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STICKY: New account requests   05/19/18  (208)
Have 6 tinder milf dates this week (luis)    05/21/18  (28)
Last week of school in 1st through 12th grade was always AWESOME!    05/21/18  (16)
Best Los Angeles suburbs?    05/21/18  (3)
Imagine young Nutella coming home after sucking her first white penis    05/21/18  (10)
"what's that ninja show ur watching, honey?" "westworld."    05/21/18  (2)
bought 2 Aero Precision lowers and a 7 shot model 686 4"    05/21/18  (9)
Any Bros used to run outside during heavy downpours & thunder showers in summer    05/21/18  (9)
Not having to worry about money is the most amazing feeling in the world    05/21/18  (1)
Yanked off wife's panties while she was sleep, had my way with her: U MAD LIBS    05/21/18  (18)
Obama should use intelligence to nail Trump for something    05/21/18  (34)
possibly dumb oil Q-- do pumpjacks have canopies where the lawyers work    05/21/18  (9)
gunmos, do any of you know much about the CZ P-09?    05/21/18  (4)
Best, safest way to suppress appetite. Need to drop about 5% bf.    05/21/18  (30)
Job interview process is exhausting    05/21/18  (36)
Texas shooter was thorough, had great attention to detail.    05/21/18  (2)
anyone catch that ninja show on HBO last night? pretty good    05/21/18  (8)
Who would have ever thought xo would survive longer than TLS?    05/21/18  (13)
Rosenstein will let Congress see "highly classified" information on Russia probe    05/21/18  (17)
Fuck this nigger world    05/21/18  (2)
A white woman enjoys Asian cock in her mouth. Why?    05/21/18  (18)
What does this Netflix Obama deal even mean? Obama will "produce" content? How?    05/21/18  (24)
I like how my penis feels inside vagina AND anus    05/21/18  (1)
why would anyone NOT own rental properties?    05/21/18  (57)
Travelmos: anything to do in Ireland?    05/21/18  (13)
Anyone ever been to Burp Castle in the east village? Its 180 and heres why:    05/21/18  (7)
Sonic Youth, Chung Plus, JBD, the WGWAG family    05/21/18  (1)
A few things that would be different if Hillary Clinton was POTUS...    05/21/18  (7)
Filed for unemployement in california today TCTP    05/21/18  (4)
rach D-ring clip the xo server to balloon over atlantic    05/21/18  (1)
"Ugh I should eat more salad" you thought after smoking weed    05/21/18  (1)
justify will win triple crown (june 9)?    05/21/18  (13)
the president just goes around threatening people who make fun of him    05/21/18  (4)
Netflix negotiates multibillion dollar deal with the Obamas    05/21/18  (84)
Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts IPO    05/21/18  (13)
There is a surprising amount of Hispanics on xo    05/21/18  (1)
Miss Me Yet? - a Netflix Original Series    05/21/18  (4)
Women love you like a child loves a parent. Never as an equal    05/21/18  (1)
The idea of dating is fucking disgusting    05/21/18  (15)
trump allowing states to set medicaid work requirements is 18000    05/21/18  (35)
The guitar riff from "Run" by Collective Soul kicks in    05/21/18  (2)
Quora answer explains how to "just jump" to survive falling elevator    05/21/18  (2)
"WGWAG'in on yo bitch ass!" said AG to WG as he humped WG's wife    05/21/18  (3)
Watched Thor ragnarok on plane. Lol what a shitty formulaic movie    05/21/18  (13)
"no mom we put xo in front of stuff we like...yeah.. well ok now ur TLS Mom"    05/21/18  (43)
Anyone excited for GDPR this Friday?    05/21/18  (5)
Rank these plus-sized swimsuit models    05/21/18  (4)
Nutella in black panties & garters ordering you to eat her pussy    05/21/18  (54)
Lmao is you think a DC jury will convict anyone for "spying" on Trump    05/21/18  (26)
Incredible that we have a Columbine every few months now    05/21/18  (7)
