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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   04/10/19  (286)
Rate my dinner: cat food and steel reserve tall boys (boner police)    04/24/19  (9)
mindless retard 'boner police'/USPO spewing stupidity on 4,000 monikers 24/7    04/24/19  (7)
NHL playoff format is such a shame. Sharks/Knights should not be a 1st round mat    04/24/19  (15)
*little KKK fairy waves her wand at USPO* "I've upgraded you to Mexican"    04/24/19  (3)
In retrospect, Obama's 2012 re-election was YUGE    04/24/19  (21)
Benzo what was the daily prison schedule like    04/24/19  (33)
Acp's skinny penis is the best moniker of 2019    04/24/19  (2)
"started as a bottom, now i'm here" (tsinah at gay conversion camp)    04/24/19  (69)
Do y'all living with a wife & kids ever get alone time?    04/24/19  (135)
17 students from same high school earn perfect ACT score    04/24/19  (9)
watch tranny make pumpkin bread donate to feed africans back to work tmr hehe    04/24/19  (2)
Charles, what are your thoughts on The Mission (1986)?    04/24/19  (6)
Big 3-hour Edward Dutton/Michael Woodley stream today:    04/24/19  (7)
Mnuchin's face + Trump's body + Jared's IQ + Steve Bannons odor    04/24/19  (3)
would you have a problem with using "embryo selection" for your child    04/24/19  (45)
Elizabth Warren sounds like she's going to cry when she speaks...    04/24/19  (5)
Every single Nutella post is ”look at how 180 My life is. im a Perfect striver    04/24/19  (1)
lol wholly shit Nigerian bros sue MARK GERAGOS for defamation    04/24/19  (33)
Ugly Samosa-eating Punjabi Onanist (USPO)    04/24/19  (21)
Nov. 8 2016: When did you "know" Donald Trump was going to win?    04/24/19  (25)
Rate this prestige: Oxford 1st, HLS/HBS, SCOTUS Clerk, CSM, Chair $48B AUM fund    04/24/19  (1)
What kind of work can you get after you are disbarred?    04/24/19  (3)
cute white chick to USPO: "ur really nice but.... I don't like curry"    04/24/19  (1)
Should I get my 2004 Pontiac Vibe detailed this weekend?    04/24/19  (1)
*Halford selling indulgences so xo poasters may have vaginal intercourse*    04/24/19  (18)
liberal white chick: "I'm super open-minded, but I prefer Chads to Venkateshes"    04/24/19  (2)
*USPO googling skin bleach and sun in spray* why?    04/24/19  (1)
Do working class whites hate Asians more than blacks?    04/24/19  (6)
*Chappelle white guy voice* Oh yeah? Well that "man" gave me the best blowjob of    04/24/19  (24)
what will be the MAJOR TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS of the 2020s?    04/24/19  (56)
Free Speech ‘Meltdown’ At Williams. White Males Told To Sit Down & Shut Up    04/24/19  (70)
*liberal white girl rolling her eyes as she swipes left on "Venkatesh"...*    04/24/19  (2)
SP humiliation = forum_id=6    04/24/19  (3)
Buttgag’s psychotic smoothness is the same trait that got Bill & Obama elected    04/24/19  (13)
Explain how a literal turd spams anti-black stuff here all the time    04/24/19  (1)
Broadway Remakes Hoffman's TOOTSIE Into Shitlib Trannie Bullshit    04/24/19  (2)
Spaceporn: worst PR debacle since "I'm with her?" (repost)    04/24/19  (20)
Does having a small penis matter if you’re really good at oral?    04/24/19  (63)
Would you marry a liberal chick?    04/24/19  (18)
Bump when Nikola Jokic wins NBA Finals MVP    04/24/19  (4)
ITT the last time you violently sprayed shit out of your asshold    04/24/19  (2)
its crazy how you can just go completely mentally ill & nobody tries 2 stop you    04/24/19  (5)
How many poasters think I'm mentally ill? I take pills for the voices godamnit.    04/24/19  (7)
'Trifles for a Massacre' by Céline    04/24/19  (6)
mixed race babies are usually healthier mentally and physically than whites.    04/24/19  (4)
BOM, be honest, you were the cab driver in the By The Way music video    04/24/19  (1)
