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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
explain how amy adams was picked as Cavill's love interest in Superman    02/17/19  (89)
Wife pissed at me for tickling my kid's wiener and going "goochie goochie goo!"    02/17/19  (46)
JFC clicking on Kenilworth's date pics is like listening to 9/11 tower phoncalls    02/17/19  (1)
Dozens of Mexican gas thieves turned into human torches when gas guyeser ignites    02/17/19  (30)
It puts the hot sauce in the basket or else it gets the pickles again    02/17/19  (6)
Who's excited about the Daytona 500?    02/17/19  (5)
Rate this Bill Kristol tweet    02/17/19  (2)
"And what made you think these 'poasts' were funny?"    02/17/19  (1)
lol nobody respects Trump    02/17/19  (6)
Sold sex for the second time. Taking Qs    02/17/19  (4)
Father of the Bride - great film abt spending all ur $ on stupid jew bullshit    02/17/19  (8)
I feel more shame watching anime than I do watching fucked up tranny porn    02/17/19  (15)
Brian (((Stelter))): Smollett story was "weaponized" by those doubting it    02/17/19  (3)
The Japanese word for "Jew" translates into English as "sneaky haggle man"    02/17/19  (45)
GC thoughts like "Get a sleeve tattoo!" bubbling up in your 10/10 teen daughters    02/17/19  (23)
CorpGovMedia subsumed the Left Wing in the early 90s    02/17/19  (2)
"It puts the acorn in its mouth or pickle rick explores down south"    02/17/19  (2)
🥒🥒🥒🧓🧓🧓 🇨🇳👲😭🥒😍    02/17/19  (8)
Normal for mentally retarded man to import asian "son" to satisfy sick desires?    02/17/19  (21)
Somebody once told me your SQUANCH is gonna rape me, I ain't the whitest "Son" i    02/17/19  (2)
prof arrested in Beer Summit controversy reveals Marco Rubio is 5% native americ    02/17/19  (25)
Reminder: not even James Mattis could stand Trump    02/17/19  (1)
Redditor making Pickle Rick joke as Darnell plows his fat wife    02/17/19  (20)
Trump: "And then there's this guy, Dupa--*crowd boos*--folks, folks, hang on--    02/17/19  (71)
If you want to change the world, start off by blank bumping your poast    02/17/19  (4)
All Dupa monikers please cum in this thread.    02/17/19  (1)
I had an epiphany: KIMCHI is just sauerkraut with some spices added    02/17/19  (4)
got a mild concussion skiing, taking qs from the lodge bar    02/17/19  (29)
Bros, I'm still not over Big Boi's iconic performance at the Super Bowl    02/17/19  (2)
just downloaded entire Clint Eastwood Filmography, taking praise    02/17/19  (9)
Why does it take 10 years for Japs to make video games    02/17/19  (1)
Trumpmos, plz react to this Nancy Pelosi tweet    02/17/19  (5)
Grown man typing "sew up child's fuckhole help" into youtube at midnight    02/17/19  (8)
Haha I'm teh motherfuckin pockle rick! Love vaping! Sons fuckhole is a disaster    02/17/19  (89)
Aging is horrible.    02/17/19  (24)
Have you dreamed today?    02/17/19  (51)
Hypo: you have to buttfuck your hot as fuck 16 year old daughter to win 10 mil    02/17/19  (15)
lot of Smollett threads-but havent gotten a moderate take yet. can some1 step in    02/17/19  (8)
New study reveals nothing sexier than a chem girl in a labcoat (link)    02/17/19  (1)
Q for TT6: Why do Chinks like to go to TH and die in boating accidents all the t    02/17/19  (4)
Rate this Japanese guy's rant about Chinese women wearing kimonos:    02/17/19  (13)
I’m coming for that fraud “pederastrain” hater fraud!    02/17/19  (3)
Bump this thread if u r still 100% pulling for TRUMP    02/17/19  (474)
AOC's accomplishments so far: eliminating 25K jobs, promoting Smollett hoax    02/17/19  (4)
Reminder: the wall will not be built. But it’s not Trump’s fault.    02/17/19  (1)