my kid doesnt have adhd but he cant sit the fuck still    05/21/18  (10)
Like the old days, slave owners are sending blacks to round up black escapees    05/21/18  (1)
Hannity Writers Gave Me a Swirly This Morning (Charles XII)    05/21/18  (6)
Pretty sure my dad is going to die in the next few years    05/21/18  (36)
so whenever someone says they're gluten free, just saying they diarrhea a lot?    05/21/18  (1)
Latino here. We need another SPANISH INQUISITION. Muslims have gone haywire    05/21/18  (2)
Hillary Clinton Quietly Starts Cattle Futures Hedge Fund (WSJ)    05/21/18  (4)
chilmata has now created not one but TWO shitty threads about how people park    05/21/18  (2)
Literally going through a future wife getting pumped and dumped meme IRL    05/21/18  (167)
So is Texas like a real life Fortnite? People running around with guns, last per    05/21/18  (2)
what are the most preftigious overseas military bases to be deployed to?    05/21/18  (3)
Babe can you pick me up some Lactoferrin on the way home? tyia    05/21/18  (1)
LMAO, Intel self driving tech blows red light while doing demo in Jewland    05/21/18  (2)
*dirte enters gov. office w/ arm in a sling* "I'd like some disability, please"    05/21/18  (1)
I've concluded two things: you guys suck and are shitty parkers    05/21/18  (11)
Abortion quotas lead to high pressure sales tactics at Planned Parenthood(link)    05/21/18  (35)
Is there anything worse than a "basic bitch" ?    05/21/18  (17)
"u can't thilence the thtorytellerth!" squawks the slimeball fake news writer    05/21/18  (2)
Bible: God is not the author of sin. Pope: God made you this way!    05/21/18  (4)
will we be the last generation to keep memory of stones and beatles alive    05/21/18  (6)
xo Mountain Lion Kills Female Cyclist in Washington State    05/21/18  (92)
Gender, Campbells Soup and the American Consumer (xo WSJ    05/21/18  (1)
how many of you have let XO completely mold your personality and worldview?    05/21/18  (3)
president of burundi addresses media in cowboy hat and adidas tracksuit    05/21/18  (1)
Fav. Justice League character: Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman or Electro-Nigga    05/21/18  (5)
Chuck Grassley channels Bbooom    05/21/18  (1)
*shat out of govt on a wave of public corruption* *joins Netflix*    05/21/18  (1)
Farting so loud libs find a way to make it into a Race Issue    05/21/18  (1)
THE scream movies had really good soundtracks    05/21/18  (10)
Most of the Amazon's massive write-off came from high-level executives cashing i    05/21/18  (28)
"haven't seen a backdoor that wide open since tsinah got in2 gradschool(tsinahs    05/21/18  (15)
"i love going dancing" you lied pathetically to the bumble 4    05/21/18  (51)
An alpha stud shoots some cum, only the good die young    05/21/18  (1)
Anyone else do take out for every single meal every day?    05/21/18  (3)
Woman mauled to death by pack of weiner dogs.    05/21/18  (8)
Is eating in season for fruits and veggies flame    05/21/18  (4)
As T'Chaka arrested N'Jobu, N'Jobu attacked Zuri, forcing T'Chaka to kill him.    05/21/18  (4)
imagine some people literally have 0 family help with house downpayment    05/21/18  (23)
Reminder that Susan Rice is on Netflix's Board. They just threw Obama loads of $    05/21/18  (8)
Slate: Trump's dangerous transphobic rhetoric now spreading to animal kingdom    05/21/18  (1)
Paul Manafort's former son-in-law reportedly cuts plea deal with feds    05/21/18  (5)
Karate Kid, but in 2018    05/21/18  (16)
why are not a lot of these AI (artificial intelligence) startup bros technical?    05/21/18  (25)
He did the Rant, The Racist Rant. It was a Graveyard smash.    05/21/18  (10)
Kanye West tweets about Century of the Self doc (link)    05/21/18  (37)
Is this Jaeger lecoultre watch preftigious or prole    05/21/18  (13)
