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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/17/19  (245)
daily reminder: nude bodybuilding schtick is fucking disgusting    01/20/19  (4)
The mountains around Orange County are suddenly lush and green. It's gorgeous    01/20/19  (6)
LOL, dumbfuck libs fell for LITERAL FAKE NEWS re: the DC march incident    01/20/19  (87)
dirte and other female MFEs, need your help itt    01/20/19  (15)
XO Poll: how long is your commute?    01/20/19  (1)
Saints Patriots is gonna be a 180 Super Bowl    01/20/19  (1)
After my pedicure I met a SMOKE SHOW older woman at the bar nextdoor    01/20/19  (1)
CEO’s with ridiculous names    01/20/19  (2)
kyoot law shrew stuck in ATL for 4 hours makes viral dance video (link)    01/20/19  (5)
So all NFL QBs from Berkeley are homosexuals? Rodgers, Goff, Boller all gay    01/20/19  (1)
Elizabeth Warren responds to MAGA Teen incident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    01/20/19  (1)
Eagles fan attacks GF, microwaves dog in anger after loss to Saints (link)    01/20/19  (7)
National Review: MAGA hat teen personally crucified Jesus    01/20/19  (51)
Been spendin most their lives lifting in a naked paradise    01/20/19  (22)
HYGGE    01/20/19  (1)
Mike Pence is the Consummate Trump Administration Official    01/20/19  (4)
why do libs never respond to the substantive argument but instead call names    01/20/19  (1)
Historically important poster taking questions while a giant cock rails my ass (    01/20/19  (5)
Bros who MAX out 401K and IRA. How much do you put into brokerage?    01/20/19  (28)
Shoul PN down a bottle of tylenol and hang himself?    01/20/19  (2)
How boring would it be if your wife agreed with ALL your political positions?    01/20/19  (37)
u were surprised to learn USPO = Charlie Brown = shitmod?    01/20/19  (1)
lmao, venkatesh quotemo    01/20/19  (6)
Did yoga today. Fuck some of that stuff is hard    01/20/19  (10)
Did people really find hookups from Craigslist back in the day?    01/20/19  (6)
Everyone just calm down, things aren’t so bad    01/20/19  (22)
Some guy made a Netflix app for Game Boy Advance & it looks pretty cool (link)    01/20/19  (1)
Los Angeles Shams will get BTFO    01/20/19  (2)
new poaster here. baby goldstein is the greatest meme ever. also i hate niggers.    01/20/19  (87)
hey dirte you stupid fuck. i tried corey wayne and it backfired miserably    01/20/19  (12)
Any zozo brawlstarmos here rn? I created a clan.    01/20/19  (6)
Todd “Alshon Jeffrey” Gurley    01/20/19  (1)
tons of burping. tons of farting.    01/20/19  (1)
Alt-right type conservatives are those who simply value Truth above other values    01/20/19  (62)
Venk's Charlie Brown alt needs to be banned for public safety.    01/20/19  (1)
LMFAO so RSF did you literally get REJECTED from tOSU and have to TRANSFER IN    01/20/19  (32)
How many alts does Venkatesh likely have?    01/20/19  (13)
WLMAS making literal death threats against poasters and then calling 911 on them    01/20/19  (13)
Rate this 1980 Washington Post review of The Empire Strikes Back    01/20/19  (27)
I like upset jew    01/20/19  (1)
20 years on the best comedies are Ben Stiller Movies. Meet the Parents and Somet    01/20/19  (3)
Haha I'm teh motherfuckin pockle rick! Love vaping! Sons fuckhole is a disaster    01/20/19  (73)
Andy Reid going to shit his diaper in a conference title game, right?    01/20/19  (4)
Charlie Brown tp -- who is this deranged pants-shitting AARP faggot?    01/20/19  (34)
Why does Charlie Brown threaten to murder posters who he claims to know IRL?    01/20/19  (1)
Just had the most amazing pedicure, highly 180    01/20/19  (2)
