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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/21/18  (153)
Has anyone been watching The Deuce this season?    10/23/18  (5)
Korea is NOT Civilized    10/23/18  (33)
Lol Trump tariffs are crashing the economy    10/23/18  (8)
lmao at 'crypto' ljl    10/23/18  (1)
Obeezy, can we get your thoughts on 14,000 invaders headed for the US?    10/23/18  (63)
The DOW will never go sub 25,000 in our li--- oh nvm    10/23/18  (8)
Uh oh Trumpcucks, new poll shows Heitkamp recovering ground on Cramer    10/23/18  (11)
had a dream about Evan39 and CharlesXII    10/23/18  (1)
Here's the problem with Obeezy    10/23/18  (5)
Reminder: Invaders dont invade looking for a fight. Invaders just want to settle    10/23/18  (1)
what's the cr jamba juice order?    10/23/18  (8)
Computer bag/brief case    10/23/18  (21)
Ron Unz's Latest Article is 180, Asians, jews, it is xoxo catnip    10/23/18  (105)
Scientists shit on infamous NFL CTE study in lengthy screed (link)    10/23/18  (4)
Always feel bad for the women in porn.    10/23/18  (35)
Paul Krugman: kikes will be shoahed if we don't let in the migrants    10/23/18  (14)
Bobby Petrino OUT as head coach at Louisville    10/23/18  (5)
How To Hotel Booking Sites Make Money If You Pay Hotels Directly?    10/23/18  (48)
Trumpmo arrested for groping on plane, says Trump makes it ok to grope now    10/23/18  (4)
Every morning I get to work and need to take a shit 10 min after I sit down    10/23/18  (3)
Reminder: Rach uses IP logging service on XOXO. Always use a proxy/VPN.    10/23/18  (4)
Identical twins born girls becoming convincing looking dudes    10/23/18  (5)
lol at Elon Musk tweeting anime memes    10/23/18  (4)
BAM! As Taylor Swift mounts you for 69 she groans, "Ugh. . .I had too much Guac"    10/23/18  (11)
Does Richard Spencer have a day job? What does his punditry "earn" him?    10/23/18  (5)
Former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussing U Mich football on Twitter    10/23/18  (94)
My mother has asked for evidence on the racial basis of IQ differences    10/23/18  (27)
Elon Musk lets out an evil laugh, scribbles "Elad Roisman" in his Death Note    10/23/18  (1)
Your daughter getting aroused smelling Chad's pheromones wafting from your wife    10/23/18  (24)
@Ahmadinejad1956: "Urban Meyer shit the bed Saturday night. Trap game he didn't    10/23/18  (2)
***OFFICIAL 2018 WORLD SERIES LOUNGE***    10/23/18  (1)
Autistic chad kills your cat after your Wife begs him to fuck her pussy hard    10/23/18  (11)
Mom Refusing To Hold Thanksgiving For Ultraortho Slut's Bitch Sister & Dork BF    10/23/18  (84)
Ur wife's knees covered in piss blowing Darnell in the Apollo Theater bathroom    10/23/18  (11)
@Ahmedinejad1956: "Saw this Petrino thing coming a mile away"    10/23/18  (1)
Any way to stop spoofing calls?    10/23/18  (6)
played 9 holes with ahmadinejad yesterday. he shot 2 over    10/23/18  (4)
Saturn's chill, hexagonal pole that has nothing to do w/ Judaism, gets weirder    10/23/18  (1)
Is this red dead redemption 2 game gonna be any good?    10/23/18  (19)
History Lesson: The Founding Fathers practiced an early form of nude lifting    10/23/18  (7)
Holy shit new vid of Ahmedinejad shotgunning MGD tallboy (link)    10/23/18  (9)
W BENDS THE KNEE (fifth set breaker) #tennis    10/23/18  (25)
Holocaust    10/23/18  (4)
Teen Vogue: you can't end poverty without ending capitalism (link)    10/23/18  (26)
not flame: dreamt i visited luis & wife at their apt    10/23/18  (1)
Trump: 'I can no longer call' Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas'    10/23/18  (68)
Rate this 50yo on Bumble (pic)    10/23/18  (30)
Rach is a pretty cool guy, i mean, funny.    10/23/18  (1)
