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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
Fun Legal Hypo (From Talmud Law Class) - The Vacation Home Rental    02/18/19  (10)
is *you have to spend money to make money* the biggest GC fraud flame?    02/18/19  (1)
so we are supposed to just let leeches like cslg take over the country?    02/18/19  (17)
Shrew GF fuming on Twitter about "Brandy Melville underwear sluts" (link)    02/18/19  (1)
ITT: teach me how to reset my life and lose 150 lbs (I’m 39)    02/18/19  (56)
GC Productions Presents: STARBUCKS PUMPKIN LATTES!    02/18/19  (8)
Jewish propaganda flooding into your home via invisible radio waves    02/18/19  (1)
What exactly happened to Lara Logan in Egypt?    02/18/19  (5)
Indians REALLY Aren’t That Intelligent (On Average) [article on India's IQ]:    02/18/19  (62)
Rate this white girls kickboxing skills    02/18/19  (13)
silent hill but the nightmare world is just growing up as spaceporn's "son"    02/18/19  (11)
FF7 for Switch (Black Label)    02/18/19  (6)
Do THROWERS exist in BIGLAW?    02/18/19  (13)
Name HUGE companies from pre-1900 that are STILL around    02/18/19  (38)
i lost 43K in a coin called *bitcoin private*    02/18/19  (35)
opening riff to Sabbaths "Into the Void" as app 6 spread her legs    02/18/19  (6)
Chick ran red light & almost hit me. Then flipped me off when I honked. I follow    02/18/19  (9)
Only way to safely raise kids in 2019 is to turn house into Faraday cage?    02/18/19  (2)
Wheres the fucking money lebowski?    02/18/19  (18)
[Update] I [31m] found torn-up remnants of a Plan B box in the kitchen garbage.    02/18/19  (60)
Getting "stitches" has to be the biggest medical flame of all    02/18/19  (5)
Lmao smollett tried to get fake attack on video but camera was pointed wrong dir    02/18/19  (26)
Come at me    02/18/19  (1)
XO Gooks: Questions About BANCHAN At Gook Restaurants    02/18/19  (3)
There are certain nationalities that are superior.    02/18/19  (1)
CBS news correspondent Lara Logan attacks MSM: "The worldwide media is Liberal"    02/18/19  (11)
Do Russians have something against Mexicans    02/18/19  (6)
Breitbart: Jussie picked wrong security camera, outrage could have been worse    02/18/19  (1)
Blue collar Bros that make 75K+ seem to be a happier lot than successful JDs....    02/18/19  (1)
Arab investors to Softbank $100B venture fund - "uh wtf u doing"    02/18/19  (2)
can you just buy an online mattress and return in every 11 months in perpetuity?    02/18/19  (1)
Do idiot boomer s w/ sinecures prove that white male privilege once existed?    02/18/19  (16)
Anyone else get intense joy from Team-Killing in online FPSs    02/18/19  (1)
5:46 pm: "Happy V Day haha get my gift?" 3:32 am: "ya so sweet ;)"    02/18/19  (21)
butter faggot    02/18/19  (2)
Godfather 2020: "May their first child, be a woke child"    02/18/19  (1)
WTF is Empire?    02/18/19  (3)
😡 ORANGE MAN BAD 😡    02/18/19  (68)
Indian Army literally fucking their enemies in the ass (video)    02/18/19  (34)
your potential dies off exponentially every time you have sex    02/18/19  (5)
Rate AOC's comments on New Green Deal    02/18/19  (13)
Why do white women misspell their daughter's names?    02/18/19  (8)
SP here. You can only give me serious serious shit if    02/18/19  (154)
busty "nerd" millenial girls who say things like "yay boobies!"    02/18/19  (141)
rand for president    02/18/19  (1)
POLL: all time fav SNL cast member.    02/18/19  (235)
The FBI’s Trump Panic (WSJ    02/18/19  (10)
Libs might get so powerful they fracture, like in Canada, allowing some Con wins    02/18/19  (1)
McCabe literally sounded like a gay millenial    02/18/19  (6)
CNN: Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate assault on himself per police    02/18/19  (81)
