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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/10/18  (213)
rate this Trump JOKE told at the Al Smith dinner    12/11/18  (15)
luis - book me four nights in a 4-Star hotel and I’ll come kick your ass    12/11/18  (57)
What is the end point for CFB realignment?    12/11/18  (120)
clean shaven men are superior in every way to bearded men    12/11/18  (3)
post ITT if u are still FOR EXEUNT    12/11/18  (17)
Wife brought up swinging to me on "date night"    12/11/18  (105)
Is Mac DeMarco prole?    12/11/18  (2)
Two 100+ poast threads today. Solid day in the office.    12/11/18  (1)
luis - book me four nights in a 4-Star hotel and I’ll come fuck your ass    12/11/18  (6)
Chinese exec arrested in Canada: just canoe out to ocean to Chinese submarine?    12/11/18  (3)
RIP Japan: World View: Japan Invites Hundreds of Thousands of Foreigners to Work    12/11/18  (41)
Lol @ cars that don't have a hood scoop.    12/11/18  (10)
Getting my braces off tomorrow    12/11/18  (64)
Rate Posner's analysis of RAPE    12/11/18  (10)
Happy auntie! Pipe is arrive, do not resist or Love will not be "So Nice" haha!    12/11/18  (5)
wow, this far-right Brazilian porn star probably 100% poasts    12/11/18  (3)
arkan @ TEDTalk: "you could put a rat in a 6'3 230 lb body and what would happen    12/11/18  (2)
what does prestigefaggot actually do for a living?    12/11/18  (13)
How can pro basketball players be so bad at basketball?    12/11/18  (11)
Taking my bra off tomorrow    12/11/18  (3)
just spent $70 on Hello Kitty presents for 33 y/o GF    12/11/18  (4)
luis, give me a full-body rubdown, tickle my ass w/feather and then I'll fight U    12/11/18  (1)
Funny prank to play on opposing counsel - call Westlaw & cancel their service    12/11/18  (2)
9 year old black girl in AL suicides after being constantly bullied about race    12/11/18  (60)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/11/18  (80)
saying the word weave is like saying nigger in public    12/11/18  (1)
Biden Should Run on a Unity Ticket With Romney [POLITICO]    12/11/18  (15)
Ever used a street hooker?    12/11/18  (1)
Watching the Al Smith roast now, Trump killed it    12/11/18  (3)
Why is this 2010 grad still an "associate" at Susman Godfrey?    12/11/18  (8)
Violence = physical or emotional action upon someone plus power    12/11/18  (3)
Rape = nonconsensual sex + power    12/11/18  (1)
Hate = dislike + power    12/11/18  (1)
   12/11/18  (2)
Chandler Trial #2 Day 3 - Closing Arguments (CSLG)    12/11/18  (58)
Watchmen 24-hr WATCH (post here)    12/11/18  (14)
Reminder: racism = prejudice + power    12/11/18  (1)
Trump debates with Pelosi/Schumer in Oval Office in front of press (link)    12/11/18  (51)
Rajeev now hear me. In USA there are much willing bhabhi for pipe, but do say so    12/11/18  (2)
When The Juice come down to me, i Will be many penis like phallus shiva. sex now    12/11/18  (2)
my dad was such a badass solider when military needed him they sent a helicopter    12/11/18  (211)
Mr. Gremlin, if the head I rub will you bring me lovesex and joy for chocobar?    12/11/18  (3)
Pretty woman, call me the Orgasm. it is you. my pipe will enter :)    12/11/18  (5)
Do you guys think Clippers beat Toronto in LA today--at 2.42?    12/11/18  (9)
If you will Please come to visit the BOM, he will rain happy of Ganesh upon you    12/11/18  (2)
Waiting for colleague to announce he is lateraling to another firm    12/11/18  (11)
TOMMY is there such a thing as RAMBUTAN juice?    12/11/18  (5)
How do guys like Dan Bilzerian avoid getting babbypwned by their harem?    12/11/18  (16)
I feel to pity giving out high interest loans to businesses    12/11/18  (9)
White bros: care to respond to these devastating bumble texts?    12/11/18  (76)
