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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/23/19  (275)
xoxohth: where benching 315 makes you a "world class powerlifter"    03/25/19  (1)
did you guys stop watching Naked and Afraid? this episode is FFM.    03/25/19  (14)
sometimes clients just die    03/25/19  (4)
i hope there are more shooters out there that kill spics, niggers, and muslims    03/25/19  (15)
How to beat criminal charges in admiralty courts    03/25/19  (3)
Explain this video of the anti pope    03/25/19  (14)
Hilarious to me that r/The_Mueller exists    03/25/19  (11)
feasible to just peace out from biglaw for a year and return to a lower ranked f    03/25/19  (4)
Count on future Powerball winnings as biglaw exit option CR?    03/25/19  (1)
Morning workout bros - question    03/25/19  (16)
a never ending war against fraud and bullshit    03/25/19  (1)
CNN: TRUMP is responsible for the rise of Avenatti, not our network at all    03/25/19  (7)
RATE this pilot handling an in-air emergency    03/25/19  (54)
Been listening to Dupa's debut rap album, White Bartolo. Raw stuff    03/25/19  (2)
WSJ: Mueller is Done. Now Probe the Real Scandal (link)    03/25/19  (8)
Avenatti conspired w/CNN analyst and Smollett attorney Mark Geragos (link)    03/25/19  (63)
Citizen audits Post Office, gets 180 reactions    03/25/19  (33)
40 Acres and a Mueller Report    03/25/19  (1)
I honestly have no clue when to use a semicolon    03/25/19  (33)
Lol at the memo trump is sending to the MSM    03/25/19  (5)
"US" "courts" literally say the country "can't" secure its borders    03/25/19  (1)
live by the ali baba sword, die by the ali baba sword    03/25/19  (1)
RIP Michael Avenatti    03/25/19  (64)
good dick tp    03/25/19  (6)
If a house in Sunnyvale is $2M, and sex with men for money nets $50/sex, how muc    03/25/19  (4)
Procrastinators, when you're last minute working and a call comes in...    03/25/19  (6)
Real talk: We're getting distracted from the DISASTER of the border/immigration    03/25/19  (3)
Which Benchmade Knife should I get for my dad for Christmas?    03/25/19  (10)
Hat-trick: 1) DJT cleared, 2) Avenatti charged, 3) RBG dies    03/25/19  (5)
Men wearing Lululemon...    03/25/19  (4)
Scott Walker (the singer) (1943-2019) (not flame):    03/25/19  (2)
"My father was.. an interesting man" says Barron as stars stream by viewport    03/25/19  (51)
Rate this escort I'm about to bang imminently    03/25/19  (83)
Hans Asperger was a Nazi pedophile    03/25/19  (7)
Avenatti TWEETS    03/25/19  (5)
Reminder: The world's a Simulation; we're the Sims    03/25/19  (2)
Sex pic for handsome man you (NYT)    03/25/19  (1)
Hot girl nude for you (vid)    03/25/19  (2)
Girl with breasts sex pic (pic)    03/25/19  (4)
Knife bros: what's a good blade for autocastration?    03/25/19  (1)
Settle with my client for $10M or we sue you = Extortion?    03/25/19  (56)
Rate this vid of Barron Trump doing the floss in front of journos on WH lawn    03/25/19  (4)
Monday---let's bash this TTT    03/25/19  (5)
New article absolves ASPIES as the OPPOSITE of NAZIS. Great interest to xo    03/25/19  (6)
Just got seen by a NIGGER doctor at a prestigious private clinic    03/25/19  (33)
Wonder how this Mueller news is disrupting the economy of podcasts and tv shows    03/25/19  (1)
"The future must NOT belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam" - Soetoro    03/25/19  (16)
GARFIELD rise up    03/25/19  (6)
Are you world class at anything? (CSLG)    03/25/19  (83)
Huge guy watching "Mad Men" for the first time. Someone explain the appeal.    03/25/19  (17)
