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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/18  (212)
People who hit a big tire with a big hammer for exercise are annoying af    12/09/18  (8)
Extreme nasal congestion: please advise.    12/09/18  (41)
In Street Fighter, why did they make Ken and Ryu the exact same moves?    12/09/18  (31)
Nguyen Moon    12/09/18  (1)
Corey Schneider is awful    12/09/18  (10)
Unique Hobbies should not play any role in Hiring    12/09/18  (3)
Does zilliqa have better potential than other sharding shitcoins?    12/09/18  (31)
This crytpo suicide vid is brutal    12/09/18  (6)
ITT poast things/activities that retain their luster after age 30    12/09/18  (43)
poastradumbass's mom huffing glue while 35 weeks pregnant    12/09/18  (14)
Getting a Yule log this year    12/09/18  (25)
"the liquidity is great!" exclaimed poastradamus as he gargled cum to pay rent    12/09/18  (11)
poastradamus striking out at special olympics tee ball    12/09/18  (16)
if biglaw is a "good job" why are there pentagrams everywhere    12/09/18  (1)
Poastradamus is butthurt bc ETH reminds him of dad and uncle raping him    12/09/18  (2)
Poastradumbass, making bowl of cereal with elmer's glue    12/09/18  (23)
Would you trade 1MM cash to be 18 again    12/09/18  (33)
Eat. Pray. Niggerthread.    12/09/18  (7)
99.9999% of american women are hopelessly mentally ill and worthless    12/09/18  (2)
Hypo: $100,000,000,000 in cash, but you have to give away $1million every year    12/09/18  (13)
it is honestly insane how unfunny SNL has become    12/09/18  (24)
I Read XO daily; but have never understood a single feud b/w posters    12/09/18  (18)
bloodacre is fat and can't breath through nose: imagine his sleep apnea lmao    12/09/18  (7)
I sold my tezos (dennis)    12/09/18  (3)
Trump 2020 shaping up to be a campaign to stay out of prison    12/09/18  (2)
"More semen" bloodacre moaned as the paramedics pumped semen out of his stomach    12/09/18  (7)
Will Bears win tonight?    12/09/18  (9)
If I prefer sex with transwomen over genetic women, does that make me gay?    12/09/18  (30)
Is anyone else extremely neurotic about everything?    12/09/18  (5)
Me & Dennis are watching NFL right now. He will take a few Qs. Not flame.    12/09/18  (37)
ITT: Movie scenes where it was actually cr for the theater audience to applaud    12/09/18  (21)
Denver tell me pros cons    12/09/18  (30)
If this arrested Chinese CFO spirals out of control, it will backfire on America    12/09/18  (54)
The greatest David Fincher movie is ___________    12/09/18  (15)
CPU Thinking.... Trade Rejected    12/09/18  (1)
Why is Indian music playing at beginning of The Insider    12/09/18  (9)
ITT: I rate you as an Age of Empires 2 civilization.    12/09/18  (1)
KKR should LBO chik-fil-a and blow up its SPS business model    12/09/18  (20)
Dupa Dupa bo bupa banana fanna fo fupa    12/09/18  (1)
vr porn is fucking incredible    12/09/18  (28)
just watched Columbia vid. it's clearly drunk schtick. he prob does open mic.    12/09/18  (3)
Pumps are just Karambit Warriors.    12/09/18  (3)
Going to college has like a 25% chance of success nowadays    12/09/18  (1)
Gonna get a BJ tomorrow morning    12/09/18  (21)
900k 11am-1pm flex WFH in house in Utah    12/09/18  (2)
Clawing impacted shits out of asshole was an unexpected but 180 life development    12/09/18  (3)
Anybody here on TRT? Worth it?    12/09/18  (30)
google starbucks has a pockmarked,chunky rear end    12/09/18  (3)
Rate my 5x5 workout today    12/09/18  (46)
Extreme anal congestion: please advise.    12/09/18  (2)
let's rewatch the AVENGERS: ENDGAME trailer together    12/09/18  (2)
