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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/18/18  (150)
Mexico dispatches 2 Boeing 727s full of police officers to stop migrant caravan    10/18/18  (13)
Rate this rejection email from Kia Motors. TCTP    10/18/18  (17)
Emma Watson's hot little body (2006-2018)    10/18/18  (34)
NYT: White liberals hate other whites, ashamed of America    10/18/18  (10)
Finally fucked my first Turdskin chick. Finally. Will give more deets tomorrow.    10/18/18  (35)
there's a 4th circuit nominee who is fucking 36! graduated ls in 2007!    10/18/18  (39)
Boom developed new tourism campaign for state of Nebraska (link)    10/18/18  (2)
*elevator door opens**me and Luis standing 69ing*"uhh I'll get the next one"    10/18/18  (42)
I imagine TMF as a cuddly Teddy Ruxpin    10/18/18  (3)
If libs block Trump appt in election year, he’ll just move the election lol    10/18/18  (1)
David Hogg taking gap year, 'interning' at Rubio Toyota    10/18/18  (3)
Earl Could Be On The 9th Circuit Now If He Became A Litigator    10/18/18  (10)
Does anyone here own an ATV?    10/18/18  (16)
Trump orders postponement of 2018 midterms until we figure out what the hell is    10/18/18  (1)
Who here has posted for 10+ years on xoxo and can prove it?    10/18/18  (127)
New Yorker: The Rise and Fall of Affirmative Action    10/18/18  (88)
Game of ", the poster, back. Got doxxed by XOer last year.    10/18/18  (1)
Anyone care to see a Chinese factory worker have bad experience with a lathe?    10/18/18  (5)
whats the POTUS book/bio/autobio on Nick Saban?    10/18/18  (1)
depressed all the time lmao    10/18/18  (6)
Justice Kavanaugh orders immediate execution of Christine Blasey Ford    10/18/18  (1)
I don't get why people cant get jobs. I am a job shopper yet still get interview    10/18/18  (1)
any jew termites on this bort?    10/18/18  (1)
Holy shit Justice Kavanaugh just declared abortion and gay marriage ILLEGAL    10/18/18  (1)
Me and Spackler swimming out of crime submarine, kissing each other to breathe    10/18/18  (9)
Serious question: why should I give a fuck about Khashoggi getting killed?    10/18/18  (132)
Jimmy Carter: Kavanaugh is 'unfit' to be a Supreme Court justice    10/18/18  (11)
Hiring manager wants my nuts -TCTP (PIC)    10/18/18  (39)
me n Luis n spack shaking our tanned, tight rumps to inspector norse,    10/18/18  (63)
People who humblebrag about having lots of “meetings” should be shot    10/18/18  (54)
Upper West Side’s Trump Place will become "200 Riverside Boulevard"    10/18/18  (11)
Golf: I have a 43 degree PW (??). Wedges start at 52. Sub 4i for 48?    10/18/18  (49)
Jezebel: #MeToo needs to apply to "gray areas" like regret sex (link)    10/18/18  (11)
"I'm autistic and gay" (to U2 its a beautiful day)    10/18/18  (114)
By unhinged pumos about you    10/18/18  (1)
hehe me & spack sucking AIDS dick. that's jeep justice (zeke mo    10/18/18  (22)
"Please help! Are there any SUPER LAWYERS on the plane!?!"    10/18/18  (4)
bad guy sits on toilet.. oh shit me and spack bite his balls off    10/18/18  (6)
2016 Election Night: For all the people here that WANTED Trump to win......    10/18/18  (49)
Gonna cop some Zipp 303s today. Taking praise ITT    10/18/18  (2)
The outcome of this Pocahontas debacle is better than if she had tested 0%    10/18/18  (5)
Media silence re: "Blasey" Ford means this shit was 100% fabricated    10/18/18  (37)
HEHE ME AND SPACK    10/18/18  (2)
*me & spack are Jakarta cops trapped in a crime building*    10/18/18  (40)
CNN: until Mueller speaks, we're the Khashoggi network!    10/18/18  (1)
milkyways are an extremely TTT candy bar    10/18/18  (3)
38 y/o of counsel in elevator, notepad in hand, heading to partners office    10/18/18  (52)
just read THE gookiest article on harvard AA lawsuit. lots of great lines    10/18/18  (2)
