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"That's it. I'm calling the bottom." "Oh, ur into crypto?" "What's crypto?&    01/17/18  (2)
Officially calling the bottom in ETH    01/17/18  (41)
just looked at US crime stats w interesting takeaway - Latinos are good doods    01/17/18  (16)
Imagine all the dumb redditers and idiots who have lost 80% of their money    01/17/18  (20)
CNN's Brian Stelter: WELL TRUMP COULD STILL BE SMART BUT UNFIT    01/17/18  (11)
They did the Vance! They did the JD Vance! The JD Vance!    01/17/18  (21)
Look at this crypto cat Every time it makes me laugh    01/17/18  (1)
Rewrites the "Monster Mash" as "Crypto Cash"    01/17/18  (26)
Guy offers Trump $100k to step on a scale    01/17/18  (9)
Has RSF lost his shit yet today?    01/17/18  (14)
NBC News: There is a conspiracy to hide Donald Trump's real weight    01/17/18  (12)
just saw William Devane pitching 'crypto' on cable    01/17/18  (5)
Started a 21 day water fast    01/17/18  (93)
Ohio State course on toxic masculinity has hilarious 180 syllabus    01/17/18  (14)
Maggie Habermans says FAT FUCKS CANNOT HANDLE STRESS!    01/17/18  (5)
South Korea loses everything in crypto demise, now per capita GDP equal to North    01/17/18  (1)
Vox milking Aziz Ansari for A 3RD ARTICLE.    01/17/18  (1)
What is the dark-colored bar on gdax?    01/17/18  (4)
haha okay ETH that's enough haha    01/17/18  (13)
possible fraud uncovered about Obama's real weight    01/17/18  (1)
Report: Starving South Koreans eating CryptoKitties    01/17/18  (2)
Trashbags on my feet, bros    01/17/18  (1)
LA to San Francisco bullet train delivered ON TIME and UNDER BUDGET    01/17/18  (5)
starting a 3 day fast today, FML    01/17/18  (1)
Where is MY bailout!    01/17/18  (1)
major news headline: "guy says thing about Trump"    01/17/18  (4)
{$} Official ETH Price Countdown Thread {$}    01/17/18  (56)
lib astronomy prof giving lecture about Black Bodies radiation    01/17/18  (1)
You mean fake digital "currency" wasn't a prudent investment for all my money!!?    01/17/18  (1)
Krampusnacht rating poasters as ROAD TRIPS in the USA    01/17/18  (188)
Best thing about crypto crashes: you know it will eventually go up again    01/17/18  (6)
Reminder: today is BTC futures expiration date    01/17/18  (1)
ITT you poast the size of your monthly nut    01/17/18  (59)
All crypto holders doing Boiler Room, "it's a buying opportunity, bro!"    01/17/18  (1)
unsure which crypto to buy high? use this helpful resource    01/17/18  (1)
Gatormo how much did your net worth decline today?    01/17/18  (27)
wtf happened to evan39    01/17/18  (12)
Peterman, did you cash out some of your ETH?    01/17/18  (2)
ETH will be above $900 today.    01/17/18  (1)
Snapchat shareholder bringing up ETH price: "haha, wow holy shit"    01/17/18  (14)
you have my assurances that BTC and ETH will triple their 2017 highs in 2018    01/17/18  (3)
someone post nude pix of luis' fiancee    01/17/18  (2)
piss and poopoo appreciation thread    01/17/18  (5)
pulled up binance page for AELF, chart just says 'LOL, U BOUGHT THIS SHIT?'    01/17/18  (1)
i took a massive dump on my ex-gf's cat. fuck him and fuck all cats.    01/17/18  (8)
Everybo-dy's losin' cash on Binance, now (come on pumo, do the crypto poastin)    01/17/18  (1)
Its called OMG because thats what you say when you check Binance    01/17/18  (1)
lol at you holdcucks, i bought that crypto genius' book and sold at 1500    01/17/18  (1)
You know at least with Tulip bulbs you could plant them and get pretty flowers    01/17/18  (32)