So Trump already doomed his "national emergency"?    02/17/19  (10)
"Yeah, we're kind of like the NFL of lawyers" (biglawyer to disinterested 22yo)    02/17/19  (7)
Russian army marches some Angolan niggers up a frozen mountain. Hilarities ensue    02/17/19  (1)
~50% of Japanese people under 40 are virgins    02/17/19  (44)
Chandler    02/17/19  (2)
It's obvious that we are in Yahweh's prison    02/17/19  (1)
2019 Oscar's: Standing ovation for Smollett    02/17/19  (1)
true detective s3e7 "the final country"    02/17/19  (4)
Does RSF even post here anymore?    02/17/19  (1)
lol, Trump broke Ann's brain by betraying his voters! lmao, so 180 (Xo mongoloid    02/17/19  (14)
Why are Trumomos cheering the Smollett hoax? Wouldn’t it be better for you if    02/17/19  (7)
arrives to BKK: it’s an ugly planet. a bug planet    02/17/19  (4)
ITT: poast images that make you lose all hope    02/17/19  (86)
what goes through an escort's mind as they approach a hotel door    02/17/19  (33)
BOM leave pederestrian alone if you know what's good for you    02/17/19  (1)
I’m ending thi$ “pderastrian” Fraud for good!(Boom)    02/17/19  (3)
Who’s “pederastrian”?? Some fraud?    02/17/19  (1)
Very few “people” are worth “li$tening” to    02/17/19  (4)
Lol keep writing $tupid $hit and lie$! Talking about $nake oil    02/17/19  (1)
Almo$t everything written or $poken.. even photographed i$ B$    02/17/19  (1)
RATE this white woman    02/17/19  (5)
ITT: Rate my wife's 37yo tits    02/17/19  (19)
poast your results    02/17/19  (9)
A 35yo shrew maximizes her dating value by moving to in MFH    02/17/19  (10)
Nature is cool    02/17/19  (1)
Who does XO hate moar Shitlibs or Boomers?    02/17/19  (12)
I finally figured out the ONE thing that women are better than men at    02/17/19  (1)
Pervert Alert!    02/17/19  (3)
Going on a tinder date with an objective chubby 3.5/10 for valentines day    02/17/19  (75)
Smollett didn't lie, he only told his truth    02/17/19  (6)
steve spurrier vs mike riley (4pm, CBS Sports)    02/17/19  (1)
Just watched Jussie Smollet’s GMA interview - how sociopathic    02/17/19  (61)
Proles fly down highway in 0 visibility blizzard.    02/17/19  (37)
"Nooses made from 'facts' are the preferred weapons of modern white supremacy    02/17/19  (4)
Kid's YouTube star made video shitting diarrhea all over friend    02/17/19  (92)
TT, at the end of the day you have a turd for a dick, and so do all ur cousins    02/17/19  (4)
Epic twitter thread on all the famous idiots who got Smollett shit wrong    02/17/19  (4)
Rate this vid of a guy getting decked on Copacabana beach    02/17/19  (1)
*TT breaks into a violent tirade after a flock of birds shit on his windshield*    02/17/19  (1)
Smollett hoax is a devastating blow to libs chances in 2020    02/17/19  (55)
GC *aw-shucksly* acknowledging life is absolute fucking hell now in commercials    02/17/19  (6)
Anyone here remember NASCAR Dads?    02/17/19  (6)
Horde of Uzbeks fight to the death in Moscow over one verbal taunt    02/17/19  (1)
Are you watching the Daytona 500 today?    02/17/19  (2)
Fell out with my bitch, I ain't call her enough    02/17/19  (2)
starting to think libs don't love America    02/17/19  (4)
Peak of Roman empire only from 146 BC to 165 AD. Meh.    02/17/19  (9)
is salesforce faggot?    02/17/19  (1)
Rate this NYC jew who cut in front of us to get his matzo ball soup    02/17/19  (27)
Shitlibs force record # of Americans onto buses w/smelly niggers    02/17/19  (8)
jfc american women suck shit    02/17/19  (12)
󠀠💣    02/17/19  (47)
Had a FEW big BEERS yesterday, amazing the CALORIE intake    02/17/19  (5)