Can I Use The EU Citizen Lines In Europe If Using USA Passport?    04/24/19  (38)
Make no mistake, life is absolute fucking hell    04/24/19  (137)
Everyone's all "Tony Soprano is the loveable gangster", really it was Johnny Sac    04/24/19  (8)
why the FUCK isnt all work remote by now    04/24/19  (82)
I'm about to give into hedonism    04/24/19  (27)
Most unique American cities    04/24/19  (16)
So i'm mentally I'll? but you all poast and are literally wrong about everything    04/24/19  (3)
LOL at idiots who think they're "not gay" because they switched to trannies    04/24/19  (8)
would you buy your child this board game?    04/24/19  (2)
best decision of 2018 was ATDing gf and replacing her with a roomba + air fryer    04/24/19  (16)
Chris Farley air quotes guy was one of his best bits    04/24/19  (7)
Time is a lie: "Oh, you're a tough guy Jeb" was FOUR YEARS AGO    04/24/19  (2)
I think I have mental illness    04/24/19  (2)
Sometimes I think I have mental disorders, but I'm definitely just a strange guy    04/24/19  (2)
miami, fl is 15% non-hispanic white    04/24/19  (15)
Why is their always outrage over "kids in cages"    04/23/19  (1)
Women are so terrible once you see the light    04/23/19  (28)
CharlesXII here, taking you on a weeklong tour of Budapest and Prague    04/23/19  (33)
Nov. 6 2018: When did you "know" Democrats were going to retake the house?    04/23/19  (1)
amazing butti is only dem with balls and IQ to say terrorists shouldnt vote    04/23/19  (2)
Japs lost a F-35 today    04/23/19  (11)
Protip: if you have yield on a left turn and are 1st in line, just floor it    04/23/19  (2)
boomerboat tp has quietly been the best poaster here for at least 3 years now    04/23/19  (11)
Talk me out of buying a 2001 Jeep Cherokee    04/23/19  (29)
Kevin Hart Netflix special: "I would slit my son's throat if he wore a dress"    04/23/19  (5)
WTF will world be like without in-person retail?    04/23/19  (33)
At SFO. These are some of the most disgusting people on the planet.    04/23/19  (14)
Pope Francis: "I am euphoric - not because of any phony god's blessing, but beca    04/23/19  (48)
Anyone else think it's effeminate to wait at red lights?    04/23/19  (2)
Hypo: $1 million/year but a sniper hunts you with a BB gun 24/7    04/23/19  (8)
Libs are flipping out over citizen's militias patrolling the border    04/23/19  (3)
New Rachel Jeantel TED talk (link)    04/23/19  (49)
Can't understand how people live in cities. I can barely tolerate suburban life.    04/23/19  (9)
Where were homeless people living from 1995 to 2013?    04/23/19  (20)
I really need and deserve my dick sucked dry    04/23/19  (1)
Redditors discuss traffic etiquette    04/23/19  (1)
Will people actually put Buttplug for President stickers on their cars?    04/23/19  (1)
your session has expired    04/23/19  (2)
Buttigieg doesn't even like cock, he just recognized it as a good angle    04/23/19  (1)
Rate this college slut who gets wet as fuck after chad throws a tv on her (video    04/23/19  (164)
What’s the normative status of orange man    04/23/19  (4)
criticism of Lacan's mirror stage    04/23/19  (6)
Reminder: Buttigieg is a deep state CIA asset    04/23/19  (1)
Question on Repubs who will "primary" Trump--    04/23/19  (1)
If Buttigieg doesn't pander to the radicals of his party, he will be a force    04/23/19  (6)
LOL at idiots who think they “quit smoking” by switching to juul    04/23/19  (8)
Rate this pic from a HBS party    04/23/19  (39)
$o you bought the bull$hit and now are la$hing out on an online tweet blog?    04/23/19  (19)
At $3,900, Does This 1990 Ford Taurus Mean it’s SHO Time?    04/23/19  (11)
John Wall > Damian Lillard    04/23/19  (5)
UVA's Kyle Guy declares for NBA draft. Does he ever play in NBA? Vote ITT    04/23/19  (10)
Wisconsin Man to Claim $770 Million Jackpot Publicly Today    04/23/19  (5)
