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Bloodacre clumsily playing Seinfeld slapbass riff while I suck his tiny cock+bal    02/23/18  (11)
On a date with girl, shower her video of me benching 195lb    02/23/18  (54)
Why doesn't that deranged snitch Consuela report "prince" to the FBI    02/23/18  (34)
CNN: Not just one coward cop. THREE MORE COPS OUTSIDE SCHOOL DIDN'T GO IN    02/23/18  (67)
Manafort got caught by being unable to print to pdf.    02/23/18  (30)
Test your IQ: what is the difference b/w a SPOOL and a SPINDLE    02/23/18  (3)
How unhealthy is this? Is this true love?    02/23/18  (4)
Need xo crimlaw experts to update us on how Mike Flynn is outmaneuvering Mueller    02/23/18  (29)
haha did that guy leave you alone after i left?    02/23/18  (61)
Should delusions about crisis actors be grounds to take someone's guns away?    02/23/18  (6)
I've never seen a poster get gaped like consuela just did over the past 24 hours    02/23/18  (93)
Beyond The Pale: The Liberal Plan For The Browning Of America    02/23/18  (2)
I work with 6 Muslims. I hate them all.    02/23/18  (9)
guy i know randomly finds shitpits without collars and 'takes care of them'    02/23/18  (13)
How can most ppl in SF/LA/NYC afford mortgages on $800k+ properties for 30 yrs?    02/23/18  (73)
lol I'm gonna out pepito, you gonna report that to the FBI consuela?!?    02/23/18  (6)
damn daddy taking askavs virginity under his Digimon bedsheets    02/23/18  (8)
DBG should be banned for false SFW tags    02/23/18  (17)
How easily will Manafort flip on Don Jr. re Magnitsky meeting?    02/23/18  (63)
Some very strong haha no worries threading tonight    02/23/18  (2)
Ridiculous how 180 Assfaggot is    02/23/18  (31)
yeah i have boyfriends too haha    02/23/18  (6)
ROFL trumpmos. Amended indictment of Manafort, Gates after NEW grand jury hearin    02/23/18  (3)
I put my boss in a predicament (TedCruz tp)    02/23/18  (34)
literal foreigners posing as "US" libs calling pro-American POTUS a "traitor"?    02/23/18  (1)
The decadence or the mid-2000s was pretty grotesque in hindsight    02/23/18  (65)
Rate this camel toe Bumble pic.    02/23/18  (2)
Haha no worries Im not attracted to me too    02/23/18  (3)
no worries I wish I had 'no chemistry' in high school haha    02/23/18  (3)
Remember when lins wanted gun control when cops were being shot?    02/23/18  (7)
Life's biggest mystery: how libs function when they r so divorced from reality    02/23/18  (3)
totally understand, I might go pick up a hitchiker and murder them haha    02/23/18  (2)
u guyz r total fagz    02/23/18  (2)
haha np everything's cool :) hope chad blows u the FUCK OUT HAHA    02/23/18  (2)
machine learning/AI experts come ITT    02/23/18  (7)
Libs, come ITT and list your gun control demands.    02/23/18  (89)
Evgenia vs Alina - 11:32:30 PM ET Tonight. Get Your Hard Penises Ready    02/23/18  (196)
i'm a fag as well haha    02/23/18  (1)
the haha becomes louder and more manic    02/23/18  (6)
I'm on my period too haha    02/23/18  (4)
ha hah haha HAHA HAHAHA *bounces around in pillow room*    02/23/18  (3)
Anyone ever had a prostate massage with bj to completion?    02/23/18  (12)
My parents' house is for sale    02/23/18  (35)
u said u had the flu but i saw u with chad last nite haha    02/23/18  (1)
jews    02/23/18  (9)
"haha! no worries! hahaa!!" *orderlies drag you away in restraints*    02/23/18  (3)
you said you were out of town but I can see you through your bedroom window haha    02/23/18  (27)
Was Star Wars at $4 billion really that good of a deal?    02/23/18  (42)
haha no worries I was kinda feeling no spark either. Btw pls return unopened any    02/23/18  (2)
Never forget: "ropes flying fast from an unsheathed frank" - link    02/23/18  (18)
