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LOL...Matt Lauer reportedly kicked out of Hamptons home    01/22/18  (4)
so "DACA" is just dems trying to scam 4million extra votes?    01/22/18  (11)
How many of you even know how many immigrants come here every year?    01/22/18  (11)
Just transferred $3,000 to Coinbase. What should I do with it.    01/22/18  (14)
Read a book as a child, about a kid surviving in wilderness, living inside tree    01/22/18  (18)
cyclistmos, what's a decent first road bike?    01/22/18  (1)
Ruh-roh: Ending chain migration more popular w. voters than saving DACA.    01/22/18  (36)
Just bought $1k of ETH at $916 as my first coin purchase EVER    01/22/18  (23)
Conan OBrien at Luxury Resort: Haiti Is a Beautiful Country (link)    01/22/18  (27)
just took #1 best thickest, longest shit of my life, taking q's for 4 minutes    01/22/18  (22)
Rate this travel shrew's post about a small black child    01/22/18  (36)
Netflix death watch: AMZN Prime secures MTV, CC, Nick, Viacom    01/22/18  (5)
CiCi Bellis Playing With A Cute Fuzzy Little Thing (PIC) #tennis #jim_kelly    01/22/18  (2)
Tired of Pats, but they are the Trumpmo team    01/22/18  (21)
RATE this Creepy Matt Lauer clip from the Sochi Olympics    01/22/18  (7)
RATE Princess Eugenie's Pink Sapphire E-Ring (PIC)    01/22/18  (4)
NICK FOLES DEATH WATCH    01/22/18  (2)
Semi-prominent right-wing blogger comes out in favor of EUGENICS/sterilization:    01/22/18  (3)
XO 108 DRGN HODL CREW    01/22/18  (22)
Going to lift heavy and then smoke a few bowls then going to cook grouper    01/22/18  (3)
Guaranteed 3-5x cryptocoin in 4 weeks itt    01/22/18  (37)
Comprehensive list of things that govt libs have "conveniently" lost in past yea    01/22/18  (5)
*peterman and tsinahs wrestling match over toupee escalating to anal in 30 secs*    01/22/18  (20)
Outdoorsiness peaked in the 90s    01/22/18  (63)
* * * FLORIDA poasters: Who is non-shit ORLANDO COURT REPORTER? * * *    01/22/18  (4)
Fortuitous Tuna Oven- Please slow roast every ounce of my being into ashes    01/22/18  (4)
Ruh-roh: Ending dragonchain withdrawals more popular w. voters than saving DRGN.    01/22/18  (1)
Trump to impose 30% tariff on solar cell imports (link)    01/22/18  (12)
Been trying to knock up wife since Sept., think I finally succeeded    01/22/18  (39)
"Its blockchain technology" said jinx, chaining the ladyboy to a concrete block    01/22/18  (20)
Rate the white trash body ITT    01/22/18  (10)
$NFLX crushes earnings yny    01/22/18  (2)
What do we do with the "good" goyim?    01/22/18  (2)
Chucking "DREAM"ers into Mexican ditches Haiti-style    01/22/18  (1)
Have Treeman and EPAH disavowed the house of horrors parents yet?    01/22/18  (3)
image of the illegal spying operation against Trump participants    01/22/18  (1)
Investing bros - what would you put 100k into right now? vanguard?    01/22/18  (10)
Let's ask a depraved butt fuckin media queer about this important moral issue    01/22/18  (6)
robotization = no need for immigrants. if libs want basic income = no immigrants    01/22/18  (2)
Don't Ask Cya All    01/22/18  (3)
Nebraska has gone up 70 spots in the recruiting rankings    01/22/18  (2)
Meet Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok's direct boss & part of the conspiracy    01/22/18  (1)
BREAKING: Rachel Maddow has drafted a secret memo that will end xoTrump!!    01/22/18  (3)
what texts? what LV shooting? what middle class?    01/22/18  (3)
Rate this prestigious classy white body ITT    01/22/18  (1)
FBI complains that Nunes won't show them The Memo (link)    01/22/18  (8)
diesel's fiancee's diamond shrinking as ETH price falls lower    01/22/18  (11)
Joe Montana seems like the most bitter NFL legend    01/22/18  (34)
What do we do with the "goy" illegals?    01/22/18  (1)