Happy auntie! Pipe is arrive, do not resist or Love will not be "So Nice" haha!    03/25/19  (59)
John Brennan: I am relieved there was no Trump/Russia collusion (link)    03/25/19  (4)
World's largest Garfield collection has over 11,000 unique items    03/25/19  (2)
luis is bummed Mueller report a dud b/c it doesnt advance Muslim agenda    03/25/19  (1)
Biggest mistake you've ever made as a lawyer?    03/25/19  (8)
Sam Adams Releasing New Ruth Bader Ginsburg-Inspired Beer    03/25/19  (2)
Working stead 9-5 versus 10 minutes here and there 24 hr day...    03/25/19  (10)
McDonald's app is worthless now.    03/25/19  (11)
Ultra-filtered autism    03/25/19  (1)
GOY tp lives life for the children    03/25/19  (2)
US News ranking of political science departments    03/25/19  (7)
US Army allies with MS-13 in Battle for California (NYT 2020)    03/25/19  (3)
16 Years Later, How the Press That Sold the Iraq War Got Away With It    03/25/19  (41)
Rate this zionist quote about black white relations    03/25/19  (3)
any high value male poasters?    03/25/19  (1)
“Strong girl” Team USA Womens hockey player applying hammer to pickle jar    03/25/19  (1)
The Orange Cats - I Don't Like Mondays    03/25/19  (3)
Remote-controlled dogs    03/25/19  (6)
What happened to that poaster who was in the joint and several DUI lawsuit?    03/25/19  (11)
NYC's 40 Under 40    03/25/19  (33)
But MKULTRA is real and all documented. Tapas tomorrow?    03/25/19  (10)
if you stop eating anything with sugar in it u'll lose 5 lbs in 5 days not flame    03/25/19  (4)
NPR: Elderly libs desperately try to survive long enough to see Mueller Report    03/25/19  (67)
Would you marry known psycho hottie Elizabeth Holmes?    03/25/19  (10)
I’ll fuck anything that moves.    03/25/19  (11)
XO Scientologists: what level are you at? I just hit OT-2.    03/25/19  (4)
can't stand your weak beta ass    03/25/19  (1)
Rating posters as current NBA players    03/25/19  (38)
Closer is a good movie    03/25/19  (4)
where in the god damned fuck is Consuela?!?    03/25/19  (13)
Orange Cat Mondays    03/25/19  (2)
sexual duplicity tp    03/25/19  (1)
Posture is the easiest "life hack" to improve your life.    03/25/19  (19)
True or False: Bombing Hiroshima was a war crime    03/25/19  (90)
dirte i'm going to break 30 days this year, 35 if the winter lasts into april    03/25/19  (5)
Rosie O'Donnell: "I feuded with Elizabeth Hasselbeck bc I had a crush on her"    03/25/19  (3)
whats the word for some1 who isnt a grower or shower (bloodacre)    03/25/19  (24)
Tick Tock Trumpmos    03/25/19  (3)
Just spent 5k on Benchmade and Spyderco knives    03/25/19  (25)
You're cute 18 year old girlfriend telling u to come over and have sex after sup    03/25/19  (1)
how many bros make well over 6 figs and effectively work less than 30hrs a week    03/25/19  (2)
Scott Walker (R-WI) DEAD    03/25/19  (2)
not a great week for libs!    03/25/19  (2)
sad divorced dude - fucking over ex wife?    03/25/19  (22)
Lol @ pencil neck geeks buying into psilocybin bc of JHU studies    03/25/19  (3)
its equally depressing & hilarious how insecure & bitter girls in their 20s are    03/25/19  (15)
Is Avenatti a CIRCLEHEAD?    03/25/19  (5)
Lost tribe of Indians found living in Montana wilderness (link)    03/25/19  (2)
Alpha bro gets CS masters, retires at 36 (visual journey)    03/25/19  (15)
That new Robin Hood movie is the worst shit ever made    03/25/19  (31)
"The controller!" Your organic HS GF giggles, mid-Mario Kart N-64, "it's your tu    03/25/19  (69)
just want a snarky shrew who will mom me around if that too much to ask for    03/25/19  (6)
