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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
serial killer in Los Angeles    09/25/18  (7)
'bigtech' is a bunch of verbose quora indians that want to control your life    09/25/18  (1)
Renate Alumni posting here    09/25/18  (2)
tech billionaires parenting (pic)    09/25/18  (37)
Zambian student gets into fight with some locals in China (video):    09/25/18  (13)
Ruh roh, former female supporter *disavows* Kavanaugh after yearbook bombshell    09/25/18  (8)
what is the logical flaw where    09/25/18  (4)
how many of you made life changing money in crypto in Jan, then lost everything?    09/25/18  (7)
CHARLES DIGITAL here, with a weeklong tour of the top sites in EGYPT    09/25/18  (152)
Mexican Bond sneaks into N Korea in coyote's petsmart cargo van.    09/25/18  (2)
Dirte I fucked up my life in the lower 48 can I come chill w u in Alaska?    09/25/18  (4)
when i was growing up, lady on my street was 117 years old    09/25/18  (2)
what is the most recent confirmed poast by dooberstein?    09/25/18  (18)
Goodnight XO! *takes PCP goes buckwild wearing dog costume in Chinese meat facto    09/25/18  (1)
I can't spank my kids. I'm weak as fuck. I'll stand them in a corner like MOFO    09/25/18  (5)
reminder: HUMAN LIVES ARE VALUABLE    09/25/18  (1)
never seen assfaggot happier than when he met boner police irl    09/25/18  (3)
you could probably fill a water bed with liquor    09/25/18  (19)
GRAPHIC: Chinese cop beats a golden retriever to death    09/25/18  (103)
List things you'd buy if you hit your TARGET NET WORTH    09/25/18  (37)
DLA partner committed suicide. Was apparently not enjoying DLA Piper.    09/25/18  (20)
goodnight xo *drinks waterbed*    09/25/18  (17)
Goodnight XO *consumes urinal cake*    09/25/18  (26)
The Heroic Legend of Arkan    09/25/18  (1)
NYT: btw, *NOT* having Old White Men question Ford is ALSO sexist!    09/25/18  (28)
*goodnight xo* (rages about niggers, kikes, and libs for next 12hrs on XO)    09/25/18  (1)
things boomers love: righteously punishing millennials for their own past sins    09/25/18  (1)
where is josh tp at?    09/25/18  (12)
"goodnight xo" *lies on back, eyes wide open, mind racing*    09/25/18  (1)
expressions libs love: "hot take", "not a good look"    09/25/18  (6)
remember when Peter Fonda said he wanted to put Barron in a rape cage?    09/25/18  (3)
Evolution: The World of Sacred Device (Dreamcast) discussion thread    09/25/18  (1)
Nighty-night, ZoZo site *stuffs firecrackers into ear canals*    09/25/18  (1)
goodnight xo *clicks by you* *drills hole in head*    09/25/18  (8)
Rate my fantasy football team ($100 buy-in)    09/25/18  (15)
The ETH will rise again    09/25/18  (1)
February 2018 Indiana Bar Results (link)    09/25/18  (75)
Where can I get good cowboy boots?    09/25/18  (27)
Kavanaugh issues 5th statement: I went through puberty very late, like 36    09/25/18  (2)
dirte im about to blow it    09/25/18  (3)
Im a man going my own way.    09/25/18  (1)
Just snorted 20 mgs of Ambien. Heeeeerrrreee we g *Zzzzzzzzzz*    09/25/18  (2)
goodnight xo *dies in sleep*    09/25/18  (35)
goodnight xo *wakes up 2 hrs later with niggers pointing guns in face*    09/25/18  (4)
People who don't actively try to look good, are better off dead.    09/25/18  (36)
Rate these Nazi women - video    09/25/18  (1)
Article on how DeSantis is fucking up the governor's race in Florida:    09/25/18  (1)
Flaming homo walked right up to me and said I look just like Elon Musk    09/25/18  (13)
need DTP to come back & brag about ETH falling    09/25/18  (1)
Why is eth crashing again?    09/25/18  (7)
"I had great time in 70s, now support mandatory castration as father " #Booming    09/25/18  (2)