Summer Glau was big deal for a while then career just tanked    02/18/19  (40)
Amazon Fiasco Splits New York’s Left Not every city Democrat is an antibusines    02/18/19  (1)
It hasn't been a good 2-3 weeks for Democrats (list)    02/18/19  (25)
Fortuitous Tuna Oven- Please slow roast every ounce of my being into ashes    02/18/19  (9)
FLW do you want to set up a birdshit commune in ethiopia w/ me    02/18/19  (2)
Vox: media not responsible for pushing Smollett's hate crime hoax (link)    02/18/19  (3)
Oh yeah, I said life goes on / for an hour after the tuna oven turns on    02/18/19  (119)
Generous man offers to impregnate women for free, has impregnated 2,500 women    02/18/19  (15)
why doesn't everyone drive a Subaru Ascent?    02/18/19  (27)
Former CBS reporter: seek out Breitbart to know the other side (link)    02/18/19  (7)
Anyone see the Cain Velasquez / Francis Ngannou fight last night? WTF Ngannou    02/18/19  (1)
Sailor in famous "Times Square Kiss" photo from V-J Day 1945 dies at 95.    02/18/19  (7)
I enjoy Martin Prince as a poaster.    02/18/19  (5)
are the first grandbabies most spoiled    02/18/19  (16)
ljl @ not believing in elite pedophile rings    02/18/19  (74)
Hilarious aspect of college: watching 17-22 y/o girls walk around with coffee.    02/18/19  (255)
Rate this video of NYC's world class infrastructure    02/18/19  (1)
Ever extinguish yourself completely in an act of shameless hedony?    02/18/19  (3)
hi, i'm "God Emperor Trump." new poster, first day. i'm pickle rick btw.    02/18/19  (9)
Can someone start shitmodding honiara posts    02/18/19  (1)
Princeton Prof doesn't think Biden should run.......here's why    02/18/19  (29)
DBG rate this sfw teen's fashion statement    02/18/19  (4)
Uber driver just tried to drop me off at completely wrong place    02/18/19  (3)
The 2019 Kia Soetero    02/18/19  (20)
Nice compilation of liberal hoaxes    02/18/19  (9)
d00d who maed it inventing Vine killedself at 34    02/18/19  (31)
Jews are mostly chill, funny people who are enjoyable to hang out with    02/18/19  (8)
I made the mistake of using tinder on a work trip    02/18/19  (4)
XO 2019: Totally Straight Alpha Birdshit Chads Watching Vids of Indian Army Gays    02/18/19  (1)
Poland in hissy fit cancels state visit to Israel    02/18/19  (51)
Vox journalist PWNS Trumptards on Smollett story (link)    02/18/19  (4)
Hot big tit teens in disney Minnie mouse hats    02/18/19  (31)
When they show Ace Ventura on TV, they cut out the "trannies are nasty" parts    02/18/19  (17)
Just purchased a Subaru, taking praise    02/18/19  (8)
good true detective episode tonight    02/18/19  (22)
Remember when libs were convincned about Russia/Trump pissgate?    02/18/19  (1)
biglaw I had a good time @ the Fleet game    02/18/19  (3)
really liking the 2019 subaru forester    02/18/19  (61)
TIM KAINE also found to have blackface yearbook pics (link, not flame)    02/18/19  (8)
Dude buying a Rav4    02/18/19  (83)
woke up my kid w "Im Pickle Rick!"    02/18/19  (51)
fed student loans should be predicated on public acceptance registry    02/18/19  (5)
libs really made culture SPS    02/18/19  (3)
Starbucks drive thrus are pretty 180    02/18/19  (1)
its a 100% pure skins game now and none of this pwning shitlibs matters    02/18/19  (1)
when russia collusion?    02/18/19  (60)
a couple of former DEA agents think the CIA was complicit in the murder of DEA a    02/18/19  (7)
How a Subway tuna sandwich became a symbol of white supremacy    02/18/19  (1)
The Chinaman is not the issue here    02/18/19  (1)
AutoAdmit is now the most proportionally Jewish it has ever been in history.    02/18/19  (8)
What are some other good Nazi manifestos like Meinkampf?    02/18/19  (1)