Am I falling apart. Is it falling apart.    05/21/18  (1)
Why do arrogant people like Obama still resort to cheating/winning?    05/21/18  (3)
Thinking of releasing a wine called "Shrew Juice"    05/21/18  (7)
fuck this schtetl existence    05/21/18  (2)
Robby Mook told donors a week before election that Hillary was up by 20% in WI    05/21/18  (7)
my kid doesn't have adhd but he can't fuck me still    05/21/18  (1)
Justice League 2: Steppenwolf & parademons return as Steppenkike & paralegals    05/21/18  (3)
How bad is the commute from Santa Monica to Hollywood?    05/21/18  (1)
DBG, gonna need you to rate this 25 yo contortionist    05/21/18  (2)
Rate this demand letter that COHEN sent to the editor of THE ONION    05/21/18  (16)
DBG, you are a shanda fur die goy.    05/21/18  (1)
the paralegals are having sex    05/21/18  (2)
you havent truly lived if you didnt get high and watched Apocalypse Now    05/21/18  (1)
Libs create robot that has periods.    05/21/18  (1)
My 130 IQ friend poasted this on FB re California    05/21/18  (4)
what is the point of "wineries"    05/21/18  (80)
Trump is basically a richer version of my Boomer Dad who became POTUS    05/21/18  (1)
*chilmata arrives home, frying pan maggots sing "Be Our Guest" from Beauty & the    05/21/18  (1)
LE FEU FOLLET (1963) was a good, depressing film    05/21/18  (1)
Congrats, Trumpmos: turns out Gorsuch is a true conservative    05/21/18  (52)
Paul Holes (Golden State Killer detective) is 180    05/21/18  (11)
How long until Trump fires this deep state rat?    05/21/18  (6)
Whoa Oregon is beautiful    05/21/18  (56)
xo kanye    05/21/18  (4)
Prince of Tides: great movie or greatest movie?    05/21/18  (2)
so we live for a few decades, memory lingers a few more, then that's it    05/21/18  (2)
We need to sexualize askav until we can figure out what the hell's going on    05/21/18  (17)
if you knew your dad had been poasting on something like xo, wld u want to read    05/21/18  (4)
one year anniversary of when Crypto started to get kooky    05/21/18  (4)
My 80 year old grandfather hasn't had a vegetable in decades. Strong as an ox.    05/21/18  (14)
MPA acing Cooley 1L torts exam like laser dance scene in Oceans 12    05/21/18  (2)
DBG, what are the best Indian dishes you guys have made?    05/21/18  (7)
anyone have BABOON BALL growing up    05/21/18  (1)
where is that zeke morris thread about life spent emailing and the spider    05/21/18  (1)
Mountain lion escapes from plane, urinates on tubby black woman    05/21/18  (1)
some faggot left a note on my windshield    05/21/18  (2)
The Road but it's a DBG tennis subthread    05/21/18  (2)
ITT poast imgurs of ladies' soapy bottoms    05/21/18  (181)
RATE this photo of xo poaster urinating in airplane cabin    05/21/18  (13)
Boner Police holding my dick in his mouth like a dog holding a leash    05/21/18  (11)
Urinating South Carolina man saved from public humiliation by fortuitous baboon    05/21/18  (1)
Then the lonely bald man masturbated, and he later produced urine. He cries oft    05/21/18  (1)
dear god! he's buttfucking my life!    05/21/18  (1)
patriotic photo sure to make libs shriek    05/21/18  (1)
Going to eat lebanese food for dinner    05/21/18  (1)
ljl @ this Obama "Netflix" "deal"    05/21/18  (2)
thoughts on turkey sausage?    05/21/18  (2)
need ironside to rate this ig poast    05/21/18  (9)
Boogie down this is crazy.. come here    05/21/18  (27)
holy shit Trump is literally SELLING state secrets to Russia    05/21/18  (1)
Suburbs are literally a fraudulent creation    05/21/18  (50)
13 Reasons Why Season 2, anyone watch it?    05/21/18  (6)
luis I am objectively gay    05/21/18  (8)
is going full pozpig tcr in today's sick world?    05/21/18  (2)

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