How can one love Christ while pwning people at work?    04/23/19  (3)
Got straight TOP GOLFED by a bitch. My most toxic dating experience ever (DDC)    04/23/19  (95)
I won't vaccinate my kids, in 50 years we'll consider it barbaric    04/23/19  (4)
Williams AA admit busts into meeting yells abt sucking white dick & vomiting cum    04/23/19  (1)
Example of what NYTimes libs think is funny: "Literary Agents Seeking Fresh Voic    04/23/19  (6)
Do we basically agree that xoTrump would’ve lost w/o help from Russia?    04/23/19  (43)
Christian morality is what happens when you love God    04/23/19  (1)
luis what r ur thoughts on catholicmatch.com    04/23/19  (1)
you deserve to be happy    04/23/19  (5)
When Christ    04/23/19  (2)
Phil Collins releases Buttigieg 2020 campaign song "Boo-Boo-Booty Gay"    04/23/19  (11)
5000+ posts and he's going his own way    04/23/19  (5)
Lacan on death    04/23/19  (9)
Mpa reading lacan with lisp while 69ing with sharklasers    04/23/19  (4)
Catholicsm is boring as fuck    04/23/19  (4)
Lifters: how do you maintain proper power clean form with throbbing jizzstick?    04/23/19  (22)
If you'll be my Buttigieg... I will be your long lost pal...    04/23/19  (2)
How long do u bros spend prepping for a depo?    04/23/19  (2)
HEY IDIOT. 5K in BTC in 2012 and you could have retired in 2017.    04/23/19  (4)
Dual monitors: 30 hour video of Priest describing Catechism; anal fisting porn    04/23/19  (2)
most people just want to die    04/23/19  (6)
2 chicks at the same time    04/23/19  (2)
Ur 37 yo shrew wife doing a Carl's Jr star layout as you penetrate her monthly    04/23/19  (3)
Distance from clitoris to urethral meatus predicts likelihood of orgasming    04/23/19  (7)
Democrats win Iowa, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin in 2020    04/23/19  (2)
Buttigieg promises to go after darknet markets    04/23/19  (1)
Pete Buttigieg: "I want to put the 'bi' back in 'bipartisan'."    04/23/19  (2)
Fox entered my back yard and made off with a Popeyes chicken breast    04/23/19  (3)
Butt I gieg from there    04/23/19  (14)
Classic High Stakes Poker hand (vid)    04/23/19  (9)
Libs citing polls, studies, science before settling down for a diversity nap    04/23/19  (1)
charles what is the most you've gotten physically from a woman?    04/23/19  (5)
new psychoanalyst diagnosed me w/ 'pseudostupidity'    04/23/19  (5)
Ford Explorer Sport Trac vs Ford Expedition?    04/23/19  (2)
swamp creature's reasons to impeach: I I ME ME MY TIPPING POINT MY EVOLUTION    04/23/19  (2)
i cant discuss it, but im doing some wild shit    04/23/19  (22)
insane how many people are just walking around with cancer    04/23/19  (6)
sausage is the credited breakfast meat. fuck bacon    04/23/19  (35)
Night Ranger's 'Rock in America' blasts from ur IROC-Z on a warm '84 spring nite    04/23/19  (5)
Why do high earning men marry?    04/23/19  (46)
Anti-Semitism is the clearest low IQ & prole tell    04/23/19  (11)
i don't care what happens to women    04/23/19  (2)
So are conservatives gonna run someone 3rd party or just sit this one out?    04/23/19  (17)
A gay butt gag buttshit with pussy female prey irgy orgy Ian fun    04/23/19  (22)
reading old JJC threads always cheers me up, no matter how bad my day is    04/23/19  (4)
ur future husband, accidentally screaming Halford's name when u have sex    04/23/19  (1)
How IRATE will Trumomos be when Jeb wins brokered convention?    04/23/19  (21)
Buttagag is the worst thing to ever happen to Dems.    04/23/19  (47)
Can anyone explain why it’s a sin to covet my neighbors wife?    04/23/19  (1)
Beginning of WALL-E but ur doing doc review in a windowless conference room.    04/23/19  (3)
Pope Francis: "...the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and/or the Son"    04/23/19  (2)

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