Pickle Rick, changing do you see? Pickle Rick, reborn do you see? SP son sobbing    02/18/19  (2)
Trump: "I love the poorly educated!" XO 2016: "We love you too, Donald!"    02/18/19  (150)
REVEALED:Photographic evidence of Satanic temple on Jeffrey Epstein Pedo Island    02/18/19  (6)
GOP putting BULLET into head of last BIRDSHIT midclass dood: 'We did it!'    02/18/19  (10)
but I'm racist..." evan39 muttered as he was herded onto Trumps train for gays    02/18/19  (135)
Garcia vs Spence Predictions ITT    02/18/19  (2)
Where the fuck are the extremely online girls    02/18/19  (6)
Boom, if you go into a store the world is literally your oyster    02/18/19  (7)
Ibrahim, i want you to trust me 100%. I'm going 2 pick the steal    02/18/19  (15)
The most prestigious Reddit.com discussion board in the world.    02/18/19  (1)
Hypo: One-time killing of all people convicted of violent crime AND their kids    02/18/19  (3)
libs always knew smollett story was made up, they love him for it    02/18/19  (8)
true detective s3e7 "the final country"    02/18/19  (15)
elizabeth warrin'    02/18/19  (3)
What the fuck, is today supposed to be a HOLIDAY or something?    02/18/19  (2)
LJL at white women drinking ICED LATTES    02/18/19  (85)
Libs go after Leonardo DiCaprio for "unflattering portrayal of slavery"    02/18/19  (4)
RATE this boob streamer compilation:    02/18/19  (30)
Kill me Chandler    02/18/19  (1)
hey fellow XOers "ask me anything" about how I find such great reddit posts haha    02/18/19  (4)
Smollett case more entertaining than True Detective    02/18/19  (2)
This would be the ultimate fingerbang.    02/18/19  (12)
Tekashi 69 snitches on everyone, has to go into witness protection somehow    02/18/19  (8)
In a fair world there would be a Hollywood movie lampooning Jussie Smollett    02/18/19  (5)
WOW, Dakar in SENEGAL is a WORLD CLASS city --->> BIRDSHITS IR8    02/18/19  (15)
All I want is an extremely online chick that makes 75k    02/18/19  (1)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 LUIS IS UP BIG IN CRYPTO TODAY 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    02/18/19  (7)
If I never interacted with Jews I would have never became an antisemite.    02/18/19  (9)
More news on NYC's subways    02/18/19  (7)
"It puts the acorn in its mouth or pickle rick explores down south"    02/18/19  (15)
"I'll still love u if u get laid off by Cahill" grimes lied unconvincingly    02/18/19  (15)
there's a chapter in Anna Karenina where a dinner party makes fun of women's lib    02/18/19  (7)
hey guys check out this reddit post. crazy    02/18/19  (6)
WHERE'S THE MONEY LEBOWSKI    02/18/19  (10)
Happy auntie! Pipe is arrive, do not resist or Love will not be "So Nice" haha!    02/18/19  (47)
Just sent Lena Chen some info on the weirdo from XO who may be stalking her    02/18/19  (7)
robin williams has been dead 5 years    02/18/19  (7)
Front Page Is Full Of Literal Copy And Paste From Reddittt    02/18/19  (1)
Redditor making Pickle Rick joke as Darnell plows his fat wife    02/18/19  (22)
[SERIOUS] Just found my husband using a dildo, how do I address this    02/18/19  (9)
Huawei's Efforts to Steal Apple Trade Secrets Include Employee Bonus Program    02/18/19  (1)
Rate this Bill Kristol tweet    02/18/19  (7)
Trumpmos hovering in Pluto's orbit waiting to blast gay niggers from outer space    02/18/19  (1)
Ivanka Trump is beautiful, extremely well spoken and highly intelligent.    02/18/19  (48)
ITT: poast images that make you lose all hope    02/18/19  (98)
Hapa pumette you should move to Asia    02/18/19  (3)
How did adolescents learn about sex/sex ed 100+ years ago?    02/18/19  (13)
little fucker insisted i buy him a playroom hotdog. now he wont eat it.    02/18/19  (26)

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