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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/10/18  (213)
morning in america seems like a cot damn retard    12/10/18  (1)
No you're not curvy. Marilyn Monroe was curvy. You are FAT    12/10/18  (6)
A certain "chill" obsession with settling scores online with strangers    12/10/18  (4)
my dogs is faggot. has he ever made a good poast?    12/10/18  (7)
it is honestly insane how unfunny SNL has become    12/10/18  (42)
pretty sad to ask for cliffs on bort drama when you guys are pushing 40    12/10/18  (3)
bathing in a pool of turmeric w luis as faggot loser poasters get MAF    12/10/18  (1)
35% of Firm Leaders Say IBMs Watson Can Replace Associates (link-not flame)    12/10/18  (50)
What do pure mathematicians even think of the "work" everyone does    12/10/18  (1)
Trying to clear all Age of Empires 2 campaigns on hard. This was a mistake.    12/10/18  (24)
George Conway humiliating his wife at 5:30am. She’s in the house probably.    12/10/18  (5)
Problem with NPC meme is overly political; NPCs can be right wing or apolitical    12/10/18  (36)
the global warming force one is pretty obviously some money sifting scheme    12/10/18  (1)
Founder of CrossFit: "I single handedly wrecked the female body. Oops."    12/10/18  (2)
which pro teams have the most BANDWAGON fan base?    12/10/18  (68)
Cliffs on Luis drama?    12/10/18  (8)
Rach can we have five minutes to change monikers on 8th day of Hanukkah    12/10/18  (2)
In the final analysis, Kelly Bundy was the hottest sitcom character of all time    12/10/18  (11)
BREAKING: Trump To Pardon Manafort, And Promises That He Will Pardon Or Commute    12/10/18  (3)
How many XO posters bolt after Holy Communion and miss announcements?    12/10/18  (1)
luis is a nasty guy    12/10/18  (92)
So we're just ignoring the fact that deranged tinder pumo=DVP?    12/10/18  (53)
What will America be like in 20 years?    12/10/18  (42)
NO COLLUSION    12/10/18  (1)
Lots of libslurper120 types think DOJ IG is getting ready to indict Comey (LINK)    12/10/18  (1)
In the concentration camps, IBM's code for Jews was 8. Its code for Gypsies was    12/10/18  (2)
So every single generation of men not forged in battle = shit pure shit?    12/10/18  (1)
I stand with RSF against luis    12/10/18  (6)
Alpha chad twitch streamer beats up his fucktard wife on video (link)    12/10/18  (64)
comedian lawman8 explaining to silent audience for 10m why first joke was funny    12/10/18  (14)
Me & Luis having a good laugh about the time I crippled his asshole.    12/10/18  (16)
"it should be safe, legal, & rare" "abortion?" "No, immigration"    12/10/18  (4)
RSFs alleged sockpuppet CryptoPiglet does post gook a lot and shits on Luis    12/10/18  (165)
*BAM! You're 22 y.o. again* Do you enlist in the military?    12/10/18  (19)
Never understood why xo thinks it's ok for Luis not to work but    12/10/18  (285)
Huawei or the Highway    12/10/18  (3)
Trump's pick to be chief of staff: "Fuck off, Donald"    12/10/18  (3)
Dux appointed Trump Chief of Staff    12/10/18  (1)
Brexit ruling: UK can cancel decision, EU court says    12/10/18  (2)
Remember when watchmen was more "normal"?    12/10/18  (10)
Someone bump that thread where TBF humiliated luis    12/10/18  (1)
ljl at tsinahs "patents." just a strapon duct taped to a jason mraz cutout.    12/10/18  (62)
Does anyone remember Marat Safin??    12/10/18  (5)
“No Smocking Gun ... No Collusion!”    12/10/18  (8)
what would you do if you were luis at this point?    12/10/18  (44)
At mega church, communion is served in individual disposable cups    12/10/18  (1)
Board Olds: What was the Battletoads craze like?    12/10/18  (4)