Women are happier when their partner is less attractive study says    10/18/18  (35)
new bbw gf can deep throat whole roll of raw cookie dough (carl)    10/18/18  (8)
I hate it when I see tall men with midget women    10/18/18  (54)
Had depo near my house--then went home and took wife to Subways.    10/18/18  (6)
Given the innumerable hoaxes, how can libs still instantaneously believe wild cl    10/18/18  (1)
Jeb guacamole bowls are perfect symbol of cucked GOP    10/18/18  (4)
Mega will be over 1 billion dollars tonight    10/18/18  (2)
Why did Mueller add a homicide prosecutor to his team?    10/18/18  (8)
whats a day in court like for biglaw associate?    10/18/18  (17)
voted straight R, wrote in "FUCK LIBS 180" where only option was a Dem    10/18/18  (2)
Jezebel: So-called "regret sex" IS rape, by definition    10/18/18  (20)
Before Trump, Republicans took all their strategy advice from libs on tv    10/18/18  (1)
I used to live alone on Roosevelt Island. Weird place, it's own little world.    10/18/18  (21)
the highest paid podcaster of all time used to poast here    10/18/18  (2)
Renouncing my support for fraud Canelo    10/18/18  (9)
Niggers squeaking around on floors paid for by your blood and sweat    10/18/18  (30)
Just drank 2 52oz mouthain dews and going to get another now    10/18/18  (12)
Why don't Libs just move to Canada? Canada is Lib, free healthcare, etc    10/18/18  (1)
Rate this tweet from a Queens senate candidate    10/18/18  (10)
lol @ suburb cucks like TMF, salting their driveways and sidewalks and shit    10/18/18  (26)
beto doing a kick flip & grinding on border fence lock, opening it for illegals    10/18/18  (14)
so did we EVER find the Reema Bajaj nude pics?    10/18/18  (15)
The never ending story where his horse gets stuck in the mud    10/18/18  (30)
I weigh 178lbs now. Down from 195lbs 4 months ago. Rate me (pic)    10/18/18  (29)
Russian journalist calls to say masked men chasing him. Dies. Police: no foul pl    10/18/18  (38)
Today I learned the CEO of In-N-Out Burger is a 36 y/o IBS shrew worth $3B    10/18/18  (35)
2004: wake and bake. 2018: wake and ache.    10/18/18  (14)
Was there a single cool car that came out in the 80's?    10/18/18  (31)
“By the way, that’s a very fine cum you’re not drinking” (Patrick Blooda    10/18/18  (4)
Another victory for Trump as Julia Louis-Dreyfus's sister dies of coke/booze OD    10/18/18  (30)
Why do Malkin and Ovechkin both look line they have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?    10/18/18  (3)
bros XO Gavin is gonna be yuge -- Howard Stern-meets-Tucker Carlson    10/18/18  (9)
what happened to consuela?    10/18/18  (13)
i like milfs    10/18/18  (14)
At chik fil a, u bros need anything?    10/18/18  (5)
Mega millions already $970,000,000.00 Powerball $430,000,000.00    10/18/18  (1)
Beyond bs pretenses, democracy is only about the transfer and sharing of power    10/18/18  (4)
naming daughter "precious." prole?    10/18/18  (1)
LOOKS | ASSETS | GAME    10/18/18  (1)
Neocon pumo how do u feel about the Redskins    10/18/18  (1)
Why are economists so 'defensive' about their field/profession?    10/18/18  (2)
Insane amount of butthurt over pslf from gen xers here    10/18/18  (33)
Fuck Zimm verdict, WHERE ARE REEMA BAJAJ CUMSHOT PICS????    10/18/18  (10)
bin Laden death pics | Hillary election night story | Reema Bajaj nudes    10/18/18  (2)
LJL at dieters when the next famine comes- paleo soulcyclers starving to death    10/18/18  (1)
I got a fucking raccoon climbing up my staircase staring at me every night    10/18/18  (32)
NO poaster has ever admitted to fucking a teacher while in school = No CHADs    10/18/18  (12)
"i guess you had to be there" was like a proto "dat cancel"    10/18/18  (1)
You remember your first blow job?    10/18/18  (100)
