any unhinged NOWAG losers spend Thanksgiving posting about me?    11/24/17  (11)
"I don't know if I can run the two minute drill" whimpered the SISSY BULLS    11/24/17  (1)
Rate this Taco Bell commercial about your future wife and CHAD (vid)    11/24/17  (7)
Where do you buy ETH from? Coinbase? Depositing from bank account takes forever    11/24/17  (14)
listen to that classic fight song of UCF    11/24/17  (1)
Why does xo consider jewish a separate race?    11/24/17  (7)
USF Bulls getting CUCKED by UCF Knights    11/24/17  (1)
{$} Official Black Friday Deals Thread {$}    11/24/17  (48)
*sends out dat /surrender from gaming discord*    11/24/17  (4)
max iq of someone who believes 9/11 was a government conspiracy?    11/24/17  (12)
This Jewess got into Columbia Biz school based on TAKING PHOTOS OF HERSELF    11/24/17  (8)
What is the next up and coming city in the US?    11/24/17  (2)
If you're Christian, you can get a hot Aussie chick, even as a dorky "Chad" (vid    11/24/17  (8)
Can this fucking faggot please OD next?    11/24/17  (11)
DrakeMallard really left like a total bitch. 180    11/24/17  (24)
So making 100K in Texas >>> 300K in NYC?    11/24/17  (72)
<3 <3 jmaw is 180 <3 <3    11/24/17  (11)
AssFag has what I call "CEO Face." Only a matter of time b4 he got biglaw    11/24/17  (11)
Google maps streetview car hit dog, you see its dead body in the pics (link)    11/24/17  (4)
Always wanna fuck cuz i just came up/ drugs in my nose good drugs in my cup    11/24/17  (1)
girl I know is getting surgery in mexico    11/24/17  (2)
all of you retarded "crypto" faggots are going to lose every cent in the end    11/24/17  (6)
"no mom! i'm not going sellcuck just to pay you rent!" squealed the cryptofag    11/24/17  (1)
Happy thanksgiving! I found tommy turdskin as new Reddit account    11/24/17  (41)
should I watch Frasier    11/24/17  (9)
Nashville hot chicken gives me the shits.    11/24/17  (1)
lil peep dropped out of hs senior year. lil xan did freshman year    11/24/17  (1)
Brett Beilema out at Arkansas    11/24/17  (1)
Is JJ Abrams flame?    11/24/17  (1)
Lil Bo Peep with a brand new bitch In the back of the club with the GothBoiCliqu    11/24/17  (7)
Lifehack: think of your negative internal thoughts as a radio station    11/24/17  (3)
I don't want to sell my ETH because I'll get raped in taxes    11/24/17  (9)
your mother sucks cocks in hell    11/24/17  (5)
you can get a bunch of surgeries and implants to make your cock huge    11/24/17  (3)
It amazes me how open Jewish women are to men of other races    11/24/17  (4)
Childless women really lose their shit if you refer to them as "barren"    11/24/17  (1)
If your not eating weed pancakes your insane    11/24/17  (2)
Rate this SMU sorority girl dressed up like Kelly from Saved By the Bell (pic)    11/24/17  (14)
Lmao ETH at $500    11/24/17  (2)
Trump to Time Magazine: Thanks anyway!    11/24/17  (6)
now that Bielema is fired do u think his HOTT wife will turn tricks for me?    11/24/17  (1)
Would YOU buy this 1.75 million dollar mansion in Riverside, CA    11/24/17  (9)
"I can't spend the nite. My therapist says I use sex to get ppl to like me"    11/24/17  (2)
post alternative 90s action movies ITT    11/24/17  (3)
let's talk about honey oil & hot sugar    11/24/17  (1)
it amazes me how little "crime" is actually $olved    11/24/17  (1)
just ate my wife's hairy pussy for dessert, taking Qs    11/24/17  (16)
:D, what prompted your boy James Woods to go nuclear against D. Negs?    11/24/17  (10)
What's at the root of nyuug's inferiority complex wrt white males?    11/24/17  (27)
Audible actually doesnt seem like a good deal    11/24/17  (16)
*text mines By You for phrase/post count correlation*    11/24/17  (1)
Universities are worse than banks these days    11/24/17  (2)
I don't want to sell my ETH because I'll get raped in Texas    11/24/17  (1)
Libs live in a perpetual loop of Gilligan's Island episodes    11/24/17  (2)
"My! Sorry for the cum fart! As I was..." *barfs cum* (Peterman @ MBA interview)    11/24/17  (75)
Apple is a total shit GC shell company now    11/24/17  (42)
Is Lands' End Good Quality?    11/24/17  (11)
What got laid first, the chicken or the egg?    11/24/17  (1)
Every six months i look back and think, wow i was a clueless retard    11/24/17  (1)
Sam Harris is a genius    11/24/17  (5)
MGTOW homies so chicks can't see you    11/24/17  (1)
lmao how was this moniker not taken    11/24/17  (1)
How poor do you have to be to care about the price of a smartphone?    11/24/17  (2)
Boner police's hapa gf here. Fielding ?s for a few minutes    11/24/17  (7)