Has Trump responded to Tucker yet?    12/09/18  (7)
what are your goals over the next 5-10 years    12/09/18  (101)
Earl tokyo drifting a used BMW as repo man takes luis’ volt    12/09/18  (11)
government-produced pornography    12/09/18  (1)
Inexorable cognitive decline    12/09/18  (1)
Oh boy, AIDS makes me wheezy! Oh'bidsmewheezy....OBEEZY    12/09/18  (3)
hard-line American Maoist here, taking Qs    12/09/18  (1)
John Kelly and Gary Cohn, standing 69ing saying they're the adult in the room    12/09/18  (4)
Hypo: $1B up front, but you can't live your house/mansion for 10 straight years    12/09/18  (11)
*peterman and tsinahs wrestling match over toupee escalating to anal in 30 secs*    12/09/18  (122)
Obeezy closes xo, slams macbook shut, sashays over to wall-mounted dildo    12/09/18  (2)
goog. sbux    12/09/18  (15)
If you lived in the muslim world, wouldn't you revere the 9/11 bombers?    12/09/18  (3)
Hypo: Justin Trudeau gets AIDS from a KGB blow-dart    12/09/18  (7)
I'm already basically living 'Red Dawn' IRL    12/09/18  (1)
The mouth of a woman is a deep pit. He that falls therein will suffer.    12/09/18  (1)
Just drove home in my brand new Cadillac CTS-V    12/09/18  (25)
seasonal shake shack Spicy Cajun Chicken Sandwich>Chick Fil A spicy sandwich    12/09/18  (2)
Christmas tree logging accident impales 80 yo WV man (link)    12/09/18  (1)
Alpha Muslims launching Martyrdom operation to crash into Alien Megastructure    12/09/18  (4)
I have lost 15 pounds since dying several weeks ago (disco fries)    12/09/18  (8)
Hawaii judge rules Chick Fil A must stay open on Sundays    12/09/18  (2)
The government committed mass murder at Waco, fulfilling biblical prophecy    12/09/18  (3)
RATE the red pill women reddit    12/09/18  (3)
Chick fil a cucks, will open on SUNDAYS    12/09/18  (2)
Superhero movies are superior to your artsy crap. The market has decided.    12/09/18  (4)
Toto Hydra cover but it's luis    12/09/18  (6)
Edward Hopper's "Excursion Into Philosophy" = XO's take on app dating    12/09/18  (1)
Slept all day. Someone give me a summary of luis drama.    12/09/18  (8)
People taking LSAT 4+ times these days to get into 170s    12/09/18  (17)
WLMAS, any updates on Gen. John Kelly leaving the White House?    12/09/18  (7)
Duck sauce on a Sunday night    12/09/18  (2)
The modern shrew obsession w/colonics; enemas stems from them feeling UNCLEAN    12/09/18  (1)
Bizarre video shows current state of crypto    12/09/18  (4)
I’ve never been to a movie where the audience applauded. This only happened in    12/09/18  (1)
ETH at 82: "im gonna kms" ETH at 93: "any good netflix recs?"    12/09/18  (3)
luke ford's shtick grows tiresome    12/09/18  (2)
Huge fat chick bucked off a horse and stomped to death at rodeo (video)    12/09/18  (6)
XO's 2009/2010-era Lathamthreading    12/09/18  (1)
Wow u love wine, yoga, pizza, travel, and to laugh?    12/09/18  (6)
nude luis: now nude because he pawned his clothes    12/09/18  (2)
Explain why you think crypto will come back. Which coins and when?    12/09/18  (16)
wife just asked if i'm gonna watch Thor arriving at Wakanda on youtube all night    12/09/18  (1)
Linda Sarsour to host the Oscars (link)    12/09/18  (1)
luis wearing holiday sweater exits stage, leather jacket luis smoking cig enters    12/09/18  (14)
Chinese war on a Greek city in 100 BCE    12/09/18  (12)
Who will be the first Trumpmo to acknowledge the walls are closing in?    12/09/18  (39)
Went to see my gramps in a nursing home...    12/09/18  (16)
2021: Giuliani filing appeal of judge's ruling that Trump cant tweet from prison    12/09/18  (2)
Wife just caught me with the barrel of my .38 in my mouth, went apoplectic    12/09/18  (9)