Blonde Scandinavian white woman hates white "men"    12/11/18  (13)
So Trump just got a refund from a hooker? He's really the GOAT    12/11/18  (2)
chandler how many torpedoes will u have tonite    12/11/18  (1)
well, at this point not even xo trumpenprole try to defend donald    12/11/18  (5)
Bort Jews: Do you put up a Christmas tree? Does Santa Claus come to ur house?    12/11/18  (9)
RSF, which saint do you pray to so you get 9/11 money?    12/11/18  (1)
18000 how badly I have triggered that pumo today    12/11/18  (15)
Why didn't the other aliens come back for ET after like 24 hours?    12/11/18  (1)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~2month TRIP (RSF)    12/11/18  (149)
tumblr after porn ban: just 1M sad teen girls reminding each other 2 drink water    12/11/18  (1)
CEO asks Quora how to get his employees to work longer hours for the same pay    12/11/18  (6)
I have two 40lbs dumbbells at home. Can I get full workout without going 2 gym    12/11/18  (6)
Children of Ted [NYMag]    12/11/18  (8)
Meek Mill - Blue Notes.mp3    12/11/18  (1)
Wife took a swing at me on "date night"    12/11/18  (1)
Does Cravath still use LotusNotes?    12/11/18  (3)
Reminder: Judaism Is Set Up To Prevent All The Evils Of Loneliness    12/11/18  (17)
lol @ future bitcoin bagholders    12/11/18  (15)
How would today's shitlibs react to Mark Twain's stand-up comedy?    12/11/18  (1)
Would you drive 4 hours + 2 hr flight for an interview?    12/11/18  (1)
Just CLONED our first DOOBERSTEIN at HALFORD INDUSTRIES    12/11/18  (45)
Boomer fraud Realtors FUCKED by new startup company taking over    12/11/18  (5)
"exeunt" swindled and hoodwinked a lot of people    12/11/18  (28)
islamic gunman in france missed opportunity to false flag as yellow jacket    12/11/18  (1)
Google CEO: Russia spent $47,000,000 in Google ads in 2016 Election (link)    12/11/18  (8)
*buries millennia of genetic development into a squat mayan*    12/11/18  (17)
(To the tune of the Power Rangers theme song) ALL CASH CHINESE BUYERS    12/11/18  (56)
RSF: 100% Catholic, speaks perfect Hebrew, circumcised, bar mitzvah pictures    12/11/18  (45)
How a “segregation tax” is costing black homeowners $156 billion    12/11/18  (33)
the somberness among Trump supporters is sinking realization system can't be ref    12/11/18  (7)
Hidden red flags when evaluating a future relationship (and why)    12/11/18  (1)
poast ITT to cheer when ETH breaks $81 low on GDAX    12/11/18  (2)
what's exactly going on with white adults who watch superhero movies    12/11/18  (52)
a list of crappy batman returns 'alternate batman' action figs    12/11/18  (20)
*Trump supporters lining up behind Trump contractors and Trump U grads*    12/11/18  (31)
Rasmussen was most inaccurate pollster of 2018, Trump still cites him    12/11/18  (2)
WSJ: Baby Boomers are the "loneliest generation"    12/11/18  (44)
Trump doubled deficit but no $$% for infrastructure or wall?    12/11/18  (26)
What are you getting your WIFE/GF for XMAS?    12/11/18  (117)
So, "Art of the Deal" = whine and throw temper tantrum to get wall?    12/11/18  (6)
Really enjoying watching the enthusiasm for Trump drain from XO    12/11/18  (161)
Uh has anyone done a thread on the mega-cuck story in the NYT yet?    12/11/18  (101)
Anglicans to "rebaptise" trans* as their new gender    12/11/18  (5)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    12/11/18  (761)
Interesting Weekly Standard article on the caravan    12/11/18  (1)
in world with biglaw, it makes no sense that people are poor    12/11/18  (3)
What is the most prestigious sports team?    12/11/18  (12)
why do browns pant & salivate over the product of a white "mans" testes    12/11/18  (1)