if i ever got a tattoo it would be a fuck libs tattoo    01/22/18  (1)
*FBI agent slams case file against wall* "Suspect lost his emails! We are done!"    01/22/18  (1)
What do we do with the "good" illegals?    01/22/18  (98)
"#MeToo isn't enough. Women need to get ugly" (Guardian)    01/22/18  (20)
xo Tacitus on the Jews ( incl. Saturn reference)    01/22/18  (19)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger is sexy from the front, preg from the side #DBG    01/22/18  (5)
so is the government going to shut down again in 17 days??    01/22/18  (3)
Can anybody link any groundbreaking corporate strategy implementation frm an MBB    01/22/18  (3)
Bout to drop 14k on engagement ring. Am I a fucking retard?    01/22/18  (23)
If FBI was incestigating your emails and you "lost" them would they be ok w it?    01/22/18  (2)
Why Do I Have To Like Brady / Belichick / Kraft Kike Frauds If I'm A Trumpmo?    01/22/18  (4)
Melt current illegals into the wall as a warning?    01/22/18  (3)
RATE THIS SINGLE MOM.    01/22/18  (3)
sorry my boss won't hire Dreamers, he calls them a mean word haha    01/22/18  (1)
Brady ties MJ with 6 rings - retires to run for Senate v. Pocahontas    01/22/18  (26)
Imaging making like 10MM off ETH or something from '16 to '17    01/22/18  (8)
Sim glitch: TFM hot girls of Instagram are all with white guys    01/22/18  (4)
how the fuck does rand paul get elected in ky. guy is by far kookiest senator    01/22/18  (7)
remember when CNN said socialism was cool?    01/22/18  (1)
where are all the laid-back 90s indie rock chicks?    01/22/18  (8)
Sam Cohen Showing Cleavage, Eating A Steak. (PIC) #ironside    01/22/18  (7)
So all the shitlib ultras are going 2 quit dems & form their own party?    01/22/18  (6)
Seems like media shouldn't be a coordinated operation to spread FUD about POTUS    01/22/18  (2)
I wonder if winning RG will be the start of Djoker's fade #DBG    01/22/18  (14)
did FBI really "lose" specific texts uncovering their coup or did i dream that    01/22/18  (3)
ITT list the Shitlibbyest shit you believe    01/22/18  (56)
Porn is AWFUL, stop.    01/22/18  (23)
Rate this $1.98M 1000 sq ft home in PALO ALTO (link    01/22/18  (3)
If she never lived in a trailer, drove a dirtbike or changed a tire, don't marry    01/22/18  (1)
Have any of you read some of the kink answers women put on OKCupid    01/22/18  (20)
Thinking of buying a long range electric motorcycle You guys have any exp w this    01/22/18  (3)
Hitler has a 61% approval rating in the US. 51% among DEMOCRATS! LINK ITT    01/22/18  (26)
PSA: there are actually 3,600,000 DREAMERS. The 800k number is daca apps    01/22/18  (20)
shrews are in love w/ 'exoticism' (foreign travel, colored babies, etc)    01/22/18  (5)
DeBeers: 3 months salary or half your crypto holdings, whichever is higher    01/22/18  (1)
Newsweek: "Horrifying" that Melania and Ivanka wear high heels.    01/22/18  (7)
ITT: List acute diseases with lesser-known chronic forms    01/22/18  (1)
LJL at "14-seed" Djokovic #tennis    01/22/18  (4)
AO Purposely Mis-Spelling Djoker's Name (PICS) #tennis    01/22/18  (5)
Djoker Is Back, Crushes TTThiem 1 & 4 #tennis    01/22/18  (5)
the great crypto bullmarket january - december 2017    01/22/18  (8)
liberal provoked transnational gang expansion    01/22/18  (2)
Djokovic will become GOAT tennis player    01/22/18  (43)
Why are shitlibs mad about the shutdown cave?    01/22/18  (5)
Joe Montana = 100% Sicilian    01/22/18  (1)
Monday, January 22, 2018: The last day BTC opened above five figures.    01/22/18  (2)
Sam Cohen In A Short, Unzipped LBD In LA (PIC) #ironside    01/22/18  (4)
"He would have been a good lawyer, if it had been a service partner to scream at    01/22/18  (3)
Libs called it "Deferred Action" so we're deferring it    01/22/18  (1)