Libs DOUBLING DOWN on Smollett story (link)    02/17/19  (14)
Japanese title for XO translates to Bigot Gays: Hairline Calamity!    02/17/19  (31)
I was surprised to find out Cory Booker is not gay.    02/17/19  (34)
Japanese IFNB gym translates to "Happy Fun Nude Hole"    02/17/19  (11)
With Trump’s Tough Deterrents, Many Asylum Seekers on the Border are Giving Up    02/17/19  (2)
Want to have it all like everyone else? Simple: sell snake oil like they so    02/17/19  (1)
Why is everyone so fat wtf    02/17/19  (56)
Eugene Gu is nigger    02/17/19  (17)
LJL, three of the four FIRST LADIES of SENEGAL have been BIRDSHITS    02/17/19  (1)
they don't get no pussy like Magic's son    02/17/19  (1)
she tryna change me like obama    02/17/19  (1)
Just decided to buy a performance SUV, taking Qs & advice ITT    02/17/19  (30)
anything more intolerable than being disrespected by a shithead 85 iq prole    02/17/19  (1)
Lord Halford singing Baby Mine to your 7 yo son    02/17/19  (2)
LJL at BIRDSHITS literally DESTROYING females    02/17/19  (30)
NYU has more lay prestige than UPenn...    02/17/19  (21)
If you LOVE AMERIKKKA you must HATE Birdshit AMERIKKKANS    02/17/19  (5)
Demo my shitlaw course for $49 (CSLG)    02/17/19  (233)
Any reviews on CSLG course?    02/17/19  (4)
its as if life wasnt made for human beings    02/17/19  (1)
Indians REALLY Aren’t That Intelligent (On Average) [article on India's IQ]:    02/17/19  (20)
AMERICAN BIRDSHITS are SAD fucking creatures compared to EUROS    02/17/19  (1)
Who else is doing BLOWCAIN tonight?    02/17/19  (15)
Eugene Gu confesses, self purges.    02/17/19  (11)
America freezing! Love 💕 dat global warming    02/17/19  (8)
Tommy turdskin rate this chill Nigerian bros    02/17/19  (4)
It’s like being on a different planet 🌎 even going to different county    02/17/19  (4)
Good luck In are country with Radom military idiots, college fools and lifers    02/17/19  (4)
opening of Goodfellas but Liotta says "die for Israel" instead of "be a gangster    02/17/19  (69)
Summon: Views tp    02/17/19  (1)
Chicks dig my blue iPhone XR    02/17/19  (1)
Spending the weekend reading over a Linear Algebra textbook    02/17/19  (11)
you are a slave on plantation earth    02/17/19  (3)
Real talk: Jussie should be muzzled and locked in basement like Hannibal Lecter    02/17/19  (2)
How intense is jockeying for elite law school study groups?    02/17/19  (5)
fun parody forum for sad lawyer friends    02/17/19  (6)
watching Enter the Dragon w my kid. He fuckin loves it.    02/17/19  (33)
do guys with receding hairlines get the center portion cut shorter?    02/17/19  (3)
Girls in thongs twerking at sorority hot tub party (video)    02/17/19  (2)
What viable career options will kids have in 20 years?    02/17/19  (39)
Are you bumps truly blank?    02/17/19  (7)
ITT i compile wacky and wild homicide reports from Los Angeles    02/17/19  (17)
we're never getting our high-trust society back    02/17/19  (18)
restricted immigration is downright un-American, unheard of in our leg. history    02/17/19  (6)
this mfh smokingban is pretty insaen    02/17/19  (2)
now instead of comment sections below news articles you get "Outbrain" ad spam    02/17/19  (1)
Years before Jordan Peterson, there was this woman.    02/17/19  (1)
Reminder: ur support of Trump translates into support of Cruz, an evil man    02/17/19  (17)
Chinese name for "Burger King" roughly translates to "Beelzebub, Prince of Hell    02/17/19  (5)
How does XO feel about this self loathing black XO rapper spitting XO shit    02/17/19  (1)
SENEGAL is one FUCKED up NIGGA country    02/17/19  (31)

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