Budget AND trade deficit going up under Trump? LMAO!    12/11/18  (8)
RATE this email exchange i had with amazon    12/11/18  (51)
Deranged Penguin GAKKED OUT atm    12/11/18  (1)
Mattis to sign orders to send at least 800 troops to the US/Mexico border    12/11/18  (135)
how is Trump going to lower the national deficit    12/11/18  (66)
Wait, so xoTrump has DOUBLED BHOs budget deficit?    12/11/18  (20)
At least Trump DELIVERED on being a true DEFICIT HAWK    12/11/18  (20)
China offers to slash US trade deficit by $200 billion (link)    12/11/18  (21)
white guys please explain why this blonde dutch girl in LA only dates black    12/11/18  (5)
South Korean media reporting Un wants peace treaty and US embassy in Pyongyang    12/11/18  (7)
This Green Beret sucked 450 dicks -- in 2018!    12/11/18  (2)
Trump deficit at record levels to fund tax breaks for millionaires?    12/11/18  (29)
hows that n korea peace treaty going? 'Member all the US and NK flags together?    12/11/18  (22)
Adrian Vermeule seems SCOTUS-worthy    12/11/18  (25)
endless parade of patels and chens linin up 4 cgi explosions & anglos in spandex    12/11/18  (2)
Trump is going to throw a military parade after the Korean peace treaty signing    12/11/18  (26)
ghostface billah, the rat faced killah, hailing from manila    12/11/18  (1)
Pls update on Chandler trial thanks    12/11/18  (2)
So nobody's going to discuss how big a cuck Kavanaugh turned out to be?    12/11/18  (65)
Feel bad for people who fail Bar Exam. Especially multiple times. Must be    12/11/18  (4)
TRUMP to FINALLY FUCKING unveil INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN in January    12/11/18  (43)
$99 ETH anyone buying at these bargain prices?    12/11/18  (34)
krampusnacht getting kicked out of amc for eating biryani out of popcorn box    12/11/18  (2)
Lawman8 - get ITT and guess all of Obeezy's alts    12/11/18  (8)
if you're not excited about the Lion King remake you are dead inside    12/11/18  (99)
Krampusnacht Lion King thread= HE IS DONE HERE    12/11/18  (8)
Yosemite Sam Fuming Faggot. who's the first poster that comes to mind?    12/11/18  (3)
krampus holding up lion king printouts in tamil wilderness on fiverr    12/11/18  (1)
There is no such thing as an Incel.    12/11/18  (18)
uspo yelling in fluent Tamil at guy shitting in his chennai apartment hallway    12/11/18  (18)
krampusnacht is a tar black chapati slinging tamil doing fiverr request vids    12/11/18  (1)
🆓    12/11/18  (2)
Wife has been busy, sick, and sexually unavailable. Fuck whore on work trip?    12/11/18  (41)
Prole tell: not using "summer" as a verb    12/11/18  (1)
Pros and Cons of going into the military as an officer after grad school    12/11/18  (26)
xo needs to go all in on the post-crypto FIGHT ME IN IRL FAGGOT mentality    12/11/18  (15)
Would you give up 35 IQ points at the age of 25, to be Buff Chad until 50 yo?    12/11/18  (22)
You need to check out the “Hot Guys Fuck” pornhub channel immediately. ASAP.    12/11/18  (10)
Rate this South Park scene depicting modern wageslavery    12/11/18  (94)
his IQ was 37    12/11/18  (1)
SO fucking sick of women's incessant bullshit    12/11/18  (5)
i'm convinced Spotify airs the most annoying ads possible to get u to subscribe    12/11/18  (6)
bump this thread if u r 4 luis    12/11/18  (44)
What's the easiest way to short on crypto?    12/11/18  (8)
Local idiot wins lottery, reinvest 100% of winning on more lottery tickets    12/11/18  (3)
Rate this post on Trump and China    12/11/18  (12)
Lib pumos and their alts raging again    12/11/18  (44)
DC Metro makes fare evasion NOT a crime. Why? Because blacks.    12/11/18  (32)
sim glitch programmers are funny - rate this statement by AL school board    12/11/18  (2)

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