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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
Avenatti Accuser is In    09/26/18  (58)
It's possible for a man to be "blown out"    09/26/18  (8)
Bort Jews -- do yall miss any work for Sukkot?    09/26/18  (9)
Has any witness at the Blasey Ford/Kavanaugh party confirmed her story?    09/26/18  (4)
"Uh oh", said Peterman as he deliberately lowered his anus onto a trucker's cock    09/26/18  (90)
Man took this horiffic smelling two tone shit just now    09/26/18  (4)
Why do some ppl in good school districts send their kids to private school?    09/26/18  (31)
Ahh man, eight dudes in line in front of me for the rape room    09/26/18  (6)
Beady eyes: narrowing, harrowing    09/26/18  (1)
im absolutely shocked no one has accused avenatti of sketchy sex shit    09/26/18  (4)
"We're going to be respected in the world again, folks."    09/26/18  (23)
So now GOP will cuck out once again, based on the Ford/Avenatti news today    09/26/18  (14)
Major Incel Policy Positions- parties will need to take a stand on:    09/26/18  (1)
do we have a working list of xo catholic schoolmos?    09/26/18  (56)
Officially A Dual Citizen Now (DBG)    09/26/18  (35)
CharlesXII winning a personal pan pizza for reading more books than coworkers    09/26/18  (41)
Avenatti to drop thermonuclear bomb on xoKavanaugh at 4:30 EDT    09/26/18  (11)
Does blow make sex better?    09/26/18  (29)
If GOP wants future, must hint at Incel desires and tie their success to Incel    09/26/18  (8)
"Let's call the boys. Let's run a train." (Kavanaugh to Judge)    09/26/18  (11)
Tumblr of dirty blondes w tired eyes who smile when u reveal autism    09/26/18  (1)
Rachel Mitchell: The GOP's hired gun    09/26/18  (17)
So if ur lazy the lowest effort way to make 6figs at a 9-5 is megacorp?    09/26/18  (4)
What exactly is Shitlaw?    09/26/18  (6)
Confused Kavanaugh unable to locate the rape room at Yale freshman dorm    09/26/18  (2)
respected superpower = israeli war machine and dumping ground for undesirables    09/26/18  (1)
CNN releasing new crime drama series were they take famous rape cases    09/26/18  (2)
i really fucking hate the way "darien" is pronounced    09/26/18  (3)
LIBS PWNED: lawman8 "has a hot body actually"    09/26/18  (1)
Few major news is picking up on Avenatti right now. Full review going on.    09/26/18  (4)
Troutman Associate's letter 2 his shrew "memorializing" absolutely devastated me    09/26/18  (2)
Kavanaugh hearing about Uday Hussein's rape rooms in 2003: "lol so passe"    09/26/18  (1)
At Lib HQ: "Did it destroy the target?"; "Negative. Target remains."    09/26/18  (13)
All female team will broadcast Thursday Night Football this week (link)    09/26/18  (3)
lawman8 reading ring thread and finding no political angle *close tab*    09/26/18  (8)
My friend who is a psychologist had an interesting take on swimming pools    09/26/18  (42)
Troutman associate buys fiance $100k engagement ring, she leaves him, keeps rin    09/26/18  (378)
Kavanaugh DUN HERE: FOUR (4) Witnesses now corroborate her story    09/26/18  (78)
Jew Sackler Family is Responsible for Much of the Opioid Epidemic    09/26/18  (20)
Lawman8, what's your sex life like?    09/26/18  (9)
George Soros admits he funded Fusion GPS    09/26/18  (7)
Rofl, check out Troutman Sander's bonus chart + req hours    09/26/18  (33)
Dumb millennial podcast hosts who believe the Montauk Project happened    09/26/18  (2)
Avenatti denies he got pranked by 4chan    09/26/18  (18)
Young, fit 9s giggling about the white knights they've mentally "blown out"    09/26/18  (28)
Trump wont run; still needs to file FEC fin. disclosure within 2 weeks    09/26/18  (76)
Fox News: 6 members of Congressional Black Caucus have "Rowan Alumnius" in yearb    09/26/18  (3)