*You wince as Benzo smiles, flashing bright yellow, cracked meth teeth*    01/17/18  (3)
Your TMNT action figures berating you for buying ICX    01/17/18  (3)
I've upgraded BTC and ETH from strong buy to OMG BUY NAO    01/17/18  (1)
Luis's fiancee fading from photo from future    01/17/18  (5)
Mainstream articles on crypto are 120    01/17/18  (1)
diesel's fiancee's diamond shrinking as ETH price falls lower    01/17/18  (10)
Crypto is flame? All reality is flame (Buddhism)    01/17/18  (1)
Luis to fiance re: ring It has to go back    01/17/18  (2)
DESCRIBE working as a junior antitrust associate in biglaw setting (non-dc)    01/17/18  (7)
Its just spouse money (Luis watching engagement ring fund evaporate)    01/17/18  (1)
24hour ETH volume: 700,000. Holy mother of god.    01/17/18  (9)
luis trying to put BTC into toy ring vending machine    01/17/18  (3)
Uh oh libs...POLITICO poll has Trump approval at 45%.    01/17/18  (5)
this crypto crash is exhilirating    01/17/18  (11)
Haha no ETH, stoppp *giggle*    01/17/18  (1)
"2018" is the real lie! Time doesn't even exist and 2018 is a real lie    01/17/18  (6)
From Sharding to Sharting    01/17/18  (1)
i love dick in my ass. rock hard dicks. preferably in the shape of a crypto coin    01/17/18  (1)
BBC Pidgin: Wetin Dey Say Bout Nasty Truck Stop Peter Man    01/17/18  (16)
CGI Joker and VEN Bad Babies Learn South Sea Bubble    01/17/18  (3)
Noted Silicon Valley Investor Jim Breyer, 56, Found Dead of Apparent Suicide (NY    01/17/18  (2)
Bad day to bottom, ETH quipped as it checked Binance    01/17/18  (1)
Krugman makes snarky Trump comment.    01/17/18  (3)
ITT: We list stupid things about the new Star Wars    01/17/18  (149)
Wen Dey No Pay Crypto Bet, Many Poasters Say Dem Bad Man    01/17/18  (9)
just loaded up binance -- it went *baby laugh* then my laptop exploded    01/17/18  (3)
CNBC segment on crypto today just rape scene from Irreversible    01/17/18  (2)
Goodnight Moon. Goodnight Lambo. Goodnight McMansion.    01/17/18  (7)
The Night They Drove Old Crypto Down, And All The Alts Were Plunging    01/17/18  (12)
daily reminder: F U C K L I B S    01/17/18  (86)
(1) Wake up, (2) Drink Coffee, (3) Check Emails, (4) Bump FUCK LIBS thread    01/17/18  (56)
Luis sending in the plunge protection team    01/17/18  (1)
Big Embarrassment for Justin Sun Wen He Make Poopoo on Livestream    01/17/18  (1)
Wetin Dey Launch Main Net, Dem Say Mebbe Big Moon Come    01/17/18  (1)
"Even my monocle?" Peterman asked the repo man. "Especially your monocle."    01/17/18  (163)
wait so my 'two distinct pumos cant be wrong' investing strategy was NOT cr?    01/17/18  (1)
Des Moines is 180    01/17/18  (1)
fortuitous meteor strikes Michigan, causes small earthquake    01/17/18  (1)
luis giving fiancee onion ring as new engagement ring    01/17/18  (4)
Daily Stoic, 1/17/18    01/17/18  (1)
Monday: I'm rich as fuck. Wednesday: Would you like fries with that?    01/17/18  (6)
You know how in I Spit on Your Grave she gets raped TWICE? Yeah thats crypto    01/17/18  (1)
I think I just saw gatormo panhandling for loose change.    01/17/18  (1)
Coinbase suspends withdrawals    01/17/18  (23)
Trump scores 100 percent on cognitive test, Libs furious, flummoxed    01/17/18  (3)
Pics of befuddled Koreans watching crypto ticker    01/17/18  (1)
holy shit 20 year hs reunion this year    01/17/18  (22)
Monday: Going to the moon! Wednesday: Going to the dollar menu!    01/17/18  (1)
This would probably be the perfect time to hack someone    01/17/18  (1)