Just got tickets to Jason Mraz    12/10/18  (1)
what would you do if luis was at home, cryin all alone on the bathroom floor and    12/10/18  (4)
Chinese war on a Greek city in 100 BCE    12/10/18  (13)
*benches 225 to gregorian kyrie eleison chants*    12/10/18  (9)
*colt examines a corn dog* "where ah dog in dis egg rorr?"    12/10/18  (19)
Intense day on xo for luisposters    12/10/18  (36)
"57 states"    12/10/18  (1)
Hawaii Judge Orders Release of Huawei Executive    12/10/18  (3)
REMINDER: Obama smocked crack and got oral in limo. Never forge    12/10/18  (2)
Christianity is supported by the tension between victimhood and responsibility    12/10/18  (12)
Smuckers stock takes dive on Trump tweet misspelling    12/10/18  (2)
word on the street is all the cool kids listen to gregorian chants these days    12/10/18  (7)
Almost told wife about the extent of my crypto losses    12/10/18  (117)
'Family Guy' makes timely reference to PEPE the Alt-Right symbol of hate    12/10/18  (1)
Started smocking dicks    12/10/18  (2)
Shitcons - your retard POTUS cant even spell? Lmao    12/10/18  (1)
Holy shit, Hope Hicks has a Seeking Arrangement profile (link)    12/10/18  (1)
PredictIt has market on which GOP opportunist will stick impeachment 🔪 in    12/10/18  (3)
many people are saying that Lewis is the next poster who will commit suicide    12/10/18  (5)
after defeat, trump resigns Jan 2021 so pence can pardon him?    12/10/18  (1)
changed my mind, i now support Baines in the HOF since reddit is freaking out    12/10/18  (2)
Yes Mom, he's Korean but his monicker is in Hebrew.    12/10/18  (7)
Lifehack for luis (pic)    12/10/18  (2)
MLB blacks have names like Jimmy, Howie, Andrew, & Jason    12/10/18  (144)
xo 2018 user survey: "Patel" most common surname    12/10/18  (9)
Is Biglaw generous with bereavement leave?    12/10/18  (25)
Rate BUDAPEST as a vacation destination    12/10/18  (11)
33 yo Rich Jewess (Dir. of "Influencer Marketing") Weds 32yo BJC Chad (NYT)    12/10/18  (10)
juice have the amazing ability to make rate and then completely perverted beyond    12/10/18  (1)
Brazil bringing back lynching    12/10/18  (16)
U just don’t fuck w a man whose email = HeartLikeALion spaceporn lisped    12/10/18  (1)
Would you trade 1MM cash to be 18 again    12/10/18  (49)
President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Elected 2028)...    12/10/18  (18)
Comic book movie fanboy audience reactions are disturbing (vid)    12/10/18  (45)
JJC: "Gordman ah Sachs buirlt the modeln wolrd!"    12/10/18  (1)
Why can't BIRDSHITS stay in their countries?    12/10/18  (14)
Lawman8 channeling all his autism into a Luis thread line cyclops from xmen    12/10/18  (1)
Daily Stoic, 12/10/18    12/10/18  (2)
Rate this xo poaster from Columbia (video)    12/10/18  (122)
People taking LSAT 4+ times these days to get into 170s    12/10/18  (32)
severe unmanageable depression    12/10/18  (3)
Tea Party movement = coopted & failed. Trump movement = same. Next need dictator    12/10/18  (25)
Tommy T bouncing on your cock "I drink JUICE you MAFcumskin JUICE goodBIRDSHIT"    12/10/18  (46)
36yo Nick Ayers has a net worth of $12.2 million to $54.8 million. lmao politic$    12/10/18  (27)
Pence and co are pulling a soft coup as we speak if you couldn’t tell    12/10/18  (23)
Robbie Williams - Ethereum.mp3    12/10/18  (11)
Robbie Williams - Millennial.mp3    12/10/18  (8)
Starting to give up on ideology and wish Trump never fukked wit China tariffs    12/10/18  (13)
Watchmen 24-hr WATCH (post here)    12/10/18  (10)
Any SNOWBOARDING mfe's in here? (Earl)    12/10/18  (37)
Can barely function in the winter due to insufficient daylight    12/10/18  (16)