Poaster with gun to head mouthing "dat cancel"    10/18/18  (2)
Luis license plate: SXWMEN4$    10/18/18  (9)
found a pic of MoreDoughHi's license plate    10/18/18  (4)
Remember when 29tp said hillary would win 70% of white women?    10/18/18  (1)
Thunder Collins - hows life / shrewzilla treating you?    10/18/18  (129)
Predestination (2014)    10/18/18  (29)
You remember your first no job (offer)?    10/18/18  (4)
NIGGER | NIGGER | NIGGER    10/18/18  (1)
Your honor, if it pleases the court I'd like to blast out a cumfart (bloodacre)    10/18/18  (38)
Nebraska recognizes that no one wants to go there (link)    10/18/18  (1)
The blue wave will be a wave of liberal tears    10/18/18  (1)
I am a cumfart enthusiast. (bloodacre adding "hobby" section to his resume)    10/18/18  (6)
social experiment where entire restaurant stops talking and just stares at 1 guy    10/18/18  (1)
Reminder: Bill Clinton strongly encouraged Trump to run. Do u think    10/18/18  (4)
Upset Jew come look at this    10/18/18  (1)
2004: After breakfast, five or six beers. 2018: No breakfast after nine years.    10/18/18  (6)
Help. Am abroad. AT&T just dinged me for 1600 in intl roaming fees    10/18/18  (2)
GC: 9/11 hide Saudi involvement hehe.GC: Saudi kills Saudi in Turkey, nuke them!    10/18/18  (6)
Have guys like libcrusher/lawman8 ever left CONUS or even their home state?    10/18/18  (37)
Teen Vogue: can’t end poverty without ending capitalism!    10/18/18  (11)
Julia becomes a police officer (video)    10/18/18  (1)
why do asian people love making youtube animation shorts about their inane lives    10/18/18  (1)
The 2016 election was kind a surreal dream    10/18/18  (7)
I am apt to think, if we knew what it was to be an angel for one hour, we should    10/18/18  (3)
2004: Yeah bro, this chick is great! 2018: Lexapro, kid can't speak at eight    10/18/18  (4)
Do AM radio talk show hosts get paid?    10/18/18  (18)
Where do autistic college applicants gather online in 2018?    10/18/18  (2)
🚨Penn. Democrat forced to resign after FB posting "I stand for the flag" (lin    10/18/18  (46)
AssFaggot is basically Kenny Powers but taller and better looking.    10/18/18  (3)
i'm my own grampa    10/18/18  (2)
CHARLES DIGITAL here, with a weeklong tour of the top sites in EGYPT    10/18/18  (232)
There is a guy trolling Phish fans on the Phish app    10/18/18  (36)
Soros: "I'm subverting countries & pushing open borders because I'm a Jew"    10/18/18  (29)
🌌🌌🌌🌌 when moon 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌    10/18/18  (4)
Trudeau had quadrupled number of parent/grandparent sponsorships    10/18/18  (2)
When will trump move Overton window on NIGGER & KIKE?    10/18/18  (1)
In the modern economy the best kind of gf makes 200K+ and is still cute    10/18/18  (32)
Is it just me, or is NYC infested with hordes of gay Indian twinks?    10/18/18  (5)
me & assfaggot in applebees booth, TONS of apps, dr pprs, talkin SHIT bout NIGS    10/18/18  (45)
BAM - u get obj 9 blonde feminine wife but have to pose for pics like this    10/18/18  (75)
Still laugh whenever i hear someone talking about waving in immigrants like 3rd    10/18/18  (1)
How many of you smoke weed before work as an atty?    10/18/18  (13)
Luis, noticed you are anti sex having now. What gives    10/18/18  (3)
What states actually comprise "heartland" of America? Study says these:    10/18/18  (1)
Kristen Bell: Snow White was raped when prince kissed her while sleeping (link)    10/18/18  (37)
Could Stormy Daniels be prosecuted for EXTORTION?    10/18/18  (8)
Tow truck driver found with severed head and tire iron in anus    10/18/18  (12)
2004: woke too late, no breakfast; 2018: born too late, no breakfast    10/18/18  (1)
Life is over    10/18/18  (2)

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