15 year old nutella getting stood up on To Catch A Predator    09/26/18  (1)
Spaceporn here--a few thoughts    09/26/18  (123)
okay spaceporn here is a formal apology (Morning in America)    09/26/18  (6)
WSJ editor calls for GOP Senators to stop being cucks.    09/26/18  (11)
Maxine Waters: "Kava-NAW, Kava-hell NAW! No gropers on SCOTUS!" (link)    09/26/18  (1)
Asia Argento: "Anthony Bourdain cheated on me too!!"    09/26/18  (1)
Those cute labradoodles mask a dark, disturbing truth    09/26/18  (1)
can a catholicmo defend the Filioque and latin "theology"?    09/26/18  (2)
Rawman8    09/26/18  (1)
The Troutman dude is going to win his lawsuit, right?    09/26/18  (12)
HIV+ cluster discovered in an Indiana jail (link)    09/26/18  (3)
Ask Yourself: What Would Lawman8 Do?    09/26/18  (9)
The public seems to have more faith in testimony under oath than it deserves.    09/26/18  (1)
Open Office By Mornin, Up From Dunkin' Don    09/26/18  (5)
Shrew starting hydroponic organic lettuce co.: "It Doesn't Have Roots Either!"    09/26/18  (1)
Do WASPs, Upscale Italians or Reform/Conservative Jews have nicest neighborhoods    09/26/18  (56)
HuffPo, Vox, Heavy, Mother Jones shitlibs racing to Google "Who's Nikki"    09/26/18  (1)
*sits down at King Cole Bar* "May I have a Rootless Cosmopolitan?"    09/26/18  (4)
xo is a just a bunch of rootless neopolitains nowadays (julia)    09/26/18  (12)
Lawman8, I publicly apologize.    09/26/18  (20)
White Nationalist Nations Issue Fatwa On Soros (Guardian)    09/26/18  (4)
Purported plight of South African farmers::Fords credible accusations    09/26/18  (1)
Nigger piledrives a police officer    09/26/18  (16)
A Jew who enters a political thread and doesn't begin with an apology, and an    09/26/18  (18)
Obama gave stacks of cash to "the world" & apologized every day for 8yrs?    09/26/18  (2)
Chris Dudley Comes to Kavanaughs Defense    09/26/18  (12)
Raccoon reporter unearths hazy but credible Kavanaugh Allegations    09/26/18  (5)
Our Toxic Environment is Queering Men - and that's a Good Thing (Vox)    09/26/18  (4)
*opens thread* *ctrl+f "gorgon"* *no results* *closes thread*    09/26/18  (2)
"If you want our statement, read the New Yorker.    09/26/18  (1)
How the hell was Kav a virgin?    09/26/18  (6)
MAL doing ASMR reading of Najeh Davenport wikipedia page    09/26/18  (35)
View from Peterman's asshole focusing on u like gun barrel in 007 intro    09/26/18  (12)
Trump: The Democrats are CONS    09/26/18  (14)
Lit Hack: Yahoo! Chat Rooms Offer Free Video Conferencing for Depositions    09/26/18  (6)
U: get consent for every thrust; gays: do whatever they want: Soros: laughs    09/26/18  (1)
90% of Ford testimony will be explaining why this unfolded in such a half-assed    09/26/18  (6)
BREAKING: House passes resolution to recognize importance of lumberjack sports    09/26/18  (1)
Blasey Ford was vacationing in mid-Atlantic when she wrote letter to Feinstein    09/26/18  (23)
Ford sobbing while twerking on Senate floor    09/26/18  (2)
Any spreadsheet pumos care to track down some lulzy DrakeMallard inflation posts    09/26/18  (6)
Wife is super pissed. Never seen her this mad. Afraid to go home.    09/26/18  (12)
0% financing on Focuses and F-150s all weekend here at Christine Blasey Ford!    09/26/18  (1)
Kamala: "credible accounts" portray Kavanaugh as crack addicted pimp in HS, coll    09/26/18  (2)
Imagine Chris Matthews is interviewing you and some his spittle lands on ur lip    09/26/18  (2)
Remember. XO TED BUNDY literally got engaged during his own murder trial    09/26/18  (6)
First 6 figure settlement taking ? (Verne Lundquist TP)    09/26/18  (56)
Ordering black car Uber necessary now?    09/26/18  (12)
How can I profit from lib outrage in the 2020 election cycle?    09/26/18  (5)
Hypo: Ford gives believable testimony BUT uses weird pet names for genitals    09/26/18  (11)