THanks to crypto, my chances of suicide are going to the MOOON (DTP)    12/10/18  (2)
Dogville was a crazy movie    12/10/18  (3)
gc lolling as he signs off on ur 2 days unpaid 'compassionate' leave    12/10/18  (1)
who else is wearing their harold baines jersey to work today    12/10/18  (1)
Where did Will Ferrell come from    12/10/18  (4)
Any of you duders play Cards Against Humanity?    12/10/18  (35)
Why can't chinks stay in their countries?    12/10/18  (39)
WaPo Jewish rat: Kevin Hart must pay a greater penance for homophobia    12/10/18  (23)
Will any A-list actor besides Mark Wahlberg ever make a patriotic pro-USA movie?    12/10/18  (11)
So la lakers are 11th in West with lebron? Ljl    12/10/18  (15)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~2month TRIP (RSF)    12/10/18  (140)
srs Q: why didn't luis just pile up all his money in yard and burn it?    12/10/18  (5)
Patriots looked like a JV team on that last play    12/10/18  (1)
The sky is always gray because life sucks    12/10/18  (3)
ITT: uspo alts    12/10/18  (18)
i would've been DBG's best man but i wasn't jewish at the time    12/10/18  (12)
Jesse Orosco played in the MLB until he was 46    12/10/18  (1)
so now Comey DOESN'T want Trump to be President    12/10/18  (4)
"What is that you've got there, money? Oh I had some of that once...." (luis)    12/10/18  (1)
lee smith in the hall of fame is a mockery of the sport    12/10/18  (30)
luis breakdancing outside CVS, panhandling for body wax    12/10/18  (4)
“Magical Realism” except it’s niggers acting fucking retarded    12/10/18  (4)
ETHIOPIA's GDP growth rate is ABSURD    12/10/18  (37)
TT I’ve made friends with many Indian motel and hotel owners=thoughts?    12/10/18  (11)
CNN: Can a white man survive off of a diet of sand and banana peels? Our reporte    12/10/18  (2)
goog. sbux    12/10/18  (17)
we’re not electing our best and brightest    12/10/18  (2)
the Abrahamic religions' global influence is domination by desert peoples    12/10/18  (2)
my kids' xmas story books are so fucking POZZ'D wtf libs    12/10/18  (12)
Flags next to monikers w parents' nationality would be helpful    12/10/18  (20)
Jordan, Lebron and curry just ball hogs that lob up shots miss 60% of time    12/10/18  (3)
Why is Target selling Amazon Fire for less than Amazon is?    12/10/18  (1)
Meng Wanzhou (born Meg Whitman) is a Chinese business executive, political activ    12/10/18  (1)
luis wearing holiday sweater exits stage, leather jacket luis smoking cig enters    12/10/18  (18)
rancid smelly farts    12/10/18  (1)
How much to retire at 40 (CSLG)    12/10/18  (60)
Denver tell me pros cons    12/10/18  (39)
Master of Fine Arts    12/10/18  (2)
I couldn't imagine having law school debt. Jfc    12/10/18  (2)
Rate this cute Jewish girl    12/10/18  (2)
NOCHIEF    12/10/18  (1)
Reddit is all 104 iq retards and shit but check this    12/10/18  (2)
Countries XO thinks are shit but a wealthy, strong, regional powers: 1. Mexico    12/10/18  (42)
Trump is: would you vote for Tucker Carlson in a 2020 primary?    12/10/18  (3)
A poop clot formed in the exact shape of a man's colon - then he pooped    12/10/18  (1)
heading out to vail tuesday morning, fucking psyched    12/10/18  (11)
Draft of closing argument done    12/10/18  (25)
A blood clot formed in the exact shape of a man's lung passage - then he coughed    12/10/18  (5)
Fraud rams & chiefs won't win a single playoff game    12/10/18  (1)
lol Bears are gonna win the superbowl    12/10/18  (15)
what are your goals over the next 5-10 years    12/10/18  (117)
hey libcrusher, do you use the yarmulke just to cover your bald spot?    12/10/18  (4)

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