Insane how America has a good opportunity to challenge Chyna    01/17/18  (1)
Coinbase suspends withdrawals (Bloomberg)    01/17/18  (4)
Nick Foles, Case Keenum, Blake Bortles. Who the fuck are these guys?    01/17/18  (1)
My final crypto earnings: $550.13 USD    01/17/18  (1)
Xi Jinping: "lmao earl bought into this shit? sell everything"    01/17/18  (15)
I'm getting more into weed    01/17/18  (22)
Literally just sold all my COINS. Shame me ITT    01/17/18  (2)
Reminder: this is your last selling opportunity for crypto    01/17/18  (1)
From Rimming Chads to Banging Broads: The Evan39 Story    01/17/18  (1)
Regulations are good, says retard whose high QOL was built on free markets    01/17/18  (8)
Real talk: the expanded universe sequels to the original trilogy were better    01/17/18  (3)
Midwest is mostly white ppl, then why is it still crappy    01/17/18  (51)
John McCain to POTUS Trump: Fake news is the lifeblood of our democracy    01/17/18  (1)
some nigger just sold around 1000+ ETH and the price dropped $20 instantly    01/17/18  (2)
South Korean gov successfully wards off catastrophic crypto panic    01/17/18  (5)
831!    01/17/18  (2)
GF wants to have 6 bridesmaids, I only have 1 groomsman. What to do?    01/17/18  (62)
business idea: 1-800 crypto suicide hotline    01/17/18  (3)
MAKE EVAN GAY AGAIN    01/17/18  (30)
Just bought $1k of ETH at $916 as my first coin purchase EVER    01/17/18  (19)
*takes fat rip from TiNa pipe* *transfers entire savings account to coinbase    01/17/18  (80)
ETH just mooned from 826 to 827    01/17/18  (4)
Washington State QB who started bowl game kills self    01/17/18  (7)
oh fuck. BTC just went below $10K. It's gonna get ugry.    01/17/18  (2)
any other good message boards that combine mental illness + crypto discussion?    01/17/18  (1)
Aus Open Day 3 (1/17) Spoilers #tennis    01/17/18  (23)
lynched 5000 niggers. how fucked for C&F?    01/17/18  (4)
Muslim pizza shop owner slams black woman to floor; restrooms for customers only    01/17/18  (49)
Need a good bar trivia team name    01/17/18  (26)
The Atlantic pens a second Aziz Ansari screed.    01/17/18  (10)
why do you see so few fundamental analyses of crypto's value    01/17/18  (2)
your own brother coming to your wedding: prole goy tell?    01/17/18  (7)
Regulations are bad, says g-grandson of global warming denier    01/17/18  (2)
Regulations are bad, says g-grandson of guy who imported 1000s of Africans    01/17/18  (5)
oceans 11 but instead of thieves & bellagio its shitlawyers & state farm    01/17/18  (2)
Wait some of you guys actually bought crypto? Holy shit it was just a big joke    01/17/18  (3)
TWINS: here is the hypo:    01/17/18  (28)
North & South Korea agree to form their 1st joint Olympic team. Libs HEARTBROKEN    01/17/18  (2)
ITT: Why shitlibbery prevents "diverse" movie antagonists, protecting while male    01/17/18  (4)
Architecture buffs: rate this office building    01/17/18  (26)
Charlottesville driver acquitted    01/17/18  (9)
RSF laughing in first class as Peterman loses everything    01/17/18  (2)
rach pls add crypto ticker so I can stop switching tabs    01/17/18  (3)
Someone bump the thread about how day crew/night crew is like castlevania curse    01/17/18  (34)
the crazy thing about the crypto crash is that everyone is still way up    01/17/18  (4)
Switches Day Crew sign from "CLOSED" to "OPEN"    01/17/18  (37)
Beat the shit out of a black nigger when I say that crypto is crashing.    01/17/18  (1)

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