Peterman making breakfast wearing nothing but truckers oversized carhart shirt    12/09/18  (2)
Is Trump going to be impeached y/n?    12/09/18  (27)
is K1 a top 5 NFL draft pick? if so obvsly should just breach A's contract    12/09/18  (12)
kind of nauseating seeing Trump @ deep state funeral while Manafort rots in jail    12/09/18  (2)
PredictIt has market on which GOP opportunist will stick impeachment 🔪 in    12/09/18  (1)
I hate winter, it's too cold and dry, it's dark out. It needs to stop.    12/09/18  (1)
Why do old boomers keep posting fugly ass pics on FB    12/09/18  (12)
i am the Wisest Human and a Doctor of Cubism    12/09/18  (3)
Alpha chad twitch streamer beats up his fucktard wife on video (link)    12/09/18  (14)
Rate this xo poaster from Columbia (video)    12/09/18  (103)
So major MeToo casualties were Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Neil deGrasse Tyson    12/09/18  (3)
manhattan DA definitely looking to indict trump    12/09/18  (8)
luis's wife forced to do "Ass to Ass" shows in hotel to pay their rent    12/09/18  (4)
Biz idea: a currency that can be transferred both physically and electronically    12/09/18  (8)
Just got IPHONE XS MAX, holy shit it's HUGE    12/09/18  (14)
Guy living in a country with no sjws,no shitlibs,homogenous population.Takin ?s    12/09/18  (101)
*Robin Leach voice* "Today we'll take a peek into the lives of the 'XO Crypto Cl    12/09/18  (6)
Snoop Dogg to Kevin Hart: Tell the Academy to suck a dick    12/09/18  (22)
i have a non-platonic love for MPA    12/09/18  (2)
White House schedules interview with bald Dakotan for COS    12/09/18  (1)
Best part of NFL broadcasts, world premiere movie trailers    12/09/18  (1)
the judge he gave me 99 years - turn, turn, turn to the rain and the wind    12/09/18  (2)
Does Tucker wait till 2024 or try to primary Trump?    12/09/18  (6)
wtf is this my brilliant friend show on HBO    12/09/18  (1)
Jimmy Carter's Agriculture Secretary is DEAD:    12/09/18  (1)
Hypo: you can go back in time and have Joan Baez in 1962    12/09/18  (3)
Luis is a piece of shit for quitting his job    12/09/18  (25)
I could probably watch the bourne identity 5 times a year for life and like it    12/09/18  (1)
Pho Boy    12/09/18  (3)
Just cleaned the kitchen. Will prob be allowed to cum in wife's mouth tonight.    12/09/18  (1)
Nick Ayers turning down Chief of Staff is a bad sign for Trumpmos    12/09/18  (1)
South African preacher delivers message of racial unity:    12/09/18  (9)
Non-confrontational question: what is the appeal of owning a pit bull?    12/09/18  (3)
Problem with NPC meme is overly political; NPCs can be right wing or apolitical    12/09/18  (35)
shitlib couple came at me at gamestop for buying Call of Duty WWII    12/09/18  (1)
Why is luis being so mean now?    12/09/18  (32)
Thunder Collins - why does your wife work 15 hrs/week now    12/09/18  (8)
rare color 8mm footage of Auschwitz "rollercoaster of death"    12/09/18  (3)
ljl another weekend of WLMAS talking to himself about Trump    12/09/18  (9)
gonna watch event horizon free amazon prime fuck u all    12/09/18  (1)
34 year old internist leaves MD job to have kids and become "telemedicine" doc    12/09/18  (10)
I don’t drink because it tastes good or to feel giggly. I drink to blackout.    12/09/18  (8)
a lot of holocaust pics are so laughably photoshopped yet never called out    12/09/18  (2)
How the FUCK do I shower at the gym without getting an anxiety boner?    12/09/18  (6)
Schindler's Deal Checklist    12/09/18  (1)
"Hi Mom can you put Dad on? I finally have some time off" "Yr dad died 2 yrs ago    12/09/18  (28)

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