Things are getting really bad in Venezuela    03/25/19  (2)
I've reviewed and now heavily edited your memo. Frankly I find it unacceptable    03/25/19  (1)
Father of Sandy Hook victim found dead in apparent suicide, Newtown police say    03/25/19  (20)
Sam Adams to release RBG themed beer (link)    03/25/19  (14)
Dad left $20 for dominos, come over, let's snuggle under the warm covers    03/25/19  (5)
mentioning work from home in NY law is like mentioning fucking aliens.    03/25/19  (15)
"Do you renounce Boomers and all their works?" "I do renounce them"    03/25/19  (14)
Jez smoking weed, having sex w MPAs gf in McDonalds drive thru    03/25/19  (2)
wires at Boies    03/25/19  (3)
wtf is going on here    03/25/19  (42)
hanging out at river w dog. Saw nudebro on rock w his pals    03/25/19  (8)
NY Schools intentionally inflating minority and female grades in STEM class    03/25/19  (12)
I hate everything. Please kill me.    03/25/19  (3)
Your HS girlfriend on AOL Instant Messenger: "My parents will be gone until Sund    03/25/19  (94)
Beto now on top of cars too    03/25/19  (21)
Trumpmos highfiving today as Mexicans running through open field to Texas    03/25/19  (1)
Rate me as a sugary cereal    03/25/19  (24)
lol if you google "the donald" the subreddit is the #5 result    03/25/19  (3)
No joke we seriously need a special counsel for dossier/DNC/FBI/Ohr    03/25/19  (2)
Orange Individual 1 bad    03/25/19  (5)
ESPN says McCain is the real Arizona "Hotshot"    03/25/19  (2)
Dr. Dre's daughter is one of the great thinkers of our time    03/25/19  (2)
lmao Mueller investigation ended up being a shitlib own goal.regarding russia    03/25/19  (2)
The post-breakup loneliness is the worst part of being single.    03/25/19  (59)
Trump vows to "get even" with those who crossed him (link)    03/25/19  (3)
Trump still would have been better off just Poloniuming his enemies    03/25/19  (2)
Theory: "Individual 1" is actually Don Jr.    03/25/19  (15)
how cucky is Finland? in EU, not in NATO, seems anti-refugee,    03/25/19  (33)
2019 shitliberalism in one tweet    03/25/19  (1)
Make moniker name & address of real person then post retarded shit cr?    03/25/19  (1)
Donald Trump is the POTUS of Individual 1s    03/25/19  (4)
Silent Hill 2 but nigger voicemails instead of the radio    03/25/19  (11)
croissant with cheese and meats is tcr breakfast everytime    03/25/19  (1)
Guy found camping in New Jersey REI store cited for trespassing    03/25/19  (2)
Taylor ham, eggs, american cheese, plain bagel, u mad goys?    03/25/19  (1)
Protip: Shitlibs Are Still Winning. No Matter How Many Times They Lose.    03/25/19  (26)
Libs new attack on Greenwald: He billed 3 hours to Phillip Morris at Wachtell    03/25/19  (9)
GWB approval at 60+% ten years later. Trump will beat this    03/25/19  (1)
Say what you will about Spaceporn, the man loves his dogs    03/25/19  (3)
Real talk: the reason Mueller didn't find anything is that Trump cucked out    03/25/19  (11)
dbg insists i kiss him on the lips when i come home    03/25/19  (1)
founding fathers cheering as an autistic man types "nigger" on the computer*    03/25/19  (5)
Holy shit: Matt Lauer got hairplugs and "rebranded" as a jacked trumpmo (link)    03/25/19  (4)
new apple credit card has 2% cash back on all purchases    03/25/19  (4)
Did colt have some kind of autism?    03/25/19  (8)
dog insists i kiss him on the lips when i come home    03/25/19  (13)
They gave you life, and, in return, you gave them hell.    03/25/19  (1)

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