Hit Em Up the hardest diss track of all time?    09/25/18  (3)
Jason Witten decries libs.    09/25/18  (5)
George Bailey trying desperately to calm panicked neckbeards demanding their ETH    09/25/18  (23)
Rate her (Epah edition)    09/25/18  (39)
RATE Grassley's latest tweet, after his bizarre tweets last week re Kavanaugh (l    09/25/18  (2)
"Who are them? " "They, TedCruz TP, who are THEY?" (XO Young Guns)    09/25/18  (1)
Kavanaugh: I have never. Had. Sexual relations. *blank stare*    09/25/18  (1)
Jimmy Stewart arrested by bank examiners for investing bank deposits in crypto    09/25/18  (1)
lecherous kike Howard Stern "I now support anti-male sex-fascism as a FATHER "    09/25/18  (5)
"Google" should be shut down    09/25/18  (5)
new poaster here. baby goldstein is the greatest meme ever. also i hate niggers.    09/25/18  (8)
Noam Chomsky Holiday Special (w/ Special Guest Slavoj Zizek)    09/25/18  (47)
jimi hendrix - of 6 was 9.mp3    09/25/18  (2)
Rate the following political magazines:    09/25/18  (1)
DESCRIBE the lesbo exploration Gillibrand did w/Dartmouth roomie Connie Britton    09/25/18  (37)
ETH to below $100 countdown. bump every time ETH drops another $25 (from $725)    09/25/18  (80)
LJL @ men with watery cum    09/25/18  (12)
Tried to watch Lynch's Fire Walk With Me. jfc understood NONE of it.    09/25/18  (5)
the Boomer Hot Take is "As a FATHER I support #MeToo -- just not against ME!"    09/25/18  (3)
"lib" freaks shrieking at you to "vote"    09/25/18  (2)
Texas prep school headmaster fired for cursing out Michael Avenatti on Twitter    09/25/18  (33)
Kavanaugh coming out as gay tomorrow would be 100x more credible than "accusers"    09/25/18  (5)
Lol at our "media". Just a bunch of Yale faggot gossip circle talking about othe    09/25/18  (1)
ending it all tonight    09/25/18  (5)
Legal LOOPHOLE: If Kavanaugh says "I now live as trans" zhe must be confirmed    09/25/18  (1)
just realized that Kavanaugh = Lutz from 30 Rock.    09/25/18  (2)
remember when Wendy's had bead curtains and newspaper top tables?    09/25/18  (3)
Reminder: Kristen Gillibrand BEGS for donations (and will do ANYTHING for them)    09/25/18  (2)
Why I'm done with Chrome    09/25/18  (13)
the 2016 potus election has already begun    09/25/18  (3)
it's sad how most 2017 xo poasters have no idea who JBD, Rowan, Rasq, Hizzla are    09/25/18  (36)
Bump this when a movie is made of the incredible 2016 POTUS election monsterdong    09/25/18  (2)
hizzla taking quiznos    09/25/18  (22)
weird - that one poster that claims she is actually a female    09/25/18  (10)
cause of like 50% of the world's problems is misplaced rage    09/25/18  (11)
The episode of Curb when Larry goes "thas why you gay" and the guy became gay?    09/25/18  (4)
Id write a one hour speech for Luis for an ethereum    09/25/18  (1)
Brand New Upset Jew tp Diss Track. RIP xoxohth:    09/25/18  (18)
What have Republicucks done since controlling the House & Senate?    09/25/18  (19)
Kavanaugh statement: I'm gay, and a virgin, a cuckold, and also a homosexual    09/25/18  (12)
ITT Rate Techware Style    09/25/18  (7)
Walked out of doc review job, started crying today.    09/25/18  (184)
GOP has already triaged more than 15 House Seats, guaranteeing Dems win House    09/25/18  (19)
God I'm such a fat faggot    09/25/18  (9)
I wish god would underhand toss this clown world planet into the sun    09/25/18  (11)
Mitch re Kavanaugh: "We're gonna plow right through it (even if he couldn't)"    09/25/18  (12)
Midnight Run is a criminally underrated film    09/25/18  (2)
Golden retriever pulls officer's baby from burning car, gets shot 26 times    09/25/18  (5)