First ballot xo Hall of Famers: peanuts tp, Tommy T. That is all.    10/23/18  (1)
Remember when TommyT started that hilarious birdshit meme 🐦    10/23/18  (3)
Humming "fuck my ass" to conference call hold music    10/23/18  (1)
10,000 strong caravan chanting "Hands up! Don't shoot!" as they approach border    10/23/18  (1)
Sim glitch: perfectly rectangular ice berg found in Antarctic    10/23/18  (4)
This is the body of TT" *breaks off hardened BIRDSHIT and puts it in your mouth*    10/23/18  (32)
What's the consensus on nyuug?    10/23/18  (86)
Cute Utah runner takes BBC, gets murdered    10/23/18  (9)
Anyone notice the new "democratic socialist" forcememe from the media the    10/23/18  (1)
GINSBURG DEATH WATCH: October 23 2018 - No movement    10/23/18  (1)
!!! /! GINSBURG ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT /! !!!    10/23/18  (3)
"But you said you were a chimney sweep?" "I am, govna" (Peterman, London, 1812)    10/23/18  (11)
Reminder: Someone who is 1/50th Cherokee is more Cherokee than Liz Warren    10/23/18  (4)
Libs and (((media))) really freaking out over Trump saying he's a nationalist    10/23/18  (5)
Trump barely mentions half assed "middle income" tax break just b4 election?    10/23/18  (13)
POLL: Will Mueller Report LEAK before the midterms?    10/23/18  (16)
Poll: What day does the Mueller Report drop?    10/23/18  (3)
Tired of Winning: US Companies moving supply chains out of China    10/23/18  (1)
REPORT: Manafort is SINGING LIKE A CANARY about Trump/Russia collusion (link)    10/23/18  (19)
Teen Vogue: Why Teen Girls Should Have Sex with Trans Men and Film It    10/23/18  (1)
Why does TMF lie about being Jewish?    10/23/18  (52)
Kashoggi found in two suitcases. Trump: Maybe he was going on vacation!    10/23/18  (2)
MAGA: U.S. navy warships in Taiwan Strait - u mad, chinks?    10/23/18  (2)
Chandler taking Qs    10/23/18  (27)
"אני לא יהודי, אני גוי" (TMF)    10/23/18  (4)
Leaked Star Wars IX shooting photos look dope as fuck.    10/23/18  (15)
Rosie O'Donnell engaged    10/23/18  (5)
XO Limbaugh: Me & Trump Have Connection w People. Lib Heros Don't. #ironside    10/23/18  (13)
WSJ: the real reason (((They))) hate Trump (link)    10/23/18  (65)
Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tweets about latestDBG family drama    10/23/18  (2)
Girl today @ Work: "my sister's first comment on guys relates to their height"    10/23/18  (9)
Just went to the bathroom and guess my wife was right, I'm utterly full of shit    10/23/18  (1)
Richard Marx doesnt have his raspy singing voice anymore    10/23/18  (3)
Cruz at Starbucks this morning requesting "Beautiful Ted" on his soy latte cup    10/23/18  (1)
Hillary: "My thoughts are with the abuelas in the caravan, as an abuela myself!"    10/23/18  (1)
Anglican boss mad at me    10/23/18  (3)
Trump’s Evidence-Free Claims About the Migrant Caravan (NYT)    10/23/18  (35)
Bboooooooooom: deranged sports nut    10/23/18  (37)
5yo son wants to dress as black panther for halloween, wife won’t let him    10/23/18  (4)
Is GEORGE W BUSH even campaigning at all?    10/23/18  (2)
"Here's Why The Surging U.S. Economy May Not Be A Good Thing" (FiveThirtyEight)    10/23/18  (2)
Feels like Trump is getting more popular    10/23/18  (13)
Women love to smell other women on you    10/23/18  (7)
Megyn Kelly defends white people doing blackface    10/23/18  (13)
hypo: everyone in ur office except u goes in on mega millions pool and wins    10/23/18  (5)
"I'm not a quitter," sobbed watchmen after 2hrs of trying to take my whole cock    10/23/18  (117)
Jews spent 40 years lost wandering around an area the size of Connecticut    10/23/18  (36)
How Trump Turned Obama's Economy Around - As Told by MSM Headlines (links)    10/23/18  (31)