simple but tricky probability question    01/20/19  (49)
and it was SQUANCH SQUANCH SQUANCH til CPS took the asian away    01/20/19  (25)
Ghostface Billah is a good poster    01/20/19  (11)
Gay couple tries to eat at Big Earl's, gets called fags (vid)    01/20/19  (20)
Libs are too far removed from reality to ever be reasoned with again    01/20/19  (3)
someone please convince me of the logic of Trump's immigration deal    01/20/19  (2)
You guys don’t get it. Trump could offer to resign in exchange for the wall an    01/20/19  (17)
How do the Rams afford all these players?    01/20/19  (3)
The Real Problem with HOBBIES like playing guitar    01/20/19  (13)
Trump approval among independents: 31%    01/20/19  (1)
Sim City 2000 was a lot of fun    01/20/19  (24)
Aaron Donald is insane    01/20/19  (4)
Why do so many men put women on a pedestal?    01/20/19  (8)
Reminder: Charlie Brown is a deranged boomer that threatens to murder posters    01/20/19  (1)
Jinx farting cum 1hr later is like french fries at the bottom of the bag    01/20/19  (1)
Reminder: Charlie Brown is a deranged boomer that threatens to murder posters    01/20/19  (1)
Kansas City Queefs vs. Los Angeles Ass Rams    01/20/19  (1)
Why do Dems hate Americans?    01/20/19  (6)
woah, a normal national anthem    01/20/19  (4)
Giuliani implies that the WH instructed DOJ to have Mueller rebut Buzzfeed    01/20/19  (3)
ws    01/20/19  (1)
Odd case odd case odd case *monkey bangs cymbals together* odd case odd case odd    01/20/19  (3)
Sean Payton looks like he's coming off a bender    01/20/19  (2)
Do you steal rewards points by using other people's phone numbers?    01/20/19  (1)
"Suck a fat nigger cock, jinx" gagged whok thru a mouthful of fat nigger cock    01/20/19  (13)
Do college chess players score good pussy?    01/20/19  (1)
Build the Wall doo doo doo doodoodoo (to the tune of Baby Shark)    01/20/19  (3)
Is City Island a seafood utopia?    01/20/19  (5)
I HATE GILLIBRAND so fucking much    01/20/19  (17)
Uspo orders his alts to silence a captive lawman8 while he enjoys his naan    01/20/19  (2)
r/urbanhell is eye opening as fuck    01/20/19  (46)
Saints made a secret move to DESTROY the Rams    01/20/19  (1)
evan39 has an instagram    01/20/19  (5)
Non-Country dood here. Just discovered Chris Stapleton. Pretty cool    01/20/19  (6)
Is it weird to be turned on by myself? (Corp slave)    01/20/19  (2)
The only important thing to know about the MAGA-Indian shodown    01/20/19  (6)
lol at the fyre "festival" doc on "hulu" ljl    01/20/19  (1)
How far are we along in this stupid culture war? When will it end?    01/20/19  (3)
RATE this HOT XO woman showing her LOVE and TITS for ACP    01/20/19  (23)
USPO eating Naan and reclining while his alts torture a captured lawman8    01/20/19  (25)
Got high and went to the zoo to watch the penguins    01/20/19  (11)
Media can skew any simple thing to prove their point. Best to stay at home?    01/20/19  (3)
movie idea: like "Speed", but it's a Google shuttle avoiding used syringes    01/20/19  (5)
boner police is a smelly little doodybutt    01/20/19  (1)
why did the supreme court just postpone the DACA decision another year?    01/20/19  (9)
Real lesson of MAGA kid/Indian guy: just ignore weird shit you see    01/20/19  (17)
One voluntary exchange: CGM put your order in the oven at 5:26    01/20/19  (51)
CGM: Thoughts on your protege Lawman8?    01/20/19  (3)
lawman8 is constantly being gaslit and gangstalked by a cadre of haters. always    01/20/19  (11)
Petition for mods to append BEEP BEEP BEEP to every lawman8 post    01/20/19  (1)
Why is lawman8 always mad as fuck at uspo and MPM?    01/20/19  (10)