Working on Black Friday is boring. Rating posters as Roman/Byzantine emperors    11/24/17  (29)
Sitting around with family after Thxgiving NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER    11/24/17  (1)
* plays Obongo like an African drum* (middle eastern despot)    11/24/17  (2)
Reminder: trannys are putting people in gulags    11/24/17  (2)
Sorry guys, I just cant do it. I cant get past what a giant failure Obama was    11/24/17  (1)
Libs going gender neutral on GOD.    11/24/17  (6)
BIGLAW PROTIP: If youre not working today your probably getting shitcanned soon    11/24/17  (4)
Evan39 casually lacing the Safeway collard greens with fentanyl    11/24/17  (12)
*leolenin and i pausing our lovemaking to simultaneously panic buy eth at 396*    11/24/17  (51)
"Just ask her out. The worst that can happen is she'll say no."    11/24/17  (7)
i'm thankful that i light up like rudolph's nose when i drink (nyuug at tgiving)    11/24/17  (1)
Luis I bought some ETH at 450 per ETH    11/24/17  (1)
IRAQ UPDATE: Iraq is still a violent shithole; Thanks Obama!    11/24/17  (7)
Would you like this sexy NYC domme erotic blackmail you?    11/24/17  (11)
Meeting women irl >>> meeting on dating sites    11/24/17  (2)
if ur not gakked out & listening to Elevators & Oscillators ur insane    11/24/17  (3)
Black Friday 2017 fight videos    11/24/17  (15)
JFC b0000m the SHIT-HUSKERS aren't even bowl eligible kill yourself retard    11/24/17  (3)
poasters who have been here for 10+ years: how did your life go so wrong?    11/24/17  (14)
can't believe there are so many hooknosed hymies poasting on XO now    11/24/17  (2)
remember Obama DOJ's insane activism? crazy    11/24/17  (8)
Nebraska hanging tough with Iowa (blew out tOSU) lolfraudlies    11/24/17  (2)
Where TF is Scott Frost going?    11/24/17  (2)
Life hack..evangelical chicks are huge sluts for older men.    11/24/17  (10)
If you're not a Christian you're insane.    11/24/17  (39)
Slightly thiccc college girls you wouldnt have looked at twice at that age    11/24/17  (15)
xmas goal - winter fling with qt boy into Solvent    11/24/17  (1)
Which MEGAPOSTER LOSERS posted all today today AND yesterday?    11/24/17  (8)
PROLE TELL: Having a "best friend".    11/24/17  (15)
Just hit my vape pen for like 3 seconds. Felt like a fucking gravity bong    11/24/17  (6)
Need a cheap patio TV- anything better than this shittv?    11/24/17  (1)
It's time we got serious: The sub-boards have been an abject failure.    11/24/17  (4)
I have 3 different friends that bought $3K vacuum cleaners from D-T-D salesemen    11/24/17  (34)
Did you know that some people study YEARS for the LSAT?    11/24/17  (47)
Can someone explain Watchmens obsession with MND? What a weird little chinkbot.    11/24/17  (1)
shitty feux 80s drugs and shitty feux 80s synths - the j maw poast tgiving story    11/24/17  (1)
Alcohol is poison. WMtp things on marijuana?    11/24/17  (10)
Wilbur you know what's really cool? Being yourself    11/24/17  (3)
Xo can't face the truth. The Chicago skyline is beautiful.    11/24/17  (28)
Where will Chip Kelly's next job be    11/24/17  (28)
While eyes are on Russia, Sessions dramatically reshapes the Justice Department    11/24/17  (4)
More about Christianity's metaphysics is wrong than right. But the cost of being    11/24/17  (1)
Lutherans to stop referring to God as "He" or "the Lord."    11/24/17  (4)
Can you imagine Mandy having to put up with TMFs annoying ass.    11/24/17  (2)
MOA, Jim Kelly, and UVT in unison: "UNNNNNGHHHHHHH"    11/24/17  (2)
Should I become a lawyer?    11/24/17  (19)
biz idea: Sexbots seamlessly integrated with VR headset    11/24/17  (2)
Inconvenient facts for faggot libs to know:    11/24/17  (6)
One of the UCF nigs is missing a hand, lol, tell me athleticism is not genetic    11/24/17  (1)
Lowest base salary to live in MFH?    11/24/17  (16)
i don't eat, i don't sleep, i do nothing but force shitmemes    11/24/17  (36)
Is Uniqlo good quality?    11/24/17  (5)
Trump releasing 9,000 9/11 docs: "We're getting to the bottom of this."    11/24/17  (4)
Bryan Cranston hit his stride at age 52. You still have time    11/24/17  (4)
If ur not insane, ur insane    11/24/17  (6)
Any Houston O&G mastermen here? I have a couple of qs    11/24/17  (28)
Peterman is now worth over half a million dollars from crypto. U? Poast.    11/24/17  (7)
Just heard Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down on classic rock radio    11/24/17  (3)
lil' luis    11/24/17  (2)
TEEN VOGUE: its ok if innocent men are accused of sexual assault    11/24/17  (42)
Left praises Trump for turning on Jews (DBG)    11/24/17  (4)

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