Reminder: However you feel about Trump, this could have been your president    10/23/18  (1)
Q Clearance Patriot (DROP ITT)    10/23/18  (3)
DBG drives a mustang and has a sign in his home that says, "god bless this mess"    10/23/18  (1)
Link me crazy Liveleak/Efukt videos ITT please    10/23/18  (6)
China is at war with us. We sacrificed national security for cheap electronics    10/23/18  (29)
Blintzes? Jewish. Supermarket bagels? Goyish. The New Yorker? Jewish. DBG? Goyis    10/23/18  (1)
Early exit poll numbers predicting nationwide Blue Wave. Trump reported prepari    10/23/18  (5)
LOFL @ obama trying to take credit for trump's economy    10/23/18  (5)
Tennis Trivia: Most Populated Country w No Player Ranked On The ATP #tennis    10/23/18  (12)
was lead to believe city life involved a lot of dodging falling safes & pianos    10/23/18  (2)
Any Louis CK masturbation survivors here?    10/23/18  (3)
most XO'ers whine. ACP augments his life with lifts, sleeve, & certificates    10/23/18  (3)
Reminder: death could randomly come for you at any moment    10/23/18  (3)
Hillary Clinton Extradition    10/23/18  (11)
One person you don't want to piss off is boner police    10/23/18  (16)
J. O'Connor says she has Alzheimer's disease    10/23/18  (4)
who is the azn ponytail guy with the american delegation in russia    10/23/18  (1)
still l-o-ling at DBG's stunning lack of a grasp of basic finance. JFC.    10/23/18  (3)
Pradeep, Thank you for the compliment of great body. Gracious Regards, Julia    10/23/18  (87)
oh wow interesting DBG family dynamics thread    10/23/18  (3)
West is best. White is right. My asian pussy feels so tight!    10/23/18  (111)
Trump plans federal ban on infant circumcision (Haaretz)    10/23/18  (1)
"Relax, Trump Won't Put All Jews in Camps— Only the Democrats" (Haaretz)    10/23/18  (15)
Incel ejaculates on innocent chick in public, hilarity ensues (video)    10/23/18  (89)
BLUE WAVE! Keith Ellison takes double digit lead over nobody reptile    10/23/18  (3)
Donald Trump will never be President. FACT CHECK: He will be    10/23/18  (4)
lawman8 is constantly trying to talk you into giving up your freedoms on xo    10/23/18  (41)
So boner police never actually went to tufts?    10/23/18  (14)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    10/23/18  (163)
Bomb placed in George Soros' mailbox in Katonah, NY.    10/23/18  (9)
There's one promise Trump did not keep.    10/23/18  (1)
One time I typed some random racist shit into search and a TURD SANDWICH thread    10/23/18  (21)
What age will you turn in 2019?    10/23/18  (5)
Just got seen by a NIGGER doctor at a prestigious private clinic    10/23/18  (2)
JJC would fail the Voight-Kampff Test    10/23/18  (12)
David Gelernter on leftist intellectuals in academia and its decline    10/23/18  (3)
David Gelernter - What Explains the Vicious Left    10/23/18  (12)
BTS is actually pretty good. Can see why they've gotten so big    10/23/18  (1)
Obama disowning Bush economy, stealing Trump economy.    10/23/18  (4)
Craft beers named after Great Litigators    10/23/18  (1)
Second year lawyer here. I specialize in voir dire. Taking qs.    10/23/18  (35)
Anyone have any true degenerates in their family?    10/23/18  (10)
What's the consensus on dying?    10/23/18  (4)
Transgender    10/23/18  (3)
when russia collusion?    10/23/18  (14)
Lol @ you if your a yankee fan    10/23/18  (28)
MS-13 trending Twitter hash tag "#StrongerTogether", why?    10/23/18  (1)
Markets selling off, new recession is upon us!    10/23/18  (1)
LEGO makes a working Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO Technic    10/23/18  (1)

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