It's a rare, REALLY NICE day in January, but we're all indoors shitposting    01/22/18  (2)
15 pics of crying mexicans that will make you say fuck having laws and borders    01/22/18  (1)
Rate this mom and teen daughter. Daughter is preggo. SFW    01/22/18  (7)
Rate this Mexican milf SFW    01/22/18  (11)
do white dudes with cuck fetish actively pursue "jersey chasers" in college?    01/22/18  (21)
what are the pros/cons of doing SEX TOURISM in thailand?    01/22/18  (28)
Can you spot the ugly duckling in Forbes' 30 Under 30 for Finance?    01/22/18  (1)
MS-13 gang declares war on Jewish Americans after Schumer Sellout (link)    01/22/18  (1)
2018 Baseball Hall Of Fame Predictions    01/22/18  (89)
Dozens of illegal activists outside Schumer's office chanting, "BEHEAD THE JEW!"    01/22/18  (1)
Beta American Fag Guys: explain what wrong w/this Thailand vid    01/22/18  (53)
a certain nonstop politcal hysteria driven by wagecucks reading news websites    01/22/18  (3)
Should I get closure with my ex and fuck her at work one more time?    01/22/18  (3)
remember when fedor emelianenko was on top of world & turned down ufc?    01/22/18  (9)
wow I didnt know you could do Peace Corps 3x in a row haha    01/22/18  (1)
Imagine being Alabama UG to Duke Law    01/22/18  (6)
no really I think its great that youve visited 94 countries haha    01/22/18  (2)
Keep working in office? Or go back to hotel and play eu4?    01/22/18  (1)
Gay Attorney Breaks Off From Quinn Emanuel    01/22/18  (8)
Meet Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition's 3 new rookies (link)    01/22/18  (17)
if u meet me 4 lunch, we can save the leftovers for ur Dreamers haha    01/22/18  (1)
Crypto is in serious bear market territory, really sad only 2017 was hot    01/22/18  (8)
On shrews in the workplace    01/22/18  (21)
my WoW playing spiked again since 7.3.5    01/22/18  (32)
Rate my (live) poker steps for improving results    01/22/18  (29)
Philadelphia is really the last true bastion of sports hooliganism in the US    01/22/18  (16)
Average black person works point three hours a day    01/22/18  (2)
Average person works three hours a day    01/22/18  (23)
Chuck Schumer cries out even as he strikes you    01/22/18  (4)
Lindsey Graham shirtless in Dupont club, tekno, whistle glowstick in mouth    01/22/18  (2)
first one to make me laugh gets 1000 NIGR    01/22/18  (20)
James O'Keefe needs to do an undercover sting to OUT Lindsey Graham    01/22/18  (1)
yo you three one third bitches is wack    01/22/18  (1)
rate 50 yr old Dan Cortese (pic)    01/22/18  (1)
Workout Bros: Need serious fitness advice    01/22/18  (23)
Anyone else not even hear of Yale until junior year of HS or later?    01/22/18  (13)
there is an ordinate amount of married white dudes showcasing whore wives on IG    01/22/18  (8)
Sorry about caving on DACA, votes this November haha?    01/22/18  (3)
180 how freemasonry is a mortal sin    01/22/18  (3)
smudge - the outdoor type.mp3    01/22/18  (1)
pederast doctor billing assault victims    01/22/18  (6)
Patriots have won 4 straight playoff games in which they were down >10pts in 4th    01/22/18  (2)
looks like im getting married brothers. lmao.    01/22/18  (24)
Porn, masturbation, lust = poison    01/22/18  (10)
Crazy that physics/math teachers make as much as gym teachers    01/22/18  (10)
expect a lot of #MeToo, anti-Trump, pro-illegal stuff during Timberlake halftime    01/22/18  (1)
Ridiculous how 180 Assfaggot is    01/22/18  (19)
Chicago whites do not want Amazon HQ2    01/22/18  (1)
haha sorry about this, i have a cold and i guess sudafed is a vasoconstrictor    01/22/18  (3)
Mark Coleman v Fedor II    01/22/18  (1)
Rate this empty, abandoned, unsecured US beach 100 feet from a beach in Tijuana    01/22/18  (2)

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