where did people get the idea USPO is a turdskin    09/25/18  (2)
why is meeting girls frmo the internet so horrible    09/25/18  (36)
die in a file    09/25/18  (4)
Compromise deal: Kavanaugh recuse himself on rape and alcohol cases    09/25/18  (2)
HELP: My Gender-Curious Son Saw the Trans Porn I Jerked Off To    09/25/18  (26)
Upset Jew wanted me to use the metal torah pointer on him    09/25/18  (2)
"You gotta meet him mom, he's so bald and risk averse."    09/25/18  (58)
NYT: Kavanaugh Media Scrutiny May Turn Undecided Voters Towards GOP    09/25/18  (1)
I remember... the Alamo    09/25/18  (1)
Harassing girls from the internet to "meet up sometime," until they block u (DTP    09/25/18  (2)
the internet is kind of dying out as a fad, won't be around in 10 years    09/25/18  (5)
Jane Mayer is a dopey hack. 4links.    09/25/18  (1)
don't think i could hunt animals, but could easily hunt people.    09/25/18  (3)
Kavanaugh pouring Hawkeye whiskey into his chambers Johnnie Walker Black bottles    09/25/18  (9)
solzy stopped by last night but you fgts were too dumb to notice    09/25/18  (9)
Trump tweets an American Psycho reference    09/24/18  (9)
don lemon crying on cnn right now.    09/24/18  (7)
At any time there are at least 7 open dimensional portals in Japan    09/24/18  (1)
Lin manuel miranda knocking on stall door, asking if you want his autograph    09/24/18  (4)
If Upset Jew is clothed and I am not, is it gay for him?    09/24/18  (3)
I bet Upset Jew has ass like a SHELF    09/24/18  (14)
*Upset Jew, thoroughly Cleaning My Room*    09/24/18  (7)
your cancerous dick    09/24/18  (1)
Upset Jew told me in a moment of vulnerability that xo is a containment chamber.    09/24/18  (8)
Lagos is often called Nigeria's Silicon Valley    09/24/18  (2)
Upset Jew, what happens if you get no protein ropes for three months?    09/24/18  (5)
CNN demanding kavanaugh release his long-form v-card    09/24/18  (14)
Heres why calling someone a birdbrain might actually be a compliment (WaPo)    09/24/18  (1)
I want to marriage now tired of bullshit nothing    09/24/18  (1)
Lyin Ted chased out of a DC restaurant by protesters    09/24/18  (10)
rate this trashy chick's encounter with new jersey's finest    09/24/18  (1)
what's the #metoo endgame    09/24/18  (24)
For the rest of time libs are gonna say we have a rapist on scotus    09/24/18  (1)
The 19th Amendment and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race    09/24/18  (1)
This is super gay but Florence + The Machine has some good songs    09/24/18  (5)
If you don't do under eye treatments, slit your wrists down to the bone    09/24/18  (3)
Albert Einstein with a group of Hopi Indians, 1922    09/24/18  (4)
i just want 1 fucking poster to love me.    09/24/18  (8)
It's alpha as shit to cry on TV over retarded politcth    09/24/18  (1)
Is this young WOC too "ghetto" for you??    09/24/18  (21)
Can we poast some good paintings itt? (pic)    09/24/18  (56)
Weird but true fact: many terrorists probably happier in their lives than u    09/24/18  (7)
Noodlewhore pays for Chad's Hawaiian vacation (DTP)    09/24/18  (20)
Warning: ios 12 has a bug that will drive poasters crazy    09/24/18  (1)
"I'm so attractive that girls find me intimidating, so they never approach" (DTP    09/24/18  (4)
Going to watch Young Guns on Netflix. Fuck Shitlibs!    09/24/18  (1)
now for the record, im racist against ALL non-whites    09/24/18  (3)
I went to a blockchain conference recently. Seriously scary people there.    09/24/18  (4)
The worst part is xo its actually better than irl    09/24/18  (8)
Seeing mainstream media names on here always makes me feel nostalgic    09/24/18  (1)

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