Leon Trotsky, born Lev Davidovich Bronstein, was a Russian revolutionary and soc    09/26/18  (4)
Julia starring in telenovela: "Ricardo, I can see through you like a mirror."    09/26/18  (2)
Secular philosophy is PAGAN lmao at this farce    09/26/18  (1)
Rate this quote by John Damascus    09/26/18  (1)
When are you guys going to start having kids?    09/26/18  (1)
I HAVE SETTLED ON A CAR. D tsinah please rate.    09/26/18  (7)
blasey ford's parents demur (wapo)    09/26/18  (8)
Kavanaugh: There was so much good raping    09/26/18  (1)
Kavanaugh has two lift days a week in his high school calendar    09/26/18  (2)
All around me is a war of races, shitlib faces, metoo cases    09/26/18  (21)
Curious what dems would do with House Intel Committee.    09/26/18  (1)
Fish & Richardson associate - "we're the only aquatic firm!"    09/26/18  (1)
Charles, do you have any advice fo quitting chronic masturbation/porn    09/26/18  (1)
Troutman8    09/26/18  (1)
Rach. The search function has AIDS. Please fix it. Thanks.    09/26/18  (1)
Judge Brett Kavanaugh entering Senate hearing to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"    09/26/18  (8)
Believe All Women! 90-95% of all Domestic Violence is fabricated or false    09/26/18  (5)
What ever happened to our FOOD TRUCK poaster?    09/26/18  (7)
Un-retiring for an hour to share what the divorce attorney told me (Muscadine)    09/26/18  (279)
GF asked me if I was gay. my answer: "why'd u think that? haha" (whittier tp)    09/26/18  (44)
It is absolutely hilarious how badly the Dems fucked this whole thing up    09/26/18  (12)
It's all over for Nebraska football :(    09/26/18  (1)
The history of Byzantium is sad. Just slow, painful retreat into Constantinople    09/26/18  (79)
Dr. Ford testifying credibly in a baby voice    09/26/18  (1)
Imagine telling 92 guy that in 2018 Cosby in jail,Trump pres, 20% of kids trans    09/26/18  (13)
America 2018: SCOTUS nom bragging about being a Virgin    09/26/18  (1)
The "evidence" tmrw is a high schooler's calendar and a husband's declaration    09/26/18  (1)
Rate this escort    09/26/18  (37)
LOL at philosophers that have tried to secularize Christianity    09/26/18  (4)
that pic of bp and assfaggot and random asian guy is my pc background now    09/26/18  (6)
Hey Obeezy, what do you say? How many girls ignored you day?    09/26/18  (1)
Older woman at church rustled by girl telling her she cooks for me every night    09/26/18  (4)
I agree, we should believe women! Anyway drinks next week haha    09/26/18  (2)
Breaking: Ford will NOT testify tomorrow if a gold fringed flag is present    09/26/18  (1)
Happy Birthday to rancid cunt Serena Williams! #tennis    09/26/18  (1)
hey guys it turns out christianity has the least gay metaphysics    09/26/18  (1)
i work my ass off for $11.75/hour ljl    09/26/18  (10)
For some people, butthold is merely de rigeur; non-sacred    09/26/18  (6)
McMartin Preschool Prosecutors Reading About Blasey: haha wow holy shit    09/26/18  (1)
180 newt Gingrich interview on SEAN HANNITY    09/26/18  (2)
Frozen Elsa And Karla Turner Learn Numbers With Bad Boy MILABS    09/26/18  (1)
Yale prof says Kavanaugh lied about being a virgin    09/26/18  (132)
The Official XoXo Youtube Channel (rink)    09/26/18  (11)
Michael "Leroy Jenkins" Avenatti    09/26/18  (1)
Dirte I fucked up my life in the lower 48 can I come chill w u in Alaska?    09/26/18  (6)
Note to opiatemos/poisonmos: don't take baths, take showers.    09/26/18  (2)
shitlibs and reptiles giving each other collegial nods before clocking in to xo    09/26/18  (3)
Trump at Kav's swearing in: We love our virgins, don't we?    09/26/18  (3)
NIGGER    09/26/18  (3)
rachmiel carefully doling out search juice to every poaster    09/26/18  (9)

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