Gift giving crows (video)    02/23/18  (3)
ITT, rating poasters as two anime waifus + ur future wife - you will choose one    02/23/18  (73)
"sorry :(" "hehe np haha hehe HAHA HAHAHA HAHA" "...ur scaring me"    02/23/18  (2)
Thursday would work if you're free. Actually Friday and Saturday are open too    02/23/18  (36)
brb bros. getting married    02/23/18  (97)
haha no biggie i'm a homebody too just like u haha *mouths 10 gauge*    02/23/18  (3)
Alpha 84 y/o mows down 2 home invaders    02/23/18  (6)
ur busy np np no worries no worries haha HAHA HAHA HAHA    02/23/18  (6)
Haha cool drink one for me, dilly dilly!    02/23/18  (36)
No car no height    02/23/18  (1)
*alarm clock goes off* "HAHA", shouts the POWERMELVIN.    02/23/18  (12)
haha no its cool with your schedule im surprised you were able to hang at all    02/23/18  (4)
yeah even coffee would be good, i've probably been drinking too much anyway haha    02/23/18  (46)
If Friday doesn't work, how is Saturday? Can also grab coffee Sunday.    02/23/18  (5)
"Hey still on for tonight? Havent heard from you haha"    02/23/18  (95)
How many of you have a daily routine    02/23/18  (22)
I want all of you guys to succeed. Let's have a self improvement thread.    02/23/18  (10)
The Tears of a Haha Texter    02/23/18  (2)
Those "Conservative Treehouse" people claim that Broward refuses to arrest kids:    02/23/18  (8)
oh don't worry about it we'll just reschedule haha no worries *jumps off roof*    02/23/18  (2)
taking 18 credit hrs this semester was dumbest decision i've made in a while    02/23/18  (2)
why dont you just tell me youre blowing me off you fucking whore haha    02/23/18  (11)
how many of you have actually worthwhile jobs?    02/23/18  (136)
Biglaw interview, how much lying is too much?    02/23/18  (9)
HoldUp is great he is the (suicide) Bomb    02/23/18  (1)
Hunting and Shooting sports fan here: why should I care about arms stockpilers?    02/23/18  (2)
Peterman using the hand dryer to heat up a hot pocket between "shifts"    02/23/18  (27)
I just want to see ONE DAY of crazy pills tp's life    02/23/18  (4)
let me guess: busy again this weekend? haha    02/23/18  (4)
AIDS prognosis looking grim. may only have 3 weeks left    02/23/18  (6)
advertising works on monkeys (link)    02/23/18  (8)
peterman snorting a line of powdered cum off toilet seat    02/23/18  (1)
absolutely insane how nearly all "media" is propaganda now    02/23/18  (4)
just projectile vomited from the 'pagpag' thread    02/23/18  (9)
does anyone have a politico pro subscription? need 1 article    02/23/18  (2)
so do you think you might ever be interested? just curious haha    02/23/18  (1)
In Manila they sell bags of leftover chicken scavenged from landfills for $0.50    02/23/18  (12)
trumpo here, he's had many highs, but also many lows    02/23/18  (3)
im an anti-semite btw    02/23/18  (4)
Four coward cuck cops wait on the outside on the outside    02/23/18  (6)
only non-passable trannies spread the passable tranny meme    02/23/18  (4)
lol at the decadent scions of late republican elites    02/23/18  (1)
Affair-havers, is it worth it?    02/23/18  (4)
how to remove the "Pocket" flame trending stories crap from Firefox    02/23/18  (1)
REMINDER: Trumptards voted in puppets beholden to our 2nd most powerful advesar    02/23/18  (1)
Cops to citizens: lol you faggots fend for yourselves we don't want to get shot    02/23/18  (11)
TIL: Jake Tapper was a gun control advocate for Handgun Control, Inc.    02/23/18  (2)
Running a PI shop in SoCal is the best possible outcome in law    02/23/18  (1)
Fuck it, I am for real going back to school to become a vet    02/23/18  (1)
LOL at thing-doers, friend-havers, and place-goers    02/23/18  (41)