Sometimes, do you ever get the hunch that Lawman8 drives a PT Cruiser?    01/20/19  (11)
dumb to drop $1800 on 3 suits?    01/20/19  (53)
Dozens of Mexican gas thieves turned into human torches when gas guyeser ignites    01/20/19  (15)
how the fuck is it possible to still be a white liberal at this point    01/20/19  (10)
I lol heartily at your bitterness (RSF)    01/20/19  (419)
Libs got PWNED 3x in three days; what will today bring?    01/20/19  (4)
Are physiognomy and phrenology legit?    01/20/19  (1)
Blue Apron and Hello Fresh...do you still have to cook this?    01/20/19  (37)
Unstoppable (2010, runaway train story)    01/20/19  (8)
Jared Goff ruled out, Sean Mannion to start    01/20/19  (3)
lawman8: "THE NEGROES TOOK OUR DATES!!"    01/20/19  (4)
Remind: you can literally be on video doing nothing    01/20/19  (3)
Tony Gonzalez just said “Amazon man, enjoy your leftovers” on Fox NFL Sunday    01/20/19  (3)
Every straight as fuck bro's got a touch of ghey    01/20/19  (23)
Pelosi: "The Democratic caucus does not negotiate with terrorists."    01/20/19  (29)
Women’s march leader Tamika Mallory on Israel-Palestinians    01/20/19  (5)
Doobs trying to get water through customs for the 2019 Fyre Festival    01/20/19  (1)
evangelical christians are just a gaggle of mentally ill congregated together    01/20/19  (1)
small world. my wife work's with lawman8's wife    01/20/19  (1)
Millenial pair killselves instead marriage    01/20/19  (8)
Fyre Fraud on Hulu is hilarious    01/20/19  (12)
Pats Moneyline - Thank Me later    01/20/19  (1)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 RBG RESIGNS 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    01/20/19  (45)
“He was part of a group called the Radical Faeries”    01/20/19  (1)
The Economist 'lede' authoritatively informing you border control is 'rubbish'    01/20/19  (8)
Irreverent. Politically incorrect. Bold. Bald.    01/20/19  (5)
Reminder: gillibrand = Hillary 2.0    01/20/19  (2)
Schumer to Trump: "Elections have consequences, faggot."    01/20/19  (5)
New Poll: Shutdown beginning to impact Pelosi's favorability rating    01/20/19  (4)
Flying OUT of AFRICA tomorrow BA F WDH-JNB-LHR-JFK    01/20/19  (16)
Breaking: Mexico offers to cover the cost of Trump's impeachment hearings    01/20/19  (4)
who is the lib pumo going insane    01/20/19  (13)
ARE Reptile and TMF are both Russian JEWS but reptile makes 2x TMF’s salary?    01/20/19  (2)
THAILAND is the MOST overrated SHITHOLE in ASIA    01/20/19  (40)
Is there ANY then-“conservative” ideal that has withstood the test of time?    01/20/19  (51)
Progressives - what are we “progressing” to?    01/20/19  (1)
Can anyone explain why black israelites can stand in street corners in all citie    01/20/19  (1)
Reminder: Trump owns the shutdown.    01/20/19  (8)
Sim city 2000, but u spend all ur resources removing feces & needles frm streets    01/20/19  (2)
dumb to drop $1800 on 3 sluts?    01/20/19  (2)
medical emergencies in open office = peak gc    01/20/19  (10)
REMINDER: GILLIBRAND brought mattress girl to the SOTU    01/20/19  (4)
Jesus there is VIDEO EVIDENCE the MAGA kids did nothing wrong    01/20/19  (46)
Lol @ the garbage board    01/20/19  (101)
After megachurch girl I’m really interested in dating a cerebral slut    01/20/19  (15)
Female astronaut throws away part of space station    01/20/19  (56)
You can push your poop out by leaning back at 117 degrees    01/20/19  (8)
xo analyzing non-event w/ white kids like Zapruder film... meanwhile    01/20/19  (5)
"Not now babe. Gotta see ACP's new penis sleeve."    01/20/19  (3)

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