we want scholarship we want scholarship *bangs table*    02/23/18  (12)
Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft announce Heh Consortium    02/23/18  (1)
*smothers an xo poaster to death with a fresh diaper*    02/23/18  (6)
3 more conturds with guns refused to enter school during shooting    02/23/18  (7)
ITT: a picture of an XO poaster returning to prole hometown    02/23/18  (19)
GC at it again....    02/23/18  (1)
Most underrated serial killer?    02/23/18  (13)
Can't believe they lied to us - dinos never went extinct, pluto is not a planet    02/23/18  (1)
Steller's jay bird uses devious trick to hog food (video)    02/23/18  (6)
disgusting third world trash immigrant prole here. taking Q's and abuse.    02/23/18  (1)
Many dinos had feathers - more evidence that birds are dinos    02/23/18  (1)
LathamTouchedMe to Doctor as penis is removed, Im a moderate btw    02/23/18  (5)
be honest: would you be upset if Trudeau were killed?    02/23/18  (13)
Being a Manlet is absolutely devastating    02/23/18  (3)
Do most US people know what "the bay area" refers to?    02/23/18  (2)
What's the latest on bike lock-wielding lib thug Eric Clanton?    02/23/18  (14)
Why do a lot of bird doods have long head feathers despite evolving separately?    02/23/18  (8)
doritos are just fried butterfly wings not flame    02/23/18  (7)
seems like hyperintelligent birds SHOULD be Earth's dominant lifeform.    02/23/18  (3)
Anyone talking about the newest college bball scandal?    02/23/18  (8)
"this thread title has quotes around it"    02/23/18  (2)
are like 50% of u jewish?    02/23/18  (13)
If they discover immortality and boomers live forever....    02/23/18  (5)
the software industry is the ONLY safe industry for the future    02/23/18  (12)
Insightful    02/23/18  (1)
Dont eat meat today!    02/23/18  (16)
I am ruined for a normal job, JFC.    02/23/18  (18)
i share an account w historically gay poster and he uses me    02/23/18  (7)
in a 4 week FinDom relationship with 21yo chick from SA, AMA    02/23/18  (6)
im going to bump so many 0 reply threads HoldUp begs Allah for mercy    02/23/18  (1)
*cslg beating CharlesXII to death with 3-hole punch*    02/23/18  (7)
"What It's Like Being Gay In Gaza: Using Grindr When Punishable By Death"    02/23/18  (2)
jim kelly what sort of tofu jenkem slop is ur 41 y/o chink wife cookin 2nite    02/23/18  (6)
Not flame: my dog was killed by two pit bulls today    02/23/18  (143)
pepito's mohel made a mistake    02/23/18  (4)
So Pederestrian is a loser sexpat who self deported to Eastern Europe ?    02/23/18  (32)
Anyone here roll up one pant leg like LL Cool J back in the 90s?    02/23/18  (3)
one set of footprints: Ted K in the woods writing manifesto    02/23/18  (5)
Palestinian #2: Trump Violating Int'l Law By Moving US Embassy    02/23/18  (3)
One set of footprints: TT, TBF, Claire, & Zappin joining you down on the beach    02/23/18  (11)
Charles in his parents McMansion posting on cross-x.com looking for T shells    02/23/18  (5)
Girl rejecting you: Low T is a voting issue, she explains    02/23/18  (1)
Movie about Jim kellys wife & autistic son: Joy and Silent FOB Strike Back    02/23/18  (2)
damn daddy autistically kissing jim kellys son. all lips, zero tongue, for hours    02/23/18  (1)
jim kelly's hapa son putting on trenchcoat as he listens to jordan peterson    02/23/18  (1)
*shuts Ted K's manifesto, puts on Beethoven, drinks poison*    02/23/18  (4)
Is FinDomming poasters for bitcoin credited?    02/23/18  (2)
Jim Kellys hapa son kicked out of model UN for showing girls porn    02/23/18  (3)
Generation Z taking a break from downing Tide pods to take ARE